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V.S.B. "Atomic Erotic"
Vainio / Väisänen / Vega "Endless"
Vánargandr "Valtivar"
Vanessa Briggs "Less"
Various "Ant-hology. The 5th Anniversary Compilation" ...
Various Artists "Future Sounds Of Tomsk" ...
Vehemence 6.2 "New Material"
Velehentor "Boeing: There And Back Again" , "Sak-Yelga"
Velvet Acid Christ "The Remix Wars: Strike 4 - Velvet Acid Christ Vs. Funker Vogt" ...
The Vermin "Another Morgue With Sarkastic Remarks"
Vertigo "Galaxy War Sequels"
Vestigial "Of Earth And Of Fire"
Victor Berkovitz "Terminatrix"
Victor Nubla "About Breathing"
Vidna Obmana "The Shifts Recyclings" , "Well Of Souls" , "Cavern Of Sirens" ...
Vir Unis "The Drift Inside" , "Book Of Mutations" , "Aqua Culture I"
Virtual Embrace "Roots Of Evil - Club EP -" , "Escape To Insane"
Virtual Victim "Opfer E.P."
Vishudha Kali "Mirror"
Visions "Lapse" , "Celestial Sphere"
VNV Nation "Praise The Fallen" , "Solitary EP" , "Darkangel" , "Empires" ...
Voice Of Eye "Resonant Fields / Hot Gypsy Fink Hell" , "Live" , "Voice Of Eye" ...
Voice Of Hate "Split EP"
Void Kampf "First Assault"
Voltage "Invisible Part Of Nature" , "Sabbat 33 (Mabon-Samhein)" ...
Voltaic "Shock / Emission"
Vomito Negro "The New Drug" , "Save The World" , "Skull & Bones" ...
Von Thronstahl "Sacrificare - Collector's Edition" , "Untitled" , "Imperium Internum" ...
Vortex Campaign "The Melancholy Mad Tenant"
Vromb "Épisodes" , "Le Pavillon Des Oiseaux / Le Monorail" ...