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L'Ame Immortelle "Epitaph" , "Dann Habe Ich Umsonst Gelebt" , "Judgement" , "Zwielicht" ...
L'Ombre "Simulations 2.0" , "Medicine For The Meaningless" , "Simulations 1.0"
L.E.A.K. "Redemption"
La Lettre A Camus "L'art Faux" , "Avec 1913" , "Is Your Journey Really Necessary?" ...
La Lettre A Camus / Stereo Modus "Pour Mille Milles"
La Magra "Schwarze Boten"
Laharis "Unpolitical Alchemy"
Laibach "Laibach" , "Rekapitulacija 1980-1984" , "Nova Akropola" ...
Lambwool "Fading Landscapes" , "...And The Angel Is Gone"
Lamia "Dark Angel" , "Carnival Of Lust"
Lammergeyer "Borders & Barrens" , "Beneath The Sky"
Land "Opuscule" , "Иди и смотри" , "Sample"
Land:Fire "Incandescent"
Landanum "Blinded"
Lard "70's Rock Must Die"
Larva "The Hated"
Law-Rah Collective, The "Drones For Drella" , "Isolation" , "1953"
Le Diktat "2+2=5"
Le Syndicat "Sardanapale" , "Vagynaestetatis" , "Rectitude" , "Delikatëssen" ...
Le Syndicat / Entre Vifs "Bruitiste!"
Lead Into Gold "Chicks & Speed: Futurism"
Lee Chubby King "Yo' Pusface"
Lemon Interrupt "Bigmouth"
Les Joyaux De La Princesse "Aux Petits Enfants De France" , "1940-1944" ...
Les Jumeaux "Cobalt"
Lescure 13 "Lescure 13"
Lethargy "Escapa" , "In-Macula Remixes"
Level 2.0 "Intercept"
Leæther Strip "The Pleasure Of Penetration" , "Aspects Of Aggression" ...
LFO "Frequencies" , "Advance" , "Tied Up"
Lights Of Euphoria "Fahrenheit" , "Voices" , "Fortuneteller" , "True Life" ...
Lightwave "Cantus Umbrarum"
Lingua Fungi "Flowery Dreams"
Liquid Divine "Interface" , "Black Box"
Liquid Ghosts "La Camera Obscura"
LLAC / Roricat "Rorillac"
Llovespell "Excavated And Expectant"
Locust "Weathered Well" , "Truth Is Born Of Arguments" , "Morning Light"
Loss "I Kill Everything"
Lucisferrato "Weltanschauung" , "Thoroughhhate" , "Weltanschauliche Mission" ...
Lujhboia "Sendero De Panico"
Lull "Continue" , "Like A Slow River"
Lull / Origami Arktika "Brook"
Lunatic Calm "Metropol"
Lustmord "A Document Of Early Acoustic And Tactical Experimentations" ...