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Bacterium Mombus
BadOrb.com Orb, The
Bain Total Die Form
Band Of Joy Shamen, The
Bandaged Hand Produce Telepherique
Banned Production Arcane Device
Baphomet Records Raven's Bane
Baracken-Records Screaming Corpses , Maeror Tri
Barooni Tietchens, Asmus
Basic Unit Productions Forma Tadre
Bats & Cats Ah Cama-Sotz
Bawler Productions Aube
Bazooka Joe Rasputeen
BCM Records Amnesia
Beast Of Prey Hati , Wulgata , Nordvargr
Beauty And Pain Dense Vision Shrine
Bestattungsinstitut Suicide Commando
Beta-Lactam Ring Records Nurse With Wound , Troum , Nurse With Wound irr. app. (ext.)
Beton Kopf Media Wumpscut
Between Existence Productions Baker, Aidan
Beverage Records Obconic
Beyond Biosphere , Electronic Eye
Beyond Productions Runes Order
Big Cat Records God
Big Cat UK Records Steroid Maximus , Foetus In Excelsis Corruptus Deluxe
Big Life Orb, The
Big Sex Records Clock DVA
Bile Style Records Bile
Biohazzard Records Eisenfunk
Biotope Art Organization Order 1968
Birdman Records Breast Fed Yak
Black Axis Productions V?nargandr
Black Dead Rabbit Productions Lucisferrato
Black Flames Records Fektion Fekler , Final Selection , Lethargy
Black Rain IWR , Lamia , Cyborg Attack , Supreme Court Featuring Feindflug , Feindflug ...
Black Rose Recordings Coil / New Blockaders, The / Vortex Campaign
Black Strobe BlackStrobe
Blade Records Bad Sector , Cyclotimia , Maeror Tri , Horologium , Irikarah , As All Die
Blast First Pan Sonic , Vainio / V?is?nen / Vega
BLC Productions Alien Vampires , Agonoize , Philosopher's Point , Pain Machinery, The , Beta
Blooddawn Productions Puissance
Bloodline Plastic Assault , Le?ther Strip , Funker Vogt , Re|Work , Behind The Scenes ...
Blossoming Noise Aube
Blue Moon Records Nine Inch Nails
Blue Oasis Circular Ruins, The
Blue Room Released Juno Reactor
Blue Sector I.Corax
Blue Tunes Recordings Human Traffic
Bluebox Baghiri, Amir
BMG Armageddon Dildos
Body Records IC 434
Bootsector Remyl
Boredom Product Digital Blood
BOY Records Eco
Bractune Records Necessary Response , Aesthetic Perfection
Brain Schulze, Klaus
Breakdown Pangea
Brille Records Knife, The
Broken Flag Le Syndicat
Broken Seal Object
Brume Records Dataraper , Flint Glass
BSI Records Muslimgauze
BTM - Bochumer Ton Manufaktur Biot
Bugs Crawling Out Of People Worms Of The Earth , It-Clings vs. Pneumatic Detach