Format:   CS
Доступные рецензии:
1982 Nocturnal Emissions "Whisky" CS
1983 Randy Greif "It's In A Box" CS
1983 SPK "From Science To Ritual" CS
1983 Test Dept. "Strength Of Metal In Motion" CS
1984 Nurse With Wound / Current 93 "Nylon Coverin' Body Smotherin'" CS
1985 Sleep Chamber "Ikons & Ov" CS
1985 Sleep Chamber "Live At The Air Station" CS
1987 Screaming Corpses "A Different State Of Consciousness" CS
1987 Sleep Chamber "Live At TT The Bears 7-8-87" CS
1987 Test Dept. "Europe" CS
1988 Randy Greif "The Shadow Traders" CS
1988 Second Voice "Perpetuate" CS
1988 Sleep Chamber "Sleep Sequence" CS
1988 Suicide Commando "Suicide Commando" CS
1988 Women Of The SS "Ov Pure Blood" CS
1989 Romantic Affliction "Swelling Sickness" CS
1989 Second Voice "A Strange Day's D.A.W.N." CS
1989 Static Effect "Dead Game In Any Weather" CS
1990 Order 1968 "The Snow" CS
1990 Placebo Effect "Placebo Effect" CS
1990 Project Pitchfork "K.N.K.A." CS
1990 Voice Of Eye "Isolation" CS
1990 Xorcist "From The Hip" CS
1991 Nocturnal Emissions "Utrecht 1991" CS
1991 Nocturnal Emissions "World Turning" CS
1991 Plastic Noise Experience "The Black Tape" CS
1991 Suicide Commando "Into The Grave" CS
1991 Telepherique "Alltag" CS
1991 The Vermin "Another Morgue With Sarkastic Remarks" CS
1991 Voice Of Eye "Voice Of Eye" CS
1992 Nocturnal Emissions "Gargoyle Mechanique" CS
1992 Nocturnal Emissions "The Foetal Grave Of Progress" CS
1992 Raumerkundung "Flug I" CS
1992 Telepherique & Technostria "Faint Facing The Dependence" CS
1992 Voice Of Eye "Resonant Fields / Hot Gypsy Fink Hell" CS
1993 Runes Order "The Age Of Corruption And Gold" CS
1993 Sleepwalk "Synthetic Force" CS
1993 Telepherique "(At)traktion III: Flussbewegung" CS
1993 Telepherique "Bewegung" CS
1993 Telepherique "Sound Object" CS
1994 Stratvm Terror "Germinal Chamber" CS
1994 Telepherique "180°" CS
1994 Telepherique & MSBR "Geplünderte Leichen" CS
1994 Telepherique & Thirdorgan "Robotorsklaven" CS
1995 Puissance "Krig" CS
1995 Puissance "Obey, Hate, Die" CS
1995 raison d'être "Semblance" CS
1995 Runes Order "I Can See No Reason To Live ... But Hate" CS
1995 Seven Trees "To Live Is Regret" CS
1996 Solitary Experiments "Risque De Choc Electrique" CS
1996 Telepherique "Lubjanka" CS
1996 Telepherique "Winterschreck" CS
1997 Novel 23 "Biogenes Resources" CS
1998 ADD "Дискомфорт" CS
1998 Stahlwerk 9 "Die Schwarze Fabrik" CS
1998 Tarkatak / Deep "LP" CS
2002 Various Artists "Funkfeuer [Feldstreuung]" CS
2008 Various Artists "Funkfeuer 4 > Rauschgau" CS