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C-drík "Dissolution"
C-Drone-Defect "Terra Nihil" , "Nemesis"
C-Lekktor "The Silence Procession" , "Cloned And Mutated" ...
C-Tec "Darker" , "Cut"
C. Reider vs. Tarkatak "The Druser Pricid"
C.A.P. "Statement"
C.O.T.A. "Marches And Meditations"
C17H19NO3 "Terra Damnata"
Cabaret "Homophobia"
Cabaret Voltaire "Mix-Up" , "The Voice Of America" , "2x45" , "Yashar" , "Sensoria" ...
Calva Y Nada "Schlaf" , "Monolog"
Captive Six "Noizemaker"
Carbon Based Lifeforms "World Of Sleepers"
Carnivora "Perverted Dreamrealization"
Carphax Files "Revolutions Vol. 1: Dirt"
Carter Tutti "Feral Vapours Of The Silver Ether"
Carter, Chris "Disobedient" , "The Space Between"
Cassandra Complex, The "Grenade" , "Feel The Width" , "30 Minutes Of Death" , "Works 1.0" ...
Cat Rapes Dog "Maximum Overdrive" , "Trojan Whores" , "Moosehair Underware" ...
Cataclyst "Monuments Of A Rubicund Age"
Caustic Window "Joyrex J4 EP" , "Joyrex J5 EP" , "Joyrex J9 EP" , "Compilation"
Cdatakill "Valentine"
Cell Auto Mata "The Devil Is In The Detail"
Cenobita "Metamorfosis" , "Cybertuality" , "Visiones"
Cenotype "Origins"
Centhron "Lichtsucher" , "Gottwerk"
Cephalgy "Warum" , "Weisses Fleisch EP"
Cervello Elettronico "CE" , "Negate The Instigator"
Cesium 137 "Advanced/Decay" , "Elemental" , "Intelligent Design" , "Proof Of Life" ...
Challenge Of Honour, A "Spartan Victories" , "Live In Barcelona" ...
Challenge Of Honour, A / Der Feuerkreiner "Iberia 2007"
Challenge Of Honour, A / Praetorio / Un Defi d'Honneur "Scontrum Act VII"
Challenge Of Honour, A vs. Materialschlacht "Live In Leuven"
Chamberlain, Eric "Nether Voices: Index/Skylash Compilation 1" ...
Chaos Research "Revelations"
Cheerleader 69 "Godriders In The Sky"
Chemical Agent "Waterfall"
Chris & Cosey "Trance" , "Collectiv One" ...
Christ Analogue "In Radiant Decay"
Chud Convention, A "The Sorrow"
Circular "Shaping The Unknown"
Circular Ruins, The "Falling Into The Sky" , "The Alchemy Concert" , "Confluence" ...
Citrus "Adrenachrome"
Clayton, Kit "The Mimic And The Model #1"
Cleaner "Solaris"
Clear Vision "Deception"
Cleen "Designed Memories" , "Second Path" , "The Voice"
Climax Golden Twins "Lovely"
Clock DVA "Transitional Voices" , "Man-Amplified" , "Sign" , "Collective" ...
Cobalt 60 "Elemental" , "Twelve" , "Crush"
Code 243 "Urban Guerilla"
COH "Love Uncut"
CoH Plays Cosey "CoH Plays Cosey"
Coil "Transparent" , "Scatology" , "Horse Rotorvator" , "Gold Is The Metal" ...
Coil / New Blockaders, The / Vortex Campaign "The Melancholy Mad Tenant"
Coinside "Der Primat" , "Negator"
Cold Fusion "63 Days (Part IV)" , "Simmetria"
Cold Fusion / Rukkanor "Silk Road"
Colony 5 "Black" , "Structures" , "Colonisation" ...
Column One "The Last One Is Dead" , "Preset Training" , "Feldaufnahmen I"
Column One & Psychic TV "E-Lusive"
CombiChrist "The Joy Of Gunz" , "Kiss The Blade" , "Sex, Drogen Und Industrial" ...
Con-Dom / Militia "Scorched Earth Policy"
Config.Sys "Tri-Singular"
Conjure One "Conjure One" , "Tears From The Moon" , "Center Of The Sun"
Connelly, Chris "Shipwreck"
ConSono "Hymns Of Deceased Deities"
Contrastate "A Live Coal Under The Ashes" , "Under The Line Laying North" ...
Controlled Bleeding "Penetration" , "Inanition" , "Gilded Shadows" ...
Controlled Collapse "Injection"
Controlled Fusion "Patient Zero"
Converter "Blast Furnace" , "Firebloom" , "Expansion 1.3" , "Exit Ritual" ...
Converter / Asche / Morgenstern "Erode"
Coph Nia "That Which Remains" , "Shape Shifter"
Covenant "Dreams Of A Cryotank" , "Sequencer" , "Theremin EP" , "Final Man" ...
Cranioclast "Can I Talk Or S..." , "Koitlaransk & Ration Skalk"
Crash Worship "This"
Crocodile Shop "Order And Joy" , "Everything Is Dead And Gone"
Cronos Titan "Brides Of Christ" , "The Gregoraveian EP"
Cruciform Injection "Epilogue" , "Response Stimuli"
Cruise [Ctrl] "I Heard It!" , "Cruise Me, Baby!"
Cruor "Mass"
Crystal Method "Vegas"
CTI "Chronomanic"
Cure, The "Mixed Up" , "The Top"
Current 93 / Nurse With Wound "Bright Yellow Moon/Purtle"
cut.rate.box "Dataseed" , "Blueiceblack" , "New Religion"
Cyan "Fiction"
Cyber Axis "The Way I Feel"
Cyber-Tec "Let Your Body Die"
Cyberaktif "Tenebrae Vision"
Cyborg Attack "Blutgeld" , "Stoerf***tor"
Cyclobe "Luminous Darkness" , "The Visitors"
Cyclone B "Krieg"
Cyclotimia "New Death Order" , "Wasteland" , "Same Time Same Place" ...