Format:   CDEP
Доступные рецензии:
1988 Front Line Assembly "Digital Tension Dementia" CDEP
1988 Laibach "Across The Universe" CDEP
1988 New Order "Blue Monday 1988" CDEP
1989 Controlled Bleeding "Songs From The Grinding Wall" CDEP
1990 In The Nursery "Sesudient" CDEP
1990 Laibach "Sympathy For The Devil" CDEP
1990 Leæther Strip "Science For The Satanic Citizen" CDEP
1991 Delerium "Euphoric" CDEP
1991 Front 242 "Mixed By Fear" CDEP
1992 Apoptygma Berzerk "The 2nd Manifesto" CDEP
1992 The Eternal Afflict "(Luminographic) Agony" CDEP
1992 Front Line Assembly "The Blade" CDEP
1992 Leæther Strip "Material" CDEP
1992 Nine Inch Nails "Broken" CDEP
1992 Nine Inch Nails "Fixed" CDEP
1992 Plastic Noise Experience "Smalltown Boy" CDEP
1992 The Shamen "The Face E.P." CDEP
1992 Will "Word • Flesh • Stone" CDEP
1993 Aphex Twin "On" CDEP
1993 Aphex Twin "On (Remixes)" CDEP
1993 Blok 57 "Mean Machine" CDEP
1993 Die Krupps "A Tribute To Metallica" CDEP
1993 Fear Factory "Fear Is The Mindkiller" CDEP
1993 Front 242 "Angels Versus Animals" CDEP
1993 Meat Beat Manifesto "Peel Session" CDEP
1993 Placebo Effect "Slashed Open" CDEP
1993 Plastic Noise Experience "Zwischenfall" CDEP
1993 Project Pitchfork "Souls / Island" CDEP
1993 Skinny Puppy "Chainsaw" CDEP
1993 The Tear Garden "Sheila Liked The Rodeo" CDEP
1993 Xorcist "Bitches EP" CDEP
1993 yelworC "Blood In Face" CDEP
1994 Autechre "Anti EP" CDEP
1994 Autechre "Basscad,EP" CDEP
1994 Coil "Born Again Pagans" CDEP
1994 Fracture "Downtown" CDEP
1994 Holy Gang "Free Tyson Free!" CDEP
1994 Hybryds "The Atavistic Fetisj" CDEP
1994 KMFDM "Sin Sex & Salvation" CDEP
1994 The Orb "Pomme Fritz" CDEP
1994 Page 12 "InSect" CDEP
1994 Sheep On Drugs "From A To H And Back Again" CDEP
1994 :wumpscut: "Gomorra" CDEP
1995 Autechre "Anvil Vapre" CDEP
1995 Autechre "Garbage" CDEP
1995 Birmingham 6 "Policestate" CDEP
1995 Index "Never This Infliction" CDEP
1995 Klute "Excepted" CDEP
1995 Marilyn Manson "Smells Like Children" CDEP
1995 Noise Box "Nuffnutz" CDEP
1995 Project Pitchfork "CH`I" CDEP
1995 Project Pitchfork "Corps D'Amour" CDEP
1995 Psychopomps "In The Skin" CDEP
1995 Sleep Chamber "Sopor" CDEP
1995 Urawa "A Dog Called Demolition" CDEP
1996 Aphex Twin ""Girl/Boy" E.P." CDEP
1996 Cronos Titan "The Gregoraveian EP" CDEP
1996 Download "Microscopic" CDEP
1996 Download "Sidewinder" CDEP
1996 Fetisch Park "Sporen / Binumb" CDEP
1996 Implant "Fun" CDEP
1996 Michael Stearns "The Light In The Trees" CDEP
1996 Militia "Kingdom Of Our Lord" CDEP
1996 Temps Perdu? "The Day The Earth Melted" CDEP
1996 Various Artists "The Remix Wars: Strike 1 - :Wumpscut: Vs. Haujobb" CDEP
1996 Various Artists "The Remix Wars: Strike 2 - Front Line Assembly Vs. Die Krupps" CDEP
1996 Xorcist "Scorched Blood" CDEP
1997 Apoptygma Berzerk "Mourn EP" CDEP
1997 Autechre "Cichlisuite" CDEP
1997 Autechre "Envane" CDEP
1997 Beequeen "Long Stones And Circles" CDEP
1997 Birmingham 6 "You Cannot Walk Here" CDEP
1997 Covenant "Theremin EP" CDEP
1997 Digital Poodle "Combat!" CDEP
1997 Doubting Thomas "Father Don't Cry" CDEP
1997 Funker Vogt "Words Of Power" CDEP
1997 In Strict Confidence "Collapse" CDEP
1997 Marilyn Manson "Remix & Repent" CDEP
1997 Meat Beat Manifesto "Original Fire" CDEP
1997 Nine Inch Nails ""The Perfect Drug" Versions" CDEP
1997 Pig "Prime Evil" CDEP
1997 Razed In Black "Overflow" CDEP
1997 Underworld "Pearl's Girl" CDEP
1998 Coil "Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers" CDEP
1998 Coil "Spring Equinox: Moon's Milk Or Under An Unquiet Skull" CDEP
1998 Coil "Summer Solstice: Bee Stings" CDEP
1998 Covenant "Euro E.P." CDEP
1998 Funker Vogt "Killing Time Again" CDEP
1998 Hate Dept. "Release It" CDEP
1998 Pig "No One Gets Out Of Her Alive" CDEP
1998 Spahn Ranch "Retrofit EP" CDEP
1998 VNV Nation "Solitary EP" CDEP
1999 Autechre "EP7" CDEP
1999 Autechre "Peel Session" CDEP
1999 Coil "Winter Solstice: North" CDEP
1999 Puissance "Hail The Mushroom Cloud" CDEP
1999 Various Artists "The Remix Wars: Strike 4 - Velvet Acid Christ Vs. Funker Vogt" CDEP
2000 Autechre "Peel Session 2" CDEP
2000 CoH "Love Uncut" CDEP
2000 Cyclotimia "New Death Order" CDEP
2000 Feindflug "Sterbehilfe EP" CDEP
2000 KiEw "Feierabend" CDEP
2000 Lucisferrato "Ahnenschein" CDEP
2000 Melotron "E.P. Sode 3" CDEP
2000 Mick Harris "Having It" CDEP
2000 Muslimgauze "Sufiq" CDEP
2000 Nine Inch Nails "Things Falling Apart" CDEP
2000 Project-X "All Systems Dead E.P." CDEP
2000 Scorn "Imaginaria Award EP" CDEP
2000 Stromkern "Night Riders" CDEP
2000 Thighpaulsandra "Some Head EP" CDEP
2001 Accessory "Deadline" CDEP
2001 Ah Cama-Sotz "Mantra" CDEP
2001 Black Lung "Profound And Sentimental Journey" CDEP
2001 Funker Vogt "Code7477" CDEP
2001 In Strict Confidence "Zauberschloss" CDEP
2001 Melotron "Brüder" CDEP
2001 Suicide Commando "Love Breeds Suicide EP" CDEP
2001 Thighpaulsandra "The Michel Publicity Window E.P." CDEP
2002 Amorphous Androgynous "The Mello Hippo Disco Show" CDEP
2002 Autechre "Gantz Graf" CDEP
2002 Decoded Feedback "Phoenix" CDEP
2002 Dryft "The Mytotyc Exyt EP" CDEP
2002 God Module "Perception" CDEP
2002 Grendel "End Of Ages" CDEP
2002 In Strict Confidence "Herzattacke" CDEP
2002 The Orb "Daleth Of Elphame EP" CDEP
2002 S.I.N.A "Back In Stereo" CDEP
2002 Terminal Choice "Collective Suicide" CDEP
2002 Troum "Symbiosis" CDEP
2002 Various Artists "Uturn 2: An Exploration In Techno" CDEP
2003 Aghast View "Drifter.EP" CDEP
2003 Ah Cama-Sotz "Rites Of The Flesh" CDEP
2003 Aslan Faction "Sin-Drome Of Separation" CDEP
2003 Cyclotimia "Trivial Pleasures" CDEP
2003 Die Form "Zoopsia" CDEP
2003 E-Craft "Unit 371" CDEP
2003 Forms Of Things Unknown "Cross Purposes" CDEP
2003 Front 242 "Still & Raw" CDEP
2003 Hocico "Disidencia Inquebrantable" CDEP
2003 In Strict Confidence "Engelsstaub" CDEP
2003 Lights Of Euphoria "Fading Moments" CDEP
2003 Noise Process "Synapse (The Dead World EP)" CDEP
2003 Pow[d]er Pussy "One Day" CDEP
2003 Revolution By Night "Faithless" CDEP
2003 Symbiont "Broken Silence" CDEP
2003 To Avoid "Resurrection" CDEP
2004 Agonoize "Open The Gate / To Paradise" CDEP
2004 Alien Vampires "I'm Dead Fuck You" CDEP
2004 Asmus Tietchens "Eine Ganze Menge" CDEP
2004 Combichrist "Sex, Drogen Und Industrial" CDEP
2004 Final Selection "Heading For Graceland" CDEP
2004 L'Âme Immortelle "5 Jahre" CDEP
2004 Lamia "Carnival Of Lust" CDEP
2004 Neuroticfish "Bomb E.P." CDEP
2004 Plastic Noise Experience "Maschinenraum" CDEP
2004 Run Level Zero "And Thus We Walked..." CDEP
2004 Scott Sturgis "In A Haze" CDEP
2004 This Morn' Omina "The Drake Equation [ecf]" CDEP
2005 Angel Theory "Black And Blue EP" CDEP
2005 Cyclotimia "Algorithms" CDEP
2005 Edge Of Dawn "The Flight [Lux]" CDEP
2005 KiEw "Exit #72" CDEP
2005 Leæther Strip "Suicide Bombers" CDEP
2005 Meat Beat Manifesto "Off-Centre" CDEP
2005 Reaper "Angst EP" CDEP
2005 Retractor "Edge Of Incision" CDEP
2005 [:SITD:] "Odyssey: 13" CDEP
2005 Soman "Unleash" CDEP
2005 Sonar "Bad Man EP" CDEP
2005 Ultra Milkmaids "Lands" CDEP
2006 Absurd Minds "The Cycle" CDEP
2006 Alien Vampires "Nuns Are Pregnant" CDEP
2006 AM Inc. "Feuchte Hosen" CDEP
2006 Covenant "Ritual Noise" CDEP
2006 Empty "Open Aeon" CDEP
2006 :Golgatha: "Icarus E.P." CDEP
2006 Heimatærde "Unter Der Linden" CDEP
2006 In Strict Confidence "Where Sun And Moon Unite" CDEP
2006 Mentallo & The Fixer "Commandments For The Molecular Age" CDEP
2006 n0nplus "Keep Me Here" CDEP
2006 Noisuf-X "Tinnitus" CDEP
2006 Rotersand "Dare To Live - Perspectives On Welcome To Goodbye" CDEP
2006 The-Pulsar "Re-Wakening" CDEP
2006 ¥π¥ "Beat Planet" CDEP
2007 32Crash "Humanity" CDEP
2007 Deadjump "Scare Mix" CDEP
2007 Detune-X "White Powder" CDEP
2007 Reaper "The Devil Is Female" CDEP
2007 Robert Görl "Dark Tool Symphony" CDEP
2007 Schallfaktor "End Of Love E.P." CDEP
2007 Severe Illusion "Armed Evolution" CDEP
2007 :wumpscut: "DJ Dwarf Seven" CDEP
2008 Absolute Body Control "Live WGT 2007" CDEP
2008 Absolute Body Control "Never Seen" CDEP
2008 Combichrist "Frost EP: Sent To Destroy" CDEP
2008 Das Ich "Kannibale" CDEP
2008 Diverje "Unleashed" CDEP
2008 Eisenfunk "300" CDEP
2008 Empty "Aeon Xpand" CDEP
2008 Heimatærde "Vater" CDEP
2008 Nachtmahr "Katharsis" CDEP
2008 Orange Sector "Untertage E.P." CDEP
2008 Out Out "Breathing Again E.P." CDEP
2008 Rotersand "I Cry" CDEP
2008 Snog "City" CDEP
2008 Soman "Re:Up" CDEP