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1976 Cabaret Voltaire "The Outer Limits" Cassette
1983 Test Dept. "Strength Of Metal In Motion" Cassette
1988 Demoniac Puppets "Embryonal Thoughts" Cassette
1988 Second Voice "Perpetuate" Cassette
1989 Second Voice "A Strange Day's D.A.W.N." Cassette
1990 Placebo Effect "Placebo Effect" Cassette
1990 Project Pitchfork "K.N.K.A." Cassette
1991 Plastic Noise Experience "The Black Tape" Cassette
1991 The Vermin "Another Morgue With Sarkastic Remarks" Cassette
1992 Intoxication "Contradict" Cassette
1992 Land "Sample" 2xCassette
1993 Imminent Starvation "Emergency Provision" Cassette
1993 The Orb "Anthology" CD
1993 Sleepwalk "Synthetic Force" Cassette
1994 Depeche Mode "The Special 9th Strike" CD
1994 The Orb "Anthology 2" CD
1994 The Orb "Ultra Rare Trax" CD
1994 Velvet Acid Christ "Fate" CD
1995 Cenobita "Cybertuality" Cassette
1995 Dawn & Dusk Entwined "Myth, Faith, Belief" Cassette
1995 Depeche Mode "The Remixes - Vol. One" CD
1995 Seven Trees "To Live Is Regret" Cassette
1996 The Art Corporation "The Art Corporation" CD
1996 Solitary Experiments "Risque De Choc Electrique" Cassette
1998 ADD "Дискомфорт" CS
1998 C-Drone-Defect "Terra Nihil" CDR
1998 Depeche Mode "Itashi & Tandao Remixes" CD
1998 Depeche Mode "Ultra Strike 2" CDr
1998 KiEw "Kiew Killz!" CDr
1998 Kit Clayton "The Mimic And The Model #1" 12"
1998 Notch "The Path" CD
1999 ADD "Krivaya Musica" CDR
1999 Battery "Debris" 7xMP3
1999 Depeche Mode "Devoted Edits" CD
1999 Depeche Mode "Headstar 27" CD
1999 Depeche Mode "The First Violation By H Null" CDr
1999 KiEw "Aas, 500m (Ilmenau Edition)" CDr
2000 The Circular Ruins "The Rope Of Sand" MP3
2000 Config.Sys "Tri-Singular" CDr
2000 Depeche Mode "Millennium 33" CD
2000 Depeche Mode "Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 6 (Millennium Remixes)" CD
2000 Depeche Mode "Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 7 (Emotion 2000 Remixes)" CD
2000 Einstürzende Neubauten "1981 / 1982 Livematerial" CD
2000 Einstürzende Neubauten "1981 Stahldubversions" CD
2000 Grundik & Slava "Cases" CD
2000 La Lettre A Camus "L'Art Faux" CDr
2000 Roricat "Nijikon 2000" CDR
2000 S.P.O.C.K "Demo" CDr
2001 ADD "MRGnal" CDR
2001 And One "Amerika Brennt!" MP3
2001 AntechO "Im Osten Nichts Neues" CDR
2001 Cephalgy "Warum" CDR
2001 Depeche Mode "Extended Exciter" CD
2001 Eurocide "Dark Matter" CDr
2001 Inure "Seemless" CD
2001 La Lettre A Camus "Avec 1913" CDR
2001 La Lettre A Camus "Is Your Journey Really Necessary?" CDR
2001 La Lettre A Camus "L'Espace De LLAC" CDR
2001 Melek-Tha "Armageddon Theory" 2xCDr
2001 The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud "Mass For The Dead" 2xCD
2001 Necro Facility "Malice And Hate" CDR
2001 OBJEKT/URIAN "Tonfragmente II" CDr
2001 Painbastard "Just Like Dying (First Blood Edition)" CDR
2001 Stereo Modus "Navi EP" CDr
2001 Various Artists "Future Sounds Of Tomsk" CDR
2001 Various Artists "Сборник №4 журнала "Результаты"" CDR
2001 Witch-Hunt "The Rites Of Samhain" CDr
2002 ADD "Efpos" CDR
2002 ADD "Sim Fonik EP" CDR
2002 Burntime "Somewhere Inside" CDr
2002 Buropolitik "exTension EP" 3xMP3
2002 Cyclone B "Krieg" CDr
2002 Depeche Mode "Mixes Of Mode And Devotion" CDr
2002 Depeche Mode "New X-Tended Remixes" CDr
2002 Depeche Mode "The Secret Remixes Vol. 1" CDr
2002 Dioxyde "Intravenous" CDr
2002 G.E.M.I.N.I. "I Am What I Am" CDR
2002 Gridlock "Live.Traces" CDr
2002 Kammarheit "The Northern Hymn" CDR
2002 La Lettre A Camus/Stereo Modus "Pour Mille Milles" MP3
2002 LLAC/Roricat "Rorillac" CDR
2002 Neuromancer "Demo" CDR
2002 New Risen Throne "Prophet" CDr
2002 Pig "Seven Signs Of Sickness" CD
2002 Torso Fiction "Paradox" CD
2002 X-Fusion "Blackout" CDr
2002 XP8 "10111" CDr
2003 Amduscia "Perdicion Perversion Demencia" CD
2003 Autoaggression "End-Mensch-Licht" CDR
2003 Cephalgy "Weisses Fleisch EP" CDr
2003 Depeche Mode "DM707 The Third Album" CDr
2003 Depeche Mode "Violator Revisited By DM707" CDr
2003 Depeche Mode "World In My Eyes / A Question Of Time" 12"
2003 Einstürzende Neubauten "Supporters' Album #1" CD
2003 Electro Implant "Perpetual Pain" 2xCDr
2003 Holon "Total Systems Failure" 8xMP3
2003 Melek-Tha "Death Of Attahualpa (Special Edition)" 2xCDr
2003 Mystified "Music For Transit" CDr
2003 Nigredo "Shamanizm" CDR
2003 Panicforce "[Alt]" CD
2003 Placebo Effect "Bad Dreams" CDr
2003 Re:\Legion "Reflections" CDr
2003 To Avoid "Resurrection" CDEP
2003 Vehemence 6.2 "New Material" CDR
2003 Void Kampf "First Assault" CDr
2004 Edward XXV "Instead" CDR
2004 Egoist "Breaking Moment Demo" CDr
2004 Fractured "Contami-Nation" CD
2004 Fractured "Only Human Remains (Demo Tracks)" 7xMP3
2004 N-616 "Winter World III" CDR
2004 Necro Facility "All In The Wrong" CDR
2004 Neon Cage Experiment "Specific Gravity" CDr
2004 Proba 9 "Посещение Объекта №172" CDR
2004 Proba 9 "Т.Б." CDR
2004 Re-DrUm "The Gardens" CDR
2004 Spinefish "Demo" CDR
2004 TenHornedBeast "Ten Stars - Ten Horns" CDr
2004 Terra Cadaveris "Genetic Constructions: Factor DNA" CDr
2004 Terror Punk Syndicate "Limited Edition" CDr
2004 Terrorfakt "Reworks" CDr
2004 Сказки Роботов "Ретро Фантастика" CDR
2005 Ad·ver·sary "International Dark Skies" CDr
2005 Avatar "Вознесение" CDR
2005 Cervello Elettronico "Untitled" CDr
2005 Depeche Mode "Dangerous Remixes" CDr
2005 Depeche Mode "I Just Cant Get Enough (Club Friendly Remix)" 12"
2005 Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus 2005" 12"
2005 Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus Remixes" CDr
2005 Depeche Mode "Shake The Disease (20 Years Edition)" CDr
2005 Depeche Mode "The Wheel" 12"
2005 Depeche Mode "Violator 2005" CDr
2005 Die Krupps "Die Krupps 25" CDr
2005 fïx8:sëd8 "Humanophobia" CD
2005 La Lettre A Camus "L'Oeuvre Des Alines" CDR
2005 Pneumatic Detach "Meth EP" CDr
2005 Re:\Legion "Intersection" CDr
2005 Thom Brennan "Vista" 8xMP3
2005 Thom Brennan "Vista II" 7xMP3
2005 Zentriert ins Antlitz "De-Mutilated" CDr
2006 Carnivora "Perverted Dreamrealization" CD
2006 Coil "Porto" CD
2006 Depeche Mode "Excited Mixes Vol. 3" CD
2006 Depeche Mode "Excited Mixes Vol. 4" CD
2006 Depeche Mode "People Are People (Unreleased "Jack" Mixes)" 12"
2006 Depeche Mode "The Sinner In Me (Ricardo Villalobos Conclave Remix)" 12"
2006 The Future Sound Of London "Papua New Guinea (Si Stylus Remix)" 12"
2006 Kolpakopf "Danses Macabres" CDR
2006 Kolpakopf "Сны" CDR
2006 La Lettre A Camus "Musique Du Cochon" CDR
2006 Panzertank "Hakenkreuz" MP3
2006 Phelios "Passage" CDr
2006 Schallfaktor "Schmerzgrenze" CD
2006 Soyuz Project "Bulk06" CDr
2006 TAT "Quinta Essentia" CD
2006 Tik & Tok "Slightly Deranged EP" CDr
2006 Toxic Coma "Toxic Coma" 8xMP3+MP3
2006 Virtual Victim "Opfer E.P." CDr
2006 Yersinia Pestis "Bacteriophobia" CDr
2006 Yggdrasil "Don't Feed The Toadstools/Ryggsill" CDR
2006 МП44 "Подавление. Унификация. Подчинение." 10xMP3
2007 Depeche Mode "Sea Of Sin" CDr
2007 Melek-Tha "Corridors Of Hell" 2xCDr
2007 Melek-Tha "The Day Of Wrath" 2xCDr
2007 Melek-Tha / Posthuman Tantra "Asylum Of Slaves" 3xCDr+DVDr
2007 Nausea "Self Mutilation" MP3
2007 The Omega Syndicate "Baptism Of Wire" CDr
2007 Terrorfakt "Reworks2: Friendly Fire" CDr
2007 Velvet Acid Christ "Oblivion Interface" 13xMP3
2007 Zentriert ins Antlitz "Diametral" 12xFile
2008 C-Lekktor "Cloned And Mutated" 10xMP3
2008 C-Lekktor "Refusing The Paradise" 10xMP3
2008 DavaNtage "Beyond The Hills" 9xMP3
2008 Melek-Tha "Genesis Of The Apocalypse" 2xCDr
2008 Melek-Tha "Hamtaahk Urfakt & Wöl" CDr
2008 Melek-Tha / Posthuman Tantra "Alien Emperor Eternal" 4xCDR
2008 ReAdjust "Metamorphose" CDr