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A-Head "Deep Down"
à;GRUMH... "A Hard Knight's Day" , "Unclean"
Ab Ovo "Empreintes" , "Strates" , "Triode" , "Le Temps Suspendu..."
Abandoned Shelter "Yersinia Pestis"
Abner Malaty "Glide"
Abscess "Punishment & Crippled Reality"
Absolute Body Control "Eat This" , "Lost / Found" , "Wind[Re]Wind" , "Baby's On Fire" ...
Absurd Minds "Brainwash" , "Deception" , "Come Alive" , "Damn The Lie" , "Master Builder" ...
Accessory "Deadline" , "...And I Say "Go"" , "Titan" , "More Than Machinery"
Acid Horse "No Name, No Slogan"
Acylum "Your Pain"
Ad Lux Tenebrae "Sketches From That Autumn"
ADD "Дискомфорт" , "Krivaya Musica" , "MRGnal" , "Efpos" ...
Advokat Ihrer Hoheit "Opferbereit"
Ady Henry Kiss "Atlantic City"
Ad·ver·sary "International Dark Skies" , "Bone Music"
Aeoga "COAV" , "Triangle Of Nebula-Devourers" ...
Aesthetic Perfection "A Violent Emotion"
Aghast View "Truthead" , "Phaseknox" , "Trendsetter" , "Drifter.EP"
Aglaia "Unprofaned Twilight"
Agonoize "Open The Gate / To Paradise" , "Assimilation: Chapter One"
Ah Cama-Sotz "Murder Themes & Terra Infernalis" , "Ankh / Deceptive Rate" , "U-Boot" ...
Aïboforcen "Face (Of) Death" , "Sons Palliatifs" , "Sons Palliatifs" ...
Aidan Baker "Threnody One : Lamentation" , "Butterfly Bones"
Ain Soph "Октябрь" , "GPIIBXVI"
Aktivate Sin "Psychology Of The Hateful Mind"
Aktivist "Ein Abend Mit Mir..."
Al Comet "Comet"
Al Gromer Khan "Hymns Of Secret Glory"
Al Jabr "One Million And Three"
Alarmen "There's No Place Like Hoan"
Albrecht/d. "Music From The Death Factory"
Alexander Hacke "Filmarbeiten"
Alien Sex Fiend "The First Compact Disc" , "Open Head Surgery" ...
Alien Vampires "Nuns Are Pregnant" , "I'm Dead Fuck You" , "No One Here Gets Out Alive"
Alio Die "Leaves Net" , "Apsaras" , "Prayer For The Forest" , "Eleusian Lullaby" ...
Allerseelen "Sturmlieder" , "Abenteuerliches Herz" , "Funke / El Astro Rey" ...
Allgrena "Protest / Rotor"
Alone Again Or "Dream Come True" , "Drum The Beat (In My Soul)" , "Dream Come True"
AM Inc. "Feuchte Hosen"
Ambience "Solidão / Submit + Obey"
Ambre "Sfumato"
Amduscia "Impulso Biomecànico" , "Melodies For The Devil" ...
Amelia Cuni "Apsaras"
amGod "Half Rotten And Decayed"
Amir Baghiri "Winterscape" , "Orbital Repose" , "Dreamresources" , "Rooms" , "Yalda"
Amnesia "Drop The Stick" , "It's A Dream (Remix)"
Amnistia "Archetype V.1.1" , "Blackguard" , "Archetype V.1.2"
Amorphous Androgynous "Tales Of Ephidrina" , "Alice In Ultraland" ...
And Christ Wept "Destroy Existence"
And One "Metalhammer (Clubmix)" , "Anguish" ...
Andraculoid "Imbalance" , "Lifeless Eyes"
André Walter "Dark Listening Vol. 1"
Andreas Ammer "Radio Inferno"
Andrew Chalk "Fall In The Wake Of A Flawless Landscape" ...
Andrew Liles "3 Eggs" ...
Anenzephalia "Anenzephalia" , "Die Sender Müssen Schweigen!"
Angel Theory "Black And Blue EP"
Angels & Agony "Avatar" , "Unison"
Animassacre "Evolve" , "Shi No Sedai"
Ankh "Ankh"
The Anti Group "Big Sex" , "Iso-Erotic Calibrations" , "Ha - Zulu"
Antigen Shift "The Way Of The North" , "The Blood Dimmed Tide"
AntiMatterMan "Manipulator"
Antlers Mulm "Reverse"
Antonio Testa "Prayer For The Forest" , "Radioforest"
Aphex Twin "Analogue Bubblebath" , "Analog Bubblebath Vol 2" ...
Aphora "Aphora / Hate For The Masses"
Apophysia "After The War"
Apoptygma Berzerk "Ashes To Ashes" , "The 2nd Manifesto" , "Soli Deo Gloria" , "Bitch" ...
Arbre Noir "Madurai"
ARC "Arkhangelsk" , "Glassine 1"
Arcane Device "Seven"
Architect "Galactic Supermarket" , "I Went Out Shopping To Get Some Noise" ...
Archon Satani "Mind Of Flesh & Bones" , "Of Gospels Lost And Forsaken" ...
Arditi "Arditi" , "Omne Ensis Impera" , "Marching On To Victory" ...
Ardor Vom Venushügel "White Wedding"
Arecibo "Trans Plutonian Transmissions"
Argyle Park "Misguided"
Arkkon "Rotunda"
Armageddon Dildos "Homicidal Dolls" , "Lost" , "Speed" , "Morgengrauen"
Ars Elektro "Love Thing"
Ars Moriendi "Memorandum" , "In Memoriam" , "Boom-Survivor" , "Fun-Dust-Trial" ...
The Art Corporation "The Art Corporation"
The Art Of Noise "In Visible Silence" , "Daft" , "In No Sense? Nonsense!" ...
Art Of Silence "artofsilence.co.uk"
Arzt+Pfusch "Love" , "Warum?"
As All Die "Guns, Grenades And Genocide" , "North American Underground Alliance" ...
Asche "Distorted DJ" , "Erode" , "Scenes From A Galton's Walk"
Ascii Disko "Alias" , "Bliss EP"
Asianova "At The Last Gate"
Aslan Faction "Blunt Force Trauma" , "Sin-Drome Of Separation" ...
Asmorod "Hysope"
Asmus Tietchens "The Shifts Recyclings" , "Sinkende Schwimmer" , "β-Menge" , "γ-Menge" ...
Assemblage 23 "Contempt" , "Disappoint" , "Failure" , "Addendum" , "Document" , "Defiance" ...
Atomine Elektrine "Elemental Severance" , "Binomial Fusion" , "The Deep Invisible"
Atrium Carceri "Seishinbyouin" , "Ptahil"
Atropine "Feigned Hearing"
Aube "Duplex-Sphere" , "Huile Sur L'Eau" , "Chain [Re] Action" ...
Audio War "Negativity"
Aural Blasphemy "Catharsis"
Aural Holograms "Vol. I"
Aurora Sutra "The Land Of Harm And Appletrees" , "The Dimension Gate"
Autechre "Cavity Job" , "Incunabula" , "Basscad,EP" , "Amber" , "Anti EP" , "Garbage" ...
Autoaggression "Geräuschinformatik" , "End-Mensch-Licht"
Autoclav1.1 "Visitor Attractions"
Autopsia "The Berlin Requiem"
Avatar "Вознесение"
Axiome "Rictus" , "Va-t-il Faire Beau?"
Axonal Warfare "Stasis Interrupted" , "Dead Time"
Azrael Trigger "Season To Sever"