Year:   2008
Доступные рецензии:
2008 Absolute Body Control "Live WGT 2007" CDEP
2008 Absolute Body Control "Never Seen" CDEP
2008 Absolute Body Control "Wind[Re]Wind" CD
2008 Accessory "More Than Machinery" 2xCD
2008 Ad·ver·sary "Bone Music" CD
2008 Aesthetic Perfection "A Violent Emotion" CD
2008 Aglaia "Unprofaned Twilight" CD
2008 Ah Cama-Sotz "Declaration Of Innocence" CD
2008 Alio Die "Aura Seminalis" CD
2008 Alio Die & Martina Galvagni "Eleusian Lullaby" CD
2008 Amnistia "Blackguard" CD
2008 Amorphous Androgynous "The Peppermint Tree & The Seeds Of Superconsciousness" MP3
2008 Animassacre "Evolve" CD
2008 Animassacre "Shi No Sedai" MP3
2008 ARC "Arkhangelsk" CD
2008 ARC "Glassine 1" CD
2008 Arditi "Omne Ensis Impera" CD
2008 Atomine Elektrine "The Deep Invisible" CD
2008 Autechre "Quaristice" 2xCD
2008 Autechre "" MP3
2008 Bad Sector "Storage Disk 2" CD
2008 Beehatch "Beehatch" CD
2008 Beequeen "Sandancing" CD
2008 Beta Two Agonist "Autumn Perdue" CDR
2008 Beyond Sensory Experience "No Lights In Our Eyes" CD
2008 BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa "Passing Out" CD
2008 Blank "Impact Zone" CD
2008 Bleiburg "Open Wound - Live In Kassel, Germany 23.06.2007" CDR
2008 BlutEngel "Dancing In The Light (Forsaken)" CD5
2008 BlutEngel "Moments Of Our Lives" MP3
2008 Ron Boots "See Beyond Times - Look Beyond Words" CD
2008 C-Lekktor "Cloned And Mutated" MP3
2008 C-Lekktor "Refusing The Paradise" MP3
2008 C-Lekktor "The Silence Procession" CD
2008 Carphax Files "Revolutions Vol. 1: Dirt" CD
2008 A Challenge Of Honour "Live In Barcelona" CDR
2008 A Challenge Of Honour "No Way Out" CD
2008 CoH Plays Cosey "CoH Plays Cosey" CD
2008 Coil "The Ape Of Naples / The New Backwards" 3xLP
2008 Coil "The New Backwards" CD
2008 Cold Fusion / Rukkanor "Silk Road" CD
2008 CombiChrist "Frost EP: Sent To Destroy" CDEP
2008 Contrastate "A Live Coal Under The Ashes" CD
2008 Cruise [Ctrl] "I Heard It!" CD
2008 Cyclotimia "Deja Vu" CD
2008 Das Ich "Kannibale" CD5
2008 Davantage "Beyond The Hills" MP3
2008 Deadjump "Post Immortal" CD
2008 Der Blutharsch "Everything Is Alright!" CD
2008 Deutsch Nepal "Deutsch Nepals Dystopian Partycollection" CD
2008 Die Form "Bach Project" CD
2008 Die Krupps "Volle Kraft Voraus!" 2xCD
2008 Digital Factor "Dein Herz" MP3
2008 Disharmony "Cloned :: Other Side Of Evolution" CD
2008 Diskonnekted "Old School Policies (The Propaganda Box)" 2xCD
2008 Dive "Are You Real?" 3xCD
2008 Diverje "Unleashed" CDEP
2008 DVAR "211 (Zii)" CD
2008 DVAR "Highlights Of Lightwave Vol.1" CD
2008 DVAR "Highlights Of Lightwave Vol.2" CD
2008 DVAR Vs. Caprice "Гномы Против Эльфов" CD
2008 DYM "The Invilid" CD
2008 Eden Synthetic Corps "Enhancer" CD
2008 Edge Of Dawn "Losing Ground" CD5
2008 Einstürzende Neubauten "The Jewels" CD
2008 Eisenfunk "300" CD
2008 Empty "Aeon Xpand" CD
2008 Empusae "The Hatred Of Trees" CD
2008 ESA "How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?" CD
2008 Eternal Nightmare "Kellerkind WEP" MP3
2008 Exilanation "Confusion Remixes" CDR
2008 Exocet "Violation" CD
2008 Faderhead "FH3" CD
2008 Faryus "Night Forest Reality" CD
2008 Fear Falls Burning "Frenzy Of The Absolute" CD
2008 Flint Glass "Circumsounds" CD
2008 Foundation Hope "Our God Is A Consuming Fire" CD
2008 Foundation Hope "Tunes For The Wounded" CD
2008 Front 242 "First Moments ..." MP3
2008 Front 242 "Moments... 1" 2xCD
2008 The Fruitless Hand And Ure Thrall "A Saucerful of Sucrets" CDR
2008 Funker Vogt "White Trash - K17 Live Excerpt" AAC
2008 The Future Sound Of London "By Any Other Name" CD
2008 The Future Sound Of London "Environments II" MP3
2008 The Future Sound Of London "FSOL Digital Mix" CD
2008 The Future Sound Of London "The Pulse EPs" CD
2008 Geistform "Pro Analogic" CD
2008 Geomatic "Blue Beam" CD
2008 Glis "2001-2008 A Shot And A Bassline" CD
2008 God Experiment "Delivered Hate Object" CD
2008 :Golgatha: And Dawn & Dusk Entwined "Sang Graal" CD
2008 Greifenkeil "Blood Mystery" CD
2008 The Grid "Doppelgaenger" CD
2008 Halo Manash "Language Of Red Goats" CD
2008 Hanzel Und Gretyl "2012: Zwanzig Zwoelf" CD
2008 Hati "Die Mechanik, Die!" CD
2008 [Haven] "[A2982]" CD
2008 Hecq "Night Falls" CD
2008 Heimataerde "Vater" CDEP
2008 Peter Heppner "Alleinesein" CD
2008 Peter Heppner "Solo" CD
2008 HIV+ / Babylone Chaos "Split" 10"
2008 Horologium & Moljebka Pvlse "Penfield Mood Organ" CD
2008 Hybryds "Dreambient" CD
2008 Hysteresis "Will+Representation" CD
2008 IC 434 "Bacteriate" CD
2008 Illusion Of Safety "In Session" CD
2008 Illusion Of Safety "Sedation & Quell" 10"
2008 Imminent Starvation "Archive.One" MP3
2008 Impact Pulse "Optimal Contrast" CD
2008 Imperative Reaction "Minus All" CD
2008 Informatik "Beyond" CD
2008 Irrumatorium And Melek-Tha "Irrumatorium And Melek-Tha" CDR
2008 Juno Reactor "Gods & Monsters" CD
2008 kETvECTOR "The Infinite Regress" 2xCD
2008 Klinik "Projects" 2xCD
2008 KMFDM "Brimborium" CD
2008 KMFDM "Extra - Volume 1" 2xCD
2008 KMFDM "Extra - Volume 3" 2xCD
2008 L'Ame Immortelle "Best Of Indie Years" CD
2008 L'Ame Immortelle "Durch Fremde Hand" CD+CDEP
2008 L'Ame Immortelle "Namenlos" 2xCD
2008 La Magra "Schwarze Boten" CD
2008 Laibach "Laibachkunstderfuge BWV 1080" CD
2008 Lambwool "...And The Angel Is Gone" CD
2008 Leæther Strip "Civil Disobedience" 3xCD
2008 Leæther Strip "When Blood Runs Dark" AAC
2008 Lujhboia "Sendero De Panico" MP3
2008 Lull "Like A Slow River" CD
2008 Massiv In Mensch "Meanwhile Back In The Jungle" CD
2008 Meat Beat Manifesto "Autoimmune" CD
2008 Meat Beat Manifesto "Guns N Lovers" AAC
2008 Melek-Tha "Genesis Of The Apocalypse" 2xCDR
2008 Melek-Tha "Hamtaahk Urfakt & Woel" CDR
2008 Melek-Tha / Dapnom "Omnium Finis Imminent" 2xCD
2008 Melek-Tha / Posthuman Tantra "Alien Emperor Eternal" 4xCDR
2008 Melek-Tha / Xa-Mul "Alone In The Darkness" 2xCDR
2008 Melek-Tha And Kenji Siratori "Die Trommeln Der Zerstorung" 2xCDR
2008 Mind Necrosis Factor "Morphogenesis" CD
2008 Ministry And Co-Conspirators "Cover Up" CD
2008 Miss Construction "Kunstprodukt" CD
2008 Moctan "Come Closer" CD
2008 Mulphia "Bleeding" CD
2008 Muslimgauze "Nadir Of Purdah" CD
2008 Muslimgauze "Wish Of The Flayed" MP3
2008 Nachtmahr "Feuer Frei!" CD
2008 Nachtmahr "Katharsis" CDEP
2008 Nachtmahr "Katharsis // Feuer Frei!" CD5
2008 Nadja / Netherworld "Magma To Ice" CD
2008 Nautic Depths "North Passage" CDR
2008 Nebula-H "rH" 2xCD
2008 Nec Plus Ultra "Pobeda" MP3
2008 Negative Format "Gradients" CD
2008 Neuroticfish "A Greater Good - History 1998-2008" CD
2008 Nine Inch Nails "Ghosts I-IV" 2xCD
2008 Nine Inch Nails "The Slip" MP3
2008 Ninth Desert "Zenigraphy" MP3
2008 Nordschlacht "Silence, Beauty And Cruelty" CD
2008 Nordvargr "Interstellar" CD
2008 Sara Noxx "XX-Ray" 3xCD
2008 Nurse With Wound "The Bacteria Magnet" 12"
2008 Nurse With Wound "Two Shaves And A Shine Remix Project" CD
2008 Nurzery [Rhymes] "Thorns" CD
2008 Object "The Ethane Asylum" CD
2008 Olhon "Underwater Passage" CD
2008 Oöphoi "An Aerial View" CD
2008 Orange Sector "Untertage E.P." CDEP
2008 Oren Ambarchi and Z'EV "Spirit Transform Me" CD
2008 Out Out "Breathing Again E.P." CDEP
2008 David Parsons "Surya" CD
2008 Patenbrigade: Wolff "Demokratischer Sektor" CD
2008 Jeff Pearce "Rainshadow Sky" CD
2008 Penjaga Insaf & Vestigial "Of Earth And Of Fire" EP
2008 Permafrost "Cold Vision I" CDR
2008 Carlos Peron "Talks To The Nations (Club EP)" CD5
2008 Phelios "Dimension Zero" 2xCD
2008 PreEmptive Strike 0.1 "Extinction Reprogrammed" CD
2008 Puissance "Mother Of Disease" CD
2008 Punch Inc. "Fightclub" CD
2008 Raison D'etre "The Luminous Experience (Live In Enschede 2008)" CD
2008 Rapoon "Obscure Objects Of Desire" CD
2008 ReAdjust "Metamorphose" CDR
2008 Red Cell "Lead Or Follow" CD+CDR
2008 Retractor "The False Memory" CD
2008 Reutoff "Tanz Der Kleinen Schweinen" CDR
2008 Robert Rich & Ian Boddy "React" CD
2008 Steve Roach "A Deeper Silence" CD
2008 Steve Roach "Arc Of Passion" 2xCD
2008 Steve Roach "Empetus (2-CD Collector's Edition)" 2xCD
2008 Rotersand "I Cry" CDEP
2008 Run Level Zero "Arctic Noise" CD
2008 Runes Order "1988-2022" CD
2008 SAM "Destruction Unit" CD
2008 Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow "Ambessence Piano & Drones" CD
2008 Sara Noxx Featuring Project Pitchfork "Earth Song" CD5
2008 Scorn "Super Mantis Part 1" 12"
2008 Seabound "Come Forward - Live In Berlin" CD
2008 Snog "City" CDEP
2008 Soman "Re:Up" CDEP
2008 Soman "Sound Pressure 2.0" CD
2008 Standeg "Rushing Pictures" MP3
2008 State Of The Union "Evol Love Industry" CD
2008 Stereomotion "Apocalypse:Forever" CD
2008 Stray "Abuse By Proxy" 2xCD
2008 Synapscape "Archive.One" MP3
2008 [syndika:zero] "The Example" CD
2008 The Synthetic Dream Foundation "Behind The Gates Of Horn And Ivory" CD
2008 TenHornedBeast / Marzuraan "The Law Of The Needle / Into Countless Battles" CD
2008 Testube "Covert" MP3
2008 Ure Thrall "Comes Apart!" CDR
2008 Ure Thrall "The Bone Tree Soundtracks Volume 3: Origin" CDR
2008 Ure Thrall "The Great Zoviet-French Kiss Off" CDR
2008 Asmus Tietchens "Eta-Menge" CD
2008 Asmus Tietchens "Teils Teils" LP
2008 Totakeke "eLekatota: The Other Side Of The Tracks" CD
2008 Troum "Darve Sh / Ajin" CD
2008 Tzolk'in "Haab'" CD
2008 UnterART "Memento" CD
2008 Various "Rupal Records Capture And Tension" CD
2008 Various "Rupal Records: The Remix Assault Volume 1" CDR
2008 Various "The Best Of Rupal Records" CDR
2008 Various Artists "Funkfeuer 4 > Rauschgau" CS
2008 Vromb "Le Pêcheur De Noyés" CD
2008 Wavefall "Heartstarter" CD
2008 Klaus Wiese "Seed" CD
2008 Worms Of The Earth "The Angels Of Prostitution" CD
2008 :wumpscut: "Dwarf Craving" 4xCD
2008 :wumpscut: "Schaedlingsbox" 2xCD
2008 Wynardtage "The Forgotten Sins 2002-2005" CD
2008 Wynardtage "The Grey Line" CD
2008 X-Fusion "Vast Abysm" 2xCD
2008 Xabec "Feuerstern" 7"
2008 Xabec "Transformed" CD
2008 Xotox "Hyperactive: The Best Of" CD
2008 Xotox "In Den Zehn Morgen" 2xCD
2008 XP8 "The Art Of Revenge" CD
2008 Y-Luk-O "Sin(n)" CD
2008 Yage "The Woodlands Of Old" MP3
2008 Yendri "Dreams Of An Undead Girl" CD
2008 Это Не Билось "Ибо Нет Земли" MP3