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O'Malley, Stephen & Z'EV "Magistral"
O'Rourke, Jim "Remove The Need" , "Mizu No Nai Umi"
Obconic "Phlox"
Object "The Reflecting Skin" , "The Ethane Asylum"
Objekt / Urian "Tonfragmente II"
Obszon Geschopf "Tomb Of The Dead"
Off "Step By Step (Remix)"
ohGr "Welt" , "Sunnypsyop"
OKK-ULTh "Elizabeth Bathory"
Olhon "Veiovis" , "Sinkhole" , "Underwater Passage"
Olsson, Kristian "Laudanum"
Omala "Relicon"
Omega Syndicate, The "Baptism Of Wire"
Ontayso "The Long River Run 2"
OOO "Aether Dynamic"
Oöphoi "The Rustling Of Leaves" , "An Aerial View" , "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" ...
Oöphoi & Faryus "Forgotten Rituals"
Oophoi & John-Krol, Louisa "I Hear The Water Dreaming"
Oöphoi & L.E.M. "The Sacred Orbit" , "Leteph" , "EP Collection Vol.4"
Oöphoi & Paradin "Nocturnes"
Oöphoi & Tau Ceti "Subterranea"
Oophoi & Wiese, Klaus "Deva Mela"
Oöphoi / Tau Ceti "Celestial Geometries"
Ophir "Eiserne Ernte"
Oral Silence "New Form"
Orange Sector "Flashback" , "Bassprodukt" , "Untertage E.P."
Orb, The "Kiss EP" ...
Orchestra Terrestial "Here And Elsewhere"
Order 1968 "The Snow"
Oren Ambarchi and Z'EV "Spirit Transform Me"
Organisation "Tone Float"
Organisation Toth "Follow The Red Örder"
Ornament "Unicorn Lullaby" , "Adorers"
Orphx "Fragmentation" , "Vita Mediativa" , "The Living Tissue" ...
Orphx And The Infant Cycle "Interference"
Osso Exótico + Z'EV "Osso Exótico + Z'EV"
Othila "Untitled" , "Elements"
Out Out "Virtual Sound Images" , "Breathing Again E.P."
Oval "Ovalcommers"
Ø + Noto "Micro Macro" , "Wohltemperiert"