Format:   2xCD5
Доступные рецензии:
1997 The Orb "Asylum" 2xCD5
1997 The Orb "Toxygene" 2xCD5
1998 Marilyn Manson "The Dope Show" 2xCD5
1999 :wumpscut: "Totmacher" 2xCD5
2000 Delerium "Heaven's Earth" 2xCD5
2000 Marilyn Manson "Disposable Teens" 2xCD5
2003 Bruderschaft "Forever EP" 2xCD5
2003 In Strict Confidence "Babylon" 2xCD5
2003 Suicide Commando "Face Of Death" 2xCD5
2004 Solitary Experiments "Cause And Effect" 2xCD5
2004 Suicide Commando "Cause Of Death: Suicide/One Nation Under God" 2xCD5
2005 Headscan "Lolife 1+2" 2xCD5