Label:   DSBP
Доступные рецензии:
1999 System der Dinge "Fear Forms Function" CD
2000 Biopsy "Nervate 2K" CD
2002 Aghast View "Trendsetter" CD
2002 Rein[Forced] "Cherophobia" CD
2003 Aghast View "Drifter.EP" CDEP
2003 Diverje "Amphibian" CD+CD
2003 ESR "Corroded Fragments" CD
2003 Penal Colony "Unfinished Business" CD
2003 Symbiont "Broken Silence" CDEP
2003 Testube "Corporation" CD
2004 Andraculoid "Imbalance" CD
2004 Frequency Construct "Deviant Behaviour" CD
2004 Run Level Zero "Walk The Psycho[Path]" CD
2005 Bio-Mechanical Degeneration "Exoskeleton" CD
2006 Severe Illusion "Shortcut To Civilization" CD
2007 Noise Process "Groundzero" CD
2008 Diverje "Unleashed" CDEP