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Genesis P-Orridge + Thee Majesty "Mary Never Wanted Jesus"
Pacific 231 "Ethnicities"
Page 12 "in SECT"
Pailhead "Trait"
Pain Emission "The War Within"
The Pain Machinery "The Venom Is Going Global"
Pain Of Progress "Weeping Song" , "Frozen Pain"
Pain Station "Cold" , "Dead Is Dead"
Painbastard "No Need To Worry" , "Just Like Dying (First Blood Edition)"
Pan Sonic "Motorlab #3" , "A" , "Aaltopiiri" , "Kesto (234:48:4)"
Panacea/Gridlock "Split"
Pangea "Permafrost"
Panicforce "[Alt]"
Panzer AG "This Is My Battlefield"
Panzertank "Hakenkreuz"
Paracont "Zoom" , "Xtra1"
Parallel Project "Explicit" , "Fusion"
Nick Parkin "Entropolis"
David Parsons "Shaman" , "Surya" , "Vajra"
Part-Sub-Merged "Four Forests"
Geneviève Pasquier "Virgin Pulses"
Passarani "Unspeakable Future Outbreaks"
Patenbrigade: Wolff "Ostberliner Bauarbeiter" , "Hochstapler" , "Demokratischer Sektor"
Paul Vnuk Jr. & Oöphoi "Distance To Zero"
Pax "High Speed Digital Spirit Processing"
Peace Love And Pitbulls "Red Sonic Underware"
Jeff Pearce "The Light Beyond" , "Rainshadow Sky" , "Vestiges"
Penal Colony "5 Man Job" , "Unfinished Business"
Penjaga Insaf & Vestigial "Of Earth And Of Fire"
Permafrost "Cold Vision I"
Carlos Peron "Talks To The Nations (Club EP)" , "Die Schwarze Spinne" ...
Carlos Peron / Victor Berkovitz "Terminatrix"
Pet Shop Boys "One More Chance" , "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)" ...
Phaeton Dernière Danse & Le Syndicat "Théophanie À Visu"
Phallus Dei "Nature Mortes"
Phelios "Passage" , "Dimension Zero" , "Falcon"
Philosopher's Point "Nachtangst"
Phutureprimitive "Sub Conscious"
Pierrepoint "Deleted Tracks From Earth" , "Technoid Beats For A Paradox Movement"
Pig "Praise The Lard" , "The Swining" , "Sinsation" , "Wrecked" , "Prime Evil" ...
Pigface "Welcome To Mexico...Asshole!" , "Fook" , "Notes From Thee Underground" ...
Placebo Effect "Slashed Open" , "Bad Dreams" , "Galleries Of Pain" , "Placebo Effect"
Plastic Assault "We Score"
Plastic Noise Experience "Rauschen" , "Maschinenraum" , "Maschinenmusik" , "Zwischenfall" ...
James Plotkin/Mark Spybey "A Peripheral Blur"
Pneumatic Detach "Meth EP" , "[re-vis-cer-a]"
Pneumatic Detach / C2 "[pa·re·ses] | [cc:]"
Polarlicht 4.1 "Industrielle Hypnose"
Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor "Drittklangtrager / Metronom"
Polemical "Hand-Made Devices"
Polygon Window "Quoth" , "Surfing On Sine Waves"
Pop Will Eat Itself "RSVP/Familus Horribilus" , "Ich Bin Ein Auslander" ...
Portion Control "Filthy White Guy" , "Onion Jack IV" , "Wellcome"
Power-Pill "Pac-Man"
Pow[d]er Pussy "Just 2 Annoy You" , "One Day"
Praxis "Sacrifist" , "Metatron"
Prayer Tower "Sugar The Pill" , "Halo"
Predominance "Dark Stars Unfolding" , "Hindenburg" , "Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence"
PreEmptive Strike 0.1 "Extinction Reprogrammed"
Pressure Control "Vamp"
Pro-Tech "Orbiting Cathedrals"
Pro:Activ "Futurismo EP"
Proba 9 "Посещение Объекта №172" , "Т.Б."
Procer Veneficus "A Summerhaze Array For August Nights"
Profane Grace "Serenity Of The Endless Graves"
Project Arctic "Third Pole"
Project For The Masses "Just Can't Get Enough"
Project Pitchfork "Dhyani" , "Psychic Torture" , "Lam-'bras" , "Entities" , "Souls/Island" ...
Project-X "All Systems Dead EP" , "Closing Down The Systems" , "Modus Operandi" ...
Prometheus Burning "nBoyde raRepi" , "Beyond Repair"
Propergol "Ground Proximity Warning System" , "Renegade" , "United States..."
The Psychic Force "Traces"
Psychic TV "At Stockholm" , "Peak Hour" , "Sirens" , "Cold Blue Torch" ...
Psychick Television "A Real Swedish Live Show"
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia "Exit 23"
Psychophysicist "Psychophysicist"
Psychopomps "Assassins DK United" , "In The Skin" , "Godshit"
Psygram "Gehörgänge" , "Vision Of Shadows"
Puissance "Mother Of Disease" , "Let Us Lead" , "Hail The Mushroom Cloud" ...
Puls "Novocain"
Pulse Legion "One Thing"
Punch Inc. "Fightclub"
Pzycho Bitch "The Day After (The HECQ Destruxxion)"
P·A·L "Release" , "Retro" , "After-Hour Sounds"