Year:   2001
Доступные рецензии:
2001 Ab Ovo "Triode" CD
2001 Absurd Minds "Damn The Lie" 2xCD
2001 Accessory "Deadline EP" CD5
2001 Barry Adamson/Pan Sonic "Motorlab #3: The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion" CD
2001 ADD "MRGnal" CDR
2001 AFX "2 Remixes By AFX" CD5
2001 Ah Cama-Sotz "Excrementos Diabolicos" 7"
2001 Ah Cama-Sotz "Frames.Sotz.v2" CD3
2001 Ah Cama-Sotz "Mantra" CDEP
2001 Aïboforcen "Sons Palliatifs" CD
2001 Aïboforcen "Sons Palliatifs" 2xCD
2001 Aktivate Sin "Psychology Of The Hateful Mind" CD
2001 Alien Sex Fiend "Flashbacks! (Live 1995-98)" CD
2001 Alio Die "Leaves Net" CD
2001 Alio Die/Amelia Cuni "Apsaras" CD
2001 And One "Amerika Brennt!" MP3
2001 Anenzephalia "Anenzephalia" CD
2001 AntechO "Im Osten Nichts Neues" CDR
2001 Aphex Twin "Drukqs" 2xCD
2001 Aphex Twin "Drukqs Promo" CD5
2001 Apoptygma Berzerk "APBL2000" CD
2001 Apoptygma Berzerk "Kathy's Song (Come Lie Next To Me)" 12"
2001 Apoptygma Berzerk "Starsign" CD5
2001 Assemblage 23 "Addendum" CD
2001 Assemblage 23 "Disappoint" CD5
2001 Assemblage 23 "Failure" CD
2001 Aube "Live In Montreal 2000" CDR
2001 Aube "Skystreamspeedspreadetroit" CDR
2001 Aural Blasphemy "Catharsis" CD
2001 Autechre "Confield" CD
2001 Bad Sector "Polonoid" CD
2001 Bad Sector "The Harrow" CD
2001 Biosphere "Substrata 2" 2xCD
2001 Black Lung "Profound And Sentimental Journey" CDEP
2001 Blood Axis & Les Joyaux De La Princesse "Absinthe: La Folie Vert" CD
2001 BlutEngel "Black Roses" CD5
2001 BlutEngel "Bloody Pleasures" CD5
2001 BlutEngel "Seelenschmerz" 2xCD
2001 Bocksholm "Excursions By The Bank Of Black River" CD
2001 Breathe "The Laughing Dolls" CD
2001 Thom Brennan "Shimmer" CD
2001 BT "R&R: Rare & Remixed" 2xCD
2001 C.O.T.A. "Marches And Meditations" CD
2001 Cabaret Voltaire "Remixed" CD
2001 Cephalgy "Warum" CDR
2001 Cesium 137 "The Fall" CD5
2001 A Challenge Of Honour "The Ambient Works 2000-2001" CDR
2001 Chris & Cosey "The Essential Chris And Cosey Collection" 2xCD
2001 Clear Vision "Deception" CD
2001 COH "Love Uncut" CDEP
2001 Coil "Live At "DK Gorbunov", Moscow, 15.09.2001" Live
2001 Coil "Live In NYC, August 18, 2001" CDR
2001 Coil "Пособие для кончающих: Волос Злата" CD
2001 Coil "Пособие для начинающих: Глас Серебра" CD
2001 Converter / Asche / Morgenstern "Erode" CD
2001 Current 93/Nurse With Wound "Bright Yellow Moon/Purtle" 2xCD
2001 "Dataseed" CD
2001 Cyclobe "The Visitors" CD
2001 Dance Or Die "Schlafendeenergie" CD
2001 Dark Illumination "Dead Planet" CD
2001 Deathline International "Cybrid" CD
2001 Delerium "Innocente" 12"
2001 Delerium "Innocente" CD5
2001 Delerium "Odyssey - The Remix Collection" 2xCD
2001 Delerium "Underwater" 12"/2xCD5
2001 Depeche Mode "Extended Exciter" CD
2001 Der Blutharsch "First Album" CD
2001 Der Blutharsch "When All Else Fails!" CD
2001 Desiderii Marginis "Deadbeat" CD
2001 Die Form "Akt" 2xCD
2001 Die Form "Archives & Documents III" 2xCD
2001 Diskaholics Anonymous Trio "Diskaholics Anonymous Trio" CD
2001 Dismantled "Demo Variation" CDR
2001 "Neverland/Drag Me Down" CD5
2001 Dupont "Ukraina" CD
2001 E-Craft "Dos Unit" CD
2001 E-Craft "Faradayscher Käfig" CDEP
2001 Einstürzende Neubauten "Strategies Against Architecture III" 2xCD
2001 Electro Synthetic Rebellion "Distorted Visions" CD
2001 Endraum "Der Leanderkern" 2xCD
2001 Endraum "Herzklang Spiegeit Am Strassenrand" CD
2001 Esplendor Geométrico "Kosmos Kino" CD
2001 Eurocide "Dark Matter" CDR
2001 Fennesz "Endless Summer" CD
2001 Foetus "Blow" CD
2001 Foetus "Flow" CD
2001 Front Line Assembly "Epitaph" CD
2001 Front Line Assembly "Everything Must Perish" CD5
2001 Funker Vogt "Code 7477" CDEP
2001 Funker Vogt "Subspace" CD5
2001 The Future Sound Of London "Accelerator" CD
2001 The Future Sound Of London "Papua New Guinea Translations" CD
2001 Glis "Extract" CD
2001 Mathias Grassow "Equilibrium" CDR
2001 Mathias Grassow "The OM Drones" CD
2001 Randy Greif "War Of The World" CD
2001 Grendel "Inhumane Amusement" CD
2001 Gridlock "Trace" CD
2001 Gydja "Liber Babalon" 2xCDR
2001 Hana "Omen" CD
2001 Haujobb "Polarity" CD
2001 Hazard/Fennesz/Biosphere "Light" CDEP
2001 Hexedene "Bullet Proof Diva's" CD
2001 Humanoid "Stakker Humanoid 2001" 12"
2001 Hybryds "Tryptykh" CD
2001 In Slaughter Natives "Re-Enter Salvation" 5xCD
2001 In Slaughter Natives "Recollection" CD
2001 In Strict Confidence "The Truth Inside Of Me" CD3
2001 In The Nursery "Siren" CD
2001 Inade "The Crackling Of The Anonymous" CD
2001 Inure "Seemless" CD
2001 Ivory Frequency "Today" CD5
2001 Job Karma "Newson" CD
2001 James Johnson - Vir Unis - Christopher Short "Aqua Culture I" CDR
2001 Juno Reactor "Masters Of The Universe" CD5
2001 Karjalan Sissit "Karjalan Sissit" CD
2001 cEvin Key "The Ghost Of Each Room" CD
2001 Kiew "Divergent" CD
2001 Klinik "End Of The Line" 4xCD
2001 Kramm "Couer" CD
2001 L'Ame Immortelle "Dann Habe Ich Umsonst Gelebt" CD
2001 L'Ame Immortelle "Judgement" CD5
2001 La Lettre A Camus "Avec 1913" CDR
2001 La Lettre A Camus "Is Your Journey Really Necessary?" CDR
2001 La Lettre A Camus "L'Espace De LLAC" CDR
2001 Lethargy "Escapa" CD
2001 Lucisferrato "Weltanschauliche Mission" LP
2001 Lull/Origami Arktika "Brook" CD
2001 Lustmord "Metavoid" CD
2001 Marilyn Manson "The Fight Song" CD5
2001 Marilyn Manson "The Fight Song ~ Rare Tracks" CDEP
2001 Marilyn Manson "The Nobodies" CD5
2001 Materialschlacht "Volk Steht Auf Der Sturm Bricht Los" 7"
2001 Melek-Tha "Armageddon Theory" 2xCDR
2001 Melek-Tha "Gloriam Demondi" CD
2001 Melotron "Brüder" CD5
2001 Mentallo And The Fixer "Return To Grimpen Ward" CD
2001 Mentallo And The Fixer "Vengeance Is Mine" CD
2001 Ministry "Greatest Fits" CD
2001 Ministry "What About Us?" CD5
2001 Mombus "Glyptos" CDR
2001 Monstrum Sepsis "Primordial Notion [Alpha]" CD
2001 The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud "Mass For The Dead" 2xCD
2001 Morgenstern "Cold" CD
2001 Morpheus "Ouroboros" CD
2001 Muslimgauze "Eye For An Eye" LP
2001 Muslimgauze "Muslimgauze" CD
2001 Mz.412 "Domine Rex Inferum" CD
2001 Na-Dha "Voices Without A Sound" CD
2001 Necro Facility "Malice And Hate" CDR
2001 New Mind "Phoenix" CD
2001 Nine Inch Nails "Deep" CD5
2001 No + Tarkatak "Q" CDR
2001 Nor Elle "Slapstick" CD
2001 Numina "Evolving Visions" CDR
2001 NVMPH "Nuclear 45 Is Dead" CD
2001 Objekt/Urian "Tonfragmente II" CDEP
2001 ohGr "Welt" CD
2001 Olhon "Veiovis" CD
2001 Oöphoi/Tau Ceti "Celestial Geometries" CD
2001 The Orb "Auntie Aubrey's Excusions Beyond The Call Of Duty 2" 2xCD
2001 The Orb "Cydonia" CD
2001 Orchestra Terrestial "Here And Elsewhere" CD
2001 Organisation Toth "Follow The Red Örder" 10"
2001 Orphx "The Living Tissue" CD
2001 Othila "Untitled" CD5
2001 Oval "Ovalcommers" CD
2001 Painbastard "Just Like Dying (First Blood Edition)" CDR
2001 Pan Sonic "Aaltopiiri" CD
2001 Nick Parkin "Entropolis" CD
2001 Jeff Pearce "The Light Beyond" CD
2001 Pet Shop Boys "Please / Further Listening 1984-1986" 2xCD
2001 Pet Shop Boys "Very / Further Listening 1992-1994" 2xCD
2001 Phallus Dei "Nature Mortes" CD
2001 Plastic Assault "We Score" CD
2001 Project Pitchfork "Daimonion" CD
2001 Project Pitchfork "Existence" CD5
2001 Project Pitchfork "Lost & Found" 2xCD
2001 Project Pitchfork "Timekiller" CD5
2001 Propergol "Renegade" CD
2001 Razed In Black "Oh My Goth!" CDEP
2001 Reversal Penetrations "Cut Up Violation" CD
2001 Re|Work "Impulse" CD
2001 Re|Work "To Our Remains" CD5
2001 Boyd Rice And Friends "Wolf Pact" CD
2001 Robert Rich "Bestiary" CD
2001 Robert Rich "Somnium" DVD
2001 Steve Roach "Pure Flow: Timeroom Editions Collection 1" CD
2001 Steve Roach/Jorge Reyes "Vine ~ Bark & Spore" CD
2001 Ruhr Hunter & Chaos As Shelter "One" CD
2001 S.A.T.K.A / Sedarka "Living Twice" CD
2001 S.P.O.C.K. "2001: A S.P.O.C.K. Odyssey" CD
2001 S.P.O.C.K. "Queen Of Space" CDS
2001 S.P.O.C.K. "Queen Of Space" CD5
2001 S.P.O.C.K. "Satellites" CD5
2001 Shadowbug 4 "We Are Beginning Our Descent" CD
2001 Skinny Puppy "Doomsday: Back And Forth Vol. 5 Live" CD
2001 Skorbut "Log In" CD
2001 Sola Translatio "Ad Infinitum" CD
2001 Solitary Experiments "Paradox" CD
2001 Somatic Responses "Accidental Happiness" CDEP
2001 Somatic Responses "Augmented Lines" CD
2001 Somatic Responses "Tlooz" 7"
2001 Sonar "Parallel Friction" 7"
2001 Sophia "Herbstwerk/Aus Der Welt" 2xCD
2001 Spahn Ranch "Closure" CD
2001 Spear "Sapphire Flower" CD+CDR
2001 Species Of Fishes "Festival" CDR
2001 A Split-Second "Transmix" CD
2001 Stereo Modus "Navi EP" CDR
2001 Stratvm Terror "The Only True Septic Whore" CD
2001 Stromkern "Flicker Like A Candle: Millenium Edition" CD
2001 Suicide Commando "Love Breeds Suicide EP" CD5
2001 T.O.Y. "Space Radio" CD
2001 Thighpaulsandra "I, Thighpaulsandra" 2xCD
2001 Thighpaulsandra "The Michel Publicity Window E.P." CD5
2001 This Morn' Omina "Taiu" CD
2001 David Thrussell "The Voices Of Reason" CD
2001 Asmus Tietchens "Beta-Menge" CD
2001 Franz Treichler "Braindance" CD
2001 Tribes Of Neurot "Live At Beyond The Pale 2001" CD
2001 U:Phonics "Running" CD5
2001 Various Artists "A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails: Closer To The Spiral" CD
2001 Various Artists "A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails: Re-Covered In Nails 2.001" CD
2001 Various Artists "Future Sounds Of Tomsk" CDR
2001 Various Artists "Heilige Feuer" CD
2001 Various Artists "Сборник №4 журнала "Результаты"" CDR
2001 Velvet Acid Christ "Dial8" CD5
2001 Vidna Obmana "Tremor" CD
2001 VNV Nation "Advance And Follow (v2)" CD
2001 VNV Nation "Genesis.1" CD5
2001 VNV Nation "Genesis.2" CD5
2001 Von Thronstahl "E Pluribus Unum" CD
2001 Von Thronstahl "Leipzig "Lichttaufe" 2000" 7"
2001 Vromb "Episodes" CD
2001 Wappenbund "Zeitenwende" CD
2001 Wappenbund/Ophir "Blood & Fire/Nichts Ist Verloren Part I & II" CDR
2001 Witch-Hunt "The Rites of Samhain" CDR
2001 :wumpscut: "Deliverance" CD5
2001 :wumpscut: "Wreath Of Barbs" CD
2001 Xabec "Seelenschiff" CD
2001 Xingu Hill/Squaremeter "This Anxious Space" CD
2001 Xotox "Normalzustand: Angst" CDR
2001 Xotox "Rhythm Of Fear" CDR
2001 [+] Z.e.t.a. X "Feoh" CD
2001 Ø + Noto "Wohltemperiert" CD