Year:   1992
Доступные рецензии:
1992 Alien Sex Fiend "Open Head Surgery" CD
1992 Alio Die "Under An Holy Ritual" CD
1992 Aphex Twin "Selected Ambient Works 85-92" CD
1992 Apoptygma Berzerk "The 2nd Manifesto" CDEP
1992 Ars Moriendi "Fun-Dust-Trial" Cassette
1992 The Art Of Noise "Shades Of Paranoimia (The Carl Cox Mix)" CD5
1992 The Art Of Noise "The Best Of The Art Of Noise" CD
1992 Body II Body "Best Of Body Music" 12"
1992 Bourbonese Qualk "Knee Jerk Reaction EP" EP
1992 Carlos Peron "Die Schwarze Spinne" CD
1992 Cat Rapes Dog "Trojan Whores" CD5
1992 Caustic Window "Joyrex J4 EP" EP
1992 Caustic Window "Joyrex J5 EP" EP
1992 Citrus "Adrenachrome" 12"
1992 Clock DVA "Man-Amplified" CD
1992 Coil "How To Destroy Angels (Remixes And Re-Recordings)" CD
1992 Coil "Stolen And Contaminated Songs" CD
1992 Contrastate "A Live Coal Under The Ashes" CD+LP
1992 Controlled Bleeding "Penetration" CD
1992 Dance Or Die "Psychoburbia" CD
1992 Deutsch Nepal "Deflagration Of Hell" CD
1992 Die Krupps "I" CD
1992 Einstürzende Neubauten "Strategies Against Architecture II" 2xCD
1992 The Eternal Afflict "(Luminographic) Agony" CDEP
1992 Exquisite Corpse "Dream Night Dance Music" CD
1992 Exquisite Corpse "Strange Attractor / X-Out" CD5
1992 The Force Dimension "12 Inch Singles" CD
1992 Front 242 "Backcatalogue" CD
1992 Front 242 "Front By Front" CD
1992 Front 242 "Geography" CD
1992 Front 242 "Hadafi Commando" CD
1992 Front 242 "Live Target" CD
1992 Front 242 "No Comment" CD
1992 Front 242 "Official Version" CD
1992 Front 242 "Silicon Answers" 2xCD
1992 Front Line Assembly "Tactical Neural Implant" CD
1992 Front Line Assembly "The Blade" CDEP
1992 God "Possession" CD
1992 The Grid "Figure Of Eight (The Todd Terry Remixes)" 12"
1992 The Hafler Trio "Fuck" CD
1992 Horizon 222 "Through The Round Window" CD
1992 Humanoid "Stakker Humanoid 92" CD5
1992 Hybryds "The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive (Part 2)" CD
1992 In Slaughter Natives "Sacrosancts Bleed" CD
1992 In The Nursery "Duality" CD
1992 Intermix "Phaze Two" CD
1992 Intoxication "Contradict" Cassette
1992 KMFDM "Help Us-Save Us-Take Us Away" CD5
1992 KMFDM "Money" CD
1992 KMFDM "Money / Bargeld" CD5
1992 KMFDM "Sucks" CD5
1992 KMFDM "Vogue" CD5
1992 Laibach "Kapital" CD
1992 Land "Sample" 2xCassette
1992 Leæther Strip "Material" CDEP
1992 Leæther Strip "Solitary Confinement" CD
1992 Leæther Strip "Yes I'm Limited" CD5
1992 Les Joyaux De La Princesse "Aux Petits Enfants De France" CD
1992 Lustmord "The Monstrous Soul" CD
1992 Master Program "Total Fire-Ant Control" CD5
1992 Meat Beat Manifesto "Edge Of No Control" CD5
1992 Ministry "ΚΕΦΑΛΗΞΘ" CD
1992 New Order "BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert" CD
1992 Nine Inch Nails "Broken" CDEP
1992 Nine Inch Nails "Fixed" CDEP
1992 Nocturnal Emissions "The Seminal Works" 12xCassette
1992 Nurse With Wound "Alien" 7"
1992 Nurse With Wound "Sugar Fish Drink (A Layman's Guide To Cod Surrealism*)" CD
1992 Nurse With Wound "Thunder Perfect Mind" CD
1992 The Orb "Assassin" CD5
1992 The Orb "Blue Room" CD5
1992 The Orb "The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld: Patterns & Textures" VHS+CD
1992 The Orb "U.F.Orb" CD
1992 Pigface "Fook" CD
1992 Placebo Effect "Galleries Of Pain" CD
1992 Plastic Noise Experience "Smalltown Boy" CDEP
1992 Pop Will Eat Itself "Karmadrome / Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me, Kill Me" CD5
1992 Power-Pill "Pac-Man" CD5
1992 Project Pitchfork "Entities" CD
1992 Project Pitchfork "Lam-'Bras" CD
1992 Psychopomps "Godshit" CD5
1992 Rapoon "Dream Circle" CD
1992 Raumerkundung "Flug I" Cassette
1992 Revolting Cocks "Big Sexy Land" CD
1992 Scorn "Vae Solis" CD
1992 Semi Real "People Livin' Today" CD5
1992 The Shamen "Boss Drum" CD5
1992 The Shamen "LSI (Love Sex Intelligence)" CD5
1992 The Shamen "The Face E.P." CDEP
1992 Skinny Puppy "Back And Forth Series Two" CD
1992 Skinny Puppy "Inquisition" CD5
1992 Skinny Puppy "Last Rights" CD
1992 Skinny Puppy "Tin Omen (Twelve Inch Remixes)" CD5
1992 Sleeping Dogs Wake "Up!" CD
1992 SPK "Information Overload Unit" CD
1992 SPK "Leichenschrei" CD
1992 SPK "Zamia Lehmanni (Songs Of Byzantine Flowers)" CD
1992 Sprocket "Sprocket / Spaceparty" CD5
1992 Steroid Maximus "Gondwanaland" CD
1992 Stone Glass Steel "Industrial Meditation" CD
1992 Suso Sáiz "Hypnotics" CD
1992 The Tear Garden "The Last Man To Fly" CD
1992 Terrace Of Memories "Terrace Of Memories" CD
1992 Voice Of Eye "Resonant Fields / Hot Gypsy Fink Hell" Cassette
1992 Will "Word • Flesh • Stone" CDEP
1992 Yage "Fuzzy Logic E.P." EP
1992 yelworC "Brainstorming" CD
1992 The Young Gods "T.V. Sky" CD
1992 Zombies Under Stress "Psycho Warfare" CD
1992 Zoviet France "Collusion" CD
1992 Zoviet France "Loh Land" CD