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Icare Media Distribution Head-Less
Ignis Spear
Important Records Coil , Beequeen , Hafler Trio
In The Bubble Music Circular Ruins
Indiestate Distribution Na-Dha
Indisc Amnesia
Industrial Records Throbbing Gristle
Industrial Strength Records Terrorfakt
Infacted Recordings Retractor , Grendel , Heimatarde , Schallfaktor , Soman , Various ...
Infectious Records Pop Will Eat Itself
Infortunium Records Puissance
Inner Demons Fail
Inner-X-Musick Sleep Chamber , Controlled Bleeding , Women Of The SS ...
Instinct Ambient Seti
Inter-Modo FFWD
Interbeat Records E-Craft
Interfisch Records Clock DVA
Interscope Records Nine Inch Nails , Marilyn Manson , My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
Intone Blacworld , Sandoz , Bit Crackle , Richard H. Kirk
Intoxygene Young Gods , Franz Treichler
Invasion Wreck Chords Rasputeen
Invisible Psychic TV , M.J. Harris & Martyn Bates , Scorn , Sheep On Drugs , Rx ...
Invisible Eye Productions Permafrost
Iris Light Records Maeror Tri , Dense Vision Shrine
Irond Cyclotimia , DVAR
Ironflame à;GRUMH...
Island Records Orb , Sheep On Drugs
Itchy Records Slick Idiot
ITN Corporation Les Jumeaux , In The Nursery