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R. K. Faulhaber "The Sleeping Moustache"
R.E.C. "R.E.C."
Rabia Sorda "Save Me From My Curse" , "Métodos Del Caos"
raison d'être "The Empty Hollow Unfolds" ...
Randy Greif "Oedipus Brain Foil" , "War Of The World" , "It's In A Box" ...
Rapoon "Raising Earthly Spirits" , "Vernal Crossing" , "Fallen Gods" ...
Rapoon And Birds Of Tin "Monomyth"
Rapoon | Désaccord Majeur "Salmo Salar"
Rasputin "Gegen Die Wand" , "Die Segnungen Der Neuzeit"
Raumerkundung "Flug I" , "Flug 4-5-6"
Raven's Bane "Misery Preserved"
Ravenous "Phoenix"
Razed In Black "Shrieks, Laments & Anguished Cries" , "Overflow" , "Oh My Goth!" ...
Re-Drum "The Gardens"
RE/Act "The Reason, The Understanding And Time"
Re:\Legion "Reflections" , "Intersection" , "13 Seconds"
ReAdjust "Metamorphose"
Reaper "Angst EP" , "The Devil Is Female"
Recall IV "Contrast Part 2"
Red Cell "Hybrid Society" , "Lead Or Follow"
Rein[Forced] "Cherophobia"
Remain Silent "Dislocation"
Remyl "Disruptor" , "Remyl"
Reptilicus "Temperature Of Blood" , "Designer Time" , "S.O.B.S"
Retractor "The False Memory" , "Edge Of Incision"
Retrosic "God Of Hell" , "Nightcrawler"
Reutoff "Tanz Der Kleinen Schweinen" , "Three Withered Souls"
Reutoff / Totenlieder "The World Will Never Know"
Graeme Revell "The Insect Musicians"
Reversal Penetrations "Generation Mindwar" , "Cut Up Violation"
Revolting Cocks "Big Sexy Land" , "Beers, Steers + Queers" , "Linger Ficken' Good" ...
Revolution By Night "Machine Code" , "Faithless"
Jorge Reyes/Piet Jan Blauw "Pluma De Piedra"
Re_Agent "Abscond: The Abandon Remixes" , "De_Molish V_1.0"
Re|Work "To Our Remains" , "Impulse"
Robert Rich "Seven Veils" , "Bestiary" , "Geometry" ...
Robert Rich & Ian Boddy "React" , "Lithosphere"
Robert Rich & Markus Reuter "Eleven Questions"
Richard H. Kirk "Virtual State" , "The Number Of Magic" , "Loop Static" ...
Ritturbont "Smolgur Och Avilen"
Steve Roach "Light Fantastic" , "Mystic Chords And Sacred Spaces Part 2" ...
Steve Roach & Loren Nerell "Terraform"
Steve Roach/Jeffrey Fayman "Trance Spirits"
Steve Roach/Byron Metcalf "The Serpent's Lair"
Steve Roach/Byron Metcalf/Mark Seelig "Mantram"
Steve Roach/Jorge Reyes "Vine ~ Bark & Spore"
Steve Roach/Michael Stearns/Ron Sunsinger "Kiva"
Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana "Well Of Souls" , "Cavern Of Sirens" , "Spirit Dome"
Robert Görl "Dark Tool Symphony"
Robin Storey "Oedipus Brain Foil"
Robotiko Rejekto "Injection" , "Hangar 18" , "Robotiko Rejekto"
Romantic Affliction "Swelling Sickness"
Ron Boots "See Beyond Times - Look Beyond Words" , "Current"
Roricat "Nijikon 2000"
The Rorschach Garden "Far Away From Paradise"
Rotersand "Merging Oceans" , "Truth Is Fanatic" ...
Ruelgo "Vorace"
Ruhr Hunter "Moss And Memory"
Ruhr Hunter & Chaos As Shelter "One"
Rukkanor "Silk Road"
Run Level Zero "Walk The Psycho[Path]" , "And Thus We Walked" , "Arctic Noise"
Runes Order "Odisseum" , "Aphora / Hate For The Masses" ...
Rx "Bedside Toxicology"