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W.O.M.P. "The Other Side"
¥π¥ "Beat Planet"
Walking Timebombs "Static Migration"
Walzenstuhl "Elektro-Dynamik"
Wander "Wander"
Wappenbund "Zeitenwende" , "Blood & Fire / Nichts Ist Verloren Part I & II" ...
Wavefall "Heartstarter"
Werkbund "Rungholt" , "Tanz Und Andacht"
Werner Durand "Aqua Planing"
WestBam "Bostich"
White Stains "At Stockholm"
White Zombie "Supersexy Swingin' Sounds"
Wicky Wacky "Let's Get Down"
Wiener Aktivisten "Chapter I & II"
Will "Pearl Of Great Price" , "Word • Flesh • Stone"
Willem De Ridder "No One Remains"
The Winterhouse "Sanctuary"
Wiseblood "Dirtdish"
Witch-Hunt "The Rites Of Samhain"
Wolfsheim "55578" , "Kein Zurück" , "Casting Shadows" , "Find You're Here" , "Blind" ...
Women Of Sodom "Boots"
Women Of The SS "John Zewizz Presents His Infamous..." , "Ov Pure Blood" ...
Worms Of The Earth "Debris Of War" , "The Angels Of Prostitution"
Wrong Number "Gun-Type Fission Weapon"
Wulgata "Ressurection Of Those Days… A Third Book Has Been Writen"
:wumpscut: "The Remix Wars: Strike 1 - :Wumpscut: Vs. Haujobb" ...
Wycroy Crowje "Twoystroy"
Wynardtage "Waste Of Time" , "The Grey Line" , "The Forgotten Sins 2002-2005"