Label:   KK Records
Доступные рецензии:
1987 Front Line Assembly "The Initial Command" CD
1989 The Force Dimension "Tension" CD5
1989 The Force Dimension "The Force Dimension" CD
1990 Cat Rapes Dog "God, Guns & Gasoline" CD
1990 Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia "Exit 23" CD5
1990 Vomito Negro "Save The World" 12"
1992 Cat Rapes Dog "Trojan Whores" CD5
1992 Exquisite Corpse "Dream Night Dance Music" CD
1992 Exquisite Corpse "Strange Attractor / X-Out" CD5
1992 The Force Dimension "12 Inch Singles" CD
1993 Cat Rapes Dog "Moosehair Underwear" CD
1993 Exquisite Corpse "Hi-Fi Therapy / 14" CD5
1993 Exquisite Corpse "Inner Light" CD
1993 Insekt "Dreams In Pockets" CD5
1993 Numb "Death On The Installment Plan" CD
1993 Numb "Fixate" CD5
1993 Plastic Noise Experience "Zwischenfall" CDEP
1994 Exquisite Corpse "Between Worlds - The Remixes" CD
1994 Numb "Wasted Sky" CD
1996 Sielwolf "IV" CD
1997 Plastic Noise Experience "Rauschen" CD