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Caciocavallo Storey, Robin & Nubla, Victor , Rapoon
Calypso The-Pulsar
Candyland Entertainment Project Pitchfork , IMATEM
Capitol Records Sasson, Deborah & MCL
Case Invaders Hexer vs. Crunch
Casse Tete Somatic Responses
Castle Music Nurse With Wound
Cat's Heaven Necrophorus
Celestial Harmonies Parsons, David
Celtic Circle Productions yelworC , Amgod , Page 12
Chalice Various Artists , Coil
ChanneL Pet Shop Boys
Chapter 22 Pop Will Eat Itself
Charrm Zoviet-France
Cherry Red Cabaret Voltaire , Laibach
Chimaera Vishudha Kali & Chaos As Shelter , Somniorum
China Records Art Of Noise, The
Chlorophyl Recordings Muslimgauze
Chrysalis Art Of Noise, The
Circle Records Chud Convention, A , Theee Rebearth Corporation , nEGAPADRES.3.3.
Clear Gescom
Cleopatra Penal Colony , Noise Box , Le?ther Strip , Various Artists , Alien Sex Fiend ...
Club Moral Bourbonese Qualk
CoC Fetisch Park
Cocomelos Records Nine Inch Nails
Codeline Records Exilanation
Cold Meat Industry Desiderii Marginis , Beyond Sensory Experience , Coph Nia , Sophia ...
Cold Spring TenHornedBeast , Thee Angels Ov Light Meet Thee Angry Love Orchestra ...
Columbia Foetus
Combat Recordings Scorn
Come Organisation New Order, The
Communion Label Shamen, The
Complacency Illusion Of Safety
Component Records Panacea / Gridlock , Dryft , Somatic Responses
Concrete Death In Vegas
Concrete Productions Pig , Federal State
Conspiracy International Chris & Cosey , Tutti, Cosey Fanni , Carter Tutti
Conspiracy Records Fear Falls Burning , Fear Falls Burning & Birchville Cat Motel
Constricthor Lujhboia
Construct.Destroy.Collective Abandoned Shelter , Korinth , Wycroy Crowje
Contempo Records Clock DVA
COP International PreEmptive Strike 0.1 , Nurzery [Rhymes] , Battery , Index ...
Corporacion Cenobita
Cortex Skoyz
CorZar Records Un D?fi d'Honneur , Challenge Of Honour, A vs. Materialschlacht
CPS Private Releases Impulsantwort | Telepherique
Crazy Wisdom Diskaholics Anonymous Trio
Creative Fields Rec. Runes Order
Creed Records 808 State
Crime League Displacer
Crippled Intellect Productions Illusion Of Safety
Crouton Hafler Trio, The + de Ridder, Willem , Osso Ex?tico + Z'EV ...
Crowd Control Activities Svasti-Ayanam , Five Thousand Spirits , Necrophorus , Hybryds
Crunch Pod Manufactura , Captive Six , Cervello Elettronico , Autoclav1.1
Cthulhu Records Entre Vifs
Cue Records Boots, Ron
Cut-Up-Construction Rec. Column One & Psychic TV , Column One
Cyberdelia Records Genetic Variation
Cyberware Productions Terminal Choice
Cyclic Law Northaunt , Nordvargr / Drakh , Svartsinn , Kammarheit , Visions ...
Cyclotron Industries Voice Of Eye
Cyco Records Ardor
Cynfeirdd Othila