Year:   2006
Доступные рецензии:
2006 Abandoned Shelter "Yersinia Pestis" CDr
2006 Absurd Minds "The Cycle" CDEP
2006 Ad Lux Tenebrae "Sketches From That Autumn" CDr
2006 Alarmen "There's No Place Like Hoan" CD
2006 Alien Sex Fiend "Para-Abnormal" CD
2006 Alien Vampires "Nuns Are Pregnant" CDEP
2006 Allerseelen "Cruor" 2xLP
2006 AM Inc. "Feuchte Hosen" CDEP
2006 Amduscia "From Abuse To Apostasy" CD+CD
2006 Amir Baghiri "Orbital Repose" CDr
2006 And One "Bodypop" CD+CDEP
2006 And One "Live At "Red Club", St-Petersburg, 07.10.2006" Live
2006 Andrew Chalk "Blue Eyes Of The March" CD
2006 Antigen Shift "The Way Of The North" CD
2006 Aphex Twin "Chosen Lords" CD
2006 Apoptygma Berzerk "Cambodia" CD5
2006 Apoptygma Berzerk "Shine On" CD5
2006 Archon Satani "Mind Of Flesh & Bones" CD
2006 Arzt+Pfusch "Warum?" 11xMP3
2006 As All Die "Victory" CD
2006 Ascii Disko "Alias" CD
2006 Asianova "At The Last Gate" CDr
2006 Asmorod "Hysope" CD
2006 Asmus Tietchens "Verstreutes 2" CD
2006 Asmus Tietchens "Verstreutes 2 / Zwei Stücke" CD+CDr
2006 Asmus Tietchens "ζ-Menge" CD
2006 Autoclav1.1 "Visitor Attractions" CD
2006 Autopsia "The Berlin Requiem" CD
2006 Bahntier "Blindoom" 2xCD
2006 Ballistic "Ballistic vs. Reality" CD
2006 Bardoseneticcube "XXX" CD
2006 Ben Watkins "Brave Story - Original Soundtrack" CD
2006 beta two agonist "Zero Point Field" CD
2006 Biosphere "Dropsonde" CD
2006 BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa "Drykkjuvísur Óhljódanna" CD
2006 Black Sun Productions "The Impossibility Of Silence" 2xCD
2006 Bleiburg "Occidentem Appello!" CDr
2006 Bocksholm "The Haunting Curse Of Skogs-Sara" CD
2006 BODYHAMMER "Neural Base Culture" 2xCD
2006 Carbon Based Lifeforms "World Of Sleepers" CD
2006 Carnivora "Perverted Dreamrealization" CDr
2006 Cdatakill "Valentine" CD
2006 Centhron "Gottwerk" CD
2006 Cesium:137 "Intelligent Design" CD
2006 A Challenge Of Honour "Spartan Victories" CDr
2006 Chaos Research "Revelations" CD
2006 Cheerleader69 "Godriders In The Sky" LP
2006 Circular "Shaping The Unknown" CD
2006 The Circular Ruins "Their Subtle Purpose" CDr
2006 Coil "Animal Are You?" CD5
2006 Coil "Black Antlers" CD+CD5
2006 Coil "Porto" CD
2006 Coil "The Remote Viewer" CD+CD5
2006 Covenant "Brave New World" CD5
2006 Covenant "Ritual Noise" CDEP
2006 Covenant "Skyshaper" CD+CD
2006 The Cure "The Top" CD+CD
2006 Cyborg Attack "Stoerf***tor" CD
2006 Cyclotimia "New Death Order" CD
2006 Darker Days Tomorrow "Zeitgeist" CD
2006 Das Ich "Cabaret (Limited Box)" CD+CD+DVD
2006 Delerium "Nuages Du Monde" CD
2006 Depeche Mode "Excited Mixes Vol. 3" CD
2006 Depeche Mode "Excited Mixes Vol. 4" CD
2006 Depeche Mode "People Are People (Unreleased "Jack" Mixes)" 12"
2006 Depeche Mode "Suffer Well" CD5
2006 Depeche Mode "Suffer Well (Club Promo)" CD5
2006 Depeche Mode "The Darkest Star" 12"
2006 Depeche Mode "The Sinner In Me (Ricardo Villalobos Conclave Remix)" 12"
2006 Depressive Disorder "In Depth" CD
2006 Der Blutharsch "Live In Copenhagen" CD
2006 Der Blutharsch "When Did Wonderland End?" CD+DVD
2006 Die Form "ExHuman" CD+DVD
2006 Die Sektor "To Be Fed Upon" CD
2006 Dismantled "Standard Issue" CD+CDEP
2006 Displacer "B(uddha)-Sides" 6xMP3
2006 Displacer "Cage Fighter's Lullaby" CD
2006 Displacer "Remixes For Free?" 10xMP3
2006 Dolls Of Pain "Dec[a]dance" CD
2006 Empty "Open Aeon" CDEP
2006 Eonic "Shadows" CD
2006 ESA "Devotion, Discipline, And Denial" CD
2006 Eternal Nightmare "Wake Up!" 6xMP3
2006 Faderhead "DJ Promo Single" CD5
2006 Fear Falls Burning "The Carnival Of Ourselves" LP
2006 Feindflug "...Hinter Feindlichen Linien" DVD
2006 Fektion Fekler "Immersed Heroics - Rarities 1992-1995 Vol. 1" CDr
2006 FGFC820 "Urban Audio Warfare" CD
2006 Fir§t Law "Chaos Structure" CD
2006 Five Thousand Spirits "Quantum Consciousness" CD
2006 Fjernlys "Ascending Triads & Luminous Arcs" 2xCD
2006 Foundation Hope "A Call To All Redeemers" CD
2006 Front Line Assembly "Artificial Soldier" CD
2006 Front Line Assembly "Live at "IKRA", Moscow, 30.08.2006" Live
2006 The Future Sound Of London "Papua New Guinea (Si Stylus Remix)" 12"
2006 The Future Sound Of London "Teachings From The Electronic Brain (The Best Of FSOL)" CD
2006 Gale Grand Central "The 1944 Samaritan Manual" CD
2006 Ganzer "Nahtriheccunde Gahinneverahtunin Zehgessurklach Zunnus" CDr
2006 Ganzer "Sophia" CDr
2006 Gaping Chasm "Fragments Of War" CD
2006 Geneviève Pasquier "Virgin Pulses" CD
2006 Ghosts Of Breslau "Gas" CDr
2006 Gjöll "Way Through Zero" CD
2006 Godkomplex "Audial Apostasy" CD
2006 :Golgatha: "Icarus E.P." CDEP
2006 The Grid "Slammer / Slinker" 12"
2006 [Haven] "Naos" CD
2006 Heimatærde "Kadavergehorsam" CD
2006 Heimatærde "Unter Der Linden" CDEP
2006 Herbst9 "Snake Of Saigon / From Below" 7"
2006 Hocico "A Través De Mundos Que Arden" DVD+CDEP
2006 Hysteresis "Measured Chaos" CD
2006 Imperative Reaction "As We Fall" CD
2006 Imperative Reaction "Eulogy For The Sick Child" CD
2006 Impulsive Lust "Gothic Reggae" CD
2006 In Strict Confidence "Exile Paradise" CD+CD5
2006 In Strict Confidence "The Serpent's Kiss" 3xCD5
2006 In Strict Confidence "Where Sun And Moon Unite" CDEP
2006 Inade "Samadhi State" CD
2006 Index AI "World Blade Center" CD
2006 Infekktion "Suffering Spirits" CD
2006 Instans "Common Ground" CD
2006 Interface "Beyond Humanity (Expanded Edition)" CD
2006 Inure "Disillusion" CDr
2006 Inure "Subversive" CD+CDr
2006 Isis Signum "Energy" 7xMP3
2006 IWR "Ground Zero" CD+CD
2006 Kelly David "Angkor" CD
2006 KiEw "Visite" CD
2006 Killing Ophelia "IAMAI" CD
2006 KMFDM "WWIII Tour 2003" DVD
2006 The Knife "Marble House" CD5
2006 The Knife "Silent Shout" CD
2006 Kobold "The Taste Of Copper" CD
2006 Kolpakopf "Danses Macabres" CDR
2006 Kolpakopf "Сны" CDR
2006 Konau "Speech From The Shadows" CD
2006 Korinth "Sign Of Eternal Return" CD
2006 Kristoffer Nyströms Orkester "brakeHEAD" CD
2006 La Lettre A Camus "Musique Du Cochon" CDR
2006 Laharis "Unpolitical Alchemy" CD
2006 Laibach "Divided States Of America" DVD
2006 Lammergeyer "Beneath The Sky" CDr
2006 Leæther Strip "After The Devastation" 2xCD+CD
2006 Leæther Strip "Fætish Box" CDEP+CD5
2006 Les Joyaux De La Princesse "1940-1944" 3xCD
2006 Lingua Fungi "Flowery Dreams" CD
2006 Llovespell "Excavated And Expectant" CDr
2006 Lustmord "Rising" CD
2006 Majdanek Waltz "Холод (Cold)" CD
2006 Massiv In Mensch "Dark Rave" 6xMP3
2006 Massiv In Mensch "Klang Der Unsterblichkeit" 6xAAC
2006 Mathias Grassow And Guests "Fata Morgana" CDr
2006 Meat Beat Manifesto "Live '05" CD
2006 Melanchoholics "A Single Act Of Carelessness" CD
2006 Melotron "Live At Club "Platforma", St-Petersburg, 09.05.2006" Live
2006 Mentallo & The Fixer "Commandments For The Molecular Age" CDEP
2006 Ministry "Rio Grande Blood" CD
2006 Mnemonic "Monokultur" CD
2006 Moljebka Pvlse "Dvnkl" CD
2006 Muslimgauze "Speaker Of Turkish" CD
2006 n0nplus "Keep Me Here" CDEP
2006 Necropolis "Necrosphere" CD
2006 nEGAPADRÉS.3.3. "Exstrophy Of Amphigouris" CD
2006 Nerve Filter "Linear" CD
2006 New Order "True Faith / Regret" 12"
2006 Noisuf-X "Tinnitus" CDEP
2006 Northaunt "Horizons" CD
2006 Nostalgia "Beyond Horizon" CDr
2006 Nurse With Wound "Rat Tapes One" CD
2006 NVMPH "Diod Man" CD
2006 Olhon "Sinkhole" CD
2006 Ontayso "The Long River Run 2" CDr
2006 OOO "Aether Dynamic" CD
2006 Oöphoi "Amnios" CDr
2006 Oöphoi "Aquos - The Complete Drones" CDr
2006 Oöphoi "Dreams Part One" CD
2006 Oöphoi "Dreams Part Two" CD
2006 Oöphoi "Signals From The Great Beyond - The Complete Recordings (The Crop Circles Enigma)" 3xCDr
2006 Orange Sector "Bassprodukt" CD
2006 Out Out "Virtual Sound Images" CD
2006 Pacific 231 "Ethnicities" CD
2006 Painbastard "No Need To Worry" CD
2006 Panzertank "Hakenkreuz" MP3
2006 Pet Shop Boys "Fundamentalism (Part 1)" 12"
2006 Pet Shop Boys "Minimal (The Remixes)" CDr
2006 Phelios "Passage" CDr
2006 Plastic Noise Experience "Dead Or Alive & Transmission Completed" CD+CD
2006 Pneumatic Detach "[re·vis·cer·a]" CD
2006 Portion Control "Filthy White Guy" CD
2006 Pow[d]er Pussy "Just 2 Annoy You" CD5
2006 Prometheus Burning "Beyond Repair" CD
2006 Propergol "Ground Proximity Warning System" CD
2006 Rabia Sorda "Métodos Del Caos" CD
2006 Rabia Sorda "Save Me From My Curse" CD5
2006 Rapoon "Church Road" CD
2006 Rapoon "From Shadows Sleep" CD
2006 Rasputin "Gegen Die Wand" CDr
2006 The Retrosic "Nightcrawler" CD+CD+DVD
2006 Reutoff "Three Withered Souls" CD+CD
2006 Revolting Cocks "Cocked And Loaded" CD
2006 Revolution By Night "Machine Code: Tour 2006 CD" CDr
2006 Robert Rich "Electric Ladder" CD
2006 Robert Ziino "Plastic Loves Global Warming" CD
2006 Rotersand "Dare To Live - Perspectives On Welcome To Goodbye" CDEP
2006 Ruhr Hunter "Moss & Memory" CD
2006 S.Q.E. "Rise Of The Vulcans" CD
2006 Sandoz "In Dub: Chapter Two/Extra Time (Under The Stones)" 8xAAC
2006 SANG.RÆL "Seasons Change And Illusions Fade" CD
2006 Sator Absentia "ExisTime" CD
2006 S:cage "Madness Turns To Glass" CD
2006 Schallfaktor "Schmerzgrenze" CD
2006 Schloss Tegal "The Myth Of Meat" CD
2006 Seabound "Double-Crosser" CD+CD5
2006 Severe Illusion "Panopticon" CD5
2006 Severe Illusion "Shortcut To Civilization" CD
2006 Sheep On Drugs "Best Of A Bad Bunch" CD
2006 Shinjuku Thief "Devolution" CD
2006 Siva Six "Black Will" CD
2006 Skadi "Eliwagar" CD
2006 Skoyz "Hologram" CD
2006 Smooth Quality Excrement "Plastic Perpendicular Crevice" CDr
2006 Snog "Sixteen Easy Tunes For The End Times" CD
2006 Snog "The Kings Of Hate" CD5
2006 Soyuz Project "Bulk06" CDr
2006 Stahlfrequenz "Coma Themes" CD
2006 Stahlwerk 9 "1905" CD
2006 Stahlwerk 9 "Der Tod Nagelt Die Augen Zu" CD
2006 Steril "400 Years Of Electronic Music" CD
2006 Steve Roach "Immersion : One" CD
2006 Steve Roach "Proof Positive" CD
2006 Steve Roach "Storm Surge: Steve Roach Live At NEARfest" CD
2006 Subhuman "Untitled II" CDr
2006 Suicide Commando "Bind, Torture, Kill" CD+CD5
2006 Supreme Court "Hypocrites + Saints" CD+CD
2006 Symbiotic "Divide" 15xMP3
2006 Syntech "Best Of Vol. 2 (Signed & Numbered)" CDr
2006 Tactical Sekt "Syncope (Limited Edition)" CD+CD
2006 Taruna "World Fusion 3" CD
2006 TAT "Quinta Essentia" CD
2006 Taxim "Ecclesiophobia" CD
2006 Terminal Choice "New Born Enemies" CD+CD
2006 Terrorfakt "Teethgrinder" CD
2006 The-Pulsar "Re-Wakening" CDEP
2006 Tik & Tok "Slightly Deranged EP" CDr
2006 Tolchock "Wipe Out - Burn Down - Annihilate" CD
2006 Toxic Coma "Toxic Coma" 8xMP3+MP3
2006 Triarii "Pièce Héroique" CD
2006 Underworld "Peggy Sussed" 12"
2006 Underworld "Riverrun Remix Sampler" CDr
2006 Underworld "Vanilla Monkey" 12"
2006 Unheilig "Moderne Zeiten" CD
2006 The Unquiet Void "The Shadow-Haunted Outside" CD
2006 Urawa "Parable Of The Driver" CD
2006 Urceus Exit "Contra [Bonus Tracks And Remixes]" 10xAAC
2006 Urceus Exit "Metro [Bonus Tracks And Remixes]" 7xAAC
2006 Ure Thrall "Arabian Knightmares" CD
2006 Ure Thrall "Robotic Warchants Of 2084" CDr
2006 Ure Thrall "Sinistarecase / Into The Terminal Realm" CDr
2006 Ure Thrall "Technological Abyss" CDr
2006 Vánargandr "Valtivar" CDr
2006 Various "Echo Revolution" CDr
2006 Various "Kraftworld - Brazilian Tribute To Kraftwerk" CD
2006 Velvet Acid Christ "Calling Ov The Dead" CD
2006 Velvet Acid Christ "Lust For Blood" CD
2006 Velvet Acid Christ "Wound" CD5
2006 Virtual Victim "Opfer E.P." CDr
2006 Visions "Celestial Sphere" 10"
2006 VNV Nation "Live At Club "Platforma", St-Petersburg, 01.04.2006" Live
2006 ¥π¥ "Beat Planet" CDEP
2006 Wrong Number "Gun-Type Fission Weapon" CD
2006 :wumpscut: "Cannibal Anthem" CD+CD
2006 :wumpscut: "DJ Dwarf Six" CD5
2006 :wumpscut: "Jesus Antichristus / Die Liebe" CD5
2006 :wumpscut: "Killer Archives" CD
2006 Xabec "Using Unused Methods" CD
2006 XP8 "Live At Club "Platforma", St-Petersburg, 06.07.2006" Live
2006 Yendri "Playdoll" CD
2006 Yersinia Pestis "Bacteriophobia" CDr
2006 Yggdrasil "Don't Feed The Toadstools/Ryggsill" CDR
2006 Z'EV "Past Life" CD
2006 Zoät-Aon "The Triplex Bestial" CD
2006 МП44 "Подавление. Унификация. Подчинение." 10xMP3