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1999 Battery "Debris" MP3
2000 The Circular Ruins "The Rope Of Sand" MP3
2000 Muslimgauze "Jebel Tariq" MP3
2000 Velvet Acid Christ "Dimension 8" MP3
2001 And One "Amerika Brennt!" MP3
2002 Buropolitik "exTension EP" MP3
2002 La Lettre A Camus/Stereo Modus "Pour Mille Milles" MP3
2003 Bomb The Daynursery "Discipline Through Mental-Illness" MP3
2003 Illusion Of Safety "Single 20" MP3
2004 Maybe Mental "Over Dark Harbors" MP3
2004 Velvet Acid Christ "Oblivion Interface" MP3
2005 Thom Brennan "Vista" MP3
2005 Thom Brennan "Vista II" MP3
2005 Depeche Mode "A Pain That I'm Used To (Digital Download)" MP3
2005 Phelios "Falcon" MP3
2005 Underworld "Lovely Broken Thing" MP3
2006 Arzt+Pfusch "Warum?" MP3
2006 Displacer "B(uddha)-Sides" MP3
2006 Displacer "Remixes For Free?" MP3
2006 Eternal Nightmare "Wake Up!" MP3
2006 ICBM.Cluster vs. Worms Of The Earth "Debris Of War" MP3
2006 Isis Signum "Energy" MP3
2006 Stromkern "Hindsight" MP3
2006 Symbiotic "Divide" MP3
2006 Toxic Coma "Toxic Coma" MP3
2007 Azrael Trigger "Season To Server" MP3
2007 Cruise [Ctrl] "Cruise Me, Baby!" MP3
2007 The Future Sound Of London "A Gigantic Globular Burst Of Antistatic" MP3
2007 The Future Sound Of London "A Tiny Point Of Light" MP3
2007 Hoarfrost "Dungeon" MP3
2007 Humanoid "Your Body Sub-Atomic" MP3
2007 Interface "The Artemis Complex" MP3
2007 Kotra & Moljebka Pvlse "Live In Dnipropetrovs'k" MP3
2007 Nausea "Self Mutilation" MP3
2007 Part-Sub-Merged "Four Forests" MP3
2007 Polemical "Hand-Made Devices" MP3
2007 ZandoZ Corp. "Frankensteintizations: The Remixes Vol. 01" MP3
2008 Amorphous Androgynous "The Peppermint Tree & The Seeds Of Superconsciousness" MP3
2008 Animassacre "Shi No Sedai" MP3
2008 Autechre "" MP3
2008 BlutEngel "Moments Of Our Lives" MP3
2008 C-Lekktor "Cloned And Mutated" MP3
2008 C-Lekktor "Refusing The Paradise" MP3
2008 Davantage "Beyond The Hills" MP3
2008 Digital Factor "Dein Herz" MP3
2008 Eternal Nightmare "Kellerkind WEP" MP3
2008 Front 242 "First Moments ..." MP3
2008 The Future Sound Of London "Environments II" MP3
2008 Imminent Starvation "Archive.One" MP3
2008 Lujhboia "Sendero De Panico" MP3
2008 Muslimgauze "Wish Of The Flayed" MP3
2008 Nec Plus Ultra "Pobeda" MP3
2008 Nine Inch Nails "The Slip" MP3
2008 Ninth Desert "Zenigraphy" MP3
2008 Standeg "Rushing Pictures" MP3
2008 Synapscape "Archive.One" MP3
2008 Testube "Covert" MP3
2008 Yage "The Woodlands Of Old" MP3
2008 Это Не Билось "Ибо Нет Земли" MP3
2009 P·A·L "After-Hour Sounds" MP3