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Sacre Records 300,000 V.K.
Sanctuary Records Ministry
Scanner Destroid , Sara Noxx , Eden Synthetic Corps , Stromkern , Amnistia , Skorbut ...
Schacht Stahlwerk 9
Schwarzrock Stendal Blast & BlutEngel
Scorn Recordings Scorn
Sector 9 Studios Negative Format , Parallel Project
Self Abuse Records Aube
Sempiterna Mutatio Five Thousand Spirits , Runes Order
Sequenced Sonic Interferences Mindware
Shadowlight Kommunikations Gydja
Shadowplay Release Cyclotimia
Shaman Electro Australia Taruna
Shanachie Various Artists
Shaped Harmonics Stereo Modus , Syntetika
Shiva Space Technology Taruna
Shortwave Transmission LandFire , Herbst9
Side Effects Anti Group , Laibach , Lustmord , Psychophysicist
Silent Solitaire
Silentes Seele , Seamus
Silentes Minimal Editions Hall Of Mirrors
Simbiose Records Neural Network
Sire Ministry , Aphex Twin , Armageddon Dildos , Revolting Cocks
Sistinas Modulate
Six Shooter Somatic Responses
Six Sixty Six Limited Somatic Responses
Skam Gescom
SkullLine Bleiburg
Slaughter Productions Stratvm Terror , Die Sonne Satan
Sleazebox Records My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Slipdisc Records 16 Volt
Slow Food Suso Sáiz
Slow Moon Ulf Soderberg
SmallVoices T.A.C.
Smash Records Sheep On Drugs , Yello
Smell The Stench Bonemachine
Soleilmoon Recordings Loren Nerell , Randy Greif , Rapoon , Zoviet-France , Muslimgauze , Lustmord ...
Some Bizzare Grid , Einheit, F.M. , Einstürzende Neubauten , Wiseblood
Some Place Else Moljebka Pvlse
Something Weird Hybryds
Sonaria Cranioclast
Sonderübertragung! Various Artists , Antlers Mulm , Llovespell
Sonic Book Orb
Sonic-X Skorbut , Revolution By Night , Dead Turns Alive , Y-Luk-O
Sonick Sorcery C.O.T.A.
Sony Various Artists
Soul Jazz Records Sandoz
Sound Factory Escape With Romeo
Soundscape Robert Rich
Source Records Gescom
South Tribe Funk Depeche Mode
SpaceEcho H2O
Species Of Fishes Species Of Fishes
Spectre OKK-ULTh , Loss , Ah Cama-Sotz , This Morn' Omina , Hysteresis , Hybryds
Spin Records Sabotage Q.C.Q.C.Y
Spirit Zone Recordings Gabriel Le Mar
Spitfire Records ohGr
Spotted Peccary Stearns, Michael & Sunsinger, Ron
SSR Records Bleep
SSS Productions Nocturnal Emissions
Staalplaat Beequeen , Entre Vifs , Reptilicus , Zombies Under Stress , Deutsch Nepal ...
Staaltape Le Syndicat , Sleep Chamber
Stahlklang Audio Challenge Of Honour
Starfish Music Centhron
Stateart I Burn , L.E.A.K. , Cyclotimia , Grundik & Slava
Steelwork Maschine Cheerleader69
Steelwork Productions Lescure 13
Steinklang Industries Challenge Of Honour , Indigo Larvae , Asmorod , Stahlwerk 9 , Code 243
Stella Maris Nebula
Sterile Records Nocturnal Emissions
Stigmata Walter, Andre
Strange Fruit Meat Beat Manifesto , Orb
Strange Ways Records Wolfsheim , Neuroticfish , Beborn Beton , Steril
Sub Rosa Controlled Bleeding , Test Dept.
Sub Terranean Various Artists
Sub-Conscious Communications Download , Doubting Thomas , Tear Garden , Skinny Puppy , Various , Hilt
Sub.Session Empusae
Subgarden Records Mastertune
Subharmonic Praxis
Sublight Records Wisp , OOO
Submergence Music Tietchens, Asmus
SubSpace Communications Covenant , S.P.O.C.K , Statemachine
Subterranean Records Weisser, Stefan
Suburban Trash Industries Somatic Responses
Supersonic Records L'Ame Immortelle
Sutured Music Atropine
Svartvintras Productions Arditi
Sweatbox In The Nursery , Meat Beat Manifesto , Anti Group
Swill Radio Tietchens, Asmus
Swinging Axe Productions Static Effect , Randy Greif
Syncromesh Monstrum Sepsis
Syntetika Records Syntetika
Synthcere Records Fektion Fekler , Various
Synthetic Symphony Carlos Peron , Breathe , Dance Or Die , C-Tec , Kramm , Skinny Puppy ...