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Magda "Polar Sequences"
Marc Gascoigne "Echoing Delight"
Mark Jenkins "Gash" , "Gravity Kills"
Martin Aston "The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste" , "Pretty Hate Machine" ...
Mat Snow "Let It Be" , "VIVIsectVI"
Matthew Riley "Soul Crush" , "The New Drug" , "Euphoric" , "Duality" , "Penetration" ...
Michael C. Lund, ©Last Sigh "Back And Forth Series Two" , "No Comment" , "Bites" ...
Michael McNamara "Remix Dystemper"
Microsoft Music Central "Below The Waste" , "Selected Ambient Works Volume II" ...
Mike Ramirez "We Have Explosive" , "Envane"
MT "The Swining" , "Praise The Lard"
Music Review Exile "Skin" , "Filth Pig" , "Wisdom"