Label:   Artoffact Records
Доступные рецензии:
2000 Shimri "Lilies Of The Field" CD
2000 Trylok "Reliance" CD
2002 Massiv In Mensch "Die Rein" CD
2002 Various Artists "Uturn 2: An Exploration In Techno" CDEP
2005 Cabaret "Homophobia" CD
2005 Headscan "Lolife 1+2" 2xCD5
2005 Urceus Exit "Contra" CD
2005 Urceus Exit "Metro" CD5
2006 Kobold "The Taste Of Copper" CD
2006 Massiv In Mensch "Dark Rave" AAC
2006 Massiv In Mensch "Klang Der Unsterblichkeit" 6xAAC
2006 Steril "400 Years Of Electronic Music" CD
2006 Urceus Exit "Contra [Bonus Tracks And Remixes]" 10xAAC
2006 Urceus Exit "Metro [Bonus Tracks And Remixes]" 7xAAC
2008 Blank "Impact Zone" CD
2008 Massiv In Mensch "Meanwhile Back In The Jungle" CD
2008 Standeg "Rushing Pictures" 5xMP3