Label:   Inner-X-Musick
Доступные рецензии:
1983 Hidious In Strength "As Recorded Live" Cassette
1984 Controlled Bleeding "Controlled Bleeding" Cassette
1984 Hidious In Strength "Eyes See To This" Cassette
1984 Hidious In Strength "Slow & Painful Sex" Cassette
1984 Women Of The SS "Possession Ov Thee Matrix" EP
1985 Controlled Bleeding "Shitslipper" Cassette
1985 Sleep Chamber "Ikons & Ov" Cassette
1986 Sleep Chamber "Best Ov The Rest" 12xCassette
1987 Sleep Chamber "Live At TT The Bears 7-8-87" Cassette
1988 Sleep Chamber "Sleep Sequence" Cassette
1988 Women Of The SS "Ov Pure Blood" Cassette