Format:   CD+CD
Доступные рецензии:
1999 Apoptygma Berzerk "APBL98" CD+CD
2001 Biosphere "Substrata²" CD+CD
2001 The Future Sound Of London "Accelerator" CD+CD
2002 Blutengel "Angel Dust" CD+CD
2003 Diverje "Amphibian" CD+CD
2004 Angels & Agony "Avatar" CD+CD
2004 God Module "Artificial 2.0" CD+CD
2004 Grendel "Prescription : Medicide" CD+CD
2005 Absurd Minds "Noumenon" CD+CD
2005 Dunkelwerk "Troops" CD+CD
2005 The Eternal Afflict "Euphoric & Demonic" CD+CD
2006 Amduscia "From Abuse To Apostasy" CD+CD
2006 The Cure "The Top" CD+CD
2007 32Crash "Weird News From An Uncertain Future" CD+CD
2007 Angels & Agony "Unison" CD+CD
2007 Brain Leisure "Methods To Madness" CD+CD
2007 Escape With Romeo "Emotional Iceage" CD+CD
2007 Grendel "Harsh Generation" CD+CD
2008 Accessory "More Than Machinery" CD+CD
2008 Die Krupps "Volle Kraft Voraus!" CD+CD
2008 Diskonnekted "Old School Policies (The Propaganda Box)" CD+CD