Year:   1995
Доступные рецензии:
1995 1 AM "1000 Beats" CD5
1995 AFX "Analogue Bubblebath 5" LP
1995 AFX "Hangable Auto Bulb" 12"
1995 AFX "Hangable Auto Bulb 2" 12"
1995 Alien Sex Fiend "The Singles 1983-1995" 2xCD
1995 Allerseelen "Gotos=Kalanda" CD
1995 And Christ Wept "Destroy Existance" CD
1995 And One "Deutschmaschine" CD5
1995 Aphex Twin "...I Care Because You Do" CD
1995 Aphex Twin "Classics" CD
1995 Aphex Twin "Donkey Rhubarb" CD5
1995 Aphex Twin "Ventolin" CD5
1995 Apoptygma Berzerk "Non-Stop Violence" CD5
1995 Argyle Park "Misguided" CD
1995 The Art Of Noise "Yebo" CD5
1995 Atomine Elektrine "Elemental Severance" CD
1995 Aube "Huile Sur L'Eau" CS
1995 Aube "Reflux" CS
1995 Autechre "Anvil Vapre" CD5
1995 Autechre "Garbage" CD5
1995 Autechre "Tri-Repetae" CD
1995 Battery "nv" CD
1995 Biosphere "Novelty Waves" 12"
1995 Birmingham 6 "Assassinate" CD
1995 Birmingham 6 "Policestate" CD5
1995 Black Lung "The Depopulation Bomb" CD
1995 Body Clock "Grip Life" CD
1995 Brain Pilot "Mind Fuel" CD
1995 BT "Ima" CD
1995 The Cassandra Complex "Works 1.0" CD
1995 Cenobita "Cybertuality" CS
1995 Cenobita "Visiones" CS
1995 Chris & Cosey "Twist" CD
1995 Coil "Unnatural History II (Smiling In The Face Of Perversity)" CD
1995 Coil "Windowpane & The Snow" CD
1995 Coil "Worship The Glitch" CD
1995 ConSono "Hymns Of Deceased Deities" CD
1995 Cronos Titan "Brides Of Christ" CD
1995 Cyber Axis "The Way I Feel" CD5
1995 Cyber-Tec "Let Your Body Die" CD5
1995 D.F. Sadist School "The Visionary Garden" CD
1995 Dawn & Dusk Entwined "Myth, Faith, Belief" CS
1995 Dead Voices On Air "New Words Machine" CD
1995 Decoded Feedback "Overdosing" CD
1995 Dementia Simplex "Prediction" CD
1995 Depeche Mode "The Remixes - Vol. One" CD
1995 Dessau "Details Sketchy" CDEP
1995 Die Krupps "III - Odyssey Of The Mind" CD
1995 Die Krupps "Isolation" CD5
1995 Die Krupps "Rings Of Steel" CD
1995 Die Sonne Satan "Omega" CS
1995 Die Verbannten Kinder Eva's "Die Verbannten Kinder Eva's" CD
1995 Die Warzau "All Good Girls" CD5
1995 Digital Poodle "Noisea" CDEP
1995 Download "Furnace" CD
1995 Anne Dudley "Ancient And Modern" CD
1995 Electronic Eye "The Idea Of Justice" CD
1995 Esplendor Geométrico "Nador" CD
1995 Evil's Toy "XTC Implant" CD
1995 Filter "Short Bus" CD
1995 Foetus "Gash" CD
1995 Front 242 "Mut@ge Mix@ge" CD
1995 Front Line Assembly "Circuitry" CD5
1995 Front Line Assembly "Hard Wired" CD
1995 Front Line Assembly "Hard Wired" 2xCD
1995 Front Line Assembly "Surface Patterns" CD5
1995 The Future Sound Of London "Far-out Son Of Lung And The Ramblings Of A Madman" CD5
1995 The Future Sound Of London "ISDN" CD
1995 Gescom "Gescom 2 EP" 12"
1995 Gescom "The Sounds Of Machines Our Parents Used" 12"
1995 Glod "Gnosis" CD
1995 H2O "Fahrenheit" CD5
1995 The Hafler Trio "The Murray Fontana Orchestra Plays The Hafler Trio" CD
1995 MJ Harris/Bill Laswell "Somnific Flux" CD
1995 Haujobb "Frame - The Remix Album" CD
1995 Haujobb "Freeze Frame Reality" CD
1995 Holy Gang "Free! Tyson Free!" CD5
1995 Hybryds "Dreamscapes From A Dark Side" CD
1995 Hybryds "Soundtrack For The Aquarium" CD
1995 Hybryds "The Ritual Of The Rave" CD
1995 Index "Never This Infliction" CDEP
1995 Index "Sky Laced Silver" CD
1995 Intermix "Future Primitives" CD
1995 Richard H. Kirk "Black Jesus Voice" CD
1995 Richard H. Kirk "The Number Of Magic" CD
1995 KMFDM "Brute" CD5
1995 KMFDM "Juke-Joint Jezebel (The Georgio Moroder Mixes)" CD5
1995 KMFDM "Nihil" CD
1995 Le Syndicat "Corrumpate" CD
1995 Le Syndicat "Ten Years Of Excess" 2xCD
1995 Leæther Strip "Double Or Nothing" 2xCD
1995 Leæther Strip "Legacy Of Hate And Lust" CD
1995 Locust "Truth Is Born Of Arguments" CD
1995 Malformed Earthborn "Defiance Of The Ugly By The Merely Repulsive" CD
1995 Marilyn Manson "Lunchbox" CD5
1995 Marilyn Manson "Smells Like Children" CDEP
1995 Marilyn Manson "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" CD5
1995 Mastertune "No Help!" CD
1995 Mentallo And The Fixer "Continuum" CD
1995 Ministry "The Fall/Reload" CD5
1995 Misery Loves Co. "Misery Loves Co." CD
1995 Morpheus Sister "Morpheus Sister" CD
1995 Multiple Transmission "Earthloop" 12"
1995 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Hit & Run Holiday" CD
1995 Neural Network "Kinesthetics" CD
1995 Nine Inch Nails "Children Of The Night" CD
1995 Nine Inch Nails "Futher Down The Spiral" CD
1995 Nine Inch Richards "Closer To Hogs" CD5
1995 Noise Box "Monkey Ass" CD
1995 Noise Box "Nuffnutz" CDEP
1995 The Orb "Orbus Terrarum" CD
1995 The Orb "Oxbow Lakes" CD5
1995 Penal Colony "5 Man Job" CD
1995 Carlos Peron "C'est Moi..." CD5
1995 Pet Shop Boys "Paninaro '95 (CD1)" CD5
1995 Phaeton Dernière Danse & Le Syndicat "Théophanie À Visu" CD
1995 Pig "Sinsation" CD
1995 Praxis "Metatron" CD
1995 Project Pitchfork "Alpha Omega" CD
1995 Project Pitchfork "Ch'I" CD5
1995 Project Pitchfork "Corps D'amour" CDEP
1995 Psychic TV "God Star: The Singles - Pt. Two" CD
1995 Psychic TV "Sirens" CD
1995 Psygram "Vision Of Shadows" CD
1995 Puissance "Krig" CS
1995 Puissance "Obey, Hate, Die" CS
1995 Raison D'etre "Semblance" CS
1995 Rapoon "The Kirghiz Light" 2xCD
1995 Steve Roach/Michael Stearns/Ron Sunsinger "Kiva" CD
1995 Runes Order "I Can See No Reason To Live ... But Hate" CS
1995 S.E.T.I. "Pharos" 2xCD
1995 Scorn "Ellipsis" CD
1995 Scorn "Gyral" CD
1995 Second Skin "Suture" CD
1995 Seven Trees "To Live Is Regret" CS
1995 The Shamen "Destination Eschaton" CD5
1995 The Shamen "Heal (The Separation)" 12"
1995 Signal Aout 42 "Immortal Collection 1983-1995" CD
1995 Sleep Chamber "Seduction... Through The Past Darkly" CD
1995 Sleep Chamber "Sopor" CDEP
1995 Sleepwalk "Door To Insomnia..." CD
1995 Ulf Söderberg "Nattljus" CD
1995 Spahn Ranch "The Coiled One" CD
1995 Species Of Fishes "Songs Of A Dumb World" CD
1995 Splinter Test "Thee Fractured Garden" CD
1995 Suicide Commando "Stored Images" CD
1995 Sun God "Sun God" CD
1995 Synaesthesia "Desideratum" 2xCD
1995 Thee Angels Ov Light Meet Thee Angry Love Orchestra "Psychick Youth Rally" CD
1995 Tribes Of Neurot "Silver Blood Transmission" CD
1995 Tuu "Invocation: Archive" CD
1995 Ukiyo "Ukiyo" CD
1995 Underworld "Born Slippy" CD5
1995 Unit:187 "Unit:187" CD
1995 Urawa "A Dog Called Demolition" CDEP
1995 Vromb "Transmodulation A.M.P." 7"
1995 Klaus Wiese "Klangschalen Meditation" CDR
1995 Wolfsheim "55578" CD
1995 :wumpscut: "Bunker Gate Seven" CD
1995 :wumpscut: "Gomorra" CD5
1995 :wumpscut: "Preferential Legacy" LP
1995 Yello "Hands On Yello" CD
1995 Yello "Hands On Yello - The Updates" 2xCD
1995 Yello "Jam & Spoon's Hands On Yello: You Gotta Say Yes To.../Great Mission" CD5
1995 Yello "Jingle Bells" CD5
1995 Yello "Westbam's Hands On Yello: Bostich" CD5
1995 The Young Gods "Only Heaven" CD