Format:   2xCD
Доступные рецензии:
1988 Nurse With Wound "Soliloquy For Lilith" 2xCD
1990 Psychic TV "Jack The Tab / Tekno Acid Beat" 2xCD
1991 Einstürzende Neubauten "Strategies Against Architecture II" 2xCD
1991 Front 242 "Silicon Answers" 2xCD
1991 The Orb "The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld" 2xCD
1991 Z'EV "1968-1990: One Foot In The Grave" 2xCD
1992 Foetus In Excelsis Corruptus Deluxe "Male" 2xCD
1992 Mentallo And The Fixer "No Rest For The Wicked" 2xCD
1993 The Orb "Live '93" 2xCD
1993 :wumpscut: "Music For A Slaughtering Tribe II" 2xCD
1994 Aphex Twin "Selected Ambient Works Vol. II" 2xCD
1994 Electronic Eye "Closed Circuit" 2xCD
1994 The Future Sound Of London "Lifeforms" 2xCD
1994 Pop Will Eat Itself "Two Fingers My Friends!" 2xCD
1994 Various Artists "Moonraker" 2xCD
1994 yelworC "Collection 1988-94" 2xCD
1995 Alien Sex Fiend "The Singles 1983-1995" 2xCD
1995 Front Line Assembly "Hard Wired" 2xCD
1995 Le Syndicat "Ten Years Of Excess" 2xCD
1995 Leæther Strip "Double Or Nothing" 2xCD
1995 Rapoon "The Kirghiz Light" 2xCD
1995 S.E.T.I. "Pharos" 2xCD
1995 Synaesthesia "Desideratum" 2xCD
1995 Yello "Hands On Yello - The Updates" 2xCD
1996 Controlled Bleeding "Inanition" 2xCD
1996 Front Line Assembly "Live Wired" 2xCD
1996 Meat Beat Manifesto "Subliminal Sandwich" 2xCD
1996 Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana "Well Of Souls" 2xCD
1996 Klaus Schulze "Are You Sequenced?" 2xCD
1996 Second Voice "D.A.W.N. The Collection" 2xCD
1996 Skinny Puppy "Brap: Back And Forth Vol. 3+4" 2xCD
1996 Suicide Commando "Contamination" 2xCD
1996 Underworld "Second Toughest In The Infants" 2xCD
1997 Haujobb "Matrix" 2xCD
1997 Illusion Of Safety "Of & The" 2xCD
1997 Pigface "A New High In Low" 2xCD
1997 Various Artists "Industrial Mix Machine" 2xCD
1998 Ah Cama-Sotz "Murder Themes/Terra Infernalis" 2xCD
1998 Front Line Assembly "Re-Wind" 2xCD
1998 Ady Henry Kiss & Carlos Peron "Atlantic City" 2xCD
1998 Leæther Strip "Yes I'm Limited Vol. III" 2xCD
1998 Militia "Nature Revealed" 2xCD
1998 The Orb "U.F.Off - The Best Of The Orb" 2xCD
1998 Various Artists "Ant-Hology" 2xCD
1999 Aghast View "Truthead" 2xCD
1999 Apoptygma Berzerk "APBL98" 2xCD
1999 Das Ich "Re_Laborat/Re_Animat" 2xCD
1999 Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile" 2xCD
1999 Psychic TV ""Origin Of The Species" Volume Too! A Second Supply Of Two Tablets Of Acid" 2xCD
1999 Vidna Obmana "Memories Compiled 2" 2xCD
2000 Covenant "United States Of Mind" 2xCD
2000 Delerium "Poem" 2xCD
2000 Einstürzende Neubauten "Silence Is Sexy" 2xCD
2000 The Electric Hellfire Club "Empathy For The Devil" 2xCD
2000 Funker Vogt "T" 2xCD
2000 In Strict Confidence "Love Kills! Box" 2xCD
2000 In The Nursery "Hindle Wakes" 2xCD
2000 Militia "The Black Flag Hoisted" 2xCD
2000 Muslimgauze "Abu-Dis" 2xCD
2000 P·A·L "Release" 2xCD
2000 Steve Roach/Byron Metcalf "The Serpent's Lair" 2xCD
2000 Terminal Choice "Omnious Future Box" 2xCD
2000 Various Artists "Clicks_+_Cuts" 2xCD
2000 Various Artists "Cryogenic Studio Volume 02" 2xCD
2000 VNV Nation "Standing/Burning Empires" 2xCD
2000 :wumpscut: "BlutKind" 2xCD
2001 Absurd Minds "Damn The Lie" 2xCD
2001 Aïboforcen "Sons Palliatifs" 2xCD
2001 Aphex Twin "Drukqs" 2xCD
2001 Biosphere "Substrata 2" 2xCD
2001 BlutEngel "Seelenschmerz" 2xCD
2001 BT "R&R: Rare & Remixed" 2xCD
2001 Chris & Cosey "The Essential Chris And Cosey Collection" 2xCD
2001 Current 93/Nurse With Wound "Bright Yellow Moon/Purtle" 2xCD
2001 Delerium "Odyssey - The Remix Collection" 2xCD
2001 Die Form "Akt" 2xCD
2001 Die Form "Archives & Documents III" 2xCD
2001 Einstürzende Neubauten "Strategies Against Architecture III" 2xCD
2001 Endraum "Der Leanderkern" 2xCD
2001 The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud "Mass For The Dead" 2xCD
2001 The Orb "Auntie Aubrey's Excusions Beyond The Call Of Duty 2" 2xCD
2001 Pet Shop Boys "Please / Further Listening 1984-1986" 2xCD
2001 Pet Shop Boys "Very / Further Listening 1992-1994" 2xCD
2001 Project Pitchfork "Lost & Found" 2xCD
2001 Sophia "Herbstwerk/Aus Der Welt" 2xCD
2001 Thighpaulsandra "I, Thighpaulsandra" 2xCD
2002 Ah Cama-Sotz "La Procesión De La Sangre" 2xCD
2002 Archon Satani "Of Gospels Lost And Forsaken" 2xCD
2002 Aube "Recontextual Abstraction" 2xCD
2002 BlutEngel "Angel Dust" 2xCD
2002 Cabaret Voltaire "Live At The Hacienda '83 / '86" 2xCD
2002 Implant "Planet Euphoria" 2xCD
2002 Mimetic Data / Mimetic Be-At "Sensitive / Sound A" 2xCD
2002 Nebula-H "H" 2xCD
2002 Psychic TV "Origin Of The Species Volume III" 2xCD
2002 Sleepwalk "Torture Chamber" 2xCD
2002 Asmus Tietchens "Eisgang / Dammerattacke" 2xCD
2002 Asmus Tietchens/Vidna Obmana "The Shifts Of Recycling" 2xCD
2002 :wumpscut: "Liquid Soylent" 2xCD
2003 Ah Cama-Sotz "10 Years Bat Vibez" 2xCD
2003 Aphex Twin "26 Mixes For Cash" 2xCD
2003 Apoptygma Berzerk "The Singles Collection" 2xCD
2003 Asche "Distorted DJ" 2xCD
2003 Bile "Frankenhole - The Reanimation Of Dead Tissue" 2xCD
2003 Das Ich "Relikt" 2xCD
2003 Diverje "Amphibian" 2xCD
2003 The Hafler Trio "Normally" 2xCD
2003 Iszoloscope "Au Seuil Du Neant" 2xCD
2003 Male Or Female "Invented Scenes" 2xCD
2003 Neuroticfish "Surimi" 2xCD
2003 Project-X "Modus Operandi" 2xCD
2003 Razed In Black "Damaged" 2xCD
2003 Steve Roach "Mystic Chords And Sacred Spaces Part 2" 2xCD
2003 T.O.Y. "White Lights" 2xCD
2003 Terminal Choice "Menschenbrecher" 2xCD
2003 Terminal Choice "Reloadead" 2xCD
2003 Underworld "Anthology 1992-2002" 2xCD
2003 :wumpscut: "Preferential Tribe" 2xCD
2004 Ab Ovo "Le Temps Suspendu..." 2xCD
2004 Aïboforcen "Kafarnaum" 2xCD
2004 Angels And Agony "Avatar" 2xCD
2004 Atomine Elektrine "Binomial Fusion" 2xCD
2004 Decoded Feedback "Biomechanic" 2xCD
2004 E-Craft "Status" 2xCD
2004 Fektion Fekler "Into The Sun" 2xCD
2004 Funker Vogt "Always And Forever Vol. 1" 2xCD
2004 God Module "Artificial 2.0" 2xCD
2004 Grendel "Prescription: Medicide" 2xCD
2004 Hocico "Wrack And Ruin" 2xCD
2004 In Strict Confidence "Face The Fear" 2xCD
2004 In Strict Confidence "Holy" 2xCD
2004 Laibach "Anthems" 2xCD
2004 Monolith "15 Seconds" 2xCD
2004 Portion Control "Wellcome" 2xCD
2004 Sandoz "Digital Lifeforms Redux" 2xCD
2004 Virtual Embrace "Escape To Insane" 2xCD
2004 :wumpscut: "Bone Peeler" 2xCD
2005 16 Volt "Best Of" 2xCD
2005 Absolute Body Control "Lost / Found" 2xCD
2005 Absurd Minds "Noumenon" 2xCD
2005 Bad Sector + Tommaso Lisa "Reset: Rebis Periferiche" 2xCD
2005 Converter "Expansion Pack 2.0" 2xCD
2005 Diskonnekted "Neon Night" 2xCD
2005 Dunkelwerk "Troops" 2xCD
2005 The Eternal Afflict "Euphoric And Demonic" 2xCD
2005 Folkstorm "Folkmusik" 2xCD
2005 Glis "Nemesis" 2xCD
2005 The Hafler Trio "Exactly As I Do" 2xCD
2005 Kraftwerk "Minimum-Maximum" 2xCD
2005 Leæther Strip "Satanic Reasons: The Very Best Of" 2xCD
2005 Morticians "Mutilation Recreation" 2xCD
2005 Necro Facility "The Black Paintings" 2xCD
2005 Nurse With Wound "Livin' Fear Of James Last" 2xCD
2005 Predominance "Dark Stars Unfolding" 2xCD
2005 Red Cell "Hybrid Society" 2xCD
2005 Schattenschlag "Twisted Mind Of Perversion" 2xCD
2005 Solitary Experiments "Mind Over Matter" 2xCD
2005 Telepherique "Nerv.Sys" 2xCD
2005 Unter Null "The Failure Epiphany" 2xCD
2005 X-Fusion "Demons Of Hate" 2xCD
2005 The Young Gods "XX Years 1985-2005" 2xCD
2006 Amduscia "From Abuse To Apostasy" 2xCD
2006 Bahntier "Blindoom" 2xCD
2006 Black Sun Productions "The Impossibility Of Silence" 2xCD
2006 Bodyhammer "Neural Base Culture/Zero Dark" 2xCD
2006 Covenant "Skyshaper" 2xCD
2006 The Cure "The Top" 2xCD
2006 Das Ich "Cabaret (Limited Box)" 2xCD
2006 Dismantled "Standard Issue" 2xCD
2006 Fjernlys "Ascending Triads And Luminous Arcs" 2xCD
2006 In Strict Confidence "Exile Paradise" 2xCD
2006 Inure "Subversive" 2xCD
2006 IWR "Ground Zero" 2xCD
2006 Klutae "Hit 'N' Run and Roadkill EP" 2xCD
2006 Leæther Strip "Fetish EP" 2xCD
2006 Plastic Noise Experience "Dead Or Alive & Transmission Completed" 2xCD
2006 Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor "Drittklangtrager / Metronom" 2xCD
2006 Retrosic "Nightcrawler" 2xCD
2006 Reutoff "Three Withered Souls" 2xCD
2006 Seabound "Double-Crosser" 2xCD
2006 Suicide Commando "Bind Torture Kill" 2xCD
2006 Tactical Sekt "Syncope" 2xCD
2006 Terminal Choice "New Born Enemies" 2xCD
2006 :wumpscut: "Cannibal Anthem" 2xCD
2007 32Crash "Weird News From An Uncertain Future" 2xCD
2007 Peter Andersson "Music For Film And Exhibition" 2xCD
2007 Angels And Agony "Unison" 2xCD
2007 BlutEngel "Labyrinth (Limited Edition)" 2xCD
2007 Brain Leisure "Methods To Madness" 2xCD
2007 CombiChrist "What The F**k Is Wrong With You People?" 2xCD
2007 Das Ich "Addendum" 2xCD
2007 Doubting Thomas "The Infidel (Special Edition 20 Year Anniversary)" 2xCD
2007 Download "Furnace Re:Dux" 2xCD
2007 Escape With Romeo "Emotional Iceage" 2xCD
2007 Essexx "Bridges" 2xCD
2007 Grendel "Harsh Generation" 2xCD
2007 Head-Less "Rouge Et Noir" 2xCD
2007 Hecq "0000" 2xCD
2007 Humanoid "Your Body Robotic" 2xCD
2007 Klinik "Nineties" 2xCD
2007 Leæther Strip "The Giant Minutes To The Dawn" 2xCD
2007 Mind:State "Decayed - Rebuilt" 2xCD
2007 Procer Veneficus "A Summerhaze Array For August Nights" 2xCD
2007 Steve Roach "Fever Dreams III" 2xCD
2007 [:SITD:] "Bestie:Mensch" 2xCD
2007 Terrorfakt "The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself" 2xCD
2007 Asmus Tietchens + Richard Chartier "Fabrication" 2xCD
2007 Von Thronstahl "Sacrificare - Collector's Edition" 2xCD
2008 Accessory "More Than Machinery" 2xCD
2008 Autechre "Quaristice" 2xCD
2008 Die Krupps "Volle Kraft Voraus!" 2xCD
2008 Diskonnekted "Old School Policies (The Propaganda Box)" 2xCD
2008 Front 242 "Moments... 1" 2xCD
2008 kETvECTOR "The Infinite Regress" 2xCD
2008 Klinik "Projects" 2xCD
2008 KMFDM "Extra - Volume 1" 2xCD
2008 KMFDM "Extra - Volume 3" 2xCD
2008 L'Ame Immortelle "Namenlos" 2xCD
2008 Melek-Tha / Dapnom "Omnium Finis Imminent" 2xCD
2008 Nebula-H "rH" 2xCD
2008 Nine Inch Nails "Ghosts I-IV" 2xCD
2008 Phelios "Dimension Zero" 2xCD
2008 Steve Roach "Arc Of Passion" 2xCD
2008 Steve Roach "Empetus (2-CD Collector's Edition)" 2xCD
2008 Stray "Abuse By Proxy" 2xCD
2008 :wumpscut: "Schaedlingsbox" 2xCD
2008 X-Fusion "Vast Abysm" 2xCD
2008 Xotox "In Den Zehn Morgen" 2xCD
2009 Inade "The Incarnation Of The Solar Architects" 2xCD
2009 Robert Rich "Live Archive Volume 1 - Ici Et Maintenant: Live In Paris, May 12 1989" 2xCD
2010 Vomito Negro "Skull & Bones" 2xCD