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1994 Digital Blood "A Retrospective" CDr
1996 Absolute Body Control "Baby's On Fire" CDr
1996 Depeche Mode "Ultra Strike" CDr
1997 Absolute Body Control "Fragments" CDr
1997 Deadjump "Virtual Masturbation Of A Bastard Leader" CDr
1997 Lucisferrato "Thoroughhhate" CDr
1997 Mathias Grassow "Gates To Mystery" CDr
1998 C-Drone-Defect "Terra Nihil" CDR
1998 Depeche Mode "Ultra Strike 2" CDr
1998 KiEw "Kiew Killz!" CDr
1998 Mathias Grassow "The Darklight Quest" CDr
1998 Mathias Grassow "The Hidden Treasure" CDr
1998 No Festival Of Light "Virtue Of Selfishness" CDr
1998 Nocturnal Emissions "Practical Time Travel" CDr
1998 Oöphoi "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" CDr
1999 ADD "Krivaya Musica" CDR
1999 The Art Of Noise "Custom CD" CDr
1999 Bad Sector "Transponder" CDr
1999 Cataclyst "Monuments Of A Rubicund Age" CDr
1999 Deadjump "Causa Mortis (The Remix Album)" CDr
1999 Depeche Mode "The First Violation By H Null" CDr
1999 Depeche Mode "Ultra Strike 3: The Mellenium Megamix" CDr
1999 KiEw "Aas, 500m (Ilmenau Edition)" CDr
1999 Monstrum Sepsis "Neophite" CDr
1999 Mortuor "Mortuor" CDr
1999 Ornament "Adorers" CDr
1999 Pet Shop Boys "Nightlife" CDr
1999 Spear "Of Silence" CDr
1999 Vertigo "Galaxy War Sequels" CDr
2000 Atropine "Feigned Hearing" CDr
2000 Config.Sys "Tri-Singular" CDr
2000 Deadjump "Post Mortem" CDr
2000 Depeche Mode "Ultra Strike 4: Mellennium Strike" CDr
2000 La Lettre A Camus "L'Art Faux" CDr
2000 Maeror Tri "Mind-Reversal" CDr
2000 Mathias Grassow "The Gothic Passage" CDr
2000 Nocturnal Emissions "Electropunk Karaoke" CDr
2000 Roricat "Nijikon 2000" CDR
2000 S.P.O.C.K "Demo" CDr
2001 ADD "MRGnal" CDR
2001 AntechO "Im Osten Nichts Neues" CDR
2001 Aube "Live In Montreal 2000" CDr
2001 Aube "Skystreamspeedspreadetroit" CDr
2001 Cephalgy "Warum" CDR
2001 A Challenge Of Honour "The Ambient Works 2000-2001" CDr
2001 Dismantled "Demo Variation" CDr
2001 Eurocide "Dark Matter" CDr
2001 In The Nursery "Siren" CDr
2001 La Lettre A Camus "Avec 1913" CDR
2001 La Lettre A Camus "Is Your Journey Really Necessary?" CDR
2001 La Lettre A Camus "L'Espace De LLAC" CDR
2001 Mathias Grassow "Equilibrium" CDr
2001 Mathias Grassow "The OM-Drones" CDr
2001 Mombus "Glyptos" CDr
2001 Necro Facility "Malice And Hate" CDR
2001 Numina "Evolving Visions" CDr
2001 OBJEKT/URIAN "Tonfragmente II" CDr
2001 Painbastard "Just Like Dying (First Blood Edition)" CDR
2001 Stereo Modus "Navi EP" CDr
2001 Various Artists "Future Sounds Of Tomsk" CDR
2001 Various Artists "Сборник №4 журнала "Результаты"" CDR
2001 Witch-Hunt "The Rites Of Samhain" CDr
2001 Xotox "Normalzustand: Angst" CDr
2001 Xotox "Rhythm Of Fear" CDr
2002 Accessory "...And I Say "Go"" CDr
2002 ADD "Efpos" CDR
2002 ADD "Sim Fonik EP" CDR
2002 Aube "Live In Michigan 2001" CDr
2002 Aube "Live In Montreal 2001" CDr
2002 Aube "Millennium-R2" CDr
2002 Bonemachine "Destination:Hell" CDr
2002 Burntime "Somewhere Inside" CDr
2002 The Circular Ruins "Confluence" CDr
2002 Coil "Moon's Milk (In Four Phases) Bonus Disc" CDr
2002 Coil "The Remote Viewer" CDr
2002 Cyclone B "Krieg" CDr
2002 Depeche Mode "Mixes Of Mode And Devotion" CDr
2002 Depeche Mode "New X-Tended Remixes" CDr
2002 Depeche Mode "The Secret Remixes Vol. 1" CDr
2002 Detritus "Sense/Martyr" CDr
2002 Dioxyde "Intravenous" CDr
2002 G.E.M.I.N.I. "I Am What I Am" CDR
2002 Gridlock "Live.Traces" CDr
2002 K-Nitrate "Power - Speed - Aggression" CDr
2002 Kammarheit "The Northern Hymn" CDR
2002 Klaus Wiese "Cosmic Glue" CDr
2002 Klaus Wiese "Klangschalen Meditation" CDr
2002 LLAC/Roricat "Rorillac" CDR
2002 Neuromancer "Demo" CDR
2002 New Risen Throne "Prophet" CDr
2002 Notime "Dying Planet" CDr
2002 Notime "Living Planet" CDr
2002 Stromkern "No Release" CDr
2002 Various Artists "Sound Construction Ahead" CDr
2002 X-Fusion "Blackout" CDr
2002 Xotox "Silberfieber" CDr
2002 XP8 "10111" CDr
2003 ADD "ComPile" CDR
2003 ADD "Riakwa" CDR
2003 Aidan Baker "Threnody One : Lamentation" CDr
2003 Autoaggression "End-Mensch-Licht" CDR
2003 Cephalgy "Weisses Fleisch EP" CDr
2003 Cruor "Mass" CDr
2003 Depeche Mode "DM707 The Third Album" CDr
2003 Depeche Mode "Violator Revisited By DM707" CDr
2003 Dya "Myagkiy O" CDr
2003 Hybryds "Recorded Live 15-11-03 JC De Bogaerd - Geel" CDr
2003 I, Parasite "On This Cold Floor EP" CDr
2003 I.Corax "The Cadaver Pulse II: Mothelix Liquescent" CDr
2003 Kristian Olsson "Laudanum" CDr
2003 Materialschlacht "Wo War Dein Gott In Leuven?" CDr
2003 Monokrom "Monokrom" CDr
2003 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Groovie 13" CDr
2003 Mystified "Music For Transit" CDr
2003 Nebula "The Path Of White Clouds" CDr
2003 Nigredo "Shamanizm" CDR
2003 Oöphoi "The Rustling Of Leaves" CDr
2003 Oral Silence "New Form" CDr
2003 Placebo Effect "Bad Dreams" CDr
2003 Raumerkundung "Flug 4-5-6" CDr
2003 Re:\Legion "Reflections" CDr
2003 Re_Agent "De_Molish V_1.0" CDr
2003 Sea-Green Series "Chapter I" CDr
2003 Snog "Your Favourite Electro-Folk-Swingers" CDr
2003 Species Of Fishes "Фестиваль" CDr
2003 Vehemence 6.2 "New Material" CDR
2003 Void Kampf "First Assault" CDr
2003 Voltage "Invisible Part Of Nature" CDr
2003 Xotox "Indre Stilhed - The Silent Side Of Xotox" CDr
2004 Aïboforcen "Psychosomatically Unique" CDr
2004 Andrew Chalk "Shadows From The Album Skies" CDr
2004 Code 243 "Urban Guerilla" CDr
2004 Coil "Selvaggina, Go Back Into The Woods" CDr
2004 Disfuncion Organica "Cronicas De Fe Muerta" CDr
2004 Edward XXV "Instead" CDR
2004 Egoist "Breaking Moment Demo" CDr
2004 Epsilon Minus "Pre-Initialized E.P." CDr
2004 Exit In Grey "Nowadays Warm" CDr
2004 Fall Weiss "Fall Weiss" CDr
2004 Grismannen "Panus Anus" CDr
2004 Implant "We Are Doing Fine / Too Many Puppies" CDr
2004 Klaus Wiese "Cocoon" CDr
2004 Liquid Ghosts "La Camera Obscura" CDr
2004 Majdanek Waltz "О Происхождении Мира" CDr
2004 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Danse Infernale" CDr
2004 N-616 "Winter World III" CDR
2004 Necro Facility "All In The Wrong" CDR
2004 Neon Cage Experiment "Specific Gravity" CDr
2004 Patenbrigade: Wolff "Ostberliner Bauarbeiter" CDr
2004 Proba-9 "Посещение Объекта №172" CDR
2004 Proba-9 "Т.Б." CDR
2004 Re-DrUm "The Gardens" CDR
2004 Ritturbont "Smolgur Och Avilen" CDr
2004 Rotersand "Electronic World Transmission - Excursions On Truth Is Fanatic" CDr
2004 Shadow Magnet "Source And Purity" CDr
2004 Spinefish "Demo" CDR
2004 Syntech "Best Of Vol. 1 (Signed & Numbered)" CDr
2004 TenHornedBeast "Ten Stars - Ten Horns" CDr
2004 Terra Cadaveris "Genetic Constructions: Factor DNA" CDr
2004 Terror Punk Syndicate "Limited Edition" CDr
2004 Terrorfakt "Reworks" CDr
2004 Various Artists "IDM...ZOOM" CDr
2004 Virtual Embrace "Roots Of Evil - Club EP -" CDr
2004 Voltage "Goths Of Fuck" CDr
2004 Voltage "Sabbat 33 (Mabon-Samhein)" CDr
2004 Сказки Роботов "Ретро Фантастика" CDR
2005 Ad·ver·sary "International Dark Skies" CDr
2005 Aeoga "Triangle Of Nebula-Devourers" CDr
2005 Ain Soph "GPIIBXVI" CDr
2005 Amnistia "Archetype V.1.1" CDr
2005 Amnistia "Archetype V.1.2" CDr
2005 As All Die "Guns, Grenades And Genocide" CDr
2005 Avatar "Вознесение" CDR
2005 Cervello Elettronico "Untitled" CDr
2005 Depeche Mode "Dangerous Remixes" CDr
2005 Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus Remixes" CDr
2005 Depeche Mode "Playing The Angel (Instrumentals)" CDr
2005 Depeche Mode "Shake The Disease (20 Years Edition)" CDr
2005 Depeche Mode "Violator 2005" CDr
2005 Die Krupps "Die Krupps 25" CDr
2005 Fail "Dated One" CDr
2005 Hybryds "Электронные Вуду - The Magthea & Codetrippa Live Project - Recorded Live At 05-09-02 & 01-11-03" CDr
2005 Klaus Wiese "Divine Orbit" CDr
2005 Klaus Wiese "Gandharfa" CDr
2005 Klaus Wiese "KW" CDr
2005 Klaus Wiese "Yoga" CDr
2005 La Lettre A Camus "L'Oeuvre Des Alines" CDR
2005 Lammergeyer "Borders & Barrens" CDr
2005 Mathias Grassow And Guests "Opus Posthumum" CDr
2005 Monument Westwall "Europa In Twilight" CDr
2005 Neotek "Mind Over Matter" CDr
2005 New Order "Guilt Is A Useless Emotion (Remixes)" CDr
2005 Nocturnal Emissions "Live In Vienna" CDr
2005 Numina "The Haunting Silence" CDr
2005 Oöphoi "As We Slip Away To Dream" CDr
2005 Oöphoi "Khumba Mela" CDr
2005 Oöphoi "Vertigo" CDr
2005 Ornament "Unicorn Lullaby" CDr
2005 Pneumatic Detach "Meth EP" CDr
2005 QDC "Warchitecture. Lonely Walk Among Ruins" CDr
2005 Re:\Legion "Intersection" CDr
2005 Re_Agent "Abscond: The Abandon Remixes" CDr
2005 Smooth Quality Excrement "Destroy Our Planet Please Vol. 2" CDr
2005 SudanStrain "Ha Pp Y Era Vey !" CDr
2005 TenHornedBeast "Woe To You, O Earth And Sea" CDr
2005 Wappenbund "Heimatflamme" CDr
2005 Wiener Aktivisten "Chapter I & II" CDr
2005 Wycroy Crowje "Twoystroy" CDr
2005 Zentriert ins Antlitz "De-Mutilated" CDr
2006 Abandoned Shelter "Yersinia Pestis" CDr
2006 Ad Lux Tenebrae "Sketches From That Autumn" CDr
2006 Amir Baghiri "Orbital Repose" CDr
2006 Asianova "At The Last Gate" CDr
2006 Bleiburg "Occidentem Appello!" CDr
2006 Carnivora "Perverted Dreamrealization" CDr
2006 A Challenge Of Honour "Spartan Victories" CDr
2006 The Circular Ruins "Their Subtle Purpose" CDr
2006 Fektion Fekler "Immersed Heroics - Rarities 1992-1995 Vol. 1" CDr
2006 Ganzer "Nahtriheccunde Gahinneverahtunin Zehgessurklach Zunnus" CDr
2006 Ganzer "Sophia" CDr
2006 Ghosts Of Breslau "Gas" CDr
2006 Inure "Disillusion" CDr
2006 Kolpakopf "Danses Macabres" CDR
2006 Kolpakopf "Сны" CDR
2006 La Lettre A Camus "Musique Du Cochon" CDR
2006 Lammergeyer "Beneath The Sky" CDr
2006 Llovespell "Excavated And Expectant" CDr
2006 Mathias Grassow And Guests "Fata Morgana" CDr
2006 Nostalgia "Beyond Horizon" CDr
2006 Ontayso "The Long River Run 2" CDr
2006 Oöphoi "Amnios" CDr
2006 Oöphoi "Aquos - The Complete Drones" CDr
2006 Pet Shop Boys "Minimal (The Remixes)" CDr
2006 Phelios "Passage" CDr
2006 Rasputin "Gegen Die Wand" CDr
2006 Revolution By Night "Machine Code: Tour 2006 CD" CDr
2006 Smooth Quality Excrement "Plastic Perpendicular Crevice" CDr
2006 Soyuz Project "Bulk06" CDr
2006 Subhuman "Untitled II" CDr
2006 Syntech "Best Of Vol. 2 (Signed & Numbered)" CDr
2006 Tik & Tok "Slightly Deranged EP" CDr
2006 Underworld "Riverrun Remix Sampler" CDr
2006 Ure Thrall "Robotic Warchants Of 2084" CDr
2006 Ure Thrall "Sinistarecase / Into The Terminal Realm" CDr
2006 Ure Thrall "Technological Abyss" CDr
2006 Vánargandr "Valtivar" CDr
2006 Various "Echo Revolution" CDr
2006 Virtual Victim "Opfer E.P." CDr
2006 Yersinia Pestis "Bacteriophobia" CDr
2006 Yggdrasil "Don't Feed The Toadstools/Ryggsill" CDR
2007 Delerium "Angelicus (Remixes)" CDr
2007 Depeche Mode "Sea Of Sin" CDr
2007 Erthad "Gma" CDr
2007 Gydja "Umbilicus Maris" CDr
2007 Land:Fire "Incandescent" CDr
2007 Netherworld "Hallucinations" CDr
2007 NorthBorne "The Pill" CDr
2007 The Omega Syndicate "Baptism Of Wire" CDr
2007 Portion Control "Onion Jack IV" CDr
2007 Terrorfakt "Reworks2: Friendly Fire" CDr
2007 Underworld "Crocodile" CDr
2007 Ure Thrall "The Bone Tree Soundtracks (Volume 3: Origin)" CDr
2007 Various Artists "Foglands" CDr
2007 Wander "Wander" CDr
2007 Z'EV "Metaphonics" CDr
2008 beta two agonist "Autumn Perdue" CDr
2008 Bleiburg "Open Wound - Live In Kassel, Germany 23.06.2007" CDr
2008 Carlos Peron "Talks To The Nations - Club EP" CDr
2008 A Challenge Of Honour "Live In Barcelona - October The 27th 2007" CDr
2008 Exilanation "Confusion Remixes" CDr
2008 Exilanation "The Matrix Is Real Loaded" CDr
2008 Melek-Tha "Hamtaahk Urfakt & Wöl" CDr
2008 Nautic Depths "North Passage" CDr
2008 Permafrost "Cold Vision I" CDr
2008 ReAdjust "Metamorphose" CDr
2008 Reutoff "Tanz Der Kleinen Schweinen" CDr
2008 Ure Thrall "Comes Apart!" CDr
2008 Ure Thrall "The Great Zoviet-French Kiss-Off" CDr
2008 Various "Rupal Records: The Remix Assault Volume 1" CDr
2008 Various "The Best Of Rupal Records" CDr
2009 Captive Six "Noizemaker" CDr
2009 Robert Rich "Live Archive Volume 2 - Due Acque: Live In Umbria Italy, April 1 2000" CDr
2010 The Winterhouse "Sanctuary" CDr