Label:   Out Of Line
Доступные рецензии:
1995 Signal Aout 42 "Immortal Collection 1983-1995" CD
2000 Kiew "Feierabend" CDEP
2000 Terminal Choice "Animal" CD5
2000 Terminal Choice "No Chance" CD5
2000 Terminal Choice "Omnious Future Box" 2xCD
2001 Accessory "Deadline EP" CD5
2001 BlutEngel "Black Roses" CD5
2001 BlutEngel "Bloody Pleasures" CD5
2001 BlutEngel "Seelenschmerz" 2xCD
2001 Kiew "Divergent" CD
2002 Accessory "...And I Say "Go"" CDEP
2002 BlutEngel "Angel Dust" 2xCD
2002 Decoded Feedback "Phoenix" CD5
2002 God Module "Perception" CD5
2002 Terminal Choice "Buried A-Live" CD
2002 Terminal Choice "Collective Suicide" CD5
2003 Accessory "Titan" CD
2003 Amduscia "Melodies For The Devil" CD
2003 BlutEngel "Forever" CD5
2003 CombiChrist "Kiss The Blade" CD5
2003 CombiChrist "The Joy Of Gunz" CD
2003 God Module "Empath" CD
2003 Hocico "Disidencia Inquebrantable" CDEP
2003 Hocico "Hate Never Dies (The Celebration)" 4xCD
2003 Solitary Experiments "Advance Into Unknown" CD
2003 Terminal Choice "Injustice" CD5
2003 Terminal Choice "Menschenbrecher" 2xCD
2003 Terminal Choice "Reloadead" 2xCD
2004 Angels And Agony "Avatar" 2xCD
2004 BlutEngel "Demon Kiss" 3xCD
2004 BlutEngel "No Eternity" CD5
2004 CombiChrist "Sex, Drogen Und Industrial" CD5
2004 Decoded Feedback "Biomechanic" 2xCD
2004 Destroid "Future Prophecies" CD
2004 God Module "Artificial 2.0" 2xCD
2004 Hocico "Born To Be (Hated)" CD5
2004 Hocico "Wrack And Ruin" 2xCD
2004 Kiew "Festplatte" 12"
2004 Parallel Project "Explicit" CD5
2004 Solitary Experiments "Cause And Effect" 2xCD5
2005 Amduscia "Impulso Biomecanico" CD5
2005 Decoded Feedback "Combustion" CD
2005 Kiew "Exit #72" CD
2005 Solitary Experiments "Mind Over Matter" 2xCD
2005 Tumor "Welcome Back, Asshole!" CD
2006 Amduscia "From Abuse To Apostasy" 2xCD
2006 And One "Bodypop" CD+CDEP
2006 Hocico "A Traves De Mundos Que Arden" DVD+CD5
2006 Infekktion "Suffering Spirits" CD
2006 Kiew "Visite" CD
2006 Rabia Sorda "Métodos Del Caos" CD
2006 Rabia Sorda "Save Me From My Curse" CD5
2006 Terminal Choice "New Born Enemies" 2xCD
2007 Angels And Agony "Unison" 2xCD
2007 BlutEngel "Labyrinth (Limited Edition)" 2xCD
2007 CombiChrist "What The F**k Is Wrong With You People?" 2xCD
2007 God Module "Let's Go Dark" CD
2007 NorthBorne "Force It" CD
2007 NorthBorne "The Pill" CDR
2007 UnterART "Damn My Soul" CD5
2008 Accessory "More Than Machinery" 2xCD
2008 BlutEngel "Dancing In The Light (Forsaken)" CD5
2008 BlutEngel "Moments Of Our Lives" MP3
2008 CombiChrist "Frost EP: Sent To Destroy" CDEP
2008 UnterART "Memento" CD
2010 Vomito Negro "Skull & Bones" 2xCD