Artist:   Marilyn Manson
Доступные рецензии:
1994 "Get Your Gunn" CD5
1994 "Portrait Of An American Family" CD
1995 "Lunchbox" CD5
1995 "Smells Like Children" CDEP
1995 "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" CD5
1996 "Antichrist Superstar" CD
1996 "Demos In My Lunchbox Vol. 1" CD
1997 "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" CD5
1997 "Remix & Repent" CDEP
1997 "The Beautiful People" CD5
1997 "Tourniquet" CD5
1998 "Mechanical Animals" CD
1998 "The Dope Show" 2xCD5
1999 "Rock Is Dead" CD5
1999 "The Last Tour On Earth" CD
2000 "Disposable Teens" 2xCD5
2000 "Holy Wood (In The Shadow Of The Valley Of Death)" CD
2001 "The Fight Song" CD5
2001 "The Fight Song ~ Rare Tracks" CD5
2001 "The Nobodies" CD5
2002 "Dancing With The Antichrist" CD
2003 "mOBSCENE" CD5
2003 "The Golden Age Of Grotesque" CD
2004 "Lest We Forget - The Best Of" CD+DVD

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