Artist:   Controlled Bleeding
Доступные рецензии:
1984 "Controlled Bleeding" Cassette
1985 "Death In The Cameroon" Cassette
1985 "Shitslipper" Cassette
1985 "Trailer Fuck" Cassette
1988 "Music For Gilded Chambers" LP
1989 "Songs From The Grinding Wall" CDEP
1992 "Penetration" CD
1996 "Inanition" 2xCD
1997 "Gilded Shadows" CD
1997 "Knees And Bones" CD
2002 "Can You Smell The Rain Between" CD
2005 "Shanked And Slithering" CD
2007 "Songs From A Sewer Of Dreams" 4xLP+7"

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