Artist:   Leæther Strip
Доступные рецензии:
1990 "Aspects Of Aggression" CD5
1990 "Science For The Satanic Citizen" CDEP
1990 "The Pleasure Of Penetration" CD
1991 "Object V" CDEP
1992 "Material" CDEP
1992 "Solitary Confinement" CD
1992 "Yes I'm Limited" CD5
1993 "Underneath The Laughter" CD
1994 "Serenade For The Dead" CD
1995 "Double Or Nothing" 2xCD
1995 "Legacy Of Hate And Lust" CD
1996 "The Rebirth Of Agony" CD
1997 "Retrospective" CD
1997 "Self-Inflicted" CD
1997 "Yes I'm Limited Vol. II" CD
1998 "Yes I'm Limited Vol. III" 2xCD
2000 "Carry Me" CD5
2005 "Satanic Reasons: The Very Best Of" 2xCD
2005 "Suicide Bombers" CD5
2006 "After The Devastation" 3xCD
2006 "Fetish EP" 2xCD
2007 "The Giant Minutes To The Dawn" 2xCD
2008 "Civil Disobedience" 3xCD
2008 "When Blood Runs Dark" AAC

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