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Caciocavallo Storey, Robin & Nubla, Victor , Rapoon
Calypso The-Pulsar
Candyland Entertainment Project Pitchfork , IMATEM
Capitol Records Sasson, Deborah & MCL
Case Invaders Hexer vs. Crunch
Casse Tete Somatic Responses
Castle Music Nurse With Wound
Cat's Heaven Necrophorus
Celestial Harmonies Parsons, David
Celtic Circle Productions yelworC , Amgod , Page 12
Chalice Various Artists , Coil
ChanneL Pet Shop Boys
Chapter 22 Pop Will Eat Itself
Charrm Zoviet-France
Cherry Red Laibach , Cabaret Voltaire
Chimaera Vishudha Kali & Chaos As Shelter , Somniorum
China Records Art Of Noise, The
Chlorophyl Recordings Muslimgauze
Chrysalis Art Of Noise, The
Circle Records Theee Rebearth Corporation , nEGAPADRES.3.3. , Chud Convention, A
Clear Gescom
Cleopatra Die Krupps , Clock DVA , Klute , Psychopomps , Delerium , Pig , Aurora (Sutra) ...
Club Moral Bourbonese Qualk
CoC Fetisch Park
Cocomelos Records Nine Inch Nails
Codeline Records Exilanation
Cold Meat Industry Moljebka Pvlse , Puissance , Blood Axis , ConSono , In Slaughter Natives ...
Cold Spring Challenge Of Honour, A , Laibach , Folkstorm , Archon Satani ...
Columbia Foetus
Combat Recordings Scorn
Come Organisation New Order, The
Communion Label Shamen, The
Complacency Illusion Of Safety
Component Records Panacea / Gridlock , Dryft , Somatic Responses
Concrete Death In Vegas
Concrete Productions Pig , Federal State
Conspiracy International Chris & Cosey , Tutti, Cosey Fanni , Carter Tutti
Conspiracy Records Fear Falls Burning , Fear Falls Burning & Birchville Cat Motel
Constricthor Lujhboia
Construct.Destroy.Collective Abandoned Shelter , Korinth , Wycroy Crowje
Contempo Records Clock DVA
COP International Reversal Penetrations , Heimataerde , Deathline International ...
Corporacion Cenobita
Cortex Skoyz
CorZar Records Un Défi d'Honneur , Challenge Of Honour, A vs. Materialschlacht
CPS Private Releases Impulsantwort | Telepherique
Crazy Wisdom Diskaholics Anonymous Trio
Creative Fields Rec. Runes Order
Creed Records 808 State
Crime League Displacer
Crippled Intellect Productions Illusion Of Safety
Crouton Hafler Trio, The + de Ridder, Willem , Osso Exótico + Z'EV ...
Crowd Control Activities Svasti-Ayanam , Five Thousand Spirits , Necrophorus , Hybryds
Crunch Pod Captive Six , Cervello Elettronico , Autoclav1.1 , Manufactura
Cthulhu Records Entre Vifs
Cue Records Boots, Ron
Cut-Up-Construction Rec. Column One & Psychic TV , Column One
Cyberdelia Records Genetic Variation
Cyberware Productions Terminal Choice
Cyclic Law Nordvargr / Drakh , Svartsinn , Kammarheit , Visions , New Risen Throne ...
Cyclotron Industries Voice Of Eye
Cyco Records Ardor
Cynfeirdd Othila