Reviewer:   Al Crawford
Доступные рецензии:
1983 SPK "Auto-Da-Fe'" CD
1984 Lustmord "Paradise Disowned" CD
1986 SPK "Zamia Lehmanni - Songs Of Byzantine Flowers" CD
1991 Delerium "Spiritual Archives" CD
1991 Die Krupps "Metall Maschinen Musik 91-81 Past Forward" CD
1992 Die Krupps "A Tribute To Metallica" CD
1992 Die Krupps "I" CD
1992 Front 242 "Live Target" CD
1992 Front Line Assembly "Tactical Neural Implant" CD
1992 Front Line Assembly "The Blade" CDEP
1992 KMFDM "Money" CD
1992 KMFDM "Sucks" CD5
1992 KMFDM "Vogue" CD5
1992 Lustmord "The Monstrous Soul" CD
1992 Nine Inch Nails "Broken" CDEP
1992 Nine Inch Nails "Fixed" CDEP
1992 Noise Unit "Strategy Of Violence" CD
1992 Skinny Puppy "Last Rights" CD
1992 Will "World Flesh Stone" CDEP
1992 Zoviet France "Collusion" CD
1993 Clock DVA "Sign" CD
1993 Die Krupps "II - The Final Option" CD
1993 Fear Factory "Fear Is The Mindkiller" CD5
1993 Front 242 "05:22:09:12 Off" CD
1993 Front 242 "06:21:03:11 Up Evil" CD
1993 Front 242 "Angels Versus Animals" CD5
1993 Front Line Assembly "Total Terror I" CD
1993 Front Line Assembly "Total Terror II" CD
1993 Intermix "Phaze Two" CD
1993 Laibach "Ljubljana-Zagreb-Beograd" CD
1993 Underworld "Dubnobasswithmyheadman" CD
1994 Clock DVA "Collective" CD
1994 Delerium "Flowers Become Screens" CD5
1994 Delerium "Semantic Spaces" CD
1994 Delerium "Spheres" CD
1994 Delerium "Spheres II" CD
1994 Front 242 "Live Code" CD
1994 Front Line Assembly "Millennium" CD
1994 Front Line Assembly "Millennium" CD5
1994 Laibach "NATO" CD
1994 Nine Inch Nails "The Downward Spiral" CD
1994 Underworld "Dark & Long" CD5
1995 Armageddon Dildos "Lost" CD
1995 Coil "Unnatural History II (Smiling In The Face Of Perversity)" CD
1995 Download "Furnace" CD
1995 Filter "Short Bus" CD
1995 Front 242 "Mut@ge Mix@ge" CD
1995 Front Line Assembly "Circuitry" CD5
1995 Front Line Assembly "Hard Wired" CD
1995 Front Line Assembly "Surface Patterns" CD5
1995 Intermix "Future Primitives" CD
1995 KMFDM "Nihil" CD
1995 Leæther Strip "Legacy Of Hate And Lust" CD
1995 Nine Inch Nails "Futher Down The Spiral" CD
1995 Project Pitchfork "Corps D'amour" CDEP
1995 Synaesthesia "Desideratum" 2xCD
1996 300,000 V.K. "Also Sprach Johann Paul II" CD
1996 Download "Charlie's Family" CD
1996 Download "Microscopic" CDEP
1996 Download "The Eyes Of Stanley Pain" CD
1996 Front Line Assembly "Live Wired" 2xCD
1996 Front Line Assembly "Plasticity" CD5
1996 KMFDM "Xtort" CD
1996 Laibach "Jesus Christ Superstars" CD
1996 Various Artists "The Remix Wars - Strike 2: Front Line Assembly vs Die Krupps" CDEP
1997 Delerium "Karma" CD
1997 Front Line Assembly "Colombian Necktie" CD5
1997 Front Line Assembly "FLAvour Of The Weak" CD
1997 KMFDM "undefined" CD
1997 Leæther Strip "Self-Inflicted" CD
1997 Noise Unit "Drill" CD
1997 NON "God And Beast" CD
1997 Pro-Tech "Orbiting Cathedrals" CD
1997 Project Pitchfork "Chakra: Red" CD
1997 Synaesthesia "Ephemeral" CD
1998 Covenant "Euro EP" CDEP
1998 Front 242 "Re:Boot (Live '98)" CD
1998 Front Line Assembly "Comatose" CD5
1998 VNV Nation "Solitary EP" CD5
1999 VNV Nation "Darkangel" CD5