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D.-Pressiv "Leben"
D.F. Sadist School "The Visionary Garden"
D.sign "Burning Cells"
Dagda Mor "Schwerttau"
Dance Or Die "Dehumanizer" , "Schlafendeenergie" , "Move" , "3001" , "Psychoburbia"
Daniel Myer "Style" , "Leavin' Space / Brown Sugar" , "Contra Technique EP" ...
Danzig "Danzig 5: Blackacidevil"
Dapnom "Omnium Finis Imminent"
Dark Illumination "Pathfinder" , "Dead Planet"
Dark Magus "Night Watchmen"
Dark Ruler "F.I.R.E...F.O.E.T.U.S."
Darker Days Tomorrow "Zeitgeist"
Darrin Verhagen "D/Classified"
Das Ich "Re_Laborat / Re_Animat" , "Anti'Christ" , "Relikt" , "Lava" ...
Data Raper "Carbon Flora"
DavaNtage "Global Badlands" , "Beyond The Hills"
David Kristian "Tacoma Narrows Bridge / Someday Anywhere"
David Lee Myers "60:00" , "Uncertain Symmetry"
David Parsons "Shaman" , "Surya" , "Vajra"
David Thrussell "The Voices Of Reason"
David Tibet "The Sadness Of Things"
Dawn & Dusk Entwined "Forever War" , "Myth, Faith, Belief" , "Sang Graal"
Dawn Of Ashes "The Crypt Injection"
The Days Of The Trumpet Call "Untitled"
Dazzling Malicious "Psychoanalyse"
Dead Tech "Confusion"
Dead Turns Alive "Salvation And Despair"
Dead Voices On Air "Hafted Maul" , "New Words Machine" , "From Labrador To Madagascar"
Deadjump "Virtual Masturbation Of A Bastard Leader" , "Post Mortem" ...
Death In Vegas "Rocco" , "Dead Elvis" , "The Contino Sessions"
Deathline International "Cybrid"
Deborah Sasson "(Carmen) Danger In Her Eyes"
Decoded Feedback "Overdosing" , "Technophoby" , "EVOlution" , "Reflect In Silence" ...
Decree "Moment Of Silence"
Deep "Split" , "LP"
Defragmentation "8Bithead"
Delerium "Faces, Forms, And Illusions" , "Morpheus" , "Syrophenikan" ...
Delta Files "Acpklenc"
Dementia Simplex "Prediction"
Demoniac Puppets "Embryonal Thoughts"
Dense Vision Shrine "Litanies Of Desire" , "Magic & Mystery" , "Split"
Depeche Mode ...
Depressive Disorder "In Depth" , "Ultima Ratio"
Der Blutharsch "Gold Gab Ich Für Eisen" , "Der Blutharsch" , "When All Else Fails!" ...
Der Feuerkreiner "Iberia 2007"
Des Esseintes "AZ50HD"
Désaccord Majeur "Salmo Salar"
Desiderii Marginis "Deadbeat" , "Strife" , "That Which Is Tragic And Timeless" ...
Dessau "Details Sketchy"
Destroid "Future Prophecies" , "Loudspeaker"
Detritus "Sense/Martyr"
Detune-X "White Powder"
Deutsch Nepal "Deflagration Of Hell" , "Benevolence" , "Erosion" , "A Silent Siege" ...
Die Farben "Sensory Specific Satiety"
Die Form "Deep Inside" , "Extremum" , "Akt" , "Archives & Documents III" , "Zoopsia" ...
Die Krupps "Stahlwerksinfonie & Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn" ...
Die Sektor "To Be Fed Upon"
Die Sonne Satan "Omega"
Die Verbannten Kinder Evas "Die Verbannten Kinder Evas"
Die Warzau "Liberated" , "All Good Girls"
Digital Blood "A Retrospective"
Digital Factor "F.A.L.L.I.N.G.- Down" , "Dein Herz"
Digital Poodle "Soul Crush" , "Work Terminal" , "Division!" , "Noisea" , "Combat!"
Din_fiv "Escape To Reality"
Dioxyde "Torschlüsspanik" , "Intravenous"
Disfuncion Organica "Cronicas De Fe Muerta"
Disharmony "Malignant Shields" , "Cloned :: Other Side Of Evolution" , "X Frames"
Diskaholics Anonymous Trio "Diskaholics Anonymous Trio"
Diskonnekted "Jesus Raves" , "Neon Night" , "Frozen" ...
Dismantled "Dismantled" , "Dystopia" , "PostNuclear" , "Standard Issue" ...
Displacer "Cage Fighter's Lullaby" , "Remixes For Free?" , "B(uddha)-Sides"
Ditterich von Euler-Donnersperg "Untitled"
Dive "True Lies" , "Behind The Sun" , "Frozen" , "Are You Real?" , "Mix By Soes"
Diverje "Unleashed" , "Amphibian"
The Division "Mantras"
DJ Al-Tchajan "Faust"
DJ Dano "Chemical Dependance"
Djen Ajakan Shean "Crows Heading For Point Blank"
Dkay.com "Decaydenz" , "Hell Is Heaven" , "Neverland / Drag Me Down" ...
Do Shaska! "Live At Strahov 007 (18. 12. 2002)" ...
Dogs Blood Order "Dogs Blood Order"
Dolls Of Pain "Dec[a]dance"
Don Peyote "Eternal Now"
Dorsetshire "Das Letzte Gefecht"
Doubting Thomas "The Infidel" , "Father Don't Cry" ...
Download "Furnace" , "Microscopic" , "Sidewinder" , "The Eyes Of Stanley Pain" ...
Drown "Hold On To The Hollow"
Dryft "Cell" , "The Mytotyc Exyt EP"
Anne Dudley "Songs From The Victorious City" , "Ancient And Modern"
Dunkelwerk "Troops"
Dupont "Behave" , "Ukraina"
DVAR "Rakhilim" , "Taai Liira" , "Hor Hor" , "Oramah Maalhur" , "Zii" ...
Dya "Myagkiy O"
Dym "The Invilid"
DZ Lectric "Flexible Music Vol. 1"