Label:   Zoth Ommog
Доступные рецензии:
1989 X Marks The Pedwalk "Arbitrary Execution" 12"
1990 BiGod 20 "The Bog" CD5
1990 Leæther Strip "Aspects Of Aggression" CD5
1990 Leæther Strip "Science For The Satanic Citizen" CDEP
1990 Leæther Strip "The Pleasure Of Penetration" CD
1991 A-Head "Deep Down" CD5
1991 Leæther Strip "Object V" CDEP
1991 X Marks The Pedwalk "Freaks" CD
1992 Leæther Strip "Material" CDEP
1992 Leæther Strip "Solitary Confinement" CD
1992 Leæther Strip "Yes I'm Limited" CD5
1992 Psychopomps "Godshit" CD5
1993 Armageddon Dildos "Homicidal Dolls" CD
1993 Blok 57 "Mean Machine" CDEP
1993 Leæther Strip "Underneath The Laughter" CD
1993 X Marks The Pedwalk "Human Desolation" CD
1994 BiGod 20 "One" CD5
1994 Leæther Strip "Serenade For The Dead" CD
1994 Mentallo And The Fixer "Where Angels Fear To Tread" CD
1994 Orange Sector "Flashback" CD
1994 X Marks The Pedwalk "Air Back Trax" CD
1994 X Marks The Pedwalk "The Killing Had Begun" CD
1995 1 AM "1000 Beats" CD5
1995 Leæther Strip "Legacy Of Hate And Lust" CD
1996 Bio-Tek "A God Ignored Is A Demon Born" CD
1996 Funker Vogt "Thanks For Nothing" CD
1997 Birmingham 6 "You Cannot Walk Here" CD5
1997 Funker Vogt "Take Care!" CD5
1997 Funker Vogt "Words Of Power" CD5
1997 Lights Of Euphoria "Fahrenheit" CD
1998 Abscess "Punishment & Crippled Reality" CD
1998 Front 242 "Headhunter 2000" 4xCD5
1998 Funker Vogt "eXecution Tracks" CD
1998 Funker Vogt "Killing Time Again" CDEP
1998 Funker Vogt "Tragic Hero" CD5
1998 Leæther Strip "Yes I'm Limited Vol. III" 2xCD
1998 U-Tek "Goldene Zeit (1989-1993)" CD
1999 Birmingham 6 "Mixed Judgements" CD
1999 Fictional "Fictitious" CD
1999 Fusspils 11 "Gib Ihm Einen Namen" CDEP
1999 Melotron "Dein Meister" CD5
1999 Pax "High Speed Digital Spirit Processing" CD