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P·A·L "Release" , "Retro" , "After-Hour Sounds"
Pacific 231 "Ethnicities"
Page 12 "InSect"
Pailhead "Trait"
Pain Emission "The War Within"
The Pain Machinery "The Venom Is Going Global"
Pain Of Progress "Weeping Song" , "Frozen Pain"
Pain Station "Cold" , "Dead Is Dead"
Painbastard "No Need To Worry" , "Just Like Dying (First Blood Edition)" ...
Pan Sonic "Motorlab #3" , "A" , "Aaltopiiri" , "Kesto (234.48:4)"
Panacea "When Panacea Strikes / Bring Out Your Dead"
Pangea "Permafrost"
Panicforce "[Alt]"
Panzer AG "This Is My Battlefield"
Panzertank "Hakenkreuz"
Paracont "Zoom" , "Xtra1"
Paradin "Nocturnes"
The Parallel Project "Explicit" , "Fusion"
Part-Sub-Merged "Four Forests"
Patenbrigade: Wolff "Ostberliner Bauarbeiter" , "Hochstapler" , "Demokratischer Sektor"
Paul Vnuk Jr. "Distance To Zero"
Pax "High Speed Digital Spirit Processing"
Peace, Love And Pitbulls "Red Sonic Underwear"
Penal Colony "5 Man Job" , "Unfinished Business"
Penjaga Insaf "Of Earth And Of Fire"
Permafrost "Cold Vision I"
Pet Shop Boys "One More Chance" , "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)" ...
Peter Andersson "Music For Film And Exhibition"
Peter Heppner "I Feel You" , "Solo" , "Alleinesein"
Peter Rehberg "The Return Of Fenn O'Berg"
Peter Spilles "Speedwingslowthings"
Phaeton Dernière Danse "Théophanie À Visu"
Phallus Dei "Nature Mortes"
Phelios "Passage" , "Dimension Zero" , "Falcon"
Philosopher's Point "Nachtangst"
Phutureprimitive "Sub Conscious"
Pierrepoint "Deleted Tracks From Earth" , "Technoid Beats For A Paradox Movement"
Piet Jan Blauw "Pluma De Piedra"
Pig "Sin Sex & Salvation" , "Sturm & Drang Tour 2002" , "Praise The Lard" ...
Pigface "Welcome To Mexico...Asshole" , "Fook" , "Notes From Thee Underground" ...
Placebo Effect "Slashed Open" , "Bad Dreams" , "Galleries Of Pain" , "Placebo Effect"
Plastic Assault "We Score"
Plastic Noise Experience "Rauschen" , "Maschinenraum" , "Maschinenmusik" , "Zwischenfall" ...
Pneumatic Detach "Meth EP" , "[pa·re·ses] | [cc:]" , "[re·vis·cer·a]" ...
Polaris "Out Of Space"
Polarlicht 4.1 "Drittklangträger / Metronom" , "Industrielle Hypnose"
Polemical "Hand-Made Devices"
Polygon Window "Quoth" , "Surfing On Sine Waves"
Pop Will Eat Itself "RSVP/Familus Horribilus" , "Ich Bin Ein Auslander" ...
Portion Control "Filthy White Guy" , "Onion Jack IV" , "Wellcome"
Posthuman Tantra "Asylum Of Slaves"
Power-Pill "Pac-Man"
Pow[d]er Pussy "Just 2 Annoy You" , "One Day"
Praetorio "Scontrum Act VII"
Praxis "Sacrifist" , "Metatron"
Prayer Tower "Sugar The Pill" , "Halo"
Predominance "Dark Stars Unfolding" , "Hindenburg" , "Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence"
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 "Extinction Reprogrammed"
The Pressure Company "The Drain Train / Live In Sheffield 19 Jan 82"
Pressure Control "Vamp"
Pro>Tech "Orbiting Cathedrals"
Pro:activ "Futurismo: Extended Play"
Proba-9 "Посещение Объекта №172" , "Т.Б."
Procer Veneficus "A Summerhaze Array For August Nights"
Profane Grace "Serenity Of The Endless Graves"
Project Arctic "Third Pole"
Project For The Masses "Just Can't Get Enough - A Tribute To Depeche Mode"
Project Pitchfork "Dhyani" , "Psychic Torture" , "Lam-'Bras" , "Entities" , "Souls / Island" ...
Project-X "All Systems Dead E.P." , "Closing Down The Systems" , "Modus Operandi" ...
Prometheus Burning "nBoyde raRepi" , "Beyond Repair"
Propergol "Ground Proximity Warning System" , "Renegade" , "United States..."
The Psychic Force "Traces"
Psychic TV "At Stockholm" , "Peak Hour" , "Sirens" , "Cold Blue Torch" ...
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia "Exit 23"
Psychophysicist "Psychophysicists"
Psychopomps "Assassins DK United" , "In The Skin" , "Godshit"
Psygram "In Dreamshow" , "Gehörgänge" , "Vision Of Shadows"
Puissance "Mother Of Disease" , "Let Us Lead" , "Hail The Mushroom Cloud" ...
Puls "Novocain"
Pulse Legion "One Thing"
Punch Inc. "Fightclub"
Pzychobitch "The Day After [The Hecq Destruxxion]"