Year:   2007
Доступные рецензии:
2007 16 Volt "FullBlackHabit" CD
2007 32Crash "Humanity" CDEP
2007 32Crash "Weird News From An Uncertain Future" CD+CD
2007 Ah Cama-Sotz "Dead Cities" CD
2007 Alien Vampires "No One Here Gets Out Alive" CD
2007 Andrew Chalk "Time Of Hayfield" CD
2007 Angels & Agony "Unison" CD+CD
2007 AntiMatterMan "Manipulator" CD
2007 Apoptygma Berzerk "APBL 2000: Apoptygma Berzerk Live 2000" CD
2007 Apoptygma Berzerk "Harmonizer" CD
2007 Apoptygma Berzerk "Unicorn & The Harmonizer DVD" CDEP+DVD
2007 Arditi "Marching On To Victory" CD
2007 Asmus Tietchens "4K7" LP+LP+LP+LP+7"
2007 Assemblage 23 "Binary" CD5
2007 Assemblage 23 "Early, Rare, And Unreleased 1988-1998" CD
2007 Assemblage 23 "Meta" CD
2007 Atrium Carceri "Ptahil" CD
2007 Aube "Blau+Rot" 7"
2007 Aube "Imagery Resonance" CD
2007 Aural Holograms "Vol. I" CD
2007 Azrael Trigger "Season To Sever" 13xMP3
2007 Babylone Chaos "Les Machines Ecarlates" CD
2007 Bisclaveret "Psyche noMine" CD
2007 Black Sun Productions "Chemism" CD
2007 Blutengel "Labyrinth" CD+CDEP
2007 Brain Leisure "Methods To Madness" CD+CD
2007 Brighter Death Now "1890" LP
2007 Carter Tutti "Feral Vapours Of The Silver Ether" CD
2007 Cenotype "Origins" CD
2007 Cervello Elettronico "Negate The Instigator" CD
2007 Cesium:137 "Proof Of Life" CD
2007 The Circular Ruins "Falling Into The Sky" CD
2007 Cold Fusion "Simmetria" CD
2007 Colony 5 "Knives" CD5
2007 Column One "Feldaufnahmen I" CD
2007 Combichrist "What The F**k Is Wrong With You People?" CD+CD
2007 Controlled Bleeding "Songs From A Sewer Of Dreams" 4xLP+7"
2007 Controlled Collapse "Injection" CD
2007 Covenant "In Transit" DVD
2007 Covenant "In Transit" CD
2007 Cruise [Ctrl] "Cruise Me, Baby!" 14xMP3
2007 Cyclotimia "Celestis" CD
2007 Das Ich "Addendum" 2xCD
2007 Das Ich "Alter Ego" CD
2007 Dawn Of Ashes "The Crypt Injection" CD
2007 Dazzling Malicious "Psychoanalyse" CD
2007 Dead Voices On Air "From Labrador To Madagascar" CD
2007 Deadjump "Scare Mix" CDEP
2007 Delerium "Angelicus (Remixes)" CDr
2007 Delerium "Lost And Found" CD5
2007 Depeche Mode "Sea Of Sin" CDr
2007 Der Blutharsch "The Philosopher's Stone" CD
2007 Desiderii Marginis "Seven Sorrows" CD
2007 Destroid "Loudspeaker" CD
2007 Detune-X "White Powder" CDEP
2007 Disharmony "Malignant Shields" CD
2007 Dismantled "When I'm Dead" CD
2007 Doubting Thomas "The Infidel (Special Edition 20 Year Anniversary)" 2xCD
2007 Download "FiXeR" CD
2007 Download "Furnace Re:Dux" 2xCD
2007 E-Craft "Unsocial Themes" CD
2007 Edge Of Dawn "Enjoy The Fall" CD
2007 Eidulon "Idolatriae" CD
2007 Eisenfunk "Eisenfunk" CD
2007 The Enemy "We Are The Enemy" CD
2007 Engelmacher "Birds Of A Feather" CD
2007 Erthad "Gma" CDr
2007 Escape With Romeo "Emotional Iceage" CD+CD
2007 Esplendor Geométrico "8 Traks & Live" CD+DVD
2007 Essexx "Bridges" 2xCD
2007 Ex.Order "Corporate Control" CD
2007 FabrikC "Impulsgeber" CD
2007 Faderhead "FH2" CD
2007 Fauxliage "Fauxliage" CD
2007 Fektion Fekler "Angels Of Analog [ A Retrospective ]" CD
2007 Free System Projekt "Gent" CD
2007 Front Line Assembly "Fallout" CD
2007 The Future Sound Of London "A Gigantic Globular Burst Of Antistatic" 4xMP3
2007 The Future Sound Of London "A Tiny Point Of Light" MP3
2007 Genetic Selection "World Of Tomorrow" CD
2007 Gescom "A1-D1" CD
2007 Ghosts Of Breslau "And Should The Spring Come..." CD
2007 God Module "Let's Go Dark" CD
2007 Grandchaos "Open Source" CD
2007 Grendel "Harsh Generation" CD+CD
2007 Gydja "Umbilicus Maris" CDr
2007 The Hafler Trio "Who Gave You The Ability To Envisage Perfection?" 7"
2007 Hall Of Mirrors "Reflections On Black" CD
2007 Head-Less "Rouge Et Noir" 2xCD
2007 Heads Of Agreement "The San Monta Tapes" MP3
2007 Hecq "0000" 2xCD
2007 Hecq "Zetha" 12"
2007 Heimatærde "Leben Geben Leben Nehmen" CD
2007 Heimstatt Yipotash "Perpetual Beta" CD
2007 HexRx "X" CD
2007 Hilt "Minoot Bowl Dropped The Ball" CD
2007 Hoarfrost "Dungeon" 6xMP3
2007 Horologium "Le Cartoline Perse" CD
2007 Human Traffic "Audiotune" CD
2007 Humanoid "Your Body Robotic" 2xCD
2007 Humanoid "Your Body Sub-Atomic" 15xMP3
2007 IMATEM "Home" CD
2007 In The Nursery "Era" CD
2007 Indigo Larvae "Abandoned To Despair" CD
2007 Interface "The Artemis Complex" 16xFLAC
2007 Irikarah "Endstation Steinbruch" CD
2007 Jarl "Breaking Point Syndrome" CD
2007 Jesus Complex "Greetings From The Dead" CD
2007 K-Nitrate "Active Cell" CD
2007 Klinik "Nineties" 2xCD
2007 KMFDM "Tohuvabohu" CD
2007 Kneel In Front Of The Executioner "Acerbity Torrent" CD
2007 Kom-Intern "Soviet Alien" CD
2007 Kuroshio Current "Hollow Man" CD5
2007 Laibach "Volk Tour, London CC Club 16.04.2007" 2xCDr
2007 Land:Fire "Incandescent" CDr
2007 Leæther Strip "The Giant Minutes To The Dawn" CD+CD+DVD
2007 Les Joyaux De La Princesse "Aux Volontaires Croix De Sang" CD
2007 Level 2.0 "Intercept" CD
2007 Liquid Divine "Black Box" CD+CD5
2007 Megaptera "Staring Back At You" CD
2007 Melek-Tha "Acclaim Hell" CD
2007 Melek-Tha "Apokalypsia" CD
2007 Melek-Tha "Corridors Of Hell" 2xCDr
2007 Melek-Tha "The Day Of Wrath" 2xCDr
2007 Melotron "Liebe Ist Notwehr" CD5
2007 Melotron "Propaganda" CD
2007 Menticide "N.M.E." CD
2007 Mimesis "Art Imitating Life" CD
2007 Mind.In.A.Box "Crossroads" CD
2007 Mind:State "Decayed - Rebuilt" CD+CD
2007 Modulate "Skullfuck" CDEP+CDEP
2007 Moljebka Pvlse "Sadalsuud" CD
2007 Monolith "Reborn" CD+CD+CD+CD
2007 Mulphia "Dark Sides" CD
2007 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Blood + Dope + Sin + Gold" CD
2007 Nathan Siter "Exosphere" CD
2007 NauseA "Selfutilation" CD
2007 Necessary Response "Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound" CD
2007 Necro Facility "The Room" CD+CDr+Floppy Disk
2007 Netherworld "Hallucinations" CDr
2007 Neuestrasse "Introspective Black Forms" CD
2007 New Risen Throne "Whispers Of The Approaching Wastefulness" CD
2007 Nine Inch Nails "Capital G" CD5
2007 Nine Inch Nails "Live: Beside You In Time" DVD
2007 Nine Inch Nails "Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D" CD+DVD
2007 Nine Inch Nails "Year Zero" CD
2007 Noise Process "Groundzero" CD
2007 Nordschlacht "Silence, Beauty And Cruelty" CD
2007 Nordvargr / Drakh "The Betrayal Of Light" CD
2007 NorthBorne "Force It" CD
2007 NorthBorne "The Pill" CDr
2007 Novus "Re-designing The Future" CD
2007 Nurse With Wound "Gyllensköld, Geijerstam And I At Rydberg's" CD
2007 Nurse With Wound "Insect And Individual Silenced" CD
2007 The Omega Syndicate "Baptism Of Wire" CDr
2007 Oöphoi "The Spirals Of Time (Limited Deluxe Edition)" 2xCD+CD
2007 Part-Sub-Merged "Four Forests" 12xMP3
2007 Patenbrigade: Wolff "Hochstapler" CD
2007 Peter Andersson "Music For Film And Exhibition" 2xCD
2007 Polemical "Hand-Made Devices" MP3
2007 Portion Control "Onion Jack IV" CDr
2007 Procer Veneficus "A Summerhaze Array For August Nights" 2xCD
2007 Prometheus Burning "nBoyde raRepi" CD
2007 Rasputin "Die Segnungen Der Neuzeit" CD
2007 Reaper "The Devil Is Female" CDEP
2007 Re:\Legion "13 Seconds" CD
2007 Robert Görl "Dark Tool Symphony" CDEP
2007 Runes Order "X: Final Solution!" CD
2007 Schallfaktor "End Of Love E.P." CDEP
2007 Severe Illusion "Armed Evolution" CDEP
2007 [:SITD:] "Bestie:Mensch" CD+CD
2007 Skinny Puppy "Back & Forth Vol 7" CD
2007 Skorbut "Firewall" CD
2007 Snog "The Last Days Of Rome" CD
2007 Solar Fields "EarthShine" CD
2007 Soman "Mask" CD
2007 Steve Roach "Fever Dreams III" 2xCD
2007 Steve Roach "Immersion : Three" 3xCD
2007 Stromkern "Hindsight" CD5
2007 Synapscape "Now" CD
2007 Tarkatak "Mormor" CD
2007 The Tear Garden "The Secret Experiment" CD
2007 TenHornedBeast "The Sacred Truth" CD
2007 Terror Punk Syndicate "Extended Playtime" CD+CDr
2007 Terrorfakt "Reworks2: Friendly Fire" CDr
2007 Terrorfakt "The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself" 12"
2007 Terrorfakt "The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself" 2xCD
2007 The-Pulsar "Revolution (Reloaded)" CD
2007 Throbbing Gristle "Desertshore Installation" 12xCDr
2007 Throbbing Gristle "Part Two - The Endless Not" CD
2007 Underworld "Crocodile" CDr
2007 UnterART "Damn My Soul" CD5
2007 Ure Thrall "The Bone Tree Soundtracks (Volume 3: Origin)" CDr
2007 Various "Dynamo Vol 2" CD
2007 Various "Nacht Der Maschinen Volume One" CD
2007 Various "Rare" CD
2007 Velvet Acid Christ "Oblivion Interface" 13xMP3
2007 VNV Nation "Judgement" CD
2007 Voltage "Lucifer Over Ptz" Cassette
2007 Von Thronstahl "Sacrificare - Collector's Edition" CD+CD5
2007 W.O.M.P. "The Other Side" CD
2007 Wander "Wander" CDr
2007 :wumpscut: "DJ Dwarf Seven" CDEP
2007 Z'EV "Forwaard" CD
2007 Z'EV "Metaphonics" CDr
2007 Zandoz Corp. "Frankensteintizations: The Remixes Vol. 01" 13xMP3
2007 Zentriert ins Antlitz "Diametral" 12xFile