Year:   1994
Доступные рецензии:
1994 Alien Sex Fiend "Drive My Rocket - The Collection Part One" CD
1994 amGod "Half Rotten And Decayed" CD
1994 And One "Driving With My Darling" CD5
1994 The Anti Group "Iso-Erotic Calibrations" CD
1994 Aphex Twin "Live At Hallam University, Sheffield, UK" Live
1994 Aphex Twin "Selected Ambient Works Volume II" 2xCD
1994 Aphex Twin "Words & Music" CD
1994 Arecibo "Trans Plutonian Transmissions" CD
1994 Argyle Park "Misguided" CD
1994 Ars Moriendi "Boom-Survivor" Cassette
1994 Aube "Emotional Oscillation" Cassette
1994 Aube "Frequency For Collapse" Cassette
1994 Aurora Sutra "The Dimension Gate" CD
1994 Autechre "Amber" CD
1994 Autechre "Anti EP" CDEP
1994 Autechre "Basscad,EP" CDEP
1994 Battery "Lilith 3.2" CD5
1994 Bigod 20 "One" CD5
1994 Bile "Suckpump" CD
1994 Biosphere "Patashnik" CD
1994 Black Lung "Silent Weapons For Silent Wars" CD
1994 Bourbonese Qualk "Feeding The Hungry Ghost" CD
1994 Brain Leisure "Mindfire" CD
1994 The Cassandra Complex "Work 1.0" CD
1994 Clock DVA "Collective" CD
1994 Coil "Born Again Pagans" CDEP
1994 Coil "The Angelic Conversation" CD
1994 Chris Connelly "Shipwreck" CD
1994 Cranioclast "Koitlaransk & Ration Skalk" CD
1994 CTI "Chronomanic - The Library Of Sound, Edition 2" CD
1994 Dark Ruler "F.I.R.E...F.O.E.T.U.S." CD
1994 Delerium "Flowers Become Screens" CD5
1994 Delerium "Semantic Spaces" CD
1994 Delerium "Spheres" CD
1994 Delerium "Spheres II" CD
1994 Depeche Mode "The Special 9th Strike" CD
1994 Die Krupps "The Final Remixes" CD
1994 Die Krupps "To The Hilt" CD5
1994 Die Warzau "Liberated" CD5
1994 Digital Blood "A Retrospective" CDr
1994 Digital Factor "F.A.L.L.I.N.G.- Down" CD5
1994 Digital Poodle "Division!" CD
1994 Dorsetshire "Das Letzte Gefecht" CD
1994 Drown "Hold On To The Hollow" CD
1994 The Electric Hellfire Club "Satan's Little Helpers" CD5
1994 Electronic Eye "Closed Circuit" 2xCD
1994 Endraum "Morgenröte" CD
1994 Evils Toy "Morbid Mind" CD
1994 Exquisite Corpse "Between Worlds - The Remixes" CD
1994 FFWD "FFWD▸▸" CD
1994 The Fires Of Ork "The Fires Of Ork" CD
1994 Fracture "Downtown" CDEP
1994 Front 242 "Live Code" CD
1994 Front Line Assembly "Millennium" CD
1994 Front Line Assembly "Millennium" CD5
1994 Front Line Assembly "Total Terror Part I" CD
1994 Front Line Assembly "Total Terror Part II" CD
1994 The Future Sound Of London "Lifeforms" 2xCD
1994 The Future Sound Of London "Lifeforms" CD5
1994 The Future Sound Of London "Lifeforms" CD5
1994 G.L.O.D. "Glod" CD
1994 Genital A-Tech "Hardcore User" CD
1994 Gescom "Gescom E.P." EP
1994 Gescom "Motor" 12"
1994 God "The Anatomy Of Addiction" CD
1994 Graeme Revell "Musique Brut Collection" CD
1994 The Grid "Evolver" CD
1994 H2O "Wasteland Beats 1 Dre:amseller" CD5
1994 haloblack ">Tension Filter<" CD
1994 Haujobb "Homes & Gardens" CD
1994 Headcrash "Direction Of Correctness" CD
1994 Holy Gang "Free Tyson Free!" CDEP
1994 Hybryds "The Atavistic Fetisj" CDEP
1994 In The Nursery "Anatomy Of A Poet" CD
1994 Institute For The Criminally Insane "Gekippt" CD
1994 Jeff Greinke "Big Weather" CD
1994 KMFDM "Glory" CD5
1994 KMFDM "Light" CD5
1994 KMFDM "Naïve / Hell To Go" CD
1994 KMFDM "Sin Sex & Salvation" CDEP
1994 Laibach "NATO" CD
1994 Leæther Strip "Serenade For The Dead" CD
1994 LFO "Tied Up" CD5
1994 Locust "Weathered Well" CD
1994 Marilyn Manson "Get Your Gunn" CD5
1994 Marilyn Manson "Portrait Of An American Family" CD
1994 Mentallo & The Fixer "Where Angels Fear To Tread" CD
1994 Mortal Constraint "The Legend Of Deformation" CD
1994 Muslimgauze "Citadel" CD
1994 Nine Inch Nails "Closer To God" CD5
1994 Nine Inch Nails "Demos & Remixes" CD
1994 Nine Inch Nails "March Of The Pigs" CD5
1994 Nine Inch Nails "Purest Feeling" CD
1994 Nine Inch Nails "Reznor Sharp" CD
1994 Nine Inch Nails "The Downward Spiral" CD
1994 Nocturnal Emissions "Glossalalia" CD
1994 Noise Unit "Strategy Of Violence" CD
1994 Noxious Emotion "Erogenous Pit" CD
1994 Numb "Wasted Sky" CD
1994 Nurse With Wound "Rock 'n Roll Station" CD
1994 Orange Sector "Flashback" CD
1994 The Orb "Anthology 2" CD
1994 The Orb "Pomme Fritz" CDEP
1994 The Orb "Ultra Rare Trax" CD
1994 Page 12 "InSect" CDEP
1994 Pain Emission "The War Within" CD
1994 Paracont "Zoom" CD
1994 Peace, Love And Pitbulls "Red Sonic Underwear" CD
1994 Pet Shop Boys "Yesterday, When I Was Mad" CD5
1994 Pet Shop Boys "Yesterday, When I Was Mad - The Mixes" CD5
1994 Pigface "Notes From Thee Underground" CD
1994 Pop Will Eat Itself "Dos Dedos Mis Amigos" CD
1994 Pop Will Eat Itself "Everything's Cool?" 2x7"/2xCD5
1994 Pop Will Eat Itself "Ich Bin Ein Auslander" 7"/12"/CD5
1994 Praxis "Metatron" CD
1994 Project Pitchfork "IO" CD
1994 Project Pitchfork "IO Box" CD+CDEP
1994 Project Pitchfork "Renascence" CD5
1994 The Psychic Force "Traces" CD
1994 Psychopomps "Assassins DK United" CD
1994 Rapoon "Fallen Gods" CD
1994 Rapoon "Vernal Crossing" CD
1994 REC. "REC." CD
1994 Richard H. Kirk "Virtual State" CD
1994 Robert Rich "Geometry" CD
1994 Sandoz "Intensely Radioactive" CD
1994 Scorn "Evanescence" CD
1994 Sect "Telekinetic" CD
1994 Sheep On Drugs "From A To H And Back Again" CDEP
1994 Stratvm Terror "Germinal Chamber" Cassette
1994 Suspended Memories "Earth Island" CD
1994 Sweet Exorcist "Spirit Guide To Low Tech" CD
1994 Telepherique "180°" Cassette
1994 Terminatrix "Terminatrix Is Ready To Dance" CD
1994 Tomografia Assiale Computerizzata "Hypnotischer Eden" CD
1994 Under The Noise "Future Automatic" CD5
1994 Underworld "Dark & Long" CD5
1994 Underworld "Dirty Epic / Cowgirl" CD5
1994 Underworld "Dubnobasswithmyheadman" CD
1994 Velvet Acid Christ "Fate" CD
1994 Wolfsheim "Elias" CD5
1994 :wumpscut: "Gomorra" CDEP
1994 X-Marks The Pedwalk "Air Back Trax" CD
1994 X-Marks The Pedwalk "The Killing Had Begun" CD
1994 Yello "How How - 3 - The Fluke Mixes" CD5
1994 Yello "Zebra" CD
1994 Zoviet France "Popular Soviet Songs And Youth Music" 3xCD