Year:   1996
Доступные рецензии:
1996 300,000 V.K. "Also Sprach Johann Paul II" CD
1996 808 State "Don Solaris" CD
1996 808 State "Lopez" 12"
1996 Absolute Body Control "Baby's On Fire" CDr
1996 Aïboforcen "Face (Of) Death" CD
1996 Allerseelen "Sturmlieder" CD
1996 Aphex Twin ""Girl/Boy" E.P." CDEP
1996 Aphex Twin "Richard D. James Album" CD
1996 The Art Corporation "The Art Corporation" CD
1996 The Art Of Noise "The Drum And Bass Collection" CD
1996 Art Of Silence "" CD
1996 Aube "Quadrotation" 7"+7"+7"+7"
1996 Autechre "We R Are Why / Are Y Are We?" 12"
1996 Axonal Warfare "Dead Time" CD5
1996 Axonal Warfare "Stasis Interrupted" CD
1996 Bile "Teknowhore" CD
1996 Bio-Tek "A God Ignored Is A Demon Born" CD
1996 Biosphere "Polar Sequences" CD
1996 Birmingham 6 "Error Of Judgement" CD
1996 Birmingham 6 "To Protect And To Serve (The Policestate Remixes)" CD
1996 Black Rain "Nanarchy" CD
1996 BT "Blue Skies" CD5
1996 C17H19NO3 "Terra Damnata" CD
1996 Chemical Agent "Waterfall" 12"
1996 Cobalt 60 "Elemental" CD
1996 Coil "A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room" CD
1996 Coinside "Der Primat" Cassette
1996 Controlled Bleeding "Inanition" 2xCD
1996 Cronos Titan "The Gregoraveian EP" CDEP
1996 Danzig "Danzig 5: Blackacidevil" CD
1996 Decoded Feedback "Overdosing" CD
1996 Delta Files "Acpklenc" 12"
1996 Depeche Mode "Ultra Strike" CDr
1996 Die Krupps "Isolation" CD5
1996 Die Krupps "Metalmorphosis Of Die Krupps '81-'92" CD
1996 Download "Microscopic" CDEP
1996 Download "Sidewinder" CDEP
1996 Download "The Eyes Of Stanley Pain" CD
1996 F.M. Einheit "[sen'seiʃn deθ]" CD
1996 Einstürzende Neubauten "Ende Neu" CD
1996 Einstürzende Neubauten "Faustmusik" CD
1996 The Electric Hellfire Club "Calling Dr. Luv" CD
1996 Empirion "Advanced Technology" CD
1996 Endraum "Der Blaue Kreis - Remixe" CD
1996 Endraum "Innerlichkeit" CD
1996 Endvra "The Dark Is Light Enough" CD
1996 Enten Hitti "Giant Clowns Of The Solar World" CD
1996 Esplendor Geométrico "80's Tracks" CD
1996 Esplendor Geométrico "Balearic Rhythms" CD
1996 Esplendor Geométrico "Tokyo Sin Fin" CD
1996 Evils Toy "The Old Race" CD5
1996 Evils Toy "XTC Implant" CD
1996 Fektion Fekler "From Here To Heaven" CD
1996 Fetisch Park "Sporen / Binumb" CDEP
1996 Front Line Assembly "Live Wired" 2xCD
1996 Front Line Assembly "Plasticity" CD5
1996 Funker Vogt "Thanks For Nothing" CD
1996 The Future Sound Of London "Accelerator" CD
1996 The Future Sound Of London "Dead Cities" CD
1996 The Future Sound Of London "My Kingdom" CD5
1996 The Future Sound Of London "Papua New Guinea" CD5
1996 Gescom "Key Nell" 12"
1996 Gescom "Keynell / Keynell" 12"
1996 Gravity Kills "Gravity Kills" CD
1996 Gravity Kills "Guilty" CD5
1996 The Hafler Trio "Right Here Where You Are Sitting Now" 7"
1996 haloblack ":funkyhell:" CD
1996 Haujobb "Frames (The Remix Album)" CD
1996 Haujobb "Solutions For A Small Planet" CD
1996 Hazard "Lech" CD
1996 Hybryds "Dreamscapes From A Dark Side" CD
1996 Hybryds "Ein Phallischer Gott" 7"
1996 Hybryds "Mistrust Authority Promote Decentralisation" LP
1996 Image Transmission "HLC" CD
1996 Implant "Fun" CDEP
1996 In The Nursery "Deco" CD
1996 Kingdom Scum "God Eat God" CD
1996 Klaus Schulze "Are You Sequenced?" CD+CD
1996 KMFDM "Rules" CD5
1996 KMFDM "Xtort" CD
1996 Komet "Saat" CD
1996 Laibach "Jesus Christ Superstars" CD
1996 LFO "Advance" CD
1996 Luc Van Acker "Taking Snapshots Vol. 2" CD
1996 Lull "Continue" CD
1996 Marilyn Manson "Antichrist Superstar" CD
1996 Marilyn Manson "Demos In My Lunchbox Vol. 1" CD
1996 Meat Beat Manifesto "Subliminal Sandwich" 2xCD
1996 Michael Stearns "The Light In The Trees" CDEP
1996 Mike & Rich "Expert Knob Twiddlers" CD
1996 Militia "Kingdom Of Our Lord" CDEP
1996 Ministry "Filth Pig" CD
1996 The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud "Yndalongg" 10"
1996 Necrophorus "Underneath The Spirit Of Tranquility" CD
1996 Nine Inch Nails "Children Of The Night" CD
1996 Noise Unit "Drill" CD
1996 Numb "Koro" CD
1996 Nurse With Wound "Crumb Duck" CD
1996 Obconic "Phlox" CD
1996 The Orb "The O.O.B.E. Adventure" CD
1996 The Orb "The Peel Sessions" CD
1996 Orphx "Fragmentation" CD
1996 Pet Shop Boys "Se A Vida É (That's The Way Life Is)" 12"
1996 Pet Shop Boys "Single-Bilingual" CD5
1996 Pig "Sinsation" CD
1996 Project Pitchfork "En Garde!" CD5
1996 Psychic TV "Cold Blue Torch" CD
1996 Psychophysicist "Psychophysicists" CD
1996 Puissance "Let Us Lead" CD
1996 Rapoon "Errant Angels" CD
1996 Rapoon "Recurring (Dream Circle)" CD
1996 Razed In Black "Shrieks, Laments And Anguished Cries" CD
1996 Remyl "Disruptor" CD
1996 Reptilicus "S.O.B.S" CD5
1996 Reptilicus "Temperature Of Blood" CD
1996 Runes Order "Odisseum" CD
1996 Sabotage Q.C.Q.C.? "Goddess" CD5
1996 Sandoz "Dark Continent" CD
1996 Scorn "Logghi Barogghi" CD
1996 Scorpion Wind "Heaven Sent" CD
1996 Second Voice "D.A.W.N. The Collection" 2xCD
1996 Semtex "We Have Explosive" 12"
1996 The Shamen "Move Any Mountain '96 (Part 1)" 12"
1996 Sielwolf "IV" CD
1996 Skinny Puppy "Brap (Back & Forth Vol. 3 & 4)" 2xCD
1996 Skinny Puppy "The Process" CD
1996 Sleep Chamber "Sacrosanct" CD
1996 Solitary Experiments "Risque De Choc Electrique" Cassette
1996 Somatic Responses "Sinister Movements" 12"
1996 Species Of Fishes "Trip Trap" CD
1996 Splinter Test "Thee Fractured Garden" CD
1996 Steril "Egoism" CD
1996 Suicide Commando "Limited Contamination" CDEP+CDEP
1996 The Tear Garden "To Be An Angel Blind, The Crippled Soul Divide" CD
1996 Tekton Motor Corporation "Champions" CD
1996 Telepherique "Lubjanka" Cassette
1996 Telepherique "Winterschreck" Cassette
1996 Temps Perdu? "The Day The Earth Melted" CDEP
1996 Think About Mutation "Hellraver" CD
1996 Tho-So-Aa "Epoch Pt.1" CD
1996 Thom Brennan "Beneath Clouds" CD
1996 Tool "Ænima" CD
1996 Underworld "Born Slippy" CD5
1996 Underworld "Second Toughest In The Infants" CD+CD
1996 Unit:187 "Unit:187" CD
1996 Vidna Obmana "The River Of Appearance" CD
1996 Vidna Obmana "Twilight Of Perception" CD
1996 White Zombie "Supersexy Swingin' Sounds" CD
1996 Women Of Sodom "Boots" CD
1996 Xorcist "Scorched Blood" CDEP
1996 Yasnaïa "Oniro" CD
1996 The Young Gods "Heaven Deconstruction" CD