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"The Bitter End" , "War Of Sound" , "Aswad" , "The Frozen Spark"
M.J. Harris & Martyn Bates "Murder Ballads (The Complete Collection)"
M.S.B. "Control Remoto 1.0"
Maeror Tri "Multiple Personality Disorder" , "Mind-Reversal" , "Ambient Dreams" ...
Magthea ...
Mahlathini And The Mahotella Queens "Yebo!"
Mainesthai "Out To Lunch" , "Mentallo & The Fixer Meets Mainesthai"
Majdanek Waltz "О Происхождении Мира" , "Холод (Cold)"
Male Or Female "... Recalled Moments" , "Invented Scenes / Naked"
Malformed Earthborn "Defiance Of The Ugly By The Merely Repulsive"
Mana Erg "The Blind Watchmaker"
Mandelbrot "Auf Tauchfahrt"
Manufactura "Presence: Into The Here And The Now"
Marc Almond "Slut"
Marco Passarani "Unspeakable Future Outbreaks"
Marifa "Ru'yah Al​-Qalb"
Marilyn Manson "Get Your Gunn" , "Portrait Of An American Family" , "Lunchbox" ...
Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids "Dancing With The Antichrist"
Mark Seelig "Mantram"
Mark Spybey "Sfumato" , ":spybey:theriault:" , "A Peripheral Blur" ...
Markus Reuter "Eleven Questions"
Martina Galvagni "Eleusian Lullaby"
Martyn Bates "To A Child Dancing In The Wind"
Marzuraan "The Law Of The Needle / Into Countless Battles"
Massiv In Mensch "Die Rein" , "Klang Der Unsterblichkeit" ...
Master Program "Hallo (Listen To The Program)" , "Total Fire-Ant Control"
Mastertune "No Help!" , "10tacles"
Materialschlacht "Waakzaamheid En Vertrouwen" , "Volk Steht Auf Der Sturm Bricht Los" ...
Mathias Grassow "The OM-Drones" , "El-Hadra - The Mystik Dance" , "Thödol" ...
Mathias Grassow And Guests "Opus Posthumum" , "Fata Morgana"
Matthew Waldron "The Sleeping Moustache"
Max Corbacho "Nocturnes II"
Maybe Mental "Lotuses On Fire" , "Over Dark Harbors"
MCL (Micro Chip League) "New York / Communicate" , "Code Numbers" , "Satellite" ...
MDFMK "MDFMK" , "Rabble Rouser"
Meat Beat Manifesto "God O.D." , "99%" , "Now" , "Edge Of No Control" , "Subliminal Sandwich" ...
Mee "For All God's Children ... And The Devil's Spawn"
Megaptera "Staring Back At You"
Melanchoholics "A Single Act Of Carelessness"
Melek-Tha "Evil Is Too Strong" , "War Is Coming" , "Omnium Finis Imminent" ...
Melotron "Dein Meister" , "Tanz Mit Dem Teufel" , "Fortschritt" , "E.P. Sode 3" ...
Mengrad "In Dreamshow"
Mentallo & The Fixer "No Rest For The Wicked" , "Revelations 23" ...
Menticide "N.M.E."
Merzbow "A Perfect Pain"
Michael Stearns "Kiva" , "Sorcerer" , "The Light In The Trees"
Mick Harris "Having It" , "Bad Roads, Young Drivers" , "Somnific Flux" ...
Mika Vainio "Untitled" , "In The Land Of The Blind One-Eyed Is King" ...
Mike & Rich "Expert Knob Twiddlers"
Militia "Scorched Earth Policy" , "Nature Revealed" , "The Black Flag Hoisted" ...
Mimesis "Art Imitating Life"
Mimetic "Overrated" , "Sensitive / Sound A" , "Sensitive / Sound A"
Mind Necrosis Factor "Entropy" , "Morphogenesis"
Mind.In.A.Box "Dreamweb" , "Certainty" , "Lost Alone" , "Crossroads"
Mindless Faith "Manifest Destiny"
Mind:State "Decayed - Rebuilt"
Mindware "Shut It Down"
Ministry "With Sympathy" , "Twitch" , "Twelve Inch Singles (1981-1984)" ...
Misery Loves Co. "Misery Loves Co."
Miss Construction "Kunstprodukt"
Mnemonic "Monokultur"
Moctan "Come Closer"
Modulate "Skullfuck"
Moljebka Pvlse "Dvnkl" , "Live In Dnipropetrovs'k" , "Sadalsuud" , "Penfield Mood Organ" ...
Mombus "Glyptos"
Momodou Kah "Trance Spirits"
Monokrom "Live @ IWTBF 041203" , "Monokrom" , "Hexass / First Session"
Monolake "Polygon_Cities"
Monolith "15 Seconds" , "Reborn"
Monstrum Sepsis "Movement" , "Primordial Notion [Beta]" , "Primordial Notion [Alpha]" ...
Monument Westwall "Europa In Twilight"
The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud "Yndalongg" , "The Smell Of Blood But Victory" , "Mass For The Dead"
Morgenstern "Erode" , "Cold" , "Live @ IWTBF 041203"
Morpheus "Ouroboros"
Morpheus Sister "Morpheus Sister"
Mortal Constraint "The Legend Of Deformation"
Morticians "Mutilation Recreation"
Mortuor "Mortuor"
Moskwa TV "Brave New World" , "Generator 7/8 - 88" , "Generator 7/8" ...
Mother Tongue "Open In Obscurity"
MSBR "Geplünderte Leichen"
Mulphia "Dark Sides" , "Bleeding"
Multiple Transmission "Earthloop"
The Murray Fontana Orchestra "The Murray Fontana Orchestra Plays The Hafler Trio"
Muscle And Hate "A Tribute To Nitzer Ebb"
Muslimgauze "Sufiq" , "Baghdad" , "Ayatollah Dollar" , "Jebel Tariq" ...
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Naïve / The Days Of Swine + Roses" , "Kooler Than Jesus" ...
Mystified "Music For Transit"
Mz.412 "Domine Rex Inferum"