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A-Head "Deep Down"
à;GRUMH... "A Hard Knight's Day" , "Unclean"
Ab Ovo "Empreintes" , "Strates" , "Triode" , "Le Temps Suspendu..."
Abandoned Shelter "Yersinia Pestis"
Abscess "Punishment & Crippled Reality"
Absolute Body Control "Eat This" , "Lost / Found" , "Wind[Re]Wind" , "Baby's On Fire" ...
Absurd Minds "Brainwash" , "Deception" , "Come Alive" , "Damn The Lie" , "Master Builder" ...
Accessory "Deadline" , "...And I Say "Go"" , "Titan" , "More Than Machinery"
Acid Horse "No Name, No Slogan"
Acylum "Your Pain"
Ad Lux Tenebrae "Sketches From That Autumn"
ADD "Дискомфорт" , "Krivaya Musica" , "MRGnal" , "Efpos" ...
Ady Henry Kiss "Atlantic City"
Ad·ver·sary "International Dark Skies" , "Bone Music"
Aeoga "COAV" , "Triangle Of Nebula-Devourers" ...
Aesthetic Perfection "A Violent Emotion"
Aghast View "Truthead" , "Phaseknox" , "Trendsetter" , "Drifter.EP"
Aglaia "Unprofaned Twilight"
Agonoize "Open The Gate / To Paradise" , "Assimilation: Chapter One"
Ah Cama-Sotz "Murder Themes & Terra Infernalis" , "Ankh / Deceptive Rate" , "U-Boot" ...
Aïboforcen "Face (Of) Death" , "Sons Palliatifs" , "Sons Palliatifs" ...
Aidan Baker "Threnody One : Lamentation" , "Butterfly Bones"
Ain Soph "Октябрь" , "GPIIBXVI"
Aktivate Sin "Psychology Of The Hateful Mind"
Aktivist "Ein Abend Mit Mir..."
Al Comet "Comet"
Al Jabr "One Million And Three"
Alarmen "There's No Place Like Hoan"
Albrecht/d. "Music From The Death Factory"
Alexander Hacke "Filmarbeiten"
Alien Sex Fiend "The First Compact Disc" , "Open Head Surgery" ...
Alien Vampires "Nuns Are Pregnant" , "I'm Dead Fuck You" , "No One Here Gets Out Alive"
Alio Die "Leaves Net" , "Apsaras" , "Prayer For The Forest" , "Eleusian Lullaby" ...
Allerseelen "Sturmlieder" , "Abenteuerliches Herz" , "Funke / El Astro Rey" ...
Allgrena "Protest / Rotor"
Alone Again Or "Dream Come True" , "Drum The Beat (In My Soul)" , "Dream Come True"
AM Inc. "Feuchte Hosen"
Ambience "Solidão / Submit + Obey"
Ambre "Sfumato"
Amduscia "Impulso Biomecànico" , "Melodies For The Devil" ...
Amelia Cuni "Apsaras"
amGod "Half Rotten And Decayed"
Amir Baghiri "Winterscape" , "Orbital Repose" , "Dreamresources"
Amnesia "Drop The Stick" , "It's A Dream (Remix)"
Amnistia "Archetype V.1.1" , "Blackguard" , "Archetype V.1.2"
Amorphous Androgynous "Tales Of Ephidrina" , "Alice In Ultraland" ...
And Christ Wept "Destroy Existence"
And One "Metalhammer (Clubmix)" , "Anguish" ...
Andraculoid "Imbalance"
André Walter "Dark Listening Vol. 1"
Andreas Ammer "Radio Inferno"
Andrew Chalk "Fall In The Wake Of A Flawless Landscape" ...
Andrew Liles "3 Eggs" ...
Anenzephalia "Anenzephalia" , "Die Sender Müssen Schweigen!"
Angel Theory "Black And Blue EP"
Angels & Agony "Avatar" , "Unison"
Animassacre "Evolve" , "Shi No Sedai"
Ankh "Ankh"
AntechO "Im Osten Nichts Neues"
The Anti Group "Big Sex" , "Iso-Erotic Calibrations"
Antigen Shift "The Way Of The North" , "The Blood Dimmed Tide"
AntiMatterMan "Manipulator"
Antlers Mulm "Reverse"
Antonio Testa "Prayer For The Forest" , "Radioforest"
Aphex Twin "Analogue Bubblebath" , "Analog Bubblebath Vol 2" ...
Aphora "Aphora / Hate For The Masses"
Apoptygma Berzerk "Ashes To Ashes" , "The 2nd Manifesto" , "Soli Deo Gloria" , "Bitch" ...
ARC "Arkhangelsk" , "Glassine 1"
Arcane Device "Seven"
Architect "Galactic Supermarket" , "I Went Out Shopping To Get Some Noise" ...
Archon Satani "Mind Of Flesh & Bones" , "Of Gospels Lost And Forsaken" ...
Arditi "Arditi" , "Omne Ensis Impera" , "Marching On To Victory" ...
Ardor Vom Venushügel "White Wedding"
Arecibo "Trans Plutonian Transmissions"
Argyle Park "Misguided"
Arkkon "Rotunda"
Armageddon Dildos "Homicidal Dolls" , "Lost" , "Speed" , "Morgengrauen"
Ars Elektro "Love Thing"
Ars Moriendi "Memorandum" , "In Memoriam" , "Boom-Survivor" , "Fun-Dust-Trial" ...
The Art Corporation "The Art Corporation"
The Art Of Noise "In Visible Silence" , "Daft" , "In No Sense? Nonsense!" ...
Art Of Silence "artofsilence.co.uk"
Arzt+Pfusch "Love" , "Warum?"
As All Die "Guns, Grenades And Genocide" , "North American Underground Alliance" ...
Asche "Distorted DJ" , "Erode" , "Scenes From A Galton's Walk"
Ascii Disko "Alias" , "Bliss EP"
Asianova "At The Last Gate"
Aslan Faction "Blunt Force Trauma" , "Sin-Drome Of Separation" ...
Asmorod "Hysope"
Asmus Tietchens "The Shifts Recyclings" , "Sinkende Schwimmer" , "β-Menge" , "γ-Menge" ...
Assemblage 23 "Contempt" , "Disappoint" , "Failure" , "Addendum" , "Document" , "Defiance" ...
Atomine Elektrine "Elemental Severance" , "Binomial Fusion" , "The Deep Invisible"
Atrium Carceri "Seishinbyouin" , "Ptahil"
Atropine "Feigned Hearing"
Aube "Duplex-Sphere" , "Huile Sur L'Eau" , "Chain [Re] Action" ...
Audio War "Negativity"
Aural Blasphemy "Catharsis"
Aural Holograms "Vol. I"
Aurora Sutra "The Land Of Harm And Appletrees" , "The Dimension Gate"
Autechre "Cavity Job" , "Incunabula" , "Basscad,EP" , "Amber" , "Anti EP" , "Garbage" ...
Autoaggression "Geräuschinformatik" , "End-Mensch-Licht"
Autoclav1.1 "Visitor Attractions"
Autopsia "The Berlin Requiem"
Avatar "Вознесение"
Axiome "Rictus" , "Va-t-il Faire Beau?"
Axonal Warfare "Stasis Interrupted" , "Dead Time"
Azrael Trigger "Season To Sever"