Artist:   Nine Inch Nails
Доступные рецензии:
1988 "Purest Feeling" CD
1989 "Down In It" CD5
1989 "Head Like A Hole" CD5
1989 "Pretty Hate Machine" CD
1990 "Sin" CD5
1991 "Solid Gold Hell" CD
1992 "Broken" CDEP
1992 "Demos & Remixes" CD
1992 "Fixed" CDEP
1994 "Closer To God" CD5
1994 "Down In It" CD
1994 "March Of The Pigs" CD5
1994 "Reznor Sharp" CD
1994 "The Downward Spiral" CD
1995 "Children Of The Night" CD
1995 "Futher Down The Spiral" CD
1997 ""The Perfect Drug" Versions" CD5
1999 "The Day The World Went Away" CD5
1999 "The Fragile" 2xCD
1999 "We're In This Together Pt. 2" CD5
2000 "Things Falling Apart" CD
2001 "Deep" CD5
2002 "And All That Could Have Been" CD
2007 "Capital G" CD5
2007 "Live: Beside You In Time" DVD
2007 "Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D" CD+DVD
2007 "Year Zero" CD
2008 "Ghosts I-IV" 2xCD
2008 "The Slip" MP3

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