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Доступные рецензии:
1970 Organisation "Tone Float" LP
1976 Albrecht/d. & Throbbing Gristle "Music From The Death Factory" CS
1976 Cabaret Voltaire "The Outer Limits" CS
1977 Klaus Schulze "Body Love" CD
1979 Cabaret Voltaire "Mix-Up" CD
1979 Clock DVA "Group Fragments" CS
1979 Throbbing Gristle "20 Jazz Funk Greats" CD
1980 Cabaret Voltaire "The Voice Of America" CD
1980 Einstürzende Neubauten "Moon, 1. April" CS
1980 Einstürzende Neubauten "Stahlmusik" CS
1980 NON + Smegma "Smegma + NON" 7"
1981 Cabaret Voltaire "Jazz The Glass" 7"
1981 Die Krupps "Stahlwerksinfonie & Wahre Arbeit - Wahrer Lohn" CD
1981 Einstürzende Neubauten "Kollaps" CD
1981 Kraftwerk "Computer Love" 7"
1981 New Order "Ceremony" 12"
1981 The New Order "Bradford Red Light District" LP
1981 Stefan Weisser "Poextensions & Contexts" 7"
1982 Cabaret Voltaire "2x45" CD
1982 Cabaret Voltaire "Yashar" 12"
1982 Chris & Cosey "Trance" CD
1982 Clock DVA "High Holy Disco Mass" 12"
1982 Die Form "Le Plomb Des Cartes / La Loge Infernale" CS
1982 Die Krupps "Volle Kraft Voraus!" CD
1982 Einstürzende Neubauten "Livematerial" CDEP
1982 Einstürzende Neubauten "Stahldubversions" CDEP
1982 Le Syndicat "Le Document" CS
1982 New Order "Temptation" 12"
1982 Nocturnal Emissions "Whisky" CS
1982 :Zoviet-France: "untitled" CD
1983 Bourbonese Qualk "Live In Club Moral" CS
1983 Coil "Transparent" CD
1983 John Duncan & Cosey Fanni Tutti & Chris Carter "Nicki" EP
1983 Randy Greif "It's In A Box" CS
1983 Hidious In Strength "As Recorded Live" CS
1983 Ministry "Work For Love" CD
1983 Ministry "Work For Love" 12"
1983 SPK "From Science To Ritual" CS
1983 Test Dept. "Strength Of Metal In Motion" CS
1983 Yello "I Love You" 7"
1983 Yello "Let Me Cry" 12"
1983 Yello "Lost Again" 12"
1983 Yello "Pumping Velvet / No More Words / Lost Again / Bostich" 12"
1983 Yello "You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess" 12"
1984 Alone Again Or "Drum The Beat (In My Soul)" 7"
1984 Bourbonese Qualk "Hope" LP
1984 Cabaret Voltaire "Micro-Phonies" CD
1984 Cabaret Voltaire "Sensoria" 12"
1984 Coil "Scatology" CD
1984 Controlled Bleeding "Controlled Bleeding" CS
1984 Die Krupps "Entering The Arena" CD
1984 Hidious In Strength "Eyes See To This" CS
1984 Hidious In Strength "Slow & Painful Sex" CS
1984 Le Syndicat "Hammerbones / Putrefied Brain" CS
1984 New Order "Murder" 12"
1984 Nurse With Wound / Current 93 "Nylon Coverin' Body Smotherin'" CS
1984 Carlos Peron "Frigorex" 12"
1984 Pet Shop Boys "One More Chance" 12"
1984 Pet Shop Boys "West End Girls" 7"
1984 Pet Shop Boys "West End Girls [DE]" 7"
1984 Psychic TV "N.Y. Scum" LP
1984 Boyd Rice/Frank Tovey "Easy Listening For The Hard Of Hearing" CD
1984 SPK "Junk Funk (The Special Crash Mix)" 12"
1984 Women Of The SS "Possession Ov Thee Matrix" 7"
1984 Yello "Live At The Roxy N.Y. Dec. 83" 12"
1985 Alone Again Or "Dream Come True" 7"
1985 Alone Again Or "Dream Come True" 12"
1985 The Cassandra Complex "March" 12"
1985 Chris & Cosey "Sweet Surprise" 12"
1985 Controlled Bleeding "Death In The Cameroon" CS
1985 Controlled Bleeding "Shitslipper" CS
1985 Controlled Bleeding "Trailer Fuck" CS
1985 Die Form "Hurt" CS
1985 Hartmann / Bourbonese Qualk "Music While You Work" CS
1985 In The Nursery "Angel Chrome" CS
1985 Laibach "Laibach" CD
1985 Laibach "Live In V2" CS
1985 Laibach "Rekapitulacija 1980-1984" CD
1985 Le Syndicat "Delikatëssen" CS
1985 Le Syndicat "Rectal Strugle" CS
1985 Le Syndicat "Vagynaestetatis" CS
1985 Ministry "Twitch" CD
1985 Moskwa TV "Generator 7/8" 12"
1985 Moskwa TV "Tekno Talk (Bombing Mix)" 12"
1985 Nocturnal Emissions "Shake Those Chains Rattle Those Cages" LP
1985 Pet Shop Boys "Opportunities (Let's Make Lots Of Money)" 7"
1985 Pet Shop Boys "Opportunities [Accetate]" 7"
1985 Sleep Chamber "Ikons & Ov" CS
1985 Sleep Chamber "Live At The Air Station" CS
1985 Yello "Desire" 12"
1985 Yello "Vicious Games" 7"/12"
1986 The Art Of Noise "Daft" CD
1986 The Art Of Noise "In Visible Silence" CD
1986 The Art Of Noise "In Visible Silence "We Do What Others Don't"" VHS
1986 Cabaret Voltaire "The Drain Train/The Pressure Company Live In Sheffield" CD
1986 The Cassandra Complex "Grenade" CD
1986 Esplendor Geométrico "1980-1981" CS
1986 Esplendor Geométrico "En Roma" CS
1986 Illusion Of Safety "My Mind Is Killing Me" CS
1986 Laibach "The Occupied Europe Tour 1983-1985" CD
1986 Le Syndicat "Rectitude" CS
1986 MCL "Satellite" 12"
1986 Moskwa TV "The Art Of Fashion" 12"
1986 New Order "Brotherhood" CD
1986 Pet Shop Boys "Paninaro" 12"
1986 Pet Shop Boys "Suburbia" 7"
1986 Psychic TV "Themes 3" LP
1986 Graeme Revell "The Insect Musicians" CD
1986 Revolting Cocks "Big Sexy Land" CD
1986 Sleep Chamber "Best Ov The Rest" 12xCS
1986 Yello "1980-1985: The New Mix In One Go" CD
1986 Yello "Goldrush" CD5
1986 :Zoviet-France: "Gesture Signal Threat" CD
1987 The Art Of Noise "Dragnet" CD5
1987 The Art Of Noise "In No Sense? Nonsense!" CD
1987 The Art Of Noise "Re-works Of Art Of Noise" CD
1987 The Cassandra Complex "Feel The Width" CD
1987 Crash Worship "This" CS
1987 Einstürzende Neubauten "Fünf Auf Der Nach Oben Offenen Richerskala" CD
1987 Front 242 "Hadafi Commando" CD
1987 Illusion Of Safety "Violence And Geography" CS
1987 Laibach "Opus Dei" CD
1987 Laibach "Slovenska Akropola" CD
1987 Le Syndicat "Relapse" CS
1987 Lee Chubby King "Yo' Pusface" 12"
1987 MCL "Code Numbers" LP
1987 Meat Beat Manifesto "Suck Hard" 12"
1987 Ministry "Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984" CD
1987 Moskwa TV "Brave New World" 12"
1987 nEGAPADRES.3.3. "nEGAPADRÉS.3.3." LP
1987 New Order "True Faith" CD5
1987 Off "Step By Step (Remix)" 12"
1987 Pop Will Eat Itself "Love Missile F1-11" EP
1987 Clint Ruin/Lydia Lunch "Stinkfist" CDEP
1987 Screaming Corpses "A Different State Of Consciousness" CS
1987 Sleep Chamber "Live At TT The Bears 7-8-87" CS
1987 SPK "Digitalis Ambigua - Gold And Poison" CD
1987 T.A.G.C. "Big Sex" 12"
1987 The Tear Garden "Tired Eyes Slowly Burning" CD
1987 Test Dept. "Europe" CS
1987 Test Dept. "Victory" 12"
1987 Wiseblood "Dirtdish" CD
1987 Yazoo / Depeche Mode "Yaz-Ode" LP
1987 Yello "Call It Love" 12"
1987 Yello "The Rhythm Divine" 12"/CD5
1987 :Zoviet-France: "A Flock Of Rotations" CD
1988 Benjamin Lew / Controlled Bleeding "Les Nouvelles Musiques De Chambre #1" LP
1988 Jonathan Briley / John Zewizz "Briley Zewizz" CS
1988 Chris & Cosey "Collectiv One" CD
1988 Controlled Bleeding "Music For Gilded Chambers" LP
1988 Dance Or Die "Move" 12"
1988 Demoniac Puppets "Embryonal Thoughts" CS
1988 Die Form / Asmus Tietchens "Face To Face Vol. 1" LP
1988 Einstürzende Neubauten "Yü-Gung" CD5
1988 Front Line Assembly "Digital Tension Dementia" CD5
1988 Randy Greif "The Shadow Traders" CS
1988 The Hafler Trio "Intoutof" CD
1988 Illusion Of Safety With Dead Tech "Confusion" CS
1988 Klinik "The Klinik" CD
1988 KMFDM "Don't Blow Your Top" CD
1988 Laibach "Across The Universe" CD3
1988 Laibach "Sympathy For The Devil" CD
1988 Maeror Tri "Dedicated To A New Dawn" CS
1988 MCL "New York / Communicate" 12"
1988 Meat Beat Manifesto "God O.D." CD5
1988 Moskwa TV "Generator 7/8 - 88" 12"
1988 Mother Tongue "Open In Obscurity" LP
1988 New Order "Blue Monday '88" CD5
1988 Nine Inch Nails "Purest Feeling" CD
1988 Nurse With Wound "Soliloquy For Lilith" 2xCD
1988 Carlos Peron "A Dirty Song" 12"
1988 Carlos Peron "Impersonator II" CD
1988 Psychic TV "Live At Thee Circus" LP
1988 Second Voice "Perpetuate" CS
1988 Shamen vs Bam Bam "Transcendental" 12"
1988 The Shamen "What's Going Down?" CD
1988 Sleep Chamber "Sleep Sequence" CS
1988 Suicide Commando "Suicide Commando" CS
1988 Test Dept. "Natura Victus" 12"
1988 Theee Rebearth Corporation "Verses" LP
1988 Asmus Tietchens "Aus Freude Am Elend" LP
1988 Tribantura "Lack Of Sense" 12"
1988 Wicky Wacky "Let's Get Down" 12"
1988 Women Of The SS "Ov Pure Blood" CS
1988 Z'EV "Bust This!" LP
1989 à;GRUMH... "A Hard Knight's Day" CD
1989 Acid Horse "No Name No Slogan" CD5
1989 Amnesia "It's A Dream (Remix)" 12"
1989 The Art Of Noise "Paranoimia '89" 12"
1989 The Art Of Noise "Yebo!" 12"
1989 The Cassandra Complex "30 Minutes Of Death" CDEP
1989 Cat Rapes Dog "Maximum Overdrive" CD
1989 Chris & Cosey "Collectiv Two: The Best Of Chris & Cosey" CD
1989 Clock DVA "Hacker (Hacked)" CD5
1989 Controlled Bleeding "Songs From The Grinding Wall" CDEP
1989 Delerium "Faces, Forms And Illusions" CD
1989 Delerium "Morpheus" CD
1989 Die Krupps With Nitzer Ebb "The Machineries Of Joy" 12"
1989 Einstürzende Neubauten "Haus Der Lüge" CD
1989 Entre Vifs "Heavy Duty" CS
1989 Federal State "N: Euro" CD
1989 The Force Dimension "Tension" CD5
1989 The Force Dimension "The Force Dimension (Red Version)" CD
1989 Front Line Assembly "Gashed Senses And Crossfire" CD
1989 Glatze Des Willens "¿Qué Dice El Oso?" LP
1989 Humanoid "Crystals (Back Together)" 12"
1989 Illusion Of Safety "In 70 Countries" CS
1989 In The Nursery "Counterpoint" CD
1989 KMFDM "Virus" CD5
1989 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Kooler Than Jesus" CD
1989 Nocturnal Emissions "Da Dum" 7"
1989 Noise Unit "Grinding Into Emptiness" CD
1989 The Orb "A Huge Ever-Growing Pulsating Brain That Rules From The Centre..." 12"/2xCD5
1989 The Orb "Kiss EP" 12"
1989 Carlos Peron "Gold For Iron" CD
1989 Pet Shop Boys "Left To My Own Devices / The Retrospective Mix" 12"
1989 Pig "Sick City / Shit For Brains" 12"
1989 Pop Will Eat Itself "Can U Dig It?" CD5
1989 Psychic TV "Live At Thee Ritz" LP
1989 Psychick Television "A Real Swedish Live Show" LP
1989 Reptilicus "Temperature Of Blood" CD
1989 Romantic Affliction "Swelling Sickness" CS
1989 Deborah Sasson & MCL "(Carmen) Danger In Her Eyes" 12"
1989 Scarecrow "Black Door" 12"
1989 Second Voice "A Strange Day's D.A.W.N." CS
1989 Skinny Puppy "12 Inch Anthology" CD
1989 Sleep Chamber "Sins Ov Obsession" CD
1989 Sleeping Dogs Wake "Understanding" CD
1989 Static Effect "Dead Game In Any Weather" CS
1989 Sugardog "Groove To Get Down" 12"
1989 Syntech "By Trial And Error" CD
1989 T. G. T. (The Genetic Terrorists) "Revo" 12"
1989 Umo Detic "Fahrenheit" 12"
1989 Werkbund "Rungholt" LP
1989 X Marks The Pedwalk "Arbitrary Execution" 12"
1989 Yello "Blazing Saddles" CD5
1989 Yello "The Race" 12"
1990 1000 Homo DJs "Supernaut" CD5
1990 Amnesia "Drop The Stick" 12"
1990 And One "Metalhammer" CD5
1990 Arcane Device "Seven" CS
1990 The Art Of Noise "Art Of Love" CD5
1990 BiGod 20 "The Bog" CD5
1990 Bleep "The North Pole By Submarine" CD
1990 Cat Rapes Dog "God, Guns & Gasoline" CD
1990 Clock DVA "Transitional Voices" CD
1990 Coil "Unnatural History (Compilation Tracks Compiled)" CD
1990 Anne Dudley/Jaz Coleman "Songs From The Victorious City" CD
1990 F.M. Einheit "Stein" CD
1990 Escape With Romeo "Somebody (Flowmotion Mix)" 12"
1990 The Eternal Afflict "Sexual Decay" CS
1990 Fatal Morgana "Attention" 12"
1990 Fatal Morgana "The Destructive Solution" CD
1990 Foetus Inc. "Sink" CD
1990 Force Legato "System" 12"
1990 Front 242 "Tragedy " CD5
1990 Front Line Assembly "Caustic Grip" CD
1990 Front Line Assembly "Iceolate" CD5
1990 Front Line Assembly "Provision" CD5
1990 Front Line Assembly "Virus" CD5
1990 Mathias Grassow "The Hidden Treasure" CS
1990 Illusion Of Safety "Finance And Ideology" CS
1990 In The Nursery "Sesudient" CDEP
1990 Klinik "Time" CD
1990 KMFDM "Godlike" CD5
1990 KMFDM "Naive/The Day Of Swine + Roses" CD5
1990 Lead Into Gold "Chicks & Speed: Futurism" CD
1990 Leæther Strip "Aspects Of Aggression" CD5
1990 Leæther Strip "Science For The Satanic Citizen" CDEP
1990 Leæther Strip "The Pleasure Of Penetration" CD
1990 Maeror Tri "Ambient Dreams" CS
1990 Meat Beat Manifesto "99%" CD
1990 Meat Beat Manifesto "Helter Skelter / Radio Babylon" CD5
1990 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "A Girl Doesn't Get Killed By A Make-Believe Lover... 'Cuz It's Hot" CD5
1990 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Confessions Of A Knife" CD
1990 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Naive/The Days Of Swine + Roses" CD5
1990 Nine Inch Nails "Sin" CD5
1990 Nocturnal Emissions "Tissue Of Lies - Revised" CD
1990 Nurse With Wound "Live At Bar Maldoror" CD
1990 The Orb "Little Fluffy Clouds" CD5
1990 Order 1968 "The Snow" CS
1990 Pet Shop Boys "So Hard (The KLF vs. Pet Shop Boys)" 12"
1990 Placebo Effect "Placebo Effect" CS
1990 Project Pitchfork "K.N.K.A." CS
1990 Psychic TV "At Stockholm" CD
1990 Psychic TV "Jack The Tab / Tekno Acid Beat" 2xCD
1990 Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia "Exit 23" CD5
1990 Recall IV "Contrast Part 2" CD5
1990 Revolting Cocks "Beers, Steers + Queers" CD
1990 Robotiko Rejekto "Injection" CD5
1990 Solitaire "Altered States" CD
1990 Space "Space" CD
1990 T.G.V.T. "Rinde Humano" CD
1990 Umo Detic "Carpe Diem" CD5
1990 Voice Of Eye "Isolation" CS
1990 Vomito Negro "Save The World" 12"
1990 Klaus Wiese "Tibetische Klangschalen I" CD
1990 Xorcist "From The Hip" CS
1990 Z'EV "Ghost Stories" CD
1991 A-Head "Deep Down" CD5
1991 AFX "Analogue Bubblebath" CD5
1991 And One "Anguish" CD
1991 And One "Aus Der Traum!" CD5
1991 Apoptygma Berzerk "Ashes To Ashes" 12"
1991 Ars Moriendi / Monokrom "Hexass / First Session" CS
1991 The Art Of Noise "Instruments Of Darkness (All Of Us Are One People) (The Prodigy Mix)" CD5
1991 The Art Of Noise "The Fon Mixes" CD
1991 Autechre "Cavity Job" 12"
1991 Battery "Eternal Darkness" 12"
1991 Bourbonese Qualk "Unpop" CD
1991 Chris Carter "The Space Between" CD
1991 D-Sign "Burning Cells" CD5
1991 Dance Or Die "3001" CD
1991 Doubting Thomas "Father Don't Cry" CD5
1991 Eco "Geld" CD5
1991 Einstürzende Neubauten "Strategies Against Architecture II" 2xCD
1991 Entre Vifs "L'Ordre Par Le Bruit" CD
1991 Escape With Romeo "Autumn On Venus" CD
1991 The Eternal Afflict "Atroci(-me)ty" CD
1991 Fetisch Park "Zungenpflug" CD
1991 Front 242 "Gripped By Fear" CD5
1991 Front 242 "Mixed By Fear" CD5
1991 Front 242 "Parted Tragedy" CD
1991 Front 242 "Rhythm Of Time" CD5
1991 Front 242 "Silicon Answers" 2xCD
1991 God "Loco" CD
1991 The Grid "Boom!" 12"
1991 Ernst Horn "The Skies Over Baghdad" CD
1991 KMFDM "Split" CD5
1991 Le Syndicat "Sardanapale" CD
1991 Leæther Strip "Object V" CDEP
1991 LFO "Frequencies" CD
1991 Master Program "Hallo (Listen To The Program)" CD5
1991 Meat Beat Manifesto "Now" CD5
1991 Mengrad / Psygram "In Dreamshow" CD
1991 Moskwa TV "Tell Me, Tell Me" CD5
1991 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Sexplosion!" CD5
1991 Nine Inch Nails "Solid Gold Hell" CD
1991 Nocturnal Emissions "Utrecht 1991" CS
1991 Nocturnal Emissions "World Turning" CS
1991 NON "Easy Listening For Iron Youth: The Best Of Non" CD
1991 Numb "Bliss" CD5
1991 Nurse With Wound / Spasm "Creakiness / Firemoon" LP
1991 Omala "Relicon" CD
1991 The Orb "Aubrey Mixes - The Ultraworld Excursions" CD
1991 The Orb "Peel Sessions" CD
1991 The Orb "Perpetual Dawn" CD5
1991 Pet Shop Boys "Was It Worth It?" CD5
1991 Pigface "Welcome To Mexico...Asshole!" CD
1991 Plastic Noise Experience "The Black Tape" CS
1991 Project Pitchfork "Dhyani" CD
1991 Project Pitchfork "Psychic Torture" CD5
1991 Psychic TV "City Ov London / City Ov Glasgow" CD
1991 Robotiko Rejekto "Hangar 18" CD5
1991 The Shamen "Move Any Mountain - Progen (91)" CD5
1991 The Shamen "Possible Worlds" 12"
1991 Skinny Puppy "Kill To Cure" CD
1991 Societe Anonyme "S.A. 123" CD
1991 Solar Enemy "Dirty Vs Universe" CD
1991 Suicide Commando "Into The Grave" CS
1991 Syntech "Atmospheres" CD
1991 Telepherique "Alltag" CS
1991 Test Dept. "New World Order" CD5
1991 Technocrats, The "Ruckzuck" 12"
1991 Asmus Tietchens "Sinkende Schwimmer" CD
1991 U-Tek "Das Mass Der Dinge (Ultra Remixes)" 12"
1991 The Vermin "Another Morgue With Sarkastic Remarks" CS
1991 Voice Of Eye "Voice Of Eye" CS
1991 Klaus Wiese "Cosmic Glue" CDR
1991 Klaus Wiese & Ted De Jong "Mystic Landscapes" CD
1991 Will "Pearl Of Great Price" CD
1991 Women Of The SS "Women Of The SS" CD
1991 X Marks The Pedwalk "Freaks" CD
1991 X10 "Semblance" CD
1991 Xorcist "Damned Souls" CD
1991 Yello "Baby" CD
1991 Yello "Rubberbandman" CD5
1991 Yello "Who's Gone?" CD5
1991 The Young Gods "The Young Gods Play Kurt Weill" CD
1991 Z'EV "1968-1990: One Foot In The Grave" 2xCD
1991 :Zoviet-France: "Shadow, Thief Of The Sun" CD
1992 AFX "Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 2" 12"
1992 Alio Die "Under An Holy Ritual" CD
1992 Allerseelen "Sturmlieder" CD
1992 And One "Techno Man" CD5
1992 Aphex Twin "Selected Ambient Works 85-92" CD
1992 Apoptygma Berzerk "The 2nd Manifesto" CDEP
1992 Ars Moriendi "Fun-Dust-Trial" CS
1992 The Art Of Noise "Shades Of Paranoimia - The Carl Cox Mix" CD5
1992 Body II Body "Best Of Body Music" 12"
1992 Bourbonese Qualk "Knee Jerk Reaction EP" EP
1992 Caustic Window "Joyrex J4 EP" 12"
1992 Caustic Window "Joyrex J5 EP" 12"
1992 Citrus "Adrenachrome" 12"
1992 Coil "How To Destroy Angels (Remixes And Re-Recordings)" CD
1992 Contrastate "A Live Coal Under The Ashes" CD+LP
1992 Dance Or Die "Psychoburbia" CD
1992 Digital Poodle "Work Terminal" CD
1992 Esplendor Geométrico & M.S.B. "Control Remoto 1.0" CD
1992 Etat Des Stocks & Telepherique "Collaboration" CS
1992 The Eternal Afflict "(Luminographic) Agony" CDEP
1992 Exquisite Corpse "Dream Night Dance Music" CD
1992 Exquisite Corpse "Strange Attractor / X-Out" CD5
1992 Foetus In Excelsis Corruptus Deluxe "Male" 2xCD
1992 The Force Dimension "12 Inch Singles" CD
1992 The Grid "Figure Of Eight (The Grid / Todd Terry Mixes)" 2x12"
1992 The Hafler Trio "Fuck" CD
1992 Horizon 222 "Through The Round Window" CD
1992 Humanoid "Stakker Humanoid '92" CD5
1992 Hybryds "The Ritual Should Be Kept Alive (Part 2)" CD
1992 In Slaughter Natives "Sacrosancts Bleed" CD
1992 Intoxication "Contradict" CS
1992 Kapotte Muziek / Telepherique "Wave Form Modulation" CS
1992 Klute "Excluded" CD
1992 KMFDM "Help Us/Save Us/Take Us Away" CD5
1992 KMFDM "Money/Bargeld" CD5
1992 Land "Sample" 2xCS
1992 Lemon Interrupt "Bigmouth" CD5
1992 Les Joyaux De La Princesse "Aux Petits Enfants De France" CD
1992 Leæther Strip "Material" CDEP
1992 Leæther Strip "Solitary Confinement" CD
1992 Leæther Strip "Yes I'm Limited" CD5
1992 Master Program "Total Fire-Ant Control" CD5
1992 Meat Beat Manifesto "Edge Of No Control" CD5
1992 New Order "BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert" CD
1992 Nocturnal Emissions "Gargoyle Mechanique" CS
1992 Nocturnal Emissions "The Foetal Grave Of Progress" CS
1992 Non-Aggression Pact / Mentallo & The Fixer ".5 Honkey / Wreckage + Ruin + & + Regrets + [Redemption]" CS
1992 Nurse With Wound "Alien" 7"
1992 Nurse With Wound "Thunder Perfect Mind" CD
1992 The Orb "Assassin" CD5
1992 The Orb "Blue Room" CD5
1992 The Orb "The Orb's Adventures...: Patterns & Textures Version (The Soundtrack)" CD
1992 Carlos Peron "Die Schwarze Spinne" CD
1992 Carlos Peron / Victor Berkovitz "Terminatrix" CD
1992 Pigface "Fook" CD
1992 Placebo Effect "Galleries Of Pain" CD
1992 Plastic Noise Experience "Smalltown Boy" CDEP
1992 Pop Will Eat Itself "Karmadrome / Eat Me, Drink Me, Love Me, Kill Me" CD5
1992 Power-Pill "Pac-Man" CD5
1992 Project Pitchfork "Entities" CD
1992 Project Pitchfork "Lam-'bras" CD
1992 Psychopomps "Godshit" CD5
1992 Rapoon "Dream Circle" CD
1992 Raumerkundung "Flug I" CS
1992 Scorn "Vae Solis" CD
1992 Semi Real "People Livin' Today" CD5
1992 The Shamen "Boss Drum" CD5
1992 The Shamen "LSI (Love Sex Intelligence)" CD5
1992 The Shamen "The Face EP" CDEP
1992 Sleeping Dogs Wake "Up!" CD
1992 Sprocket "Sprocket / Spaceparty" CD5
1992 Steroid Maximus "Gondwanaland" CD
1992 Suso Sáiz "Hypnotics" CD
1992 Telepherique & Technostria "Faint Facing The Dependence" CS
1992 Terrace Of Memories "Terrace Of Memories" CD
1992 Voice Of Eye "Resonant Fields / Hot Gypsy Fink Hell" CS
1992 Yage "Fuzzy Logic" 12"
1992 yelworC "Brainstorming" CD
1993 808 State "10 x 10" 10"
1993 Absolute Body Control "Eat This" CD
1993 AFX "Analogue Bubblebath Vol. 3" CD
1993 And One "Life Isn't Easy In Germany" CD5
1993 Ankh "Ankh" CD
1993 Aphex Twin "On" CD5
1993 Aphex Twin "On Remixes" CD5
1993 Aphora / Runes Order "Aphora / Hate For The Masses" CS
1993 Apoptygma Berzerk "Soli Deo Gloria" CD
1993 Armageddon Dildos "Homicidal Dolls" CD
1993 Aube "Flood-Gate" CD
1993 Aube "Luminous" CS
1993 Aurora (Sutra) "The Land Of Harm & Appletrees" CD
1993 Blok 57 "Mean Machine" CDEP
1993 Thom Brennan "Mountains" CD
1993 Calva Y Nada "Monolog" CD3
1993 Caustic Window "Joyrex J9 EP" 10"/12"
1993 Die Krupps "Fatherland" CD5
1993 Einstürzende Neubauten "Malediction" CD5
1993 Endraum "In Flimmender Nacht" CD
1993 Entre Vifs "A Scent Of Strength" CD
1993 Escape With Romeo "Next Stop Eternally" CD
1993 Evil's Toy "Human Refuse" CD
1993 Excessive Force "Gentle Death" CD
1993 Exquisite Corpse "Hi-Fi Therapy / 14" CD5
1993 Exquisite Corpse "Inner Light" CD
1993 The Fires Of Ork "The Fires Of Ork" CD
1993 Front 242 "Religion" CD5
1993 Full Dynamic Range "Lost Generation" CD
1993 Mathias Grassow "In Search Of Sanity" CD
1993 H3ÖH "Untitled" CD
1993 Alexander Hacke "Filmarbeiten" CD
1993 Jon Hassell vs. 808 State "Voiceprint (Blind From The Facts)" CD5
1993 Hoedh "Hymnvs" CD
1993 Horizon 222 "Spirit Level" 2x12"
1993 Imminent Starvation "Emergency Provision" CS
1993 Implant Code "Biodigit" CD5
1993 Klute "Excepted" CDEP
1993 Maybe Mental "Lotuses On Fire" CD
1993 Meat Beat Manifesto "Peel Session" CDEP
1993 Ministry "Ministry Box" 3xCD5
1993 Numb "Death On The Installment Plan" CD
1993 Numb "Fixate" CDEP
1993 Nurse With Wound "Crumb Duck" CD
1993 Nurse With Wound "Large Ladies With Cake In The Oven" CD
1993 Jim O'Rourke "Remove The Need" CD
1993 The Orb "Anthology" CD
1993 The Orb "Live '93" 2xCD
1993 The Orb "Ultra Rare Trax" CD
1993 Placebo Effect "Slashed Open" CDEP
1993 Plastic Noise Experience "Zwischenfall" CDEP
1993 Polygon Window "Quoth" CD5
1993 Polygon Window "Surfing On Sine Waves" CD
1993 Pop Will Eat Itself "RSVP/Familus Horribilus" 12"/3xCD5
1993 Prayer Tower "Halo" CD
1993 Prayer Tower "Sugar The Pill" 12"
1993 Project Pitchfork "Carrion" CD5
1993 Project Pitchfork "Souls/Island" CD5
1993 Psychic TV "Peak Hour" CD
1993 Rapoon "Raising Earthly Spirits" CD
1993 Remyl "Remyl" CD
1993 Runes Order "The Age Of Corruption And Gold" CS
1993 Second Voice "Approaching Luna" CD
1993 The Shamen "Boss Drum / Phorever People" CD5
1993 The Shamen "Different Drum" CD
1993 The Shamen "On Air" CD
1993 The Shamen "Re:Evolution" CD5
1993 Sheep On Drugs "Greatest Hits" CD
1993 Skinny Puppy "Heavens Trash" CD
1993 Skinny Puppy "Land Of Technology" CD
1993 Sleepwalk "Synthetic Force" CS
1993 Solitaire "Ritual Ground" CD
1993 Soma "Soma" CD
1993 A Split-Second "Vengeance C.O.D." CD
1993 The Tear Garden "Sheila Liked The Rodeo" CD
1993 Telepherique "(At)traktion III: Flussbewegung" CS
1993 Telepherique "Bewegung" CS
1993 Telepherique "Sound Object" CS
1993 Cosey Fanni Tutti "Time To Tell" CD
1993 Underworld "Spikee/Dogman Go Woof" CD5
1993 Various Artists "The Blackest Album (An Industrial Tribute To Metallica)" CD
1993 X Marks The Pedwalk "Human Desolation" CD
1993 Xorcist "Bitches EP" CD5
1993 Yello "Drive/Driven" CD5
1993 yelworC "Blood In Face" CD5
1993 The Young Gods "Live Sky Tour" CD
1994 AFX "Analogue Bubblebath IV" CD5
1994 Amgod "Half Rotten & Decayed" CD
1994 And One "Driving With My Darling" CD5
1994 Aphex Twin "Live At Hallam University, Sheffield, UK" Live
1994 Aphex Twin "Words & Music" CD5
1994 Apoptygma Berzerk "Bitch" CD5
1994 Arecibo "Trans Plutonian Transmissions" CD
1994 Ars Moriendi "Boom-Survivor" CS
1994 Aube "Emotional Oscillation" CS
1994 Aube "Frequency For Collapse" CS
1994 Battery "Lilith 3.2" CD5
1994 BiGod 20 "One" CD5
1994 Bleak "Vane" CD
1994 Bourbonese Qualk "Feeding The Hungry Ghost" CD
1994 Brain Leisure "Mindfire" CD
1994 Chris Connelly "Shipwreck" CD
1994 Cranioclast "Koitlaransk & Ration Skalk" CD
1994 Dark Ruler "F.I.R.E...F.O.E.T.U.S." CD
1994 Depeche Mode "The Special 9th Strike" CD
1994 Deutsch Nepal "Benevolence" CD
1994 Die Krupps "To The Hilt" CD5
1994 Die Warzau "Liberated" CD5
1994 Digital Blood "A Retrospective" CDR
1994 Digital Factor "Falling Down" CD5
1994 Dorsetshire "Das Letzte Gefecht" CD
1994 Electronic Eye "Closed Circuit" 2xCD
1994 Endraum "Morgenröte" CD
1994 Evil's Toy "Morbid Mind" CD
1994 Exquisite Corpse "Between Worlds (The Remixes)" CD5
1994 Fracture "Downtown" CDEP
1994 The Future Sound Of London "Lifeforms" CD5
1994 GAK "GAK" CD5
1994 Genital A-Tech "Hardcore User" CD
1994 Gescom "Gescom EP" 12"
1994 Jeff Greinke "Big Weather" CD
1994 The Grid "Evolver" CD
1994 H2O "Wasteland Beats 1 Dre:amseller" CD5
1994 Headcrash "Direction Of Correctness" CD
1994 Hybryds "The Atavistic Fetisj" CDEP
1994 Institute For The Criminally Insane "Gekippt" CD
1994 Jansen & Spilles "Speedwingslowthings" CD
1994 KMFDM "Glory" CD5
1994 KMFDM "Light" CD5
1994 KMFDM "Sin, Sex And Salvation" CD5
1994 LFO "Tied Up" CD5
1994 Locust "Weathered Well" CD
1994 Mainesthai "Out To Lunch" CD
1994 Marilyn Manson "Demos In My Lunchbox Vol. 1" CD
1994 Marilyn Manson "Get Your Gunn" CD5
1994 Marilyn Manson "Portrait Of An American Family" CD
1994 Mortal Constraint "The Legend Of Deformation" CD
1994 Muslimgauze "Citadel" CD
1994 Nine Inch Nails "Closer To God" CD5
1994 Nine Inch Nails "Down In It" CD
1994 Nine Inch Nails "March Of The Pigs" CD5
1994 Nine Inch Nails "Reznor Sharp" CD
1994 Nocturnal Emissions "Glossalalia" CD
1994 Noxious Emotion "Erogenous Pit" CD
1994 Nurse With Wound "Rock'n'Roll Station" CD
1994 Orange Sector "Flashback" CD
1994 The Orb "Anthology II" CD
1994 Page 12 "in SECT" CDEP
1994 Pain Emission "The War Within" CD
1994 Paracont "Zoom" CD
1994 Peace Love And Pitbulls "Red Sonic Underware" CD
1994 Pet Shop Boys "Yesterday, When I Was Mad (CD2)" CD5
1994 Pet Shop Boys "Yesterday, When I Was Mad - The Mixes" CD5
1994 Pop Will Eat Itself "Dos Dedos Mis Amigos" CD
1994 Pop Will Eat Itself "Everything's Cool?" 2x7"/2xCD5
1994 Pop Will Eat Itself "Ich Bin Ein Auslander" 7"/12"/CD5
1994 Pop Will Eat Itself "Two Fingers My Friends!" 2xCD
1994 Project Pitchfork "IO" CD
1994 Project Pitchfork "Little IO" CD3
1994 The Psychic Force "Traces" CD
1994 Psychopomps "Assassins DK United" CD
1994 Psychopomps "In The Skin" CDEP
1994 R.E.C. "R.E.C." CD
1994 Rapoon "Fallen Gods" CD
1994 Reptilicus & The Hafler Trio "Designer Time" CD
1994 Robert Rich "Geometry" CD
1994 Sandoz "Intensely Radioactive" CD
1994 Sect "Telekinetic" CD
1994 Sheep On Drugs "From A To H And Back Again" CD5
1994 Stratvm Terror "Germinal Chamber" CS
1994 Suspended Memories "Earth Island" CD
1994 Sweet Exorcist "Spirit Guide To Low Tech" CD
1994 Synaesthesia "Embody" CD
1994 Syntec "It Takes A Word" CD5
1994 T.A.C. "Hypnotischer Eden" CD
1994 T.A.G.C. "Iso-Erotic Calibrations" CD
1994 Telepherique "180°" CS
1994 Telepherique & MSBR "Geplünderte Leichen" CS
1994 Telepherique & Thirdorgan "Robotorsklaven" CS
1994 Telepherique / Tesendalo / Brume "Tryptychon" LP
1994 Terminatrix "Terminatrix Is Ready To Dance" CD
1994 Under The Noise "Future Automatic" CD5
1994 Underworld "Dirty Epic/Cowgirl" CD5
1994 Various Artists "Black Box - WaxTrax! Records: The First 13 Years" 3xCD
1994 Various Artists "Moonraker" 2xCD
1994 Velvet Acid Christ "Fate" CD
1994 Wolfsheim "Elias" CD5
1994 X Marks The Pedwalk "Air Back Trax" CD
1994 Yello "How How - 3 - The Fluke Mixes" CD5
1994 Yello "Zebra" CD
1994 yelworC "Collection 1988-94" 2xCD
1995 1 AM "1000 Beats" CD5
1995 AFX "Analogue Bubblebath 5" LP
1995 AFX "Hangable Auto Bulb" 12"
1995 AFX "Hangable Auto Bulb 2" 12"
1995 Allerseelen "Gotos=Kalanda" CD
1995 And One "Deutschmaschine" CD5
1995 Aphex Twin "Classics" CD
1995 Aphex Twin "Donkey Rhubarb" CD5
1995 Apoptygma Berzerk "Non-Stop Violence" CD5
1995 The Art Of Noise "Yebo" CD5
1995 Atomine Elektrine "Elemental Severance" CD
1995 Aube "Huile Sur L'Eau" CS
1995 Aube "Reflux" CS
1995 Autechre "Anvil Vapre" CD5
1995 Autechre "Garbage" CD5
1995 Battery "nv" CD
1995 Biosphere "Novelty Waves" 12"
1995 Body Clock "Grip Life" CD
1995 Brain Pilot "Mind Fuel" CD
1995 BT "Ima" CD
1995 The Cassandra Complex "Works 1.0" CD
1995 Cenobita "Cybertuality" CS
1995 Cenobita "Visiones" CS
1995 Chris & Cosey "Twist" CD
1995 Coil "Windowpane & The Snow" CD
1995 Coil "Worship The Glitch" CD
1995 ConSono "Hymns Of Deceased Deities" CD
1995 Cronos Titan "Brides Of Christ" CD
1995 Cyber Axis "The Way I Feel" CD5
1995 D.F. Sadist School "The Visionary Garden" CD
1995 Dawn & Dusk Entwined "Myth, Faith, Belief" CS
1995 Dementia Simplex "Prediction" CD
1995 Depeche Mode "The Remixes - Vol. One" CD
1995 Die Sonne Satan "Omega" CS
1995 Die Warzau "All Good Girls" CD5
1995 Anne Dudley "Ancient And Modern" CD
1995 Electronic Eye "The Idea Of Justice" CD
1995 Esplendor Geométrico "Nador" CD
1995 Front Line Assembly "Hard Wired" 2xCD
1995 The Future Sound Of London "Far-out Son Of Lung And The Ramblings Of A Madman" CD5
1995 Gescom "Gescom 2 EP" 12"
1995 Gescom "The Sounds Of Machines Our Parents Used" 12"
1995 Glod "Gnosis" CD
1995 H2O "Fahrenheit" CD5
1995 The Hafler Trio "The Murray Fontana Orchestra Plays The Hafler Trio" CD
1995 MJ Harris/Bill Laswell "Somnific Flux" CD
1995 Hybryds "Dreamscapes From A Dark Side" CD
1995 Hybryds "Soundtrack For The Aquarium" CD
1995 Index "Never This Infliction" CDEP
1995 Richard H. Kirk "Black Jesus Voice" CD
1995 KMFDM "Brute" CD5
1995 KMFDM "Juke-Joint Jezebel (The Georgio Moroder Mixes)" CD5
1995 Le Syndicat "Corrumpate" CD
1995 Le Syndicat "Ten Years Of Excess" 2xCD
1995 Locust "Truth Is Born Of Arguments" CD
1995 Marilyn Manson "Lunchbox" CD5
1995 Marilyn Manson "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)" CD5
1995 Mastertune "No Help!" CD
1995 Ministry "The Fall/Reload" CD5
1995 Misery Loves Co. "Misery Loves Co." CD
1995 Multiple Transmission "Earthloop" 12"
1995 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Hit & Run Holiday" CD
1995 Neural Network "Kinesthetics" CD
1995 Nine Inch Richards "Closer To Hogs" CD5
1995 The Orb "Oxbow Lakes" CD5
1995 Penal Colony "5 Man Job" CD
1995 Carlos Peron "C'est Moi..." CD5
1995 Pet Shop Boys "Paninaro '95 (CD1)" CD5
1995 Phaeton Dernière Danse & Le Syndicat "Théophanie À Visu" CD
1995 Praxis "Metatron" CD
1995 Project Pitchfork "Ch'I" CD5
1995 Psychic TV "God Star: The Singles - Pt. Two" CD
1995 Psychic TV "Sirens" CD
1995 Psygram "Vision Of Shadows" CD
1995 Puissance "Krig" CS
1995 Puissance "Obey, Hate, Die" CS
1995 Raison D'etre "Semblance" CS
1995 Rapoon "The Kirghiz Light" 2xCD
1995 Steve Roach/Michael Stearns/Ron Sunsinger "Kiva" CD
1995 Runes Order "I Can See No Reason To Live ... But Hate" CS
1995 S.E.T.I. "Pharos" 2xCD
1995 Second Skin "Suture" CD
1995 Seven Trees "To Live Is Regret" CS
1995 The Shamen "Destination Eschaton" CD5
1995 The Shamen "Heal (The Separation)" 12"
1995 Signal Aout 42 "Immortal Collection 1983-1995" CD
1995 Sleep Chamber "Seduction... Through The Past Darkly" CD
1995 Sleep Chamber "Sopor" CDEP
1995 Sleepwalk "Door To Insomnia..." CD
1995 Ulf Söderberg "Nattljus" CD
1995 Species Of Fishes "Songs Of A Dumb World" CD
1995 Splinter Test "Thee Fractured Garden" CD
1995 Thee Angels Ov Light Meet Thee Angry Love Orchestra "Psychick Youth Rally" CD
1995 Tribes Of Neurot "Silver Blood Transmission" CD
1995 Tuu "Invocation: Archive" CD
1995 Ukiyo "Ukiyo" CD
1995 Underworld "Born Slippy" CD5
1995 Urawa "A Dog Called Demolition" CDEP
1995 Vromb "Transmodulation A.M.P." 7"
1995 Klaus Wiese "Klangschalen Meditation" CDR
1995 Wolfsheim "55578" CD
1995 :wumpscut: "Gomorra" CD5
1995 :wumpscut: "Preferential Legacy" LP
1995 Yello "Hands On Yello" CD
1995 Yello "Hands On Yello - The Updates" 2xCD
1995 Yello "Jam & Spoon's Hands On Yello: You Gotta Say Yes To.../Great Mission" CD5
1995 Yello "Jingle Bells" CD5
1995 Yello "Westbam's Hands On Yello: Bostich" CD5
1996 808 State "Don Solaris" CD
1996 808 State "Lopez" 12"
1996 Absolute Body Control "Baby's On Fire" CDR
1996 Luc Van Acker "Taking Snapshots Vol. 2" CD
1996 Aïboforcen "Face (Of) Death" CDEP
1996 Apoptygma Berzerk "7" CD
1996 The Art Corporation "The Art Corporation" CD
1996 Art Of Silence "" CD
1996 Aube "Quadrotation" 4x7"
1996 Autechre "We R Are Why/Are Y Are We?" 12"
1996 Axonal Warfare "Dead Time" CD
1996 Axonal Warfare "Stasis Interrupted" CD
1996 Black Rain "Nanarchy" CD
1996 Thom Brennan "Beneath Clouds" CD
1996 BT "Blue Skies" CD5
1996 C17H19NO3 "Terra Damnata" CD
1996 Chemical Agent "Waterfall" 12"
1996 Coinside "Der Primat" CS
1996 Cronos Titan "The Gregoraveian EP" CDEP
1996 Death In Vegas "Rocco" CD5
1996 Delta Files "Acpklenc" 12"
1996 Depeche Mode "Ultra Strike" CDR
1996 Die Krupps "Metalmorphosis of Die Krupps '81-'92" CD
1996 Empirion "Advanced Technology" CD
1996 Endura "The Dark Is Light Enough" CD
1996 Enten Hitti "Giant Clowns Of The Solar World" CD
1996 Esplendor Geométrico "80's Tracks" CD
1996 Esplendor Geométrico "Balearic Rhythms" CD
1996 Esplendor Geométrico "Tokyo Sin Fin" CD
1996 Fektion Fekler "From Here To Heaven" CD
1996 Fetisch Park "Sporen/Binumb" CDEP
1996 Gescom "Key Nell" 12"
1996 Gescom "Motor" 12"
1996 Gravity Kills "Guilty" CD5
1996 Gut - Bargeld "Die Sonne" CD5
1996 The Hafler Trio "Right Here Where You Are Sitting Now" 7"
1996 Hazard "Lech" CD
1996 Headcrash "Overdose On Tradition" CD
1996 Hybryds "Ein Phallischer Gott" 7"
1996 Hybryds "Mistrust Authority Promote Decentralisation" LP
1996 Hyperdex-1-Sect "Metachrome" CDEP
1996 Image Transmission "HLC" CD
1996 Implant "Fun" CDEP
1996 In The Nursery "Deco" CD
1996 Kingdom Scum "God Eat God" CD
1996 KMFDM "Rules" CD5
1996 Komet "Saat" CD
1996 Lull "Continue" CD
1996 Mike And Rich "Expert Knob Twiddlers" CD
1996 Militia "Kingdom Of Our Lord" CDEP
1996 The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud "Yndalongg" 10"
1996 Obconic "Phlox" CD
1996 The Orb "Peel Sessions" CD
1996 The Orb "The O.O.B.E. Adventure" CDEP
1996 Pet Shop Boys "Se A Vida E (That's The Way Life Is)" 12"
1996 Pet Shop Boys "Single-Bilingual" CD5
1996 Project Pitchfork "En Garde!" CD5
1996 Psychophysicist "Psychophysicist" CD
1996 Puissance "Let Us Lead" CD
1996 Rapoon "Errant Angels" CD
1996 Rapoon "Recurring (Dream Circle)" CD
1996 Remyl "Disruptor" CD
1996 Reptilicus "S.O.B.S" CD5
1996 Runes Order "Odisseum" CD
1996 Sabotage Q.C.Q.C.? "Goddess" CD5
1996 Sandoz "Dark Continent" CD
1996 Scorpion Wind "Heaven Sent" CD
1996 Second Voice "D.A.W.N. The Collection" 2xCD
1996 The Shamen "Move Any Mountain '96 (Part 1)" 12"
1996 Sielwolf "IV" CD
1996 Sleep Chamber "Sacrosancst" CD
1996 Solitary Experiments "Risque De Choc Electrique" CS
1996 Somatic Responses "Sinister Movements" 12"
1996 Species Of Fishes "TripTrap" CD
1996 Michael Stearns "The Light In The Trees" CD3
1996 Stratvm Terror "Pariah Demise" CD
1996 Tekton Motor Corporation "Champions" CD
1996 Telepherique "Lubjanka" CS
1996 Telepherique "Winterschreck" CS
1996 Temps Perdu? "The Day The Earth Melted" CD3
1996 Tho-So-Aa "Epoch Pt.1" CD
1996 Underworld "Born Slippy .NUXX" CD5
1996 Various Artists "The Remix Wars - Strike 1: :Wumpscut: vs Haujobb" CDEP
1996 White Zombie "Supersexy Swingin' Sounds" CD
1996 Klaus Wiese / Ted De Jong / Mathias Grassow "El-Hadra - The Mystik Dance" CD
1996 Women Of Sodom "Boots" CD
1996 Xorcist "Scorched Blood" CDEP
1996 Yasnaia "Oniro" CD
1996 The Young Gods "Heaven Deconstruction" CD
1997 808 State "Lopez (Mixed)" 12"
1997 Absolute Body Control "Fragments" CDR
1997 Al Comet "Comet" CD
1997 Allgrena "Protest / Rotor" 7"
1997 And One "Sometimes" CD5
1997 Aphex Twin "Come To Daddy" CD5
1997 Aphex Twin "Live At Ogden Theatre, Denver, CO, USA" Live
1997 Archon Satani "The Righteous Way To Completion" CD
1997 Aube / Knurl "Split" CD
1997 Aube vs. Sshe Retina Stimulants "Video Field Recordings" LP
1997 Bad Sector "Dolmen Factory" CD
1997 Beefcake "Spontaneous Human Combustion" LP
1997 Beequeen "Long Stones And Circles" CD3
1997 Benestrophe "Auric Fires" CD
1997 Blood Axis "Blot - Sacrifice In Sweden" CD
1997 Ron Boots "Current" CD
1997 BT "ESCM" CD
1997 BT "Remember" CD5
1997 Christ Analogue "In Radiant Decay" CD
1997 Cobalt 60 "Crush" CD5
1997 Column One & Psychic TV "E-Lusive" CD
1997 Contrastate "Under The Line Laying North" 7"
1997 Controlled Bleeding "Knees And Bones" CD
1997 Cranioclast "Can I Talk Or S..." 7"
1997 Deadjump "Virtual Masturbation Of A Bastard Leader" CDR
1997 Deep / Tarkatak "Split" 7"
1997 Delerium "Duende" CD5
1997 Thomas Dimuzio "Louden" CD
1997 DJ Dano & Z'EV "Chemical Dependance" 12"
1997 Dogs Blood Order "Dogs Blood Order" CD
1997 Einstürzende Neubauten "NNNAAAMMM" CD5
1997 Fennesz "Hotel Paral.lel" CD
1997 Foetus "Null/Void" 2xCDEP
1997 Front 242 "P3live, Arvika, Sweeden" Live
1997 Funker Vogt "Take Care!" CD5
1997 Funker Vogt "Words Of Power" CD5
1997 Mathias Grassow "Gates To Mystery" CDR
1997 Mathias Grassow "Spiritual Archieves" 6xCDR
1997 Randy Greif "Verdi's Requiem" CD
1997 Illusion Of Safety "Of & The" 2xCD
1997 Individual Totem "Mind Sculptures Flesh" CD
1997 Juno Reactor "God Is God (Front 242 Mixes)" 12"
1997 Kill Switch...Klick "Degenerate" CD
1997 Laibach "M.B. December 21, 1984" CD
1997 Les Jumeaux "Cobalt" CD
1997 Lescure 13 "Lescure 13" CD
1997 Locust "Morning Light" CD
1997 Maeror Tri "Emotional Engramm" CD
1997 Marilyn Manson "Remix & Repent" CDEP
1997 Marilyn Manson "The Beautiful People" CD5
1997 Marilyn Manson "Tourniquet" CD5
1997 Mee "For All God's Children And The Devil's Spawn" CD
1997 The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud "The Smell Of Blood But Victory" CD+CD5
1997 Myer "Contra Technique" 12"
1997 Myer "Style" 12"
1997 Negative Format "Pathologic Syndrome" CD
1997 Newt "-237C" CD
1997 Nocturnal Emissions "Tharmuncrape An'goo" CD
1997 Novel 23 "Biogenes Resources" CS
1997 Sara Noxx "Noxxious" CD
1997 The Orb "Asylum" 2xCD5
1997 The Orb "Orblivion" CD
1997 The Orb "Orbscure Trax - Rare Excursions" CD
1997 The Orb "Toxygene" 2xCD5
1997 The Orb "Toxygene/Asylum" CD5
1997 Pet Shop Boys "Somewhere" CD5
1997 Pet Shop Boys "Somewhere (Seven Versions)" CD5
1997 Pet Shop Boys "Somewhere (US)" CD5
1997 Pet Shop Boys "Somewhere [FR Promo]" CD5
1997 Pet Shop Boys "The Boy Who Couldn't Keep His Clothes On (Remixes)" 12"
1997 Plastic Noise Experience "Rauschen" CD
1997 Puissance "Totalitarian Hearts" 7"
1997 Rapoon "Easterly 6 Or 7" CD
1997 Re/Act "The Reason, The Understanding And Time" CD
1997 Semtex "We Have Explosive" 12"
1997 Sheep On Drugs "One For The Money" CD
1997 Sian "Sink / Assign" CD
1997 Sleep Chamber "Sirkus" CD
1997 Sleep Chamber "Some Godz Die Young" CD
1997 Somatic Responses "Survival EP" EP
1997 Spear "Dark Waters Of Light" CD
1997 Splatter Squall "Cruel" CD
1997 Statemachine "Negative Feedback" CD5
1997 Talla 2XLC "Solotech One" CD
1997 Terminal Sect "Bread & Wine For The Dirt" CD
1997 Underworld "Moaner" CD5
1997 Various Artists "Back To The Universe - Volume 1" CD
1997 Various Artists "Elektro-Industrial Sounds Of The Northwest" CD
1997 Various Artists "Industrial War - The Agony And The Ecstasy Of Industrial Music" CD
1997 Various Artists "Spawn Soundtrack" CD
1997 Werkbund "Tanz Und Andacht" 2x7"
1997 :wumpscut: "Born Again" CD
1997 X Marks The Pedwalk "Drawback" CD
1997 Xorcist "Soul Reflection" CD
1997 Yello "Pocket Universe" CD
1997 Yello "To The Sea" CD5
1998 300,000 V.K. "Hard Drive" CD
1998 808 State "808:88:98" CD
1998 Ab Ovo "Strates" CD
1998 Abscess "Punishment & Crippled Reality" CD
1998 ADD "Дискомфорт" CS
1998 And One "Get You Closer" CD5
1998 And One "Live At Hultsfredfestival, Sweden" Live
1998 Architect "Galactic Supermarket" CD
1998 Ars Moriendi "Memorandum" CD/12"
1998 The Art Of Noise "Dream On" 12"
1998 Aube "Deglaze" LP
1998 C-Drone-Defect "Terra Nihil" CDR
1998 Chris Carter "Disobedient" CD
1998 Cat Rapes Dog "Down And Out" CD5
1998 Kit Clayton "The Mimic And The Model #1" 12"
1998 Coil "Autumn Equinox: Amethyst Deceivers" CDEP
1998 Coil "Spring Equinox: Moon's Milk Or Under An Unquiet Skull" CDEP
1998 Coil "Summer Solstice: Bee Stings" CDEP
1998 Coil "Time Machines" CD
1998 Column One "The Last One Is Dead" LP
1998 Covenant "Lee's Palace, Toronto, Canada" Live
1998 Cyan "Fiction" CD
1998 D.-Pressiv "Leben" CD
1998 Dagda Mor "Schwerttau" 7"
1998 Dance Or Die "Dehumanizer" CD
1998 David Kristian / Sian "Tacoma Narrows Bridge / Someday Anywhere" CD
1998 Depeche Mode "Headstar 27" CD
1998 Depeche Mode "Itashi & Tandao Remixes" CD
1998 Depeche Mode "Live At SKK Arena, St-Petersburg, 07.09.1998" Live
1998 Depeche Mode "Ultra Strike 2" CDR
1998 E-Craft "Reaktanz" CD5
1998 Eco "Entfesselt" CD
1998 Endraum "Nachtstrahl" CD
1998 Equations Of Eternity "Vevè" CD
1998 Equinox "Holon" CD
1998 Esplendor Geométrico "En-Co-D-Esplendor" CD
1998 The Eternal Afflict "Nothing Meant Forever..." CD
1998 Ex.Order "The Infernal Age" CD
1998 The Flesh Volcano "Slut" CD
1998 Front 242 "Headhunter 2000" 4xCD5
1998 Front Line Assembly "Monument" CD
1998 Front Line Assembly "Re-Wind" 2xCD
1998 Funker Vogt "eXecution Tracks" CD
1998 Funker Vogt "Killing Time Again" CDEP
1998 Gescom "Minidisc" MD
1998 Gescom "That EP" 12"
1998 Gescom "This EP" 12"
1998 Mathias Grassow "The Darklight Quest" CDR
1998 Gravity Kills "Perversion" CD
1998 Mick Harris / Neil Harvey "Shortcut To Connect" CD
1998 MJ Harris And Martyn Bates "Murder Ballads (The Complete Collection)" 3xCD
1998 Haujobb "Less" CD5
1998 Hexedene "Choking On Lilies" CD
1998 I Burn "Ipertermia" 10"
1998 Illusion Of Safety "Bad Karma" CD
1998 Image Transmission "Filth" CD
1998 Informatik "Syntax" CD
1998 Involution "Involution" CD
1998 Kalte Farben "Trust In Opium" CD
1998 Kiew "Kiew Killz!" CDR
1998 Killing Joke "Wardance - The Remixes" CD
1998 Ady Henry Kiss & Carlos Peron "Atlantic City" 2xCD
1998 KMFDM "Megalomaniac" CD5
1998 Lucisferrato "Thoroughhhate" CDR
1998 Marilyn Manson "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell" CD5
1998 Marilyn Manson "Mechanical Animals" CD
1998 Marilyn Manson "The Dope Show" 2xCD5
1998 Meat Beat Manifesto "Acid Again" CD5
1998 Meat Beat Manifesto "Prime Audio Soup" CD5
1998 Militia "Nature Revealed" 2xCD
1998 Myer "Pressure Drop" 12"
1998 Necrofix "Nefarious Somnabulance" CD
1998 No Festival Of Light "Enter To The Realm Of Satan" CD
1998 No Festival Of Light "Virtue Of Selfishness" CDR
1998 Nocturnal Emissions "Practical Time Travel" CDR
1998 Nocturnal Emissions & Expose Your Eyes "Morocco" CDR
1998 Notch "The Path" CD
1998 Sara Noxx "Paradoxx" CD
1998 Oöphoi "Behind The Wall Of Sleep" CDR
1998 The Orb "U.F.Off - The Best Of The Orb" 2xCD
1998 The Orb "U.F.Off - The Best Of The Orb" CD
1998 Paracont "Xtra1" CD
1998 Jeff Pearce "Vestiges" CD
1998 Carlos Peron "Powertrancefer" CD
1998 Profane Grace "Serenity Of The Endless Graves" CD
1998 Project Pitchfork "Carnival" CD5
1998 Project Pitchfork "Eon:Eon" CD
1998 Robert Rich "Seven Veils" CD
1998 Ruelgo "Vorace" 12"
1998 Rx "Bedside Toxicology" CD
1998 The Shamen "Universal" CD5
1998 Shunt "Profane Groove" CD
1998 Snog "The Human Germ" CD5
1998 Somatic Responses "The World Unseen EP" EP
1998 Stahlwerk 9 "Die Schwarze Fabrik" CS
1998 Statemachine "Legerdemain" CD
1998 Svasti-Ayanam "Sanklesa" CD
1998 Tarkatak "Skarva" 7"
1998 Tarkatak / Deep "LP" CS
1998 Tarkatak / Klangwart "Töa / Amöbenruh" 7"
1998 Templegarden's "Culture Vs. Nature" CD
1998 Terminal Choice "Navigator" CD
1998 THD "Watz Your Program" CD
1998 Trafficante "Is This Now?" CD
1998 Tribes Of Neurot/Walking Time Bombs "Static Migration" CD
1998 U-Tek "Goldene Zeit (1989-1993)" CD
1998 Under The Noise "Regeneration" CD
1998 Vainio / Väisänen / Vega "Endless" CD
1998 Various Artists "Foxtrot" CD
1998 Various Artists "Hymns Of The Worlock (A Tribute To Skinny Puppy)" CD
1998 Voice Of Eye "Live" LP
1998 Von Thronstahl "Sturmzeit" 10"
1998 :wumpscut: "Dried Blood Of Gomorrha" CD
1999 ADD "Krivaya Musica" CDR
1999 Aghast View "Truthead" 2xCD
1999 Aktivist "Ein Abend Mit Mir..." 12"
1999 Al Jabr "One Million And Three" CD
1999 And One "Live At Swedish Electronic Music Awads, Guteborg" Live
1999 Aphex Twin "Window Licker" CD5
1999 The Art Of Noise "An Extra Pulse Of Beauty" CDR
1999 The Art Of Noise "The Seduction Of Claude Debussy" CD
1999 Assemblage 23 "Contempt" CD
1999 Autechre "SPLITRMX12" 12"
1999 Axiome "Rictus" CD
1999 Bad Sector "Transponder" CDR
1999 Amir Baghiri "Winterscape" CD
1999 Battery "Aftermath" CD
1999 Battery "Debris" MP3
1999 Birmingham 6 "Mixed Judgements" CD
1999 Burzum "Hlidskjalf" CD
1999 Cataclyst "Monuments Of A Rubicund Age" CDR
1999 Coil "Musick To Play In The Dark Volume One" CD
1999 Coil "Winter Solstice: North" CDEP
1999 Coinside "Negator" CD
1999 Contrastate "Todesmelodie" CD
1999 Covenant "Tour De Force" CD5
1999 Crocodile Shop "Everything Is Dead And Gone" CD
1999 "Blueiceblack" CD5
1999 Cyclobe "Luminous Darkness" CD
1999 Dark Illumination "Pathfinder" CD
1999 Das Ich "Re_Laborat/Re_Animat" 2xCD
1999 Deadjump "Causa Mortis (The Remix Album)" CDR
1999 Death In Vegas "Contino Sessions" CD
1999 Delerium "Silence" CD5
1999 Depeche Mode "Devoted Edits" CD
1999 Depeche Mode "The First Violation By H Null" CDR
1999 Der Blutharsch "Gold Gab Ich Für Eisen" CD
1999 Dive "Mix By Soes" 12"
1999 Dive "True Lies" CD
1999 E-Craft "Electrocution" CD
1999 Einstürzende Neubauten "Total Eclipse Of The Sun" CD5
1999 ELpH "Zwölf / 20' To 2000.December" CD3
1999 Esplendor Geométrico "Live In Utrecht" CD
1999 F A V "Miscellaneous" CD
1999 Fictional "Fictitious" CD
1999 Filter "Title Of Record" CD
1999 Five Thousand Spirits "Mesmeric Revelation" CD
1999 Fortification 55 "Yesterday And Tomorrow" CD
1999 Front Line Assembly "Fatalist" CD5
1999 Front Line Assembly "Implode" CD
1999 Front Line Assembly "Prophecy" CD5
1999 Fusspils 11 "Gib Ihm Einen Namen" CDEP
1999 Mathias Grassow "Dissolution" CD
1999 Mathias Grassow "On Silent Wings Of Healing" 2xCDR
1999 Mathias Grassow "Thodol" 3xCDR
1999 Gridlock "5.25 (Rare.Live.Remixed)" CD
1999 Haujobb "Ninetynine" CD
1999 Haujobb "Ninetynine Remixes" CD
1999 Hazard "North" CD
1999 Heavy Water Factory "Translucent Amber" CD
1999 Hexer "Paradoxon" 12"
1999 High Wycombe "Impulse!" CD
1999 Hybryds "Virtual Impact" CD
1999 Hypnoskull "Ffwd>Burnout!" CD
1999 Kiew "Aas, 500m (Ilmenau Edition)" CDR
1999 Le Syndicat / Entre Vifs "Bruitiste!" CDR
1999 Marilyn Manson "Rock Is Dead" CD5
1999 Marilyn Manson "The Last Tour On Earth" CD
1999 Mentallo And The Fixer "Algorythum" CD
1999 Merzbow/Genesis P-Orridge "A Perfect Pain" CD
1999 Ministry "Bad Blood" CD5
1999 Ministry "Dark Side Of The Spoon" CD
1999 Monstrum Sepsis "Neophite" CDR
1999 Mortuor "Mortuor" CDR
1999 Muslimgauze "Box Of Silk And Dogs" 9xCD
1999 Muslimgauze "Fakir Sind" CD
1999 Muslimgauze "Lo-Fi India Abuse" CD
1999 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Dirty Little Secrets (Music To Strip By)" CD
1999 Myer "Leavin' Space / Brown Sugar" 12"
1999 Loren Nerell "Indonesian Soundscapes" CD
1999 Neuroactive "Fyber-Optic Rhythm" CD
1999 Neuroticfish "No Instruments" CD
1999 New Mind "Deepnet" CD
1999 Nine Inch Nails "The Day The World Went Away" CD5
1999 Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile" 2xCD
1999 Nine Inch Nails "We're In This Together Pt. 2" CD5
1999 Ornament "Adorers" CDR
1999 Pain Station "Cold" CD
1999 Pan Sonic "A" CD
1999 David Parsons "Shaman" CD
1999 Passarani "Unspeakable Future Outbreaks" CD
1999 Pax "High Speed Digital Spirit Processing" CD
1999 Pet Shop Boys "Night Life" CDR
1999 Pet Shop Boys "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk [Promo]" CD5
1999 Pig "The Swining / Red Raw And Sore" CD
1999 Project-X "Fearless" CD5
1999 Psychic TV ""Origin Of The Species" Volume Too! A Second Supply Of Two Tablets Of Acid" 2xCD
1999 Puissance "Hail The Mushroom Cloud" CD5
1999 Pulse Legion "One Thing" CD
1999 Steve Roach "Atmospheric Conditions" CD
1999 Steve Roach "Light Fantastic" CD
1999 S'apex "Out There Back On / Procedure#1" EP
1999 Somatic Responses "Circumflex" CD
1999 Spear "Not Two" 7"
1999 Spear "Of Silence" CDR
1999 Species Of Fishes "Muslimgauze vs Species Of Fishes" CDEP
1999 Species Of Fishes "Time End Place" CD
1999 Stromkern "Dämmerung Im Traum" CD
1999 System Der Dinge "Fear Forms Function" CD
1999 Telepherique "Sight-Seeing-Tour" CD
1999 Threat Level 5 "Maschinen" CD
1999 Asmus Tietchens "Von Mund Zu Mund 1" 7"
1999 Tribes Of Neurot "Grace" CD
1999 Underworld "Jumbo" CD5
1999 Underworld "Push Upstairs" CD5
1999 Mika Vainio "20' To 2000" CDEP
1999 Ilpo Väisänen "20' To 2000" CDEP
1999 Various "Carlos Peron Präsentiert Ritter Minne & Romantik" CD
1999 Various "Four Ways Of Saying H3O" CD
1999 Vertigo "Galaxy War Sequels" CD
1999 Vidna Obmana "Memories Compiled 2" 2xCD
1999 Vir Unis "The Drift Inside" CD
1999 :wumpscut: "Ich Will Dich" CD5
1999 :wumpscut: "Totmacher" 2xCD5
1999 Yello "Eccentrix Remixes" CD
1999 Yello "Motion Picture" CD
2000 16 Volt "Demography" CD
2000 Absurd Minds "Brainwash" CD5
2000 Absurd Minds "Come Alive" CD5
2000 Absurd Minds "Deception" CD
2000 Aghast View "Phaseknox" CD
2000 Ah Cama-Sotz "Ankh/Deceptive Rate" 7"
2000 Ah Cama-Sotz "U-Boot" LP
2000 Ambre & Mark Spybey "Sfumato" CD
2000 And One "Virgin Superstar" CD
2000 And One "Wasted" CD5
2000 Apoptygma Berzerk "Kathy's Song (Come Lie Next To Me)" CD5
2000 Apoptygma Berzerk "Welcome To Earth" CD
2000 Arkkon "Rotunda" CD
2000 Arzt+Pfusch "Love" CD
2000 Atropine "Feigned Hearing" CDR
2000 Autechre "Peel Session 2" CDEP
2000 B-Ton-K "Novocain" CD
2000 Bamboo Crisis "Konspirosphere" CD
2000 Blixa Bargeld "Recycled" CD
2000 Beborn Beton "Rueckkehr Zum Eisplaneten" CD
2000 Beefcake "Coincidentia Oppositorum" CD
2000 Beefcake "In Medias Res" 12"
2000 Behind The Scenes "Homeless" CD
2000 Bile "Nightmare Before Krztoff" CD
2000 Bile "Sex Reflex" CD
2000 Biopsy "Nervate2k" CD
2000 Biosphere "Cirque" CD
2000 Biot "Synthetic Organic" CD
2000 Blacworld "Subduing Demons (In South Yorkshire)" CD
2000 BT "Dreaming" CD5
2000 C-Tec "Cut" CD
2000 The Cassandra Complex "Twice As Good" CD5
2000 The Cassandra Complex "Wetware" CD
2000 Eric Chamberlain "Nether Voices: Index/Skylash Compilation 1" CD
2000 Eric Chamberlain "Nether Voices: Index/Skylash Compilation 2" CD
2000 Eric Chamberlain "Nether Voices: Index/Skylash Compilation 3" CD
2000 The Circular Ruins "The Rope Of Sand" MP3
2000 Cleaner "Solaris" CD
2000 Cleen "The Voice" CD5
2000 Coil "Astral Disaster" LP/CD
2000 Coil "Coil Presents Time Machines" CD
2000 Coil "Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil" CD
2000 Coil "Musick To Play In The Dark Volume Two" CD
2000 Coil "Queens Of The Circulating Library" CD
2000 Config.Sys "Tri-Singular" CDR
2000 Controlled Fusion "Patient Zero" CD
2000 Converter "Blast Furnace" CD
2000 Converter "Firebloom" 12"
2000 Coph Nia "That Which Remains" CD
2000 Covenant "Dead Stars" CD5
2000 Covenant "Der Leirmann" CD5
2000 Covenant "Synergy: Live In Europe" CD
2000 Covenant "United States Of Mind" 2xCD
2000 Crocodile Shop "Order And Joy" CD
2000 Cruciform Injection "Response Stimuli" CD
2000 "New Religion" CD
2000 Cyclotimia "New Death Order" CDEP
2000 Dawn & Dusk Entwined "Forever War" CD
2000 Deadjump "Post Mortem" CDR
2000 Decoded Feedback "Mechanical Horizon" CD
2000 Decoded Feedback "Reflect In Silence" CD5
2000 Delerium "Heaven's Earth" 2xCD5
2000 Delerium "Poem" CD
2000 Delerium "Poem" 2xCD
2000 Depeche Mode "Millennium 33" CD
2000 Depeche Mode "Omega Mode #1" CD
2000 Depeche Mode "Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 6 (Millennium Remixes)" CD
2000 Depeche Mode "Ultra Rare Trax Vol. 7 (Emotion 2000 Remixes)" CD
2000 Depeche Mode "Ultra Strike 3: Mellenium Megamix" CDR
2000 Depeche Mode "Ultra Strike 4: Mellennium Strike" CDR
2000 Depeche Mode "Violator 2000" CD
2000 Die Form "Deep Inside" CD5
2000 Die Form "Extremum" CD
2000 Din Fiv "Escape To Reality" CD
2000 "Decaydenz" CD
2000 "Hell Is Heaven" CD5
2000 Download "Effector" CD
2000 Dryft "Cell" CD
2000 Dupont "Behave" CD5
2000 Einstürzende Neubauten "Silence Is Sexy" 2xCD
2000 The Electric Hellfire Club "Empathy For The Devil" 2xCD
2000 The Electric Hellfire Club "Witness The Millennium" CD
2000 Electronic Eye "Neurometrik" CD
2000 Evil's Toy "Silvertears" CD
2000 Evil's Toy "Virtual State" CD5
2000 Feindflug "Sterbehilfe EP" CDEP
2000 Forma Tadre "Automate 2.0" CD
2000 Funker Vogt "Gunman" CD5
2000 Funker Vogt "Maschine Zeit" CD
2000 Funker Vogt "T" 2xCD
2000 Gabriel Le Mar "Gab's Gift" CD
2000 Mathias Grassow "The Gothic Passage" CDR
2000 Gridlock "Gridlock vs O2" 7"
2000 Grundik + Slava "Cases" CD
2000 Halo_Gen "Halo_Gen" CD
2000 Mick Harris "Having It" CDEP
2000 Hexer vs. Crunch "Vertical Step / Structures" 12"
2000 High Wycombe "Code 74" CD
2000 In Strict Confidence "Kiss Your Shadow" CD5
2000 In Strict Confidence "Love Kills! Box" 2xCD
2000 In Strict Confidence "Zauberschloss" CD5
2000 In The Nursery "Exhibit" CD
2000 In The Nursery "Groundloop" CD
2000 In The Nursery "Hindle Wakes" 2xCD
2000 Inade "Burning Flesh" CD
2000 Index "Ultra Hard Shadow" CD
2000 Juno Reactor "Pistolero" CD5
2000 Juno Reactor "Shango" CD
2000 Kiew "Feierabend" CDEP
2000 Richard H. Kirk "Loop Static" CD
2000 Kreuzweg Ost "Iron Avantgarde" CD
2000 L'Ame Immortelle "Epitaph" CD5
2000 La Lettre A Camus "L'art Faux" CDR
2000 Lard "70's Rock Must Die" CDEP
2000 Leæther Strip "Carry Me" CD5
2000 Lights Of Euphoria "Fortuneteller" CD5
2000 Lightwave "Cantus Umbrarum" CD
2000 Lucisferrato "Ahnenschein" CD
2000 Lustmord "Purifying Fire" CD
2000 Maeror Tri "Mind Reversal" LP
2000 Marilyn Manson "Disposable Teens" 2xCD5
2000 Marilyn Manson "Holy Wood" CD
2000 Mastertune "10tacles" CD
2000 MDFMK "Rabble Rouser" CD5
2000 Melek-Tha "Evil Is Too Strong" CD
2000 Melotron "E.P.Sode 3" CDEP
2000 Melotron "Fortschritt" CD
2000 Melotron "Tanz Mit Dem Teufel" CD5
2000 Mentallo And The Fixer "Love Is The Law" CD
2000 Militia "The Black Flag Hoisted" 2xCD
2000 Mindless Faith "Manifest Destiny" CD
2000 Muslimgauze "Abu-Dis" 2xCD
2000 Muslimgauze "Ayatollah Dollar" CDEP
2000 Muslimgauze "Baghdad" CD
2000 Muslimgauze "Jebel Tariq" MP3
2000 Muslimgauze "Sufiq" CDEP
2000 Muslimgauze "The Inspirational Sounds Of Muslimgauze" CD
2000 Pete Namlook/Geir Jenssen "The Fires Of Ork 2" CD
2000 Necrophorus "Drifting In Motion" CD
2000 Necrophorus "Gathering Composed Thoughts" CD
2000 Negative Format "Distant Pulses" CD
2000 Nine Inch Nails "Things Falling Apart" CD
2000 Nocturnal Emissions "Electropunk Karaoke" CD
2000 Noisex "Serious Killer" CD
2000 Nor Elle "Phantom Of Life" CD
2000 Pet Shop Boys "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk (CD1)" CD5
2000 Pet Shop Boys "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk (CD2)" CD5
2000 Pet Shop Boys "You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk (CD3)" CD5
2000 Pierrepoint "Deleted Tracks From Earth" CD
2000 Pierrepoint "Technoid Beats For A Paradox Movement" CD
2000 Predominance "Nocturnal Gates Of Incidence" CD
2000 Project-X "All Systems Dead EP" CD5
2000 Propergol "United States..." CD
2000 Puissance "Total Cleansing" CD
2000 P·A·L "Release" 2xCD
2000 Raison D'etre "The Empty Hollow Unfolds" CD
2000 Rapoon "Rapoon vs Kinder Atom" CD
2000 Ravenous "Phoenix" CD
2000 Steve Roach/Byron Metcalf "The Serpent's Lair" 2xCD
2000 Roricat "Nijikon 2000" CDR
2000 S.P.O.C.K. "Demo" CDR
2000 S.P.O.C.K. "Klingon 2000" CD5
2000 S.P.O.C.K. "Where Rockets Fly" CD5
2000 Scorn "Greetings From Birmingham" CD
2000 Scorn "Imaginaria Inward" CDEP
2000 Senor Coconut "El Baile Aleman" CD
2000 Shimri "Lilies Of The Field" CD
2000 Skincage "Axon" CD
2000 Sleepwalk "Spirits From The Inside" CD
2000 Snog "Relax Into The Abyss" CD
2000 Somatic Responses "Grounded" 12"
2000 Somatic Responses "Researching Limits" 12"
2000 Sonar "Remote Assault" CD
2000 Species Of Fishes "Expositions '93-'00" CD
2000 Species Of Fishes "Songs Of A Dumb World Pt 2" CD
2000 Species Of Fishes "Species Of Fishes" CD
2000 Mark Spybey & Mick Harris "Bad Roads, Young Drivers" CD
2000 Sshe Retina Stimulants / Bad Sector "Neurotransmitter Actions" CDR
2000 Michael Stearns & Ron Sunsinger "Sorcerer" CD
2000 Stratvm Terror "Genetic Implosion" CD
2000 Stromkern "Night Riders" CDEP
2000 Sturmovik "Feldweihe" LP
2000 Suicide Commando "Comatose Delusion" CD5
2000 Suicide Commando "Hellraiser" CD5
2000 Suicide Commando "Mindstrip" CD
2000 The Tear Garden "Crystal Mass" CD
2000 Telepherique/K2 "Wolkenphaenomen" CD
2000 Temps Perdu? "Earth Story" CD
2000 Terminal Choice "Animal" CD5
2000 Terminal Choice "No Chance" CD5
2000 Terminal Choice "Omnious Future Box" 2xCD
2000 Thighpaulsandra "Some Head EP" CDEP
2000 Asmus Tietchens "Von Mund Zu Mund 2" 7"
2000 Asmus Tietchens "Von Mund Zu Mund 3" 7"
2000 Troum "Tjukurrpa pt.1 "Harmonies"" CD
2000 Trylok "Reliance" CD
2000 Underworld "Cowgirl" CD5
2000 Underworld "Everything, Everything" CD
2000 Various Artists "Anthems Of Rust & Decay - A Tribute To Marilyn Manson" CD
2000 Various Artists "Clicks_+_Cuts" 2xCD
2000 Various Artists "Covered In Nails Vol. 1 - A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails" CD
2000 Various Artists "Cryogenic Studio Volume 02" 2xCD
2000 Various Artists "Don't Blow Your Cover (A Tribute To KMFDM)" CD
2000 Various Artists "Electropolis Volume II" CD
2000 Various Artists "Radiant Decay (A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails)" CD
2000 Velvet Acid Christ "Dimension 8" MP3
2000 Velvet Acid Christ "Twisted Thought Generator" CD
2000 VNV Nation "Standing/Burning Empires" 2xCD
2000 Voltaic "Shock / Emission" CD
2000 Vomito Negro & Liquid G. "Musical Art Conjunct Of Sound" CDR
2000 Von Thronstahl "Imperium Internum" CD
2000 :wumpscut: "BlutKind" 2xCD
2000 Xorcist "Insects & Angels: Differences & Indifferences" CD
2000 Yendri "Breakdown Of Reality" CD
2000 Yendri "Inhaliere Meine Seele Und Stirb" CD
2000 The Young Gods "Live Noumatrouff, 1997" CD
2000 The Young Gods "Lucidogen" CD5
2000 The Young Gods "Second Nature" CD
2001 Ab Ovo "Triode" CD
2001 Absurd Minds "Damn The Lie" 2xCD
2001 Accessory "Deadline EP" CD5
2001 Barry Adamson/Pan Sonic "Motorlab #3: The Hymn Of The 7th Illusion" CD
2001 ADD "MRGnal" CDR
2001 AFX "2 Remixes By AFX" CD5
2001 Ah Cama-Sotz "Excrementos Diabolicos" 7"
2001 Ah Cama-Sotz "Frames.Sotz.v2" CD3
2001 Ah Cama-Sotz "Mantra" CDEP
2001 Aïboforcen "Sons Palliatifs" 2xCD
2001 Aïboforcen "Sons Palliatifs" CD
2001 Aktivate Sin "Psychology Of The Hateful Mind" CD
2001 Alien Sex Fiend "Flashbacks! (Live 1995-98)" CD
2001 Alio Die "Leaves Net" CD
2001 Alio Die/Amelia Cuni "Apsaras" CD
2001 And One "Amerika Brennt!" MP3
2001 Anenzephalia "Anenzephalia" CD
2001 AntechO "Im Osten Nichts Neues" CDR
2001 Aphex Twin "Drukqs" 2xCD
2001 Aphex Twin "Drukqs Promo" CD5
2001 Apoptygma Berzerk "APBL2000" CD
2001 Apoptygma Berzerk "Kathy's Song (Come Lie Next To Me)" 12"
2001 Apoptygma Berzerk "Starsign" CD5
2001 Assemblage 23 "Addendum" CD
2001 Assemblage 23 "Disappoint" CD5
2001 Assemblage 23 "Failure" CD
2001 Aube "Live In Montreal 2000" CDR
2001 Aube "Skystreamspeedspreadetroit" CDR
2001 Aural Blasphemy "Catharsis" CD
2001 Autechre "Confield" CD
2001 Bad Sector "Polonoid" CD
2001 Bad Sector "The Harrow" CD
2001 Biosphere "Substrata 2" 2xCD
2001 Black Lung "Profound And Sentimental Journey" CDEP
2001 Blood Axis & Les Joyaux De La Princesse "Absinthe: La Folie Vert" CD
2001 BlutEngel "Black Roses" CD5
2001 BlutEngel "Bloody Pleasures" CD5
2001 BlutEngel "Seelenschmerz" 2xCD
2001 Bocksholm "Excursions By The Bank Of Black River" CD
2001 Breathe "The Laughing Dolls" CD
2001 Thom Brennan "Shimmer" CD
2001 BT "R&R: Rare & Remixed" 2xCD
2001 C.O.T.A. "Marches And Meditations" CD
2001 Cabaret Voltaire "Remixed" CD
2001 Cephalgy "Warum" CDR
2001 Cesium 137 "The Fall" CD5
2001 A Challenge Of Honour "The Ambient Works 2000-2001" CDR
2001 Chris & Cosey "The Essential Chris And Cosey Collection" 2xCD
2001 Clear Vision "Deception" CD
2001 COH "Love Uncut" CDEP
2001 Coil "Live At "DK Gorbunov", Moscow, 15.09.2001" Live
2001 Coil "Live In NYC, August 18, 2001" CDR
2001 Coil "Пособие для кончающих: Волос Злата" CD
2001 Coil "Пособие для начинающих: Глас Серебра" CD
2001 Converter / Asche / Morgenstern "Erode" CD
2001 Current 93/Nurse With Wound "Bright Yellow Moon/Purtle" 2xCD
2001 "Dataseed" CD
2001 Cyclobe "The Visitors" CD
2001 Dance Or Die "Schlafendeenergie" CD
2001 Dark Illumination "Dead Planet" CD
2001 Deathline International "Cybrid" CD
2001 Delerium "Innocente" 12"
2001 Delerium "Odyssey - The Remix Collection" 2xCD
2001 Delerium "Underwater" 12"/2xCD5
2001 Depeche Mode "Extended Exciter" CD
2001 Der Blutharsch "First Album" CD
2001 Der Blutharsch "When All Else Fails!" CD
2001 Desiderii Marginis "Deadbeat" CD
2001 Die Form "Akt" 2xCD
2001 Die Form "Archives & Documents III" 2xCD
2001 Diskaholics Anonymous Trio "Diskaholics Anonymous Trio" CD
2001 Dismantled "Demo Variation" CDR
2001 "Neverland/Drag Me Down" CD5
2001 Dupont "Ukraina" CD
2001 E-Craft "Dos Unit" CD
2001 E-Craft "Faradayscher Käfig" CDEP
2001 Einstürzende Neubauten "Strategies Against Architecture III" 2xCD
2001 Electro Synthetic Rebellion "Distorted Visions" CD
2001 Endraum "Der Leanderkern" 2xCD
2001 Endraum "Herzklang Spiegeit Am Strassenrand" CD
2001 Esplendor Geométrico "Kosmos Kino" CD
2001 Eurocide "Dark Matter" CDR
2001 Fennesz "Endless Summer" CD
2001 Foetus "Blow" CD
2001 Foetus "Flow" CD
2001 Front Line Assembly "Epitaph" CD
2001 Front Line Assembly "Everything Must Perish" CD5
2001 Funker Vogt "Subspace" CD5
2001 The Future Sound Of London "Accelerator" CD
2001 The Future Sound Of London "Papua New Guinea Translations" CD
2001 Glis "Extract" CD
2001 Mathias Grassow "Equilibrium" CDR
2001 Mathias Grassow "The OM Drones" CD
2001 Randy Greif "War Of The World" CD
2001 Grendel "Inhumane Amusement" CD
2001 Gridlock "Trace" CD
2001 Gydja "Liber Babalon" 2xCDR
2001 Hana "Omen" CD
2001 Haujobb "Polarity" CD
2001 Hazard/Fennesz/Biosphere "Light" CDEP
2001 Hexedene "Bullet Proof Diva's" CD
2001 Humanoid "Stakker Humanoid 2001" 12"
2001 Hybryds "Tryptykh" CD
2001 In Slaughter Natives "Re-Enter Salvation" 5xCD
2001 In Slaughter Natives "Recollection" CD
2001 In Strict Confidence "The Truth Inside Of Me" CD3
2001 In The Nursery "Siren" CD
2001 Inade "The Crackling Of The Anonymous" CD
2001 Inure "Seemless" CD
2001 Ivory Frequency "Today" CD5
2001 Job Karma "Newson" CD
2001 James Johnson - Vir Unis - Christopher Short "Aqua Culture I" CDR
2001 Juno Reactor "Masters Of The Universe" CD5
2001 Karjalan Sissit "Karjalan Sissit" CD
2001 cEvin Key "The Ghost Of Each Room" CD
2001 Kiew "Divergent" CD
2001 Klinik "End Of The Line" 4xCD
2001 Kramm "Couer" CD
2001 L'Ame Immortelle "Dann Habe Ich Umsonst Gelebt" CD
2001 L'Ame Immortelle "Judgement" CD5
2001 La Lettre A Camus "Avec 1913" CDR
2001 La Lettre A Camus "Is Your Journey Really Necessary?" CDR
2001 La Lettre A Camus "L'Espace De LLAC" CDR
2001 Lethargy "Escapa" CD
2001 Lucisferrato "Weltanschauliche Mission" LP
2001 Lull/Origami Arktika "Brook" CD
2001 Lustmord "Metavoid" CD
2001 Marilyn Manson "The Fight Song" CD5
2001 Marilyn Manson "The Fight Song ~ Rare Tracks" CDEP
2001 Marilyn Manson "The Nobodies" CD5
2001 Materialschlacht "Volk Steht Auf Der Sturm Bricht Los" 7"
2001 Melek-Tha "Armageddon Theory" 2xCDR
2001 Melek-Tha "Gloriam Demondi" CD
2001 Melotron "Brüder" CD5
2001 Mentallo And The Fixer "Return To Grimpen Ward" CD
2001 Mentallo And The Fixer "Vengeance Is Mine" CD
2001 Ministry "Greatest Fits" CD
2001 Ministry "What About Us?" CD5
2001 Mombus "Glyptos" CDR
2001 Monstrum Sepsis "Primordial Notion [Alpha]" CD
2001 The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath A Cloud "Mass For The Dead" 2xCD
2001 Morgenstern "Cold" CD
2001 Morpheus "Ouroboros" CD
2001 Muslimgauze "Eye For An Eye" LP
2001 Muslimgauze "Muslimgauze" CD
2001 Mz.412 "Domine Rex Inferum" CD
2001 Na-Dha "Voices Without A Sound" CD
2001 Necro Facility "Malice And Hate" CDR
2001 New Mind "Phoenix" CD
2001 Nine Inch Nails "Deep" CD5
2001 No + Tarkatak "Q" CDR
2001 Nor Elle "Slapstick" CD
2001 Numina "Evolving Visions" CDR
2001 NVMPH "Nuclear 45 Is Dead" CD
2001 Objekt/Urian "Tonfragmente II" CDEP
2001 ohGr "Welt" CD
2001 Olhon "Veiovis" CD
2001 Oöphoi/Tau Ceti "Celestial Geometries" CD
2001 The Orb "Auntie Aubrey's Excusions Beyond The Call Of Duty 2" 2xCD
2001 The Orb "Cydonia" CD
2001 Orchestra Terrestial "Here And Elsewhere" CD
2001 Organisation Toth "Follow The Red Örder" 10"
2001 Orphx "The Living Tissue" CD
2001 Othila "Untitled" CD5
2001 Oval "Ovalcommers" CD
2001 Painbastard "Just Like Dying (First Blood Edition)" CDR
2001 Pan Sonic "Aaltopiiri" CD
2001 Nick Parkin "Entropolis" CD
2001 Jeff Pearce "The Light Beyond" CD
2001 Pet Shop Boys "Please / Further Listening 1984-1986" 2xCD
2001 Pet Shop Boys "Very / Further Listening 1992-1994" 2xCD
2001 Phallus Dei "Nature Mortes" CD
2001 Plastic Assault "We Score" CD
2001 Project Pitchfork "Daimonion" CD
2001 Project Pitchfork "Existence" CD5
2001 Project Pitchfork "Lost & Found" 2xCD
2001 Project Pitchfork "Timekiller" CD5
2001 Propergol "Renegade" CD
2001 Razed In Black "Oh My Goth!" CDEP
2001 Reversal Penetrations "Cut Up Violation" CD
2001 Re|Work "Impulse" CD
2001 Re|Work "To Our Remains" CD5
2001 Boyd Rice And Friends "Wolf Pact" CD
2001 Robert Rich "Bestiary" CD
2001 Robert Rich "Somnium" DVD
2001 Steve Roach "Pure Flow: Timeroom Editions Collection 1" CD
2001 Steve Roach/Jorge Reyes "Vine ~ Bark & Spore" CD
2001 Ruhr Hunter & Chaos As Shelter "One" CD
2001 S.A.T.K.A / Sedarka "Living Twice" CD
2001 S.P.O.C.K. "2001: A S.P.O.C.K. Odyssey" CD
2001 S.P.O.C.K. "Queen Of Space" CDS
2001 S.P.O.C.K. "Queen Of Space" CD5
2001 S.P.O.C.K. "Satellites" CD5
2001 Shadowbug 4 "We Are Beginning Our Descent" CD
2001 Skinny Puppy "Doomsday: Back And Forth Vol. 5 Live" CD
2001 Skorbut "Log In" CD
2001 Sola Translatio "Ad Infinitum" CD
2001 Solitary Experiments "Paradox" CD
2001 Somatic Responses "Accidental Happiness" CDEP
2001 Somatic Responses "Augmented Lines" CD
2001 Somatic Responses "Tlooz" 7"
2001 Sonar "Parallel Friction" 7"
2001 Sophia "Herbstwerk/Aus Der Welt" 2xCD
2001 Spahn Ranch "Closure" CD
2001 Spear "Sapphire Flower" CD+CDR
2001 Species Of Fishes "Festival" CDR
2001 A Split-Second "Transmix" CD
2001 Stereo Modus "Navi EP" CDR
2001 Stratvm Terror "The Only True Septic Whore" CD
2001 Stromkern "Flicker Like A Candle: Millenium Edition" CD
2001 Suicide Commando "Love Breeds Suicide EP" CD5
2001 T.O.Y. "Space Radio" CD
2001 Thighpaulsandra "I, Thighpaulsandra" 2xCD
2001 Thighpaulsandra "The Michel Publicity Window E.P." CD5
2001 This Morn' Omina "Taiu" CD
2001 David Thrussell "The Voices Of Reason" CD
2001 Asmus Tietchens "Beta-Menge" CD
2001 Franz Treichler "Braindance" CD
2001 Tribes Of Neurot "Live At Beyond The Pale 2001" CD
2001 U:Phonics "Running" CD5
2001 Various Artists "A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails: Closer To The Spiral" CD
2001 Various Artists "A Tribute To Nine Inch Nails: Re-Covered In Nails 2.001" CD
2001 Various Artists "Future Sounds Of Tomsk" CDR
2001 Various Artists "Heilige Feuer" CD
2001 Various Artists "Сборник №4 журнала "Результаты"" CDR
2001 Velvet Acid Christ "Dial8" CD5
2001 Vidna Obmana "Tremor" CD
2001 VNV Nation "Advance And Follow (v2)" CD
2001 VNV Nation "Genesis.1" CD5
2001 VNV Nation "Genesis.2" CD5
2001 Von Thronstahl "E Pluribus Unum" CD
2001 Von Thronstahl "Leipzig "Lichttaufe" 2000" 7"
2001 Vromb "Episodes" CD
2001 Wappenbund "Zeitenwende" CD
2001 Wappenbund/Ophir "Blood & Fire/Nichts Ist Verloren Part I & II" CDR
2001 Witch-Hunt "The Rites of Samhain" CDR
2001 :wumpscut: "Deliverance" CD5
2001 :wumpscut: "Wreath Of Barbs" CD
2001 Xabec "Seelenschiff" CD
2001 Xingu Hill/Squaremeter "This Anxious Space" CD
2001 Xotox "Normalzustand: Angst" CDR
2001 Xotox "Rhythm Of Fear" CDR
2001 [+] Z.e.t.a. X "Feoh" CD
2001 Ø + Noto "Wohltemperiert" CD
2002 Absurd Minds "Masterbuilder" CD5
2002 Accessory "...And I Say "Go"" CDEP
2002 ADD "Efpos" CDR
2002 ADD "Sim Fonik EP" CDR
2002 Aghast View "Trendsetter" CD
2002 Ah Cama-Sotz "La Procesión De La Sangre" 2xCD
2002 Ain Soph "October" CD
2002 Allerseelen "Abenteurliches Herz" CD
2002 Amorphous Androgynous "The Mello Hippo Disco Show" CD5
2002 Anenzephalia "Die Sender Müssen Schweigen!" 10"
2002 Apoptygma Berzerk "Harmonizer" CD
2002 Apoptygma Berzerk "Suffer In Silence (Trance Remixes)" CD5
2002 Apoptygma Berzerk "Until The End Of The World #1" CD5
2002 Apoptygma Berzerk "Until The End Of The World #2" CD5
2002 Archon Satani "Of Gospels Lost And Forsaken" 2xCD
2002 Ars Moriendi "In Memoriam" 7"
2002 Aslan Faction "Blunt Force Trauma" CD
2002 Assemblage 23 "Defiance" CD
2002 Assemblage 23 "Document" CD5
2002 Aube "Bar 2.1-A 2000-2001" 2xCDR
2002 Aube "Live In Michigan 2001" CDR
2002 Aube "Live In Montreal 2001" CDR
2002 Aube "Millennium-R2" CDR
2002 Aube "Recontextual Abstraction" 2xCD
2002 Autechre "Gantz Graf" CDEP
2002 Axiome "Va-t-il Faire Beau?" 12"
2002 Amir Baghiri "Dreamresources" CD
2002 Bile "Demonic Electronic" CD
2002 Bile "The Copy Machine" CD
2002 Bio-Tek "The Ceremony Of Innocence" CD
2002 Biosphere "Shenzhou" CD
2002 BlutEngel "Angel Dust" 2xCD
2002 Burntime "Somewhere Inside" CDR
2002 Buropolitik "exTension EP" MP3
2002 C-drík "Dissolution" CD
2002 C. Reider vs. Tarkatak "The Druser Pricid" CDR
2002 C.A.P. "Statement" CD
2002 Cabaret Voltaire "'NagNagNag' '79 Original / '02 Tiga&Zyntherius Akufen / RH Kirk Mixes;" CD5
2002 Cabaret Voltaire "Live At The Hacienda '83 / '86" 2xCD
2002 Cenobita "Metamorfosis" CD
2002 Cesium 137 "Advanced/Decay" CD
2002 The Circular Ruins "Confluence" CDR
2002 Climax Golden Twins "Lovely" CD
2002 Coil "Moon's Milk (In Four Phases) [bonus disc]" CDR
2002 Coil "Plastic Spider Thing" CD
2002 Coil "Remote Viewer" CDR
2002 Con-Dom/Militia "Scorched Earth Policy" CD
2002 Conjure One "Conjure One" CD
2002 Conjure One "Tears From The Moon" 12"
2002 Controlled Bleeding "Can You Smell The Rain Between" CD
2002 Covenant "Bullet" CD5
2002 Covenant "Call The Ships To Port" CD5
2002 Covenant "Call The Ships To Port" 12"
2002 Covenant "Northern Light" 2xLP
2002 Covenant "Northern Light" CD
2002 Cyborg Attack "Blutgeld" CD
2002 Cyclone B "Krieg" CDR
2002 Cyclotimia "Same Time Same Place" 10"
2002 Cyclotimia "Wasteland" CD
2002 Das Ich "Anti'Christ" CD
2002 Dataraper "Carbon Flora" CD
2002 Davantage "Global Badlands" CD
2002 Dead Turns Alive "Salvation And Despair - The First Four Years" CD
2002 Decoded Feedback "Phoenix" CD5
2002 Dense Vision Shrine "Magic & Mystery" CD
2002 Depeche Mode "Mixes Of Mode And Devotion" CDR
2002 Depeche Mode "New X-Tended Remixes" CDR
2002 Depeche Mode "The Secret Remixes Vol. 1" CDR
2002 Der Blutharsch "Fire Danger Season" 4xCD
2002 Der Blutharsch "Viele Feinde Viele Ehre" 10"
2002 Detritus "Sense / Martyr" CDR
2002 Deutsch Nepal "A Silent Siege" CD
2002 Dioxyde "Intravenous" CDR
2002 Dioxyde "Torschlüsspanik" CD
2002 Dismantled "Dismantled" CD
2002 Dismantled "Dystopia" CD5
2002 "Deeper Into The Heart Of Dysfunction" CD
2002 Download "III Steps Forward" CD
2002 Download "Inception" CD
2002 Dryft "The Mytotyc Exyt EP" CDEP
2002 The Electric Hellfire Club "Electronomicon" CD
2002 Epsilon Minus "Epsilon Minus" CD+CDR
2002 Esplendor Geométrico "Compuesto De Hierro" CD
2002 Feindflug "Hirnschlacht" CD
2002 Fenn O'Berg "The Return Of Fenn O'Berg" CD
2002 Forced "Cherophobia" CD
2002 Funker Vogt "Date Of Expiration" CD5
2002 Funker Vogt "Final Thrill" CD5
2002 Funker Vogt "Survivor" CD
2002 The Future Sound Of London "The Isness" CD
2002 G.E.M.I.N.I. "I Am What I Am" CDR
2002 God Module "Perception" CD5
2002 Grendel "End Of Ages" CD5
2002 Gridlock "Live Traces" CD
2002 The Hafler Trio "La Chanson Dada" 10"
2002 Haujobb "Penetration" CD5
2002 Hocico "Signos De Aberracion" CD
2002 Hybryds "Lust" 12"
2002 IC 434 "The Banished" CD
2002 Imperative Reaction "Ruined" CD
2002 Implant "Planet Euphoria" 2xCD
2002 In Strict Confidence "Herzattacke" CD5
2002 In Strict Confidence "Mistrust The Angels" CD
2002 In Strict Confidence "Mistrust The Bonus Edition" CDEP
2002 In Strict Confidence "Zauberschloss / Kiss Your Shadow" CD
2002 In The Nursery "Cause+Effect" CD
2002 Informatik "Nymphomatik" CD
2002 Interface "Angels In Disguise" CD
2002 Iszoloscope · Antigen Shift "The Blood Dimmed Tide" CD3
2002 Janitor "Receiving A Flower On Mother's Day" CD
2002 K-Nitrate "Power - Speed - Aggression" CDR
2002 Kammarheit "The Northern Hymn" CDR
2002 Karjalan Sissit "Miserere" CD
2002 Kelly David "Broken Voyage" CD
2002 KMFDM "Attak" CD
2002 KMFDM "Boots" CD5
2002 KMFDM "Sturm & Drang" CD
2002 L'Ame Immortelle "Tiefster Winter" CD5
2002 L'Ame Immortelle "Zwielicht" CD
2002 L'Ombre "Medicine For The Meaningless" CD
2002 La Lettre A Camus/Stereo Modus "Pour Mille Milles" MP3
2002 Land "Opuscule" CD
2002 Land "Иди и смотри" 10"
2002 LLAC/Roricat "Rorillac" CDR
2002 Lustmord "Zoetrope" CD
2002 Male Or Female "...Recalled Moments" CD
2002 Marilyn Manson "Dancing With The Antichrist" CD
2002 Massiv In Mensch "Die Rein" CD
2002 Materialschlacht "Waakzaamheid En Vertrouwen" LP
2002 Melotron "Gib Mir Alles" CD5
2002 Melotron "Weltfrieden" CD
2002 Mimetic Data / Mimetic Be-At "Sensitive / Sound A" 2xCD
2002 Ministry "Sphinctour" CD
2002 Moljebka Pvlse "Sadalmelik" CD
2002 Monstrum Sepsis "Beta" CD
2002 Muslimgauze "Chapter Of Purity: Recordings From 1985-1987" CD
2002 Muslimgauze "Sarin Israel Nes Ziona" CD
2002 Muslimgauze "Veiled Sisters Remix" CD
2002 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Elektrik Inferno Live" CD
2002 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Golden Pillz (The Luna Remixes)" CD
2002 David Lee Myers / Thomas Dimuzio "Uncertain Symmetry" CD
2002 Nebula-H "H" 2xCD
2002 Neuroactive "Wonders Of The World" CD5
2002 Neuromancer "Demo" CDR
2002 New Order "5 11" DVD
2002 New Risen Throne "Prophet" CDR
2002 Nine Inch Nails "And All That Could Have Been" CD
2002 NON "Children Of The Black Sun" CD
2002 Nostalgia "Arcana Publicata Vilescunt" CD
2002 Notime "Dying Planet" CDR
2002 Notime "Living Planet" CDR
2002 Nurse With Wound "Man With The Woman Face" CD
2002 Object "The Reflecting Skin" CD
2002 The Orb "Daleth Of Elphame" CDEP
2002 Othila "Elements" CD
2002 Pain Of Progress "Frozen Pain" CD
2002 Pain Of Progress "Weeping Song" CD5
2002 Pain Station "Dead Is Dead" CD
2002 Pig "Seven Signs Of Sickness" CD
2002 Project Pitchfork "Inferno" CD
2002 Project Pitchfork "Trialog" CD5
2002 Project-X "Closing Down The Systems" CD
2002 Project-X "Infected / Reminder" CD5
2002 Psychic TV "Origin Of The Species Volume III" 2xCD
2002 Psychic TV "Snowflake / Illusive" 7"
2002 Psygram "Gehörgänge" CD
2002 Rapoon "Pell Mell" CDEP
2002 Jorge Reyes/Piet Jan Blauw "Pluma De Piedra" CD
2002 Steve Roach/Jeffrey Fayman "Trance Spirits" CD
2002 Robotiko Rejekto "Robotiko Rejekto" CD5
2002 S.I.N.A "Back In Stereo" CDEP
2002 Sandoz "King Dread" 12"
2002 Show Of Exaggeration "Show Of Exaggeration" CD
2002 Skalpell "In Between" CD
2002 Skinny Puppy "Puppy Gristle" CD
2002 Skoyz "Decay" CD
2002 Sleepwalk "Torture Chamber" 2xCD
2002 Somatic Responses "Dying Language" CD
2002 A Split-Second "Flesh" 12"
2002 Squaremeter "The Bitter End" CD
2002 St. Vitus Dance "Asah" CD
2002 Stahlwerk 9 "Finis Germaniae" 7"
2002 Steril "I Get Closer" CD5
2002 Robin Storey & Victor Nubla "About Breathing" CD
2002 Stromkern "No Release" CD5
2002 Stromkern "Re-align" CD5
2002 Svartsinn "Devouring Consciousness" CD
2002 Syntetika "100% Syntetika" CD
2002 Templegarden's "Done Rooms" CD
2002 Terminal Choice "Buried A-Live" CD
2002 Terminal Choice "Collective Suicide" CD5
2002 Antonio Testa/Alio Die "Prayer For The Forest" CD
2002 This Morn' Omina "The Future Has Taken Root In The Present" CD
2002 Asmus Tietchens "Eisgang / Dammerattacke" 2xCD
2002 Asmus Tietchens "Gamma-Menge" CD
2002 Asmus Tietchens "Leuchtidioten" 10"
2002 Asmus Tietchens/Vidna Obmana "The Shifts Of Recycling" 2xCD
2002 Toroidh "For The Fallen Ones" 7"
2002 Toroidh / Solaris "The Return Of Yesterday" 10"
2002 Torso Fiction "Paradox" CD
2002 Troum "Symbiosis" CDEP
2002 Troum "Tjukurrpa pt.2 "Drones"" CD
2002 Underworld "A Hundred Days Off" CD
2002 Urawa "The Most Boring Thousand Years Of My Life" CD
2002 V2a "EBM" CD
2002 Various Artists "Funkfeuer [Feldstreuung]" CS
2002 Various Artists "Re:cover" CD
2002 Various Artists "Sound Construction Ahead" CDR
2002 VNV Nation "Beloved.1" CD5
2002 VNV Nation "Beloved.2" CD5
2002 VNV Nation "Beloved.3" 12"
2002 VNV Nation "Futureperfect" CD
2002 :wumpscut: "Liquid Soylent" 2xCD
2002 :wumpscut: "Wreath Of Barbs (Classic Remixes)" CD5
2002 :wumpscut: "Wreath Of Barbs (Freestyle Remixes)" CD5
2002 X-Fusion "Black Out EP" CDR
2002 Xenonics K-30 "Automated" CD
2002 Xotox "Silberfieber" CDR
2002 XP8 "10111" CDR
2002 Y-Luk-O "Dead Without You" CD
2002 Yendri "Dangerous Thoughts" CD
2002 The Young Gods "Six Dew Points" CD
2002 Z Prochek "Intravenous" CD
2003 Accessory "Titan" CD
2003 ADD "ComPile" CDR
2003 ADD "Riakwa" CDR
2003 AFX "Smojphace EP" CDEP
2003 Aghast View "Drifter.EP" CD5
2003 Ah Cama-Sotz "10 Years Bat Vibez" 2xCD
2003 Ah Cama-Sotz "Rites Of The Flesh" CDEP
2003 Allerseelen "Pedra" CD5
2003 Allerseelen / Ô Paradis "Funke/El Astro Rey" 7"
2003 Amduscia "Melodies For The Devil" CD
2003 Amduscia "Perdicion Perversion Demencia" CD
2003 And One "Aggressor" CD
2003 And One "Krieger" CD5
2003 Aphex Twin "26 Mixes For Cash" 2xCD
2003 Apoptygma Berzerk "The Singles Collection" 2xCD
2003 Arditi "Marching On To Victory" CD
2003 Armageddon Dildos "Morgengrauen" CD
2003 Asche "Distorted DJ" 2xCD
2003 Aslan Faction "Sin-Drome Of Separation" CD
2003 Aslan Faction "Widow Chamber" CD
2003 Autechre "Draft 7.30" CD
2003 Auto-Aggression "End-Mensch-Licht" CDR
2003 Aidan Baker "Threnody One : Lamentation" CDR
2003 Beefcake "¥003 + ¥024 + 2X = ¥727" CD
2003 Bile "Frankenhole - The Reanimation Of Dead Tissue" 2xCD
2003 Henrik Nordvargr Björkk "On Broken Wings Towards Victory" CD
2003 Henrik Nordvargr Björkk "Sleep Therapy" 8xCD
2003 Black Lung "The Sound Of Meat" 12"
2003 BlutEngel "Forever" CD5
2003 Bocksholm "The Sound Of Black Cloggs" CD
2003 Bomb The Daynursery "Discipline Through Mental-Illness" MP3
2003 Breast Fed Yak "Get Your Greasy Head Off The Sham" CD
2003 Bruderschaft "Forever EP" 2xCD5
2003 BT "Emotional Technology" CD
2003 Cabaret Voltaire "Yashar (Remixes)" 12"
2003 Cell Auto Mata "The Devil Is In The Detail" CD
2003 Cephalgy "Weisses Fleisch EP" CDR
2003 A Challenge Of Honour "Wilhelm Gustloff" CD
2003 Chris & Cosey "C&C Luchtbal" CD
2003 Coil "Live Four" CD
2003 Colony 5 "Black" CD5
2003 Colony 5 "Colonisation" CD
2003 Colony 5 "Structures" CD
2003 CombiChrist "Kiss The Blade" CD5
2003 CombiChrist "The Joy Of Gunz" CD
2003 Conjure One "Center Of The Sun" 12"
2003 Converter "Exit Ritual" CD
2003 Converter "Expansion 1.3" 2xCDEP
2003 Coph Nia "Shape Shifter" CD
2003 Cruor "Mass" CDR
2003 Cyclotimia "Trivial Pleasures" CDEP
2003 Das Ich "Relikt" 2xCD
2003 Decoded Feedback "Shockwave" CD
2003 Delerium "After All" CD5
2003 Delerium "Chimera" CD
2003 Dense Vision Shrine "Litanies Of Desire" CD
2003 Depeche Mode "DM707 The Third Album" CDR
2003 Depeche Mode "Violator Revisited By DM707" CDR
2003 Depeche Mode "World In My Eyes / A Question Of Time" 12"
2003 Der Blutharsch/Novy Svet "Cafe Mentone" 7"
2003 Deutsch Nepal "The City Of Stone" 10"
2003 Die Farben "Sensory Specific Satiety" CD
2003 Die Form "Zoopsia" CDEP
2003 Diskonnekted "Jesus Raves" CD
2003 Diverje "Amphibian" 2xCD
2003 Do Shaska! Treffen Zlozvuk Sound System "Live At Strahov 007 (18. 12. 2002)" CDR
2003 DVAR "Rakhilim" CD
2003 E-Craft "Unit 371" CD
2003 Einstürzende Neubauten "Supporter Album #1" CD
2003 Electro Implant "Perpetual Pain" 2xCDR
2003 Electro Synthetic Rebellion "Corroded Fragments" CD
2003 Empusae "Geesten" 7"
2003 Empusae "Ritual Decay" CD
2003 Feindflug "I./St.G.3 (Phase 2)" CDEP
2003 Fictional "Fiction" CD
2003 Final Selection "Anti Hero" CD
2003 Forms Of Things Unknown "Cross Purposes" CDEP
2003 Fragola Nera "SPQR" 7"
2003 Front 242 "Pulse" CD
2003 Front 242 "Still And Raw" CDEP
2003 Front Line Assembly "Maniacal" CD5
2003 Funker Vogt "Red Queen" CD5
2003 Funker Vogt "Revivor" CD
2003 God Module "Empath" CD
2003 Grandchaos "La Forge" CDEP
2003 Gridlock "Formless" CD
2003 The Hafler Trio "No More Twain, Of One Flesh: 11 Unequivocal Obsecrations" CD
2003 The Hafler Trio "Normally" 2xCD
2003 The Hafler Trio / Ditterich Von Euler-Donnersperg / Kontakt Der Jünglinge "Untitled" 2x7"
2003 Hanzel Und Gretyl "Über Alles" CD
2003 Hate Dept. "Ditch" CD
2003 Haujobb "Vertical Theory" CD
2003 High Level Static "Shining" CD
2003 Hocico "Disidencia Inquebrantable" CDEP
2003 Hocico "Hate Never Dies (The Celebration)" 4xCD
2003 Holon "Total Systems Failure" CDR
2003 Hybryds "Live Geel" CDR
2003 I, Parasite "On This Cold Floor" CD
2003 I, Parasite "On This Cold Floor" CDEP
2003 I.Corax "The Cadaver Pulse II: Mothelix Liquescent" CDR
2003 Illusion Of Safety "Single 20" MP3
2003 Implant "Horseback Riding Through Bassfields" CD
2003 In Strict Confidence "Babylon" 2xCD5
2003 In Strict Confidence "Engelsstaub" CD5
2003 Industriepalast + Xotox "Zu Hart Fuer's Sauerland" CDR
2003 Iszoloscope "Au Seuil Du Neant" 2xCD
2003 Iszoloscope "This Monstrosity Is Part Of My Fibric" LP
2003 Jesus Complex "I Woke Up Dead" CD
2003 K.I.F.O.T.H. "Ebola" CD
2003 Kammarheit "Asleep And Well Hidden" CD
2003 cEvin Key "The Dragon Experience" CD
2003 Killing Ophelia "Last Vision" CD
2003 Richard H. Kirk "TWAT v4.0 (The War Against Terrorism)" CD
2003 Kraftwerk "Tour De France 2003" CD5
2003 Kraftwerk "Tour De France Soundtracks" CD
2003 L'Ame Immortelle "Als Die Liebe Starb" CD
2003 L'Ame Immortelle "Seelensturm" CD
2003 L'Ombre "Simulations 1.0" CD
2003 Laibach "Neu Konservatiw" CD
2003 Laibach "Tanz Mit Laibach" CD5
2003 Laibach "WAT" CD
2003 Lamia "Dark Angel" CD
2003 Landanum "Blinded" CD
2003 The [Law-Rah] Collective "Isolation" CD
2003 Lights Of Euphoria "Fading Moments" CD5
2003 Lights Of Euphoria "Krieg Gegen Die Maschinen" CD
2003 Lights Of Euphoria "Querschnitt" CD
2003 Lights Of Euphoria "True Life" CD5
2003 Male Or Female "Invented Scenes" 2xCD
2003 Marilyn Manson "mObscene" CD5
2003 Marilyn Manson "The Golden Age Of Grotesque" CD
2003 Materialschlacht "Wo War Dein Gott In Leuven?" CDR
2003 Meat Beat Manifesto "Storm The Sudio R.M.X.S." CD
2003 Melek-Tha & Nazxul "Devilish Purification" CD
2003 Melotron "Folge Mir Ins Licht" CD5
2003 Melotron "Kein Problem" CD5
2003 Melotron "Klangkombinat 1999-2003" CD
2003 Melotron "Mörderwerk" CD
2003 Militia "Eco-Anarchic Manifesto" CD
2003 Ministry "Animositisomina" CD
2003 Monokrom "Monokrom" CDR
2003 Muslimgauze "Arabbox" CD
2003 Muslimgauze "Dome Of The Rock" CD
2003 Muslimgauze "Iranair Inflight Magazine" CD
2003 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Groovie 13" CD
2003 Namnambulu vs Lights Of Euphoria "Sacrifice" 7"
2003 Navicon Torture Technologies / Unter Null "Navicon Torture Technologies Fucks The Shit Out Of Unter Null" CDR
2003 Nebula "The Path Of White Clouds" CDR
2003 Negative Format "Cipher Method" CD
2003 Neuroticfish "Surimi" 2xCD
2003 Nigredo "Shamanizm" CDR
2003 Noise Process "Synapse (The Dead World EP)" CD
2003 Nordvargr / Drakh "Northern Dark Supremacy" LP
2003 Sara Noxx "Equinoxx" CD
2003 Nurse With Wound "She And Me Fall Together In Free Death" LP
2003 ohGr "Sunnypsyop" CD
2003 OKK-ULTh "Elizabeth Bathory" 2x7"
2003 Kristian Olsson "Laudanum" CDR
2003 Oöphoi "The Rustling Of Leaves" CD
2003 Oöphoi & Tau Ceti "Subterranea" CD
2003 Oral Silence "New Form" CDR
2003 The Orb "Back To Mine" CD
2003 The Orb "Bicycles And Tricycles" CD
2003 The Pain Machinery "The Venom Is Going Global" CD
2003 Panacea/Gridlock "Split" 12"
2003 Pangea "Permafrost" CD5
2003 Panicforce "[Alt]" CD
2003 Penal Colony "Unfinished Business" CD
2003 Pigface "Easy Listening..." CD
2003 Pigface "Headf..." CD
2003 Placebo Effect "Bad Dreams" CD
2003 Pneumatic Detach / C2 "[pa·re·ses] | [cc:]" CD
2003 Polarlicht 4.1 "Industrielle Hypnose" CD
2003 Pow[d]er Pussy "One Day" CD3
2003 Predominance "Hindenburg" CD
2003 Project For The Masses "Just Can't Get Enough" CD
2003 Project-X "Modus Operandi" 2xCD
2003 Rapoon "I Am A Foreigner" CD
2003 Rapoon | Désaccord Majeur "Salmo Salar" CD
2003 Raumerkundung "Flug 4-5-6" CDR
2003 Razed In Black "Damaged" 2xCD
2003 Re:\Legion "Reflections" CDR
2003 Reutoff / Totenlieder "The World Will Never Know" EP
2003 Reversal Penetrations "Generation Mindwar" CD
2003 Revolution By Night "Faithless" CD5
2003 Re_Agent "De_Molish V_1.0" CDR
2003 Steve Roach "Mystic Chords And Sacred Spaces Part 2" 2xCD
2003 The Rorschach Garden "Far Away From Paradise" 7"
2003 Rotersand "Merging Oceans" CD5
2003 Rotersand "Truth Is Fanatic" CD
2003 S.V.D "Hope" CD
2003 Sea-Green Series "Chapter I" CDR
2003 [:SITD:] "Laughingstock" CD5
2003 [:SITD:] "Stronghold" CD
2003 Skinny Puppy "Back And Forth Vol. 6" CD
2003 Sleepwalk "Retrospect 94-96 (The Yearly Years)" CD
2003 Slick Idiot "ReDickUlous" CD
2003 Snog "Beyond The Valley Of The Proles" CD
2003 Snog "Your Favourite Electro-Folk-Swingers" CD
2003 Ulf Söderberg "Vindarnas Hus" CD
2003 Solitary Experiments "Advance Into Unknown" CD
2003 Sonar "Volt Control" CD
2003 Sonar "Volt Revisited" 2x10"
2003 Space Monkeez "Inframind" CD
2003 Spektralized "Allied" CD5
2003 Spektralized "Elements Of Truth" CD
2003 A Split-Second "Flesh" 12"
2003 Squaremeter "War Of Sound" CD
2003 Stahlwerk 9 "Oradour" LP+7"
2003 Stahlwerk 9 "Oradour" CD
2003 Stakker "Eurotechno" CD
2003 Statemachine "I'm Love" CD5
2003 Statemachine "Short And Explosive" CD
2003 Stereo Modus "Ex Tempore" CD
2003 Suicide Commando "Face Of Death" 2xCD5
2003 Svartsinn "Of Darkness And Re-Creation" CD
2003 Symbiont "Broken Silence" CDEP
2003 Syntetika "Time & Space" CD
2003 T.A.C. "Twilight Rituals" CD
2003 T.A.C. "Waiting For The Twilight" CD
2003 T.O.Y. "White Lights" 2xCD
2003 Tactical Sekt "Geneticide" CD
2003 Taruna "World Fusion II" CD
2003 Terminal Choice "Injustice" CD5
2003 Terminal Choice "Menschenbrecher" 2xCD
2003 Terminal Choice "Reloadead" 2xCD
2003 Terrorfakt "Deconstruction" CD
2003 Testube "Corporation" CD
2003 Thighpaulsandra "Double Vulgar" CD
2003 This Morn' Omina "7 Years Of Famine" CD
2003 This Morn' Omina "Cyclops II" 7"
2003 This Morn' Omina "Le Serpent Blanc ~ Le Serpent Rouge" 3xCD
2003 Asmus Tietchens "Adventures In Sound" CD
2003 Asmus Tietchens "FT+" CD
2003 To Avoid "Resurrection" CDEP
2003 Toroidh "Start Over" 2x7"
2003 Toroidh "Testament" LP
2003 Troum "Darve Sh" 10"
2003 Troum "Sigqan" CD
2003 Troum/Tam Quam Tabula Rasa/Kallabris "Kasha-Pashana" CD
2003 Ultra Milkmaids & Cornucopia "Basement" CDR
2003 Un Défi d'Honneur "Aurore De Gloire" CD
2003 Underworld "Anthology 1992-2002" 2xCD
2003 Underworld "Born Slippy Nuxx" CD5
2003 Unit:187 "Capital Punishment" CD
2003 Mika Vainio "In The Land Of The Blind One-Eyed Is King" CD
2003 Various Artists "Uturn 2: Headscan + Implant" CD
2003 Vehemence 6.2 "New Material" CDR
2003 Velvet Acid Christ "Hex Angel (Utopia/Dystopia)" CD
2003 Velvet Acid Christ "Pretty Toy" CD5
2003 Vidna Obmana "Spore" CD
2003 Vir Unis "Book Of Mutations" CD
2003 VNV Nation "Honour 2003" CD5
2003 Void Kampf "First Assault" CDR
2003 Voltage "Invisible Part Of Nature" CDR
2003 Vromb & Szkieve "Le Pavillon Des Oiseaux / Le Monorail" 7"
2003 Wolfsheim "Casting Shadows" CD
2003 Wolfsheim "Find You're Here" CD5
2003 Wolfsheim "Kein Zurück" CD5
2003 :wumpscut: "Preferential Tribe" 2xCD
2003 X-Fusion "Dial D For Demons" CD
2003 Xotox "Indre Stilhed - The Silent Side Of Xotox" CDR
2003 Xotox "Lichtlos" CD
2003 Y-Luk-O "Kerion Celsi" CD
2003 Yello "The Eye" CD
2003 Yendri "Fluch Und Segen" CD
2003 Zlozvuk Sound System & DJ Al-Tchajan "Faust" CDR
2003 Дя "Мягкий О" CD
2004 808 State "Prebuild" CD
2004 8khz Mono "Monochromator" CD
2004 à;GRUMH... "Unclean" 7"
2004 Ab Ovo "Le Temps Suspendu..." 2xCD
2004 Absurd Minds "Herzlos" CD5
2004 Aeoga "COAV" CD
2004 Agonoize "Assimilation: Chapter One" CD
2004 Agonoize "Open The Gate/To Paradise" CD5
2004 Aïboforcen "Kafarnaum" 2xCD
2004 Aïboforcen "Psychosomatically Unique" CDEP
2004 Alien Vampires "I'm Dead Fuck You" CDEP
2004 Alio Die "Sol Niger" CD
2004 Ambience / Kult "Solidão / Submit + Obey" 2xCDR
2004 Andraculoid "Imbalance" CD
2004 Angels And Agony "Avatar" 2xCD
2004 Apoptygma Berzerk "Unicorn & The Harmonizer DVD" CD5/DVD
2004 Architect "I Went Out Shopping To Get Some Noise" CD
2004 Ardor "White Wedding" CD5
2004 Assemblage 23 "Let The Wind Erase Me" CD5
2004 Assemblage 23 "Storm" CD
2004 Atomine Elektrine "Binomial Fusion" 2xCD
2004 Atrium Carceri "Seishinbyouin" CD
2004 Aube "Duplex-Sphere" CD
2004 Aube "Singles 1995-1998" 2xCDR
2004 Aidan Baker "Butterfly Bones" CD
2004 Beefcake "Viande De Gateau" 10"
2004 Beta "Reflections In Darkness" CD
2004 Biosphere "Autour De La Lune" CD
2004 BJNilsen "Fade To White" CD
2004 Henrik N. Bjorkk "I End Forever" CD
2004 Black Lung "The Grand Chessboard" CD
2004 Blood Axis & Les Joyaux De La Princesse "Absinthia Taetra" CD
2004 BlutEngel "Demon Kiss" 3xCD
2004 BlutEngel "No Eternity" CD5
2004 C-Drone-Defect "Nemesis" CD
2004 Centhron "Lichtsucher" CD
2004 Cesium 137 "Elemental" CD
2004 Andrew Chalk "Fall In The Wake Of A Flawless Landscape" LP
2004 Andrew Chalk "Shadows From The Album Skies" CDR
2004 A Challenge Of Honour vs. Materialschlacht "Live In Leuven" CD
2004 Code 243 "Urban Guerilla" CDR
2004 Coil "Selvaggina Go Back Into The Woods" CDR
2004 Column One "Preset Training" 10"
2004 CombiChrist "Sex, Drogen Und Industrial" CD5
2004 Cruciform Injection "Epilogue" CD
2004 Cyclotimia "Eschaton" CD
2004 Das Ich "Lava:Glut/Lava:Asche" CD
2004 The Days Of The Trumpet Call / Von Thronstahl "Split" CD3
2004 Decoded Feedback "Biomechanic" 2xCD
2004 Decree "Moment Of Silence" CD
2004 Defrag vs. Pigface "8Bithead" CD
2004 Delerium "Silence 2004" CD5
2004 Delerium "The Best Of" CD
2004 Delerium "Truly" CD5
2004 Depeche Mode "A Broken Frame Remixes" CD
2004 Depeche Mode "Construction Time Again - Remixes" CD
2004 Depeche Mode "Dream On / Freelove" 12"
2004 Depeche Mode "Enjoy The Silence-04 [Promo]" CD5
2004 Depeche Mode "Halo" 12"
2004 Depeche Mode "Speak & Spell Remixes" CD
2004 Depeche Mode / Sven Väth "Enjoy The Silence / Cinderella (16B Remixes)" 12"
2004 Der Blutharsch "Time Is Thee Enemy!" CD
2004 Desiderii Marginis "Strife" CD
2004 Destroid "Future Prophecies" CD
2004 Deutsch Nepal "The Bird Of Steel" 12"
2004 Die Form "InHuman" CD
2004 Disfuncion Organica "Cronicas De Fé Muerta" CD
2004 Dismantled "Post Nuclear" CD
2004 Dive "Behind The Sun" CD
2004 Do Shaska! vs. Zlozvuk Sound System "Live At Alternatiff (23. 4. 2004)" CDR
2004 DVAR "Taai Liira" CD
2004 E-Craft "Status" 2xCD
2004 Edward XXV "Instead" CDR
2004 Egoist "Breaking Moment" CDEP
2004 Einstürzende Neubauten "Kalte Sterne" CD
2004 Einstürzende Neubauten "Perpetuum Mobile" CD
2004 Endraum "Traumstaub" CD
2004 Epsilon Minus "Pre-Initialized" CDR
2004 Escape With Romeo "Psalms Of Survival" CD
2004 Eurocide "Europe In Dust" CD
2004 Eurocide "Europe In Dust" CD5
2004 Exit In Grey "Nowadays Warm" CDR
2004 Fairlight Children "808bit" CD
2004 Fairlight Children "Before You Came Along" CD5
2004 Fall Weiss "Fall Weiss" CDR
2004 Feindflug "Kollaboration" LP
2004 Fektion Fekler "Into The Sun" 2xCD
2004 Fennesz "Venice" CD
2004 Final Selection "Heading For Graceland" CDEP
2004 Folkstorm "Sweden" CD
2004 Fractured "Contami-Nation" CD
2004 Fractured "Only Human Remains" CDEP
2004 Frequency Construct "Deviant Behaviour" CD
2004 Front Line Assembly "Civilization" CD
2004 Front Line Assembly "Vanished" CD5
2004 Funker Vogt "Always And Forever Vol. 1" 2xCD
2004 Gale Grand Central "Re:Gale" CD5
2004 Genetic Selection "Orbital Ground Attack" CD
2004 Genetic Variation "Reset Your Imagination" CD
2004 God Module "Artificial 2.0" 2xCD
2004 Grandchaos "Ionize Me" CD5
2004 Mathias Grassow "Dharma" 4xCDR
2004 Grendel "Prescription: Medicide" 2xCD
2004 Grismannen "Absolute Bajs" 2xCDR
2004 Grismannen "Panus Anus" CDR
2004 Grundik + Slava "...For Electronics And Birds" CD
2004 The Hafler Trio "Where Are You?" CD
2004 Halo Manash "Par-Antra I: Vir" CD
2004 Halo Manash "Syoma" CD
2004 Hanzel Und Gretyl "Scheissmessiah" CD
2004 Hematic Sunsets "Zu Gast Im Aroma Club" LP
2004 Herbst9 ":Enenylyn:" 7"
2004 Hocico "Born To Be (Hated)" CD5
2004 Hocico "Wrack And Ruin" 2xCD
2004 Imperative Reaction "Redemption" CD
2004 Implant "We Are Doing Fine/Too Many Puppies" CDEP
2004 In Strict Confidence "Face The Fear" 2xCD
2004 In Strict Confidence "Holy" 2xCD
2004 In Strict Confidence "Holy (The Hecq Destruxxion)" CD
2004 In The Nursery "A Page Of Madness" CD
2004 Informatik "Re:Vision" CD
2004 Insekt "Ohrwurmer" CD
2004 Interlace "Imago" CD
2004 Ionosphere "Angular Momentum" CD
2004 Joke Jay "Angefixxt" CD5
2004 Joke Jay "Fiasko Deluxe" CD
2004 Juno Reactor "Labyrinth" CD
2004 Kiew "Festplatte" 12"
2004 Klinik "Dark Surgery" CD
2004 Klinik "Live At Wave Gotik Treffen" CD
2004 KMFDM "WWIII Tour 2003" DVD
2004 Kraftwerk "Aerodynamik" CD5
2004 L'Ame Immortelle "5 Jahre" CD5
2004 L'Ame Immortelle "Gezeiten" CD
2004 L'Ombre "Simulations 2.0" CD
2004 Laibach "Anthems" 2xCD
2004 Laibach "Das Spiel Ist Aus" CD5
2004 Lamia "Carnival Of Lust" CDEP
2004 The [Law-Rah] Collective "1953" CD
2004 Lights Of Euphoria "One Nation" CD5
2004 Liquid Ghosts "La Camera Obscura" CDR
2004 Lucisferrato "Weltanschauung" CD
2004 Lustmord "Caron/Core" CD
2004 Majdanek Waltz "О Происхождении Мира" CDR
2004 Mana ERG "The Blind Watchmaker" CD
2004 Marilyn Manson "Lest We Forget - The Best Of" CD
2004 Maybe Mental "Over Dark Harbors" MP3
2004 Meat Beat Manifesto "...In Dub" CD
2004 Melek-Tha "Death Of Attahualpa (Special Edition)" 2xCDR
2004 Melek-Tha "War Is Coming" CD
2004 Mimetic Field "Overrated" CD
2004 Mind.In.A.Box "Lost Alone" CD
2004 Mindware "Shut It Down" CD
2004 Ministry "Early Trax" CD
2004 Ministry "Houses Of The Mole" CD
2004 Ministry "Side Trax" CD
2004 Monolith "15 Seconds" 2xCD
2004 Morgenstern / Monokrom "Live @ IWTBF 041203" CDR
2004 Muslimgauze "From The Edge" CD
2004 Muslimgauze "No Human Rights For Arabs In Israel" CD
2004 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Danse Infernale" CDR
2004 N-616 "Winter World III" CDR
2004 Namnambulu "Distances" CD
2004 Necro Facility "All In The Wrong" CDR
2004 Neon Cage Experiment "Specific Gravity" CDR
2004 Neuroticfish "Bomb" CD5
2004 Nevarakka "I Am Trying" CD5
2004 Nordvargr / Drakh "Infinitas In Aeternum" CD
2004 Nurse With Wound "Angry Eelectric Finger" CD5
2004 Nurse With Wound · irr. app. (ext.) "Mute Bell Extinction Process (Angry Eelectric Finger 3)" CD
2004 Orphx "Circuitbreaking" CD
2004 Orphx And The Infant Cycle "Interference" CDEP
2004 Pan Sonic "Kesto (234:48:4)" 4xCD
2004 Panzer AG "This Is My Battlefield" CD
2004 Parallel Project "Explicit" CD5
2004 Parallel Project "Fusion" CD
2004 David Parsons "Vajra" CD
2004 Patenbrigade: Wolff "Ostberliner Bauarbeiter" CD5
2004 Carlos Peron "Talks To The Nations (1981-2004 Revisited)" CD
2004 Philosopher's Point "Nachtangst" CD
2004 Phutureprimitive "Sub Conscious" CD
2004 Plastic Noise Experience "Maschinenmusik" CD
2004 Plastic Noise Experience "Maschinenraum" CD
2004 Portion Control "Wellcome" 2xCD
2004 Pressure Control "Vamp" CD
2004 Proba 9 "Посещение Объекта №172" CDR
2004 Proba 9 "Т.Б." CDR
2004 Project Arctic "Third Pole" CD
2004 Puissance "State Collapse" CD
2004 Pzycho Bitch "The Day After (The HECQ Destruxxion)" CD
2004 P·A·L "Retro" CD
2004 Rapoon "My Life As A Ghost" CD
2004 Rapoon And Birds Of Tin "Monomyth" CD
2004 Raven's Bane "Misery Preserved" CD
2004 Re-Drum "The Gardens" CDR
2004 Retrosic "God Of Hell" CD
2004 Ritturbont "Smolgur Och Avilen" CDR
2004 Steve Roach "Fever Dreams" CD
2004 Steve Roach "Holding The Space: Fever Dreams II" CD
2004 Steve Roach "Places Beyond: The Lost Pieces 4" CD
2004 Steve Roach/Byron Metcalf/Mark Seelig "Mantram" CD
2004 Steve Roach/Vidna Obmana "Spirit Dome" CD
2004 Rotersand "Electronic World Transmission - Excursions On "Truth Is Fanatic"" CDEP
2004 Run Level Zero "And Thus We Walked" CDEP
2004 Run Level Zero "Walk The Psycho[Path]" CD
2004 Runes Order "The Hopeless Days" CD
2004 Sandoz "Digital Lifeforms Redux" 2xCD
2004 Seabound "Beyond Flatline" CD
2004 Seabound "Poisonous Friend" CD5
2004 Shadow Magnet "Source And Purity" CDR
2004 Skinny Puppy "The Greater Wrong Of The Right" CD
2004 Sleepwalk "Rapid Eye Movement" CD
2004 Solitary Experiments "Cause And Effect" 2xCD5
2004 Somatic Responses "Engaging The Enemy" 12"
2004 Somniorum "Anabiosis" CD
2004 Spinefish "Demo" CDR
2004 Squaremeter "Aswad" CD
2004 State Of The Union "Inpendum" CD
2004 State Of The Union "Timerunner" CD5
2004 Stendal Blast & BlutEngel "Mein Babylon" CD5
2004 Scott Sturgis "In A Haze" CDEP
2004 Suicide Commando "Cause Of Death: Suicide/One Nation Under God" 2xCD5
2004 Syntech "Best Of Vol. 1 (Signed & Numbered)" CDR
2004 T.A.C. "Splintered" CD
2004 Tactical Sekt "Burn Process" CD
2004 TenHornedBeast "Ten Stars - Ten Horns" CDR
2004 Terra Cadaveris "Genetic Constructions: Factor [DNA]" CDR
2004 Terra Sancta "Aeon" CD
2004 Terror Punk Syndicate "Limited Edition" CDR
2004 Terrorfakt "Cold Steel World" CD
2004 Terrorfakt "Reconstruction" CD
2004 Terrorfakt "Reworks" CD
2004 This Morn' Omina "The Drake Equation (ECF)" CDEP
2004 Throbbing Gristle "Live December 2004 - A Souvenir Of Camber Sands" 2xCDR
2004 Throbbing Gristle "Mutant TG" CD
2004 Throbbing Gristle "TG Now" CD
2004 Asmus Tietchens "Eine Ganze Menge" CD3
2004 Asmus Tietchens / David Lee Myers "60:00" CD
2004 Tzolk'in "Tzolk'in" CD
2004 V.S.B. "Atomic Erotic" CD
2004 Various Artists "IDM...Zoom" CD
2004 Various Artists "Music Of Deneb.2099" CD
2004 Velehentor "Boeing: There And Back Again" CD
2004 Velvet Acid Christ "Between The Eyes Vol. 1" CD
2004 Velvet Acid Christ "Between The Eyes Vol. 2" CD
2004 Velvet Acid Christ "Oblivion Interface" MP3
2004 Vidna Obmana "An Opera For Four Fusion Works (Act 2, Phrasing The Air)" CD
2004 Vidna Obmana "Anthology 1984-2004" CD
2004 Virtual Embrace "Escape To Insane" 2xCD
2004 Virtual Embrace "Roots Of Evil" CDEP
2004 Vishudha Kali & Chaos As Shelter "Mirror" CD
2004 Voltage "Goths Of Fuck" CDR
2004 Voltage "Sabbat 33 (Mabon-Samhein)" CDR
2004 Brendan Walls • Andrew Chalk "This Growing Clearing" CD
2004 Klaus Wiese "Cocoon" CDR
2004 Klaus Wiese "Tibetan Sound Bowls: Arcana" CD
2004 Wolfsheim "Blind 2004" CD5
2004 :wumpscut: "Bone Peeler" 2xCD
2004 X-Fusion "Beyond The Pale" CD
2004 yelworC "Trinity" CD
2004 Z Prochek "Viewers" CD
2004 Zentriert Ins Antlitz "Prozium" CD
2004 Robert Ziino "Twilight Clones" CDEP
2004 Сказки Роботов "Ретро Фантастика" CDR
2005 16 Volt "Best Of" 2xCD
2005 5F-X "5F_55 Is Reflected To 5F-X" CD
2005 Ab Ovo "Empreintes" CD
2005 Absolute Body Control "Lost / Found" 2xCD
2005 Absurd Minds "Noumenon" 2xCD
2005 Acylum "Your Pain" CD
2005 Ad·ver·sary "International Dark Skies" CDR
2005 Aeoga "Triangle Of Nebula-Devourers" CDR
2005 Aeoga "Zenith Beyond The Helix-Locus" CD
2005 AFX "Analord 06" 12"
2005 AFX "Analord 07" 12"
2005 AFX "Analord 08" 12"
2005 AFX "Analord 11" 12"
2005 AFX "Hangable Auto Bulb" CD
2005 Ah Cama-Sotz "Ghost In The Shadow" CD
2005 Ah Cama-Sotz "The Way To Heresy" CD
2005 Ain Soph "GPIIBXVI" CDR
2005 Allerseelen "Edelweiss" CD
2005 Amduscia "Impulso Biomecanico" CD5
2005 Amnistia "Archetype V.1.1" CDR
2005 Amnistia "Archetype V.1.2" CDR
2005 Amorphous Androgynous "Alice In Ultraland" CD
2005 Angel Theory "Black And Blue" CD
2005 Antlers Mulm "Reverse" CD
2005 Apoptygma Berzerk "Shine On (Promo)" CD5
2005 Architect "Noise Is Out Of Stock" 12"
2005 Architect "The Analysis Of Noise Trading" CD
2005 Arditi "Arditi" CS
2005 Ars Elektro "Love Thing" 12"
2005 As All Die "Guns, Grenades And Genocide" CDR
2005 As All Die / FDH "North American Underground Alliance" CDR
2005 Ascii Disko "Bliss EP" 12"
2005 Aube "Chain [Re] Action" CD
2005 Aube "Metalive 1997+1998" CD
2005 Auto-Aggression "Geräuschinformatik" CD
2005 Avatar "Вознесение" CDR
2005 Nigel Ayers / Andrew Liles "Four Compositions Created For An Imaginary Performance By The Legendary John Fare" CDR
2005 Bad Sector "Kosmodrom" CD
2005 Bad Sector + Tommaso Lisa "Reset: Rebis Periferiche" 2xCD
2005 Bio-Mechanical Degeneration "Exoskeleton" CD
2005 Bit Crackle "Afro Digital" AAC
2005 Black Sun Productions "OperettAmorale" CD
2005 BlackStrobe "Deceive / Play" 12"
2005 Blacworld "Subduing Demons In South Yorkshire Part 2" CD
2005 Thom Brennan "Vista" MP3
2005 Thom Brennan "Vista II" MP3
2005 Brighter Death Now "Kamikaze Kabaret" CD
2005 Cabaret "Homophobia" CD
2005 Cervello Elettronico "CE" CDR
2005 Andrew Chalk "The River That Flows Into The Sands" CD
2005 A Challenge Of Honour "Ashigaru" 3x7"+CDR
2005 The Circular Ruins "The Alchemy Concert" CD
2005 Coil / The New Blockaders / Vortex Campaign "The Melancholy Mad Tenant" CD
2005 Cold Fusion "63 Days (Part IV)" 7"
2005 Colony 5 "Live At "Red Club", St-Petersburg, 25.11.2005" Live
2005 Controlled Bleeding "Shanked And Slithering" CD
2005 Converter "Expansion Pack 2.0" 2xCD
2005 Decoded Feedback "Combustion" CD
2005 Delerium "Silence ~ The Masterpieces ~" CD
2005 Depeche Mode "A Pain That I'm Used To (Club Promo)" CD5
2005 Depeche Mode "A Pain That I'm Used To (Digital Download)" MP3
2005 Depeche Mode "A Pain That I'm Used To (Jacques Lu Cont Remixes)" 12"
2005 Depeche Mode "A Pain That I'm Used To (Radio CD Version 1)" CDS
2005 Depeche Mode "Dangerous Remixes" CDR
2005 Depeche Mode "I Just Cant Get Enough (Club Friendly Remix)" 12"
2005 Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus 2005" 12"
2005 Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus Remixes" CDR
2005 Depeche Mode "Playing The Angel" CD
2005 Depeche Mode "Playing The Angel (Instrumentals)" CD
2005 Depeche Mode "Shake The Disease (20 Years Edition)" CDR
2005 Depeche Mode "The Wheel" 12"
2005 Depeche Mode "Violator 2005" CDR
2005 Depressive Disorder "Ultima Ratio" CD
2005 Der Blutharsch "So Bring Your Iron Rain Down Upon Me" 7"
2005 Der Blutharsch "Vittoriale" 7"
2005 Des Esseintes / E.P.A. "AZ50HD" CDEP
2005 Desiderii Marginis "That Which Is Tragic And Timeless" CD
2005 Die Krupps "Die Krupps 25" CDR
2005 Die Krupps "Live At "Red Club", St-Petersburg, 20.11.2005" Live
2005 Diskonnekted "Neon Night" 2xCD
2005 Dunkelwerk "Troops" 2xCD
2005 Werner Durand & Alio Die "Aqua Planing" CD
2005 DVAR "Hor Hor" CD
2005 DVAR "Oramah Maalhur" CD
2005 E.M.I.T.R. "Seaside Sheells EP" OGG
2005 Edge Of Dawn "The Flight [Lux]" CDEP
2005 Edge Of Dawn "The Flight [Lux] (Promo)" CD5
2005 Edward Ka-Spel & Silverman "Live In Basel 2005" CDR
2005 Empusae "Error 404: Metaphorical Loss" CD
2005 The Eternal Afflict "Euphoric And Demonic" 2xCD
2005 Exilanation "EBM Is Not Dead" CD
2005 FabrikC "Gleichstrom" CD
2005 Fail "Dated One" CDR
2005 Fennesz | Sakamoto "Sala Santa Cecilia" CDEP
2005 File Not Found "Division By Zero" CD
2005 Folkstorm "Folkmusik" 2xCD
2005 Fovea Hex / The Hafler Trio "The Explanation" CDEP
2005 Fractured "Only Human Remain" CD
2005 Frozen Plasma "Hypocrite" CD5
2005 Genetic Selection "Darwing's Voyage" CD
2005 Glis "Nemesis" 2xCD
2005 Mathias Grassow And Guests "Opus Posthumum" CDR
2005 Grundik + Slava "Frogs" CD
2005 The Hafler Trio "Exactly As I Do" 2xCD
2005 The Hafler Trio + Willem de Ridder "No One Remains" 10"
2005 Headscan "Lolife 1+2" 2xCD5
2005 Headscan "Pattern Recognition" CD
2005 Hecq "Bad Karma" CD
2005 Herbst9 "Buried Under Time And Sand" CD
2005 Hollowing & Chaos As Shelter "Heavenly Letter" CDR
2005 Hybryds "The Magthea & Codetrippa Live Project" CDR
2005 I.Corax "Spectral Metabolism" CD
2005 Imminent . Synapscape "The Return Of The Incredible Three" 7"
2005 In Slaughter Natives / Voice Of Hate "Split EP" 7"
2005 In The Nursery "Electric Edwardians" CD
2005 Innovation Reality "Detected" CD
2005 Janitor "Qoumran 4-Ever" CD
2005 Jesus And The Gurus "Satan's Little Helpers" CD
2005 Job Karma "Strike" CD
2005 John Duncan, Mika Vainio & Ilpo Vaisanen "Nine Suggestions" CD
2005 Kammarheit "The Starwheel" CD
2005 Kiew "Exit #72" CD
2005 Richard H. Kirk "Expreso_Elektro_Congo (Intone Unreleased Projects, Vol. 4: 2003-2005)" AAC
2005 Klima & Converter "Divider E.P." 12"
2005 Klinik And Vidna Obmana "Gluttony" CD
2005 Kraftwerk "Minimum-Maximum" 2xCD
2005 L.E.A.K. "Redemption" CD
2005 La Lettre A Camus "L'Oeuvre Des Alines" CDR
2005 Laibach "Live At "Port" Club, St-Petersburg, 09.09.2005" Live
2005 Lambwool "Fading Landscapes" CD
2005 Lammergeyer "Borders & Barrens" CDR
2005 The [Law-Rah] Collective "Drones For Drella" CD
2005 Le Diktat "2+2=5" CD
2005 Lethargy "In-Macula Remixes" CD
2005 Leæther Strip "Satanic Reasons: The Very Best Of" 2xCD
2005 Leæther Strip "Suicide Bombers" CD5
2005 Liquid Divine "Interface" CD
2005 Loss "I Kill Everything" CD
2005 Maeror Tri "The Singles" CD
2005 Mandelbrot "Auf Tauchfahrt" CD
2005 Manufactura "Presence: Into The Here And The Now" CD
2005 Meat Beat Manifesto "Off-Centre" CDEP
2005 Melek-Tha "The Decimation World (You Are The Slaves and We Are The Masters)" CD
2005 Militia "Everything Is One" CD
2005 Mind Necrosis Factor "Entropy" CD
2005 Mind.In.A.Box "Certainty" CD5
2005 Mind.In.A.Box "Dreamweb" CD
2005 Monolake "Polygon Cities" CD
2005 Monstrum Sepsis "Movement" CD
2005 Monument Westwall "Europa In Twilight" CDR
2005 Morticians "Mutilation Recreation" 2xCD
2005 Muscle And Hate "A Tribute To Nitzer Ebb" CD
2005 n0nplus "Keep Me Here" CDEP
2005 Necro Facility "The Black Paintings" 2xCD
2005 Necrophorus "Elinros" CD
2005 Neotek "Mind Over Matter EP" CDEP
2005 New Order "Guilt Is A Useless Emotion (Remixes)" CD5
2005 Nocturnal Emissions "Live In Vienna" CDR
2005 Noise Unit "Voyeur" CD
2005 Noisuf-X "Antipode" CD
2005 Novakill "Kill Everyone" CD
2005 Novy Svet And His Divine Grace "Nachtfang" 10"
2005 Numina "Eye Of The Nautilus" CD
2005 Numina "The Haunting Silence" CDR
2005 Nurse With Wound "Drunk With The Old Man Of The Mountains" CD
2005 Nurse With Wound "Echo Poeme: Sequence N° 2" CD
2005 Nurse With Wound "Livin' Fear Of James Last" 2xCD
2005 Jim O'Rourke "Mizu No Nai Umi" CD
2005 Obszon Geschopf "Tomb Of The Dead" CD
2005 Oöphoi "As We Slip Away To Dream" CDR
2005 Oöphoi "Khumba Mela" CDR
2005 Oöphoi "Vertigo" CDR
2005 Oophoi & Louisa John Krol "I Hear The Water Dreaming" CD
2005 Oöphoi & L.E.M. "Leteph" CDR
2005 Oöphoi & L.E.M. "The Sacred Orbit" CDR
2005 Ophir "Eiserne Ernte" 2xCDR
2005 The Orb "Okie Dokie It's The Orb On Kompakt" CD
2005 Ornament "Unicorn Lullaby" CDR
2005 Genesis P-Orridge + Thee Majesty "Mary Never Wanted Jesus" CD
2005 Pet Shop Boys "Psychological" 12"
2005 Phelios "Falcon" MP3
2005 Pigface "Pigface Vs The World" CD
2005 Pneumatic Detach "Meth EP" CDR
2005 Predominance "Dark Stars Unfolding" 2xCD
2005 Pro:Activ "Futurismo EP" CDEP
2005 QDC "Warchitecture. Lonely Walk Among Ruins" CDR
2005 Re:\Legion "Intersection" CDR
2005 Reaper "Angst EP" CDEP
2005 Red Cell "Hybrid Society" 2xCD
2005 Remain Silent "Dislocation" CD
2005 Retractor "Edge Of Incision" CDEP
2005 Re_Agent "Abscond: The Abandon Remixes" CD
2005 Robert Rich "Echo Of Small Things" CD
2005 Robert Rich & Ian Boddy "Lithosphere" CD
2005 Steve Roach "Possible Planet" CD
2005 Rotersand "Exterminate Annihilate Destroy" CD5
2005 Rotersand "Welcome To Goodbye" CD
2005 Schattenschlag "Twisted Mind Of Perversion" 2xCD
2005 Schiller Feat. Heppner "I Feel You" CD5
2005 Seamus "Forever" CD
2005 Seele "Berlin" CD
2005 Seelenkrank "Engelsschrei" CD
2005 Seelenkrank "Silent Pleasures" CD
2005 Sheep On Drugs "F**K" CD
2005 Sister Loolomie / Polaris "Out Of Space" CDR
2005 [:SITD:] "Odyssey:13" CDEP
2005 Skalpell "Some Of Nothing" CD
2005 Skorbut "Access All Areas" CD
2005 Smooth Quality Excrement "Destroy Our Planet Please Vol. 2" CDR
2005 Snog "Real Estate Man Plus" CD5
2005 Solar Fields "Extended" CD
2005 Solar Fields "Leaving Home" CD
2005 Solitary Experiments "Mind Over Matter" 2xCD
2005 Soman "Unleash" CDEP
2005 Sonar "Bad Man EP" CD5
2005 Squaremeter "The Frozen Spark" CD
2005 State Of The Union "Black City Lights V.2" CD
2005 Stendeck "Can You Hear My Call?" CD
2005 Stone Lions "Snow Over Arizona" 12"
2005 Stromkern "Light It Up" CD
2005 Stromkern "Stand Up" CD5
2005 Suicide Commando "Godsend / Menschenfresser" CD5
2005 Supreme Court "Yell It Out" CD
2005 Svartsinn "Traces Of Nothingness" CD
2005 Synapscape "Act" CD
2005 Telepherique "Nerv.Sys" 2xCD
2005 Telerotor "Mobilität" CD
2005 TenHornedBeast "Woe To You Oh Earth And Sea" CDR
2005 Tennant/Lowe "Battleship Potemkin" CD
2005 Antonio Testa "Radioforest" CD
2005 The-Pulsar "Awakening" CD
2005 Tho-So-Aa "Dying Reveal" 12"
2005 Asmus Tietchens "Litia" CD
2005 Triarii "Ars Militaria" CD
2005 Troum "Ajin" 12"
2005 Troum "Nahtscato" 12"
2005 Troum And Christian Renou "Dissolution" CD
2005 Tumor "Welcome Back, Asshole!" CD
2005 Ultra Milkmaids "Lands" CDEP
2005 Un Défi d'Honneur "Live In Heldrungen 21.03.03" CD
2005 Underworld "Lovely Broken Thing" MP3
2005 Unter Null "The Failure Epiphany" 2xCD
2005 Urceus Exit "Contra" CD
2005 Urceus Exit "Metro" CD5
2005 Various Artists "Thalamus II" CD
2005 Various Artists "Красный Квадрат" CD
2005 Velehentor "Sak-Yelga" CD
2005 Visions "Lapse" CD
2005 Voltage "Lucifer Over Ptz" CDR
2005 Andre Walter "Dark Listening Vol. 1" CD
2005 Walzenstuhl "Elektro Dynamik" CD
2005 Wappenbund "Heimatflamme" CDR
2005 Wiener Aktivisten "Chapter I & II" CDR
2005 Klaus Wiese "Divine Orbit" CDR
2005 Klaus Wiese "Gandharfa" CDR
2005 Klaus Wiese "KW" CDR
2005 Klaus Wiese "Yoga" CDR
2005 Wisp "NRTHNDR" CD
2005 :wumpscut: "Embryodead (Remastered + Bonus)" CD
2005 Wycroy Crowje "Twoystroy" CDR
2005 Wynardtage "Waste Of Time" CD
2005 X-Fusion "Demons Of Hate" 2xCD
2005 Y-Luk-O "Resistance" CD5
2005 Yello "Claro Que Si (Yello Remaster Series)" CD
2005 Yello "Flag (Yello Remaster Series)" CD
2005 Yello "One Second (Yello Remaster Series)" CD
2005 Yello "Solid Pleasure (Yello Remaster Series)" CD
2005 Yello "Stella (Yello Remaster Series)" CD
2005 Yello "You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess (Yello Remaster Series)" CD
2005 The Young Gods "XX Years 1985-2005" 2xCD
2005 Zentriert Ins Antlitz "De-Mutilated" CDR
2005 Zentriert Ins Antlitz "Mutilate" CD
2005 Robert Ziino "Music From The Valley Of The Flowers" CD
2005 Robert Ziino "Plastic Loves Global Warming" CD
2005 Zoät-Aon "Star Autopsy" CD
2005 :Zoviet-France: "Music For A Spaghetti Western" CD
2005 МП44 "Подавление Унификация Подчинение" CDR
2006 Chris Watson - BJ Nilsen "Storm" CD
2006 Abandoned Shelter "Yersinia Pestis" CDR
2006 Absurd Minds "The Cycle" CD5
2006 Ad Lux Tenebrae "Sketches From That Autumn" CDR
2006 AFX "Chosen Lords" CD
2006 Alarmen "There's No Place Like Hoan" CD
2006 Alien Sex Fiend "Para-Abnormal" CD
2006 Alio Die & Saffron Wood "Corteggiando Le Messi" CD
2006 Allerseelen "Cruor" 2xLP
2006 AM Inc. "Feuchte Hosen" CD5
2006 Amduscia "From Abuse To Apostasy" 2xCD
2006 And One "Bodypop" CD+CDEP
2006 And One "Live At "Red Club", St-Petersburg, 07.10.2006" Live
2006 Antigen Shift "The Way Of The North" CD
2006 Apoptygma Berzerk "Cambodia" CD5
2006 Apoptygma Berzerk "Shine On" CD5
2006 Archon Satani "Mind Of Flesh & Bones" CD
2006 Arzt+Pfusch "Warum?" MP3
2006 As All Die "Victory" CD
2006 Ascii Disko "Alias" CD
2006 Asianova "At The Last Gate" CDR
2006 Asmorod "Hysope" CD
2006 Audio War "Negativity" CD
2006 Autoclav1.1 "Visitor Attractions" CD
2006 Autopsia "The Berlin Requiem" CD
2006 Amir Baghiri "Orbital Repose" CDR
2006 Bahntier "Blindoom" 2xCD
2006 Ballistic "Ballistic vs. Reality" CD
2006 Bardoseneticcube "XXX" CD
2006 Martyn Bates & Troum "To A Child Dancing In The Wind" CD
2006 Beta Two Agonist "Zero Point Field" CD
2006 Biosphere "Dropsonde" CD
2006 Bisclaveret "Psyche noMine" CD
2006 BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa "Drykkjuvisur Ohljodanna" CD
2006 Henrik Nordvargr Björkk & Beyond Sensory Experience vs. Kenji Siratori "Hypergenome666" 2xCD+2xCD3
2006 Black Sun Productions "The Impossibility Of Silence" 2xCD
2006 Bleiburg "Occidentem Appello!" CDR
2006 Bocksholm "The Haunting Curse Of Skogs-Sara" CD
2006 Bodyhammer "Neural Base Culture/Zero Dark" 2xCD
2006 Bonemachine "Destination:Hell" CDR
2006 Broken Hands For Brilliant Minds / Dense Vision Shrine "Split" CDR
2006 Carbon Based Lifeforms "World Of Sleepers" CD
2006 Carnivora "Perverted Dreamrealization" CD
2006 Cdatakill "Valentine" CD
2006 Centhron "Gottwerk" CD
2006 Cesium 137 "Intelligent Design" CD
2006 Andrew Chalk "Blue Eyes Of The March" CD
2006 A Challenge Of Honour "Spartan Victories" CDR
2006 Chaos Research "Revelations" CD
2006 Cheerleader 69 "Godriders In The Sky" CD
2006 Circular "Shaping The Unknown" CD
2006 The Circular Ruins "Their Subtle Purpose" CDR
2006 Coil "Animal Are You?" CD
2006 Coil "Black Antlers" CD+CD3
2006 Coil "Porto" CD
2006 Coil "The Remote Viewer" CD+CD3
2006 Covenant "Brave New World" CD5
2006 Covenant "Ritual Noise" CD5
2006 Covenant "Skyshaper" 2xCD
2006 The Cure "The Top" 2xCD
2006 Cyborg Attack "Stoerf***tor" CD
2006 Cyclotimia "Algorithms" CDEP
2006 Cyclotimia "New Death Order" CD
2006 Darker Days Tomorrow "Zeitgeist" CD
2006 Das Ich "Cabaret (Limited Box)" 2xCD
2006 Delerium "Nuages Du Monde" CD
2006 Depeche Mode "Excited Mixes Vol. 3" CD
2006 Depeche Mode "Excited Mixes Vol. 4" CD
2006 Depeche Mode "People Are People (Unreleased "Jack" Mixes)" 12"
2006 Depeche Mode "Suffer Well (Club Promo)" CD5
2006 Depeche Mode "Suffer Well (Promo CDS)" CDS
2006 Depeche Mode "The Darkest Star" 12"
2006 Depeche Mode "The Sinner In Me (Ricardo Villalobos Conclave Remix)" 12"
2006 Depressive Disorder "In Depth" CD
2006 Der Blutharsch "Live In Copenhagen" CD
2006 Der Blutharsch "When Did Wonderland End?" CD
2006 Die Form "ExHuman" CD
2006 Die Sektor "To Be Fed Upon" CD
2006 Dismantled "Standard Issue" 2xCD
2006 Displacer "B(uddha)-Sides" MP3
2006 Displacer "Cage Fighter's Lullaby" CD
2006 Displacer "Remixes For Free?" MP3
2006 Dive vs. Diskonnekted "Frozen" CD5
2006 Dolls Of Pain "Dec(a)dance" CD
2006 Empty "Open Aeon" CDEP
2006 Eonic "Shadows" CD
2006 ESA "Devotion, Discipline, And Denial" CD
2006 Eternal Nightmare "Wake Up!" MP3
2006 Exilanation "The Matrix Is Real Loaded" CD
2006 Faderhead "DJ Promo Single" CDS
2006 Fear Falls Burning "The Carnival Of Ourselves" LP
2006 Feindflug "...Hinter Feindlichen Linien" DVD
2006 Fektion Fekler "Immersed Heroics - Rarities 1992-1995 Vol. 1" CDR
2006 FGFC820 "Urban Audio Warfare" CD
2006 First Law "Chaos Structure" CD
2006 Five Thousand Spirits "Quantum Consciousness" CD
2006 Fix8:Sed8 "Humanophobia" CD
2006 Fjernlys "Ascending Triads And Luminous Arcs" 2xCD
2006 Foundation Hope "A Call To All Redeemers" CD
2006 Front Line Assembly "Artificial Soldier" CD
2006 Front Line Assembly "Live at "IKRA", Moscow, 30.08.2006" Live
2006 The Future Sound Of London "Papua New Guinea (Si Stylus Remix)" 12"
2006 The Future Sound Of London "Teachings From The Electronic Brain (The Best Of FSOL)" CD
2006 Gale Grand Central "The 1944 Samartian Manual" CD
2006 Ganzer "Nahtriheccunde Gahinneverahtunin Zehgessurklach Zunnus" CDR
2006 Ganzer "Sophia" CDR
2006 Gaping Chasm "Fragments Of War" CD
2006 Ghosts Of Breslau "Gas" CDR
2006 Gjoll "Way Through Zero" CD
2006 Godkomplex "Audial Apostasy" CD
2006 :Golgatha: "Icarus E.P." CDEP
2006 Mathias Grassow And Guests "Fata Morgana" CDR
2006 The Grid "Slammer / Slinker" 12"
2006 The Hafler Trio / Colin Potter / Andrew Liles "3 Eggs" CD
2006 [Haven] "Naos" CD
2006 Heimataerde "Kadavergehorsam" CD
2006 Heimataerde "Unter Der Linden" CD5
2006 Herbst9 "Snake Of Saigon / From Below" 7"
2006 Hocico "A Traves De Mundos Que Arden" DVD+CD5
2006 Hysteresis "Measured Chaos" CD
2006 ICBM.Cluster vs. Worms Of The Earth "Debris Of War" MP3
2006 Imperative Reaction "As We Fall" CD
2006 Imperative Reaction "Eulogy For The Sick Child" CD
2006 Impulsantwort | Telepherique "Bewegung Der Klangmasse" CD
2006 Impulsive Lust "Gothic Reggae" CD
2006 In Strict Confidence "Exile Paradise" 2xCD
2006 In Strict Confidence "The Serpent's Kiss" 3xCD5
2006 In Strict Confidence "Where Sun And Moon Unite" CDEP
2006 Inade "Samadhi State" CD
2006 Index AI "World Blade Center" CD
2006 Infekktion "Suffering Spirits" CD
2006 Instans "Common Ground" CD
2006 Interface "Beyond Humanity" CD
2006 Inure "Disillusion" CDR
2006 Inure "Subversive" 2xCD
2006 Isis Signum "Energy" MP3
2006 IWR "Ground Zero" 2xCD
2006 Kelly David "Angkor" CD
2006 Kiew "Visite" CD
2006 Killing Ophelia "IAMAI" CD
2006 Klinik And Vidna Obmana "Greed" CD
2006 Klutae "Hit 'N' Run and Roadkill EP" 2xCD
2006 Klutae "Sinner EP" CDEP
2006 The Knife "Marble House" CD5
2006 The Knife "Silent Shout" CD
2006 Kobold "The Taste Of Copper" CD
2006 Konau "Speech From The Shadows" CD
2006 Korinth "Sign Of Eternal Return" CD
2006 Kristoffer Nystroms Orkester "Brakehead" CD
2006 La Lettre A Camus "Musique Du Cochon" CDR
2006 Laharis "Unpolitical Alchemy" CD
2006 Laibach "Divided States Of America" DVD
2006 Lammergeyer "Beneath The Sky" CDR
2006 Les Joyaux De La Princesse "1940-1944" 3xCD
2006 Leæther Strip "After The Devastation" 3xCD
2006 Leæther Strip "Fetish EP" 2xCD
2006 Lingua Fungi "Flowery Dreams" CD
2006 Llovespell "Excavated And Expectant" CDR
2006 Lustmord "Rising (06.06.06)" CD
2006 Majdanek Waltz "Холод" CD
2006 Massiv In Mensch "Dark Rave" AAC
2006 Massiv In Mensch "Klang Der Unsterblichkeit" AAC
2006 Meat Beat Manifesto "Live '05" CD
2006 Melanchoholics "A Single Act Of Carelessness" CD
2006 Melek-Tha & Nitrous Flesh "Mutation Process" 2xCDR
2006 Melotron "Live At Club "Platforma", St-Petersburg, 09.05.2006" Live
2006 Mentallo And The Fixer "Commandments For The Molecular Age EP" CDEP
2006 Ministry "Rio Grande Blood" CD
2006 Mnemonic "Monokultur" CD
2006 Moljebka Pvlse "Dvnkl" CD
2006 Muslimgauze "Speaker Of Turkish" CD
2006 Necropolis "Necrosphere" CD
2006 nEGAPADRES.3.3. "Exstrophy Of Amphigouris" CD
2006 Nerve Filter "Linear" CD
2006 New Order "True Faith / Regret" 12"
2006 Noisuf-X "Tinnitus" CD
2006 Northaunt "Horizons" CD
2006 Nostalgia "Beyond Horizon" CDR
2006 Nurse With Wound "Rat Tapes One" CD
2006 Nurse With Wound / The Broken Penis Orchestra "Natal Moonies" CDEP
2006 NVMPH "Diod Man" CD
2006 Olhon "Sinkhole" CD
2006 Ontayso "The Long River Run 2" CDR
2006 OOO "Aether Dynamic" CD
2006 Oöphoi "Amnios" CDR
2006 Oöphoi "Aquos - The Complete Drones" CDR
2006 Oöphoi "Dreams Part One" CD
2006 Oöphoi "Dreams Part Two" CD
2006 Oöphoi "Signals From The Great Beyond - The Complete Recordings (The Crop Circles Enigma)" 3xCDR
2006 Oöphoi & L.E.M. "EP Collection Vol.4" CDR
2006 Oöphoi & Paradin "Nocturnes" CDR
2006 Oophoi & Klaus Wiese "Deva Mela" CDR
2006 Orange Sector "Bassprodukt" CD
2006 Out Out "Virtual Sound Images" CD
2006 Pacific 231 "Ethnicities" CD
2006 Painbastard "No Need To Worry" CD
2006 Panzertank "Hakenkreuz" CDR
2006 Geneviève Pasquier "Virgin Pulses" CD
2006 Paul Vnuk Jr. & Oöphoi "Distance To Zero" CD
2006 Pet Shop Boys "Fundamentalism (Part 1)" 12"
2006 Pet Shop Boys "Minimal (The Remixes)" CDR
2006 Phelios "Passage" CDR
2006 Plastic Noise Experience "Dead Or Alive & Transmission Completed" 2xCD
2006 Pneumatic Detach "[re-vis-cer-a]" CD
2006 Polarlicht 4.1 / Transistor "Drittklangtrager / Metronom" 2xCD
2006 Portion Control "Filthy White Guy" CD
2006 Pow[d]er Pussy "Just 2 Annoy You" CD5
2006 Prometheus Burning "Beyond Repair" CD
2006 Propergol "Ground Proximity Warning System" CD
2006 Rabia Sorda "Métodos Del Caos" CD
2006 Rabia Sorda "Save Me From My Curse" CD5
2006 Rapoon "Church Road" CD
2006 Rapoon "From Shadows Sleep" CD
2006 Rasputeen "Gegen Die Wand" CD
2006 Retrosic "Nightcrawler" 2xCD
2006 Reutoff "Three Withered Souls" 2xCD
2006 Revolting Cocks "Cocked And Loaded" CD
2006 Revolution By Night "Machine Code" CD5
2006 Robert Rich "Electric Ladder" CD
2006 Steve Roach "Immersion: One" CD
2006 Steve Roach "Proof Positive" CD
2006 Steve Roach "Storm Surge: Steve Roach Live At NEARfest" CD
2006 Steve Roach & Loren Nerell "Terraform" CD
2006 Rotersand "Dare To Live - Perspectives On Welcome To Goodbye" CDEP
2006 Ruhr Hunter "Moss And Memory" CD
2006 S.Q.E. "Rise Of The Vulcans" CD
2006 S:Cage "Madness Turns To Glass" CD
2006 Sandoz "In Dub: Chapter Two/Extra Time (Under The Stones)" AAC
2006 SANG.RAEL "Seasons Change And Illusions Fade" CD
2006 Sator Absentia "Exis Time" CD
2006 Schallfaktor "Schmerzgrenze" CD
2006 Schloss Tegal "The Myth Of Meat" CD
2006 Seabound "Double-Crosser" 2xCD
2006 Severe Illusion "Panopticon" CD5
2006 Severe Illusion "Shortcut To Civilization" CD
2006 Sheep On Drugs "Best Of A Bad Bunch" CD
2006 Shinjuku Thief "Devolution" CD
2006 Siva Six "Black Will" CD
2006 Skadi "Eliwagar" CD
2006 Skoyz "Hologram" CD
2006 Smooth Quality Excrement "Plastic Perpendicular Crevice" CDR
2006 Snog "Sixteen Easy Tunes For The End Times" CD
2006 Snog "The Kings Of Hate" CD5
2006 Soyuz Project "Bulk06" CDR
2006 Stahlfrequenz "Coma Themes" CD
2006 Stahlwerk 9 "1905" CD
2006 Stahlwerk 9 "Der Tod Nagelt Die Augen Zu..." CD
2006 Steril "400 Years Of Electronic Music" CD
2006 Stromkern "Hindsight" MP3
2006 Subhuman "Untitled" CDR
2006 Suicide Commando "Bind Torture Kill" 2xCD
2006 Supreme Court Featuring Feindflug "We'll F*** You Up!" CDEP
2006 Symbiotic "Divide" MP3
2006 Synapscape - Asche "Scenes From A Galton's Walk" CD
2006 Syntech "Best Of Vol. 2 (Signed & Numbered)" CDR
2006 Tactical Sekt "Syncope" 2xCD
2006 Taruna "World Fusion 3" CD
2006 Tat "Quinta Essentia" CD
2006 Taxim "Ecclesiophobia" CD
2006 Terminal Choice "New Born Enemies" 2xCD
2006 Terrorfakt "Teethgrinder" CD
2006 The-Pulsar "Re-Wakening" CD
2006 Ure Thrall "Arabian Knightmares" CD
2006 Ure Thrall "Robotic Warchants Of 2084" CDR
2006 Ure Thrall "Sinistarecase / Into The Terminal Realm" CDR
2006 Ure Thrall "Technological Abyss" CDR
2006 Asmus Tietchens "Verstreutes 2" CD
2006 Asmus Tietchens "Zeta-Menge" CD
2006 Asmus Tietchens "Zwei Stücke" CDR
2006 Tik And Tok "Slightly Deranged EP" CDR
2006 Tolchock "Wipe Out Burn Down Annihilate" CD
2006 Toxic Coma "Toxic Coma" MP3
2006 Triarii "Piece Heroique" CD
2006 Underworld "Peggy Sussed" 12"
2006 Underworld "Riverrun Remix Sampler" CDR
2006 Underworld "Vanilla Monkey" 12"
2006 Unheilig "Moderne Zeiten" CD
2006 The Unquiet Void "The Shadow-Haunted Outside" CD
2006 Urawa "Parable Of The Driver" CD
2006 Urceus Exit "Contra [Bonus Tracks And Remixes]" AAC
2006 Urceus Exit "Metro [Bonus Tracks And Remixes]" AAC
2006 Vánargandr "Valtivar" CDR
2006 Various "Echo Revolution" CDR
2006 Various "Kraftworld - Brazilian Tribute To Kraftwerk" CD
2006 Velvet Acid Christ "Calling Ov The Dead (Reissue)" CD
2006 Velvet Acid Christ "Lust For Blood" CD
2006 Velvet Acid Christ "Wound" CD5
2006 Virtual Victim "Opfer EP" CDR
2006 Visions "Celestial Sphere" 10"
2006 VNV Nation "Live At Club "Platforma", St-Petersburg, 01.04.2006" Live
2006 Wai Pi Wai "Beat Planet" CDEP
2006 Waldron, Stapleton, Sigmarsson, Haynes, Faulhaber "The Sleeping Moustache" CD
2006 Ben Watkins "Brave Story - Original Soundtrack" CD
2006 Klaus Wiese & Jim Cole "Plejades" 3xCDR
2006 Wrong Number "Gun Type Fission Weapon" CD
2006 :wumpscut: "Cannibal Anthem" 2xCD
2006 :wumpscut: "DJ Dwarf Six" CD5
2006 :wumpscut: "Jesus Antichristus / Die Liebe" CD5
2006 :wumpscut: "Killer Archives" CD
2006 Xabec "Using Unused Methods" CD
2006 XP8 "Live At Club "Platforma", St-Petersburg, 06.07.2006" Live
2006 Yendri "Playdoll" CD
2006 Yersinia Pestis "Bacteriophobia" CDR
2006 Yggdrasil "Don't Feed The Toadstools/Ryggsill" CDR
2006 Z'EV "Past Life" CD
2006 Zoät-Aon "The Triplex Bestial" CD
2006 КолпакопF "Danses Macabres" CDR
2006 КолпакопF "Сны" CDR
2007 16 Volt "FullBlackHabit" CD
2007 32Crash "Humanity" CDEP
2007 32Crash "Weird News From An Uncertain Future" 2xCD
2007 Ah Cama-Sotz "Dead Cities" CD
2007 Alien Vampires "No One Here Gets Out Alive" CD
2007 Alien Vampires "Nuns Are Pregnant" CD5
2007 Peter Andersson "Music For Film And Exhibition" 2xCD
2007 Angels And Agony "Unison" 2xCD
2007 AntiMatterMan "Manipulator" CD
2007 Apoptygma Berzerk "APBL 2000: Apoptygma Berzerk Live 2000" CD
2007 Apoptygma Berzerk "Harmonizer" CD
2007 Apoptygma Berzerk "Unicorn & The Harmonizer DVD" CDEP+DVD
2007 Arditi "Marching On To Victory" CD
2007 Assemblage 23 "Binary" CD5
2007 Assemblage 23 "Early, Rare, And Unreleased 1988-1998" CD
2007 Assemblage 23 "Meta" CD
2007 Atrium Carceri "Ptahil" CD
2007 Aube "Blau+Rot" 7"
2007 Aube "Imagery Resonance" CD
2007 Aural Holograms "Vol. I" CD
2007 Azrael Trigger "Season To Server" MP3
2007 Babylone Chaos "Les Machines Ecarlates" CD
2007 Black Sun Productions "Chemism" CD
2007 BlutEngel "Labyrinth (Limited Edition)" 2xCD
2007 Brain Leisure "Methods To Madness" 2xCD
2007 Brighter Death Now "1890" LP
2007 Carter Tutti "Feral Vapours Of The Silver Ether" CD
2007 Cenotype "Origins" CD
2007 Cervello Elettronico "Negate The Instigator" CD
2007 Cesium 137 "Proof Of Life" CD
2007 Andrew Chalk "Time Of Hayfield" CD
2007 A Challenge Of Honour / Der Feuerkreiner "Iberia 2007" CDR
2007 A Challenge Of Honour / Praetorio / Un Defi d'Honneur "Scontrum Act VII" CDR
2007 The Circular Ruins "Falling Into The Sky" CD
2007 Cold Fusion "Simmetria" CD
2007 Colony 5 "Knives" CD5
2007 Column One "Feldaufnahmen I" CD
2007 CombiChrist "What The F**k Is Wrong With You People?" 2xCD
2007 Controlled Bleeding "Songs From A Sewer Of Dreams" 4xLP+7"
2007 Controlled Collapse "Injection" CD
2007 Covenant "In Transit" CD
2007 Covenant "In Transit" DVD
2007 Cruise [Ctrl] "Cruise Me, Baby!" MP3
2007 Cyclotimia "Celestis: Space Ceremonial Music" CD
2007 Das Ich "Addendum" 2xCD
2007 Das Ich "Alter Ego (Best Of)" CD
2007 Dawn Of Ashes "The Crypt Injection" CD
2007 Dazzling Malicious "Psychoanalyse" CD
2007 Dead Voices On Air "From Labrador To Madagascar" CD
2007 Deadjump "Scare Mix" CDEP
2007 Delerium "Angelicus (Remixes)" CDR
2007 Delerium "Lost And Found" CD5
2007 Depeche Mode "Sea Of Sin" CDR
2007 Der Blutharsch "The Philosopher's Stone" CD
2007 Desiderii Marginis "Seven Sorrows" CD
2007 Destroid "Loudspeaker" CD
2007 Detune-X "White Powder" CD
2007 Disharmony "Malignant Shields" CD
2007 Dismantled "When I'm Dead" CD
2007 Doubting Thomas "The Infidel (Special Edition 20 Year Anniversary)" 2xCD
2007 Download "FiXeR" CD
2007 Download "Furnace Re:Dux" 2xCD
2007 E-Craft "Unsocial Themes" CD
2007 Edge Of Dawn "Enjoy The Fall" CD
2007 Eidvlon "Idolatriae" CD
2007 Eisenfunk "Eisenfunk" CD
2007 The Enemy "We Are The Enemy" CD
2007 Engelmacher "Birds Of A Feather" CD
2007 Erthad "Gma" CDR
2007 Escape With Romeo "Emotional Iceage" 2xCD
2007 Esplendor Geométrico "8 Traks & Live" CD+DVD
2007 Essexx "Bridges" 2xCD
2007 Ex.Order "Corporate Control" CD
2007 FabrikC "Impulsgeber" CD
2007 Faderhead "FH2" CD
2007 Faust / NWW "Disconnected" CD
2007 Fauxliage "Fauxliage" CD
2007 Fear Falls Burning & Birchville Cat Motel "Fear Falls Burning & Birchville Cat Motel" CD
2007 Fektion Fekler "Angels Of Analog [A Retrospective]" CD
2007 Flint Glass - Telepherique "Information Gigabyte" CD
2007 Fovea Hex / The Hafler Trio "An Answer" CD
2007 Free System Projekt "Gent" CD
2007 Front Line Assembly "Fallout" CD
2007 The Future Sound Of London "A Gigantic Globular Burst Of Antistatic" MP3
2007 The Future Sound Of London "A Tiny Point Of Light" MP3
2007 Genetic Selection "World Of Tommorow" CD
2007 Gescom "A1-D1" CD
2007 Ghosts Of Breslau "And Should The Spring Come..." CD
2007 God Module "Let's Go Dark" CD
2007 Robert Görl "Dark Tool Symphony" CD
2007 Grandchaos "Open Source" CD
2007 Randy Greif & Kenji Siratori "Narcoleptic Cells" CD
2007 Grendel "Harsh Generation" 2xCD
2007 Gydja "Umbilicus Maris" CDR
2007 The Hafler Trio "Who Gave You The Ability To Envisage Perfection?" 7"
2007 Hall Of Mirrors "Reflections On Black" CD
2007 Head-Less "Rouge Et Noir" 2xCD
2007 Heads Of Agreement "The San Monta Tapes" AAC
2007 Hecq "0000" 2xCD
2007 Hecq "Zetha" 12"
2007 Heimataerde "Leben Geben Leben Nehmen" CD
2007 Heimstatt Yipotash "Perpetual Beta" CD
2007 HexRx "X" CD
2007 Hilt "Minoot Bowl Dropped The Ball" CD
2007 Hoarfrost "Dungeon" MP3
2007 Horologium "Le Cartoline Perse" CD
2007 Human Traffic "Audiotune" CD
2007 Humanoid "Your Body Robotic" 2xCD
2007 Humanoid "Your Body Sub-Atomic" MP3
2007 IMATEM "Home" CD
2007 In The Nursery "Era" CD
2007 Indigo Larvae "Abandoned To Despair" CD
2007 Interface "The Artemis Complex" MP3
2007 Irikarah "Endstation Steinbruch" CD
2007 It-Clings vs. Pneumatic Detach "The All Too Logical Descent Into Madness" CD
2007 Jarl "Breaking Point Syndrome" CD
2007 Jesus Complex "Greetings From The Dead" CD
2007 John Duncan / Kontakt Der Jünglinge / C.M. Von Hausswolff "Untitled" CD
2007 K-Nitrate "Active Cell" CD
2007 K.I.F.O.T.H. "Acerbity Torrent" CD
2007 Klinik "Nineties" 2xCD
2007 KMFDM "Tohuvabohu" CD
2007 Kom-Intern "Soviet Alien" CD
2007 Kotra & Moljebka Pvlse "Live In Dnipropetrovs'k" MP3
2007 Kuroshio Current "Hollow Man" CD5
2007 Laibach "Volk Tour, London CC Club 16.04.2007" 2xCDR
2007 Land:Fire "Incandescent" CDR
2007 Les Joyaux De La Princesse "Aux Volontaires Croix De Sang" CD
2007 Level 2.0 "Intercept" CD
2007 Leæther Strip "The Giant Minutes To The Dawn" 2xCD
2007 Liquid Divine "Black Box" CD+CD5
2007 Megaptera "Staring Back At You" CD
2007 Melek-Tha "Acclaim Hell" CD
2007 Melek-Tha "Apokalypsia" CD
2007 Melek-Tha "Corridors Of Hell" 2xCDR
2007 Melek-Tha "The Day Of Wrath" 2xCDR
2007 Melek-Tha / Posthuman Tantra "Asylum Of Slaves" 3xCDR+DVDR
2007 Melek-Tha / Kenji Siratori "Schizophrenik Extermination Corporation" 2xCDR
2007 Melotron "Liebe Ist Notwehr" CD5
2007 Melotron "Propaganda" CD
2007 Menticide "N.M.E." CD
2007 Mimesis "Art Imitating Life" CD
2007 Mind.In.A.Box "Crossroads" CD
2007 Mind:State "Decayed - Rebuilt" 2xCD
2007 Modulate "Skullfuck" CDEP+CD3
2007 Moljebka Pvlse "Sadalsuud" CD
2007 Moljebka Pvlse | Seventeen Migs Of Spring "Ravha | Electricity Gardens" CD
2007 Monolith "Reborn" 4xCD
2007 Mulphia "Dark Sides" CD
2007 My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult "Blood + Dope + Sin + Gold" CD
2007 Nausea "Self Mutilation" MP3
2007 Necessary Response "Blood Spills Not Far From The Wound" CD
2007 Necro Facility "The Room" CD+CDR
2007 Netherworld "Hallucinations" CDR
2007 Neuestrasse "Introspective Black Forms" CD
2007 New Risen Throne "Whispers Of The Approaching Wastefulness" CD
2007 Nine Inch Nails "Capital G" CD5
2007 Nine Inch Nails "Live: Beside You In Time" DVD
2007 Nine Inch Nails "Y34RZ3R0R3M1X3D" CD+DVD
2007 Nine Inch Nails "Year Zero" CD
2007 Noise Process "Groundzero" CD
2007 Nordvargr / Drakh "The Betrayal Of Light" CD
2007 NorthBorne "Force It" CD
2007 NorthBorne "The Pill" CDR
2007 Novus "Re-designing The Future" CD
2007 Nurse With Wound "Gyllensköld, Geijerstam And I At Rydberg's" CD
2007 Nurse With Wound "Insect And Individual Silenced" CD
2007 Stephen O'Malley & Z'EV "Magistral" CD
2007 The Omega Syndicate "Baptism Of Wire" CDR
2007 Oöphoi "The Spirals Of Time (Limited Deluxe Edition)" 3xCD
2007 Oöphoi & Faryus "Forgotten Rituals" CD
2007 Orb, The "The Dream" CD
2007 Osso Exótico + Z'EV "Osso Exótico + Z'EV" CD
2007 Part-Sub-Merged "Four Forests" MP3
2007 Patenbrigade: Wolff "Hochstapler" CD
2007 Polemical "Hand-Made Devices" MP3
2007 Portion Control "Onion Jack IV" CDR
2007 Procer Veneficus "A Summerhaze Array For August Nights" 2xCD
2007 Prometheus Burning "nBoyde raRepi" CD
2007 Rasputeen "Die Segnungen Der Neuzeit" CD
2007 Re:\Legion "13 Seconds" CD
2007 Reaper "The Devil Is Female" CDEP
2007 Robert Rich & Markus Reuter "Eleven Questions" CD
2007 Steve Roach "Fever Dreams III" 2xCD
2007 Steve Roach "Immersion : Three" 3xCD
2007 Runes Order "X: Final Solution!" CD
2007 Schallfaktor "End Of Love E.P." CDEP
2007 Severe Illusion "Armed Evolution" CDEP
2007 [:SITD:] "Bestie:Mensch" 2xCD
2007 [:SITD:] & Painbastard "Accession Records Klangfusion Vol.1" 2xCDEP
2007 Nathan Siter "Exosphere" CD
2007 Skinny Puppy "Back & Forth Vol 7" CD
2007 Skorbut "Firewall" CD
2007 Snog "The Last Days Of Rome" CD
2007 Solar Fields "EarthShine" CD
2007 Soman "Mask" CD
2007 Supreme Court "Hypocrites + Saints" 2CD
2007 Synapscape "Now" CD
2007 Tarkatak "Mormor" CD
2007 The Tear Garden "The Secret Experiment" CD
2007 Telepherique vs. S·Core "Past-Art" CDR
2007 TenHornedBeast "The Sacred Truth" CD
2007 Terror Punk Syndicate "Extended Playtime" CD+CDR
2007 Terrorfakt "Reworks2: Friendly Fire" CDR
2007 Terrorfakt "The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself" 12"
2007 Terrorfakt "The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself" 2xCD
2007 The-Pulsar "Revolution (Reloaded)" CD
2007 Throbbing Gristle "Desertshore Installation" 12xCDR
2007 Throbbing Gristle "Part Two - The Endless Not" CD
2007 Asmus Tietchens "4K7" 4xLP+7"
2007 Asmus Tietchens + Richard Chartier "Fabrication" 2xCD
2007 Asmus Tietchens / Jon Mueller "Acht Stücke" CD
2007 Underworld "Crocodile" CDR
2007 UnterART "Damn My Soul" CD5
2007 Various "Dynamo Vol 2" CD
2007 Various "Nacht Der Maschinen Volume One" CD
2007 Various "Rare" CD
2007 Various Artists "Foglands" CDR
2007 Various Artists "Hyperreality" CD
2007 VNV Nation "Judgement" CD
2007 Von Thronstahl "Sacrificare - Collector's Edition" 2xCD
2007 W.O.M.P. "The Other Side" CD
2007 Wander "Wander" CDR
2007 :wumpscut: "DJ Dwarf Seven" CD
2007 Y-Ton-G / Asmus Tietchens / Kouhei Matsunaga "YAK" CD
2007 Z'EV "Forwaard" CD
2007 Z'EV "Metaphonics" CDR
2007 ZandoZ Corp. "Frankensteintizations: The Remixes Vol. 01" MP3
2007 Zentriert Ins Antlitz "Diametral" WAV
2008 Absolute Body Control "Live WGT 2007" CDEP
2008 Absolute Body Control "Never Seen" CDEP
2008 Absolute Body Control "Wind[Re]Wind" CD
2008 Accessory "More Than Machinery" 2xCD
2008 Ad·ver·sary "Bone Music" CD
2008 Aesthetic Perfection "A Violent Emotion" CD
2008 Aglaia "Unprofaned Twilight" CD
2008 Ah Cama-Sotz "Declaration Of Innocence" CD
2008 Alio Die "Aura Seminalis" CD
2008 Alio Die & Martina Galvagni "Eleusian Lullaby" CD
2008 Amnistia "Blackguard" CD
2008 Amorphous Androgynous "The Peppermint Tree & The Seeds Of Superconsciousness" MP3
2008 Animassacre "Evolve" CD
2008 Animassacre "Shi No Sedai" MP3
2008 ARC "Arkhangelsk" CD
2008 ARC "Glassine 1" CD
2008 Arditi "Omne Ensis Impera" CD
2008 Atomine Elektrine "The Deep Invisible" CD
2008 Autechre "Quaristice" 2xCD
2008 Autechre "" MP3
2008 Bad Sector "Storage Disk 2" CD
2008 Beehatch "Beehatch" CD
2008 Beequeen "Sandancing" CD
2008 Beta Two Agonist "Autumn Perdue" CDR
2008 Beyond Sensory Experience "No Lights In Our Eyes" CD
2008 BJ Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa "Passing Out" CD
2008 Blank "Impact Zone" CD
2008 Bleiburg "Open Wound - Live In Kassel, Germany 23.06.2007" CDR
2008 BlutEngel "Dancing In The Light (Forsaken)" CD5
2008 BlutEngel "Moments Of Our Lives" MP3
2008 Ron Boots "See Beyond Times - Look Beyond Words" CD
2008 C-Lekktor "Cloned And Mutated" MP3
2008 C-Lekktor "Refusing The Paradise" MP3
2008 C-Lekktor "The Silence Procession" CD
2008 Carphax Files "Revolutions Vol. 1: Dirt" CD
2008 A Challenge Of Honour "Live In Barcelona" CDR
2008 A Challenge Of Honour "No Way Out" CD
2008 CoH Plays Cosey "CoH Plays Cosey" CD
2008 Coil "The Ape Of Naples / The New Backwards" 3xLP
2008 Coil "The New Backwards" CD
2008 Cold Fusion / Rukkanor "Silk Road" CD
2008 CombiChrist "Frost EP: Sent To Destroy" CDEP
2008 Contrastate "A Live Coal Under The Ashes" CD
2008 Cruise [Ctrl] "I Heard It!" CD
2008 Cyclotimia "Deja Vu" CD
2008 Das Ich "Kannibale" CD5
2008 Davantage "Beyond The Hills" MP3
2008 Deadjump "Post Immortal" CD
2008 Der Blutharsch "Everything Is Alright!" CD
2008 Deutsch Nepal "Deutsch Nepals Dystopian Partycollection" CD
2008 Die Form "Bach Project" CD
2008 Die Krupps "Volle Kraft Voraus!" 2xCD
2008 Digital Factor "Dein Herz" MP3
2008 Disharmony "Cloned :: Other Side Of Evolution" CD
2008 Diskonnekted "Old School Policies (The Propaganda Box)" 2xCD
2008 Dive "Are You Real?" 3xCD
2008 Diverje "Unleashed" CDEP
2008 DVAR "211 (Zii)" CD
2008 DVAR "Highlights Of Lightwave Vol.1" CD
2008 DVAR "Highlights Of Lightwave Vol.2" CD
2008 DVAR Vs. Caprice "Гномы Против Эльфов" CD
2008 DYM "The Invilid" CD
2008 Eden Synthetic Corps "Enhancer" CD
2008 Edge Of Dawn "Losing Ground" CD5
2008 Einstürzende Neubauten "The Jewels" CD
2008 Eisenfunk "300" CD
2008 Empty "Aeon Xpand" CD
2008 Empusae "The Hatred Of Trees" CD
2008 ESA "How Pure Would Your Utopia Be?" CD
2008 Eternal Nightmare "Kellerkind WEP" MP3
2008 Exilanation "Confusion Remixes" CDR
2008 Exocet "Violation" CD
2008 Faderhead "FH3" CD
2008 Faryus "Night Forest Reality" CD
2008 Fear Falls Burning "Frenzy Of The Absolute" CD
2008 Flint Glass "Circumsounds" CD
2008 Foundation Hope "Our God Is A Consuming Fire" CD
2008 Foundation Hope "Tunes For The Wounded" CD
2008 Front 242 "First Moments ..." MP3
2008 Front 242 "Moments... 1" 2xCD
2008 The Fruitless Hand And Ure Thrall "A Saucerful of Sucrets" CDR
2008 Funker Vogt "White Trash - K17 Live Excerpt" AAC
2008 The Future Sound Of London "By Any Other Name" CD
2008 The Future Sound Of London "Environments II" MP3
2008 The Future Sound Of London "FSOL Digital Mix" CD
2008 The Future Sound Of London "The Pulse EPs" CD
2008 Geistform "Pro Analogic" CD
2008 Geomatic "Blue Beam" CD
2008 Glis "2001-2008 A Shot And A Bassline" CD
2008 God Experiment "Delivered Hate Object" CD
2008 :Golgatha: And Dawn & Dusk Entwined "Sang Graal" CD
2008 Greifenkeil "Blood Mystery" CD
2008 The Grid "Doppelgaenger" CD
2008 Halo Manash "Language Of Red Goats" CD
2008 Hanzel Und Gretyl "2012: Zwanzig Zwoelf" CD
2008 Hati "Die Mechanik, Die!" CD
2008 [Haven] "[A2982]" CD
2008 Hecq "Night Falls" CD
2008 Heimataerde "Vater" CDEP
2008 Peter Heppner "Alleinesein" CD
2008 Peter Heppner "Solo" CD
2008 HIV+ / Babylone Chaos "Split" 10"
2008 Horologium & Moljebka Pvlse "Penfield Mood Organ" CD
2008 Hybryds "Dreambient" CD
2008 Hysteresis "Will+Representation" CD
2008 IC 434 "Bacteriate" CD
2008 Illusion Of Safety "In Session" CD
2008 Illusion Of Safety "Sedation & Quell" 10"
2008 Imminent Starvation "Archive.One" MP3
2008 Impact Pulse "Optimal Contrast" CD
2008 Imperative Reaction "Minus All" CD
2008 Informatik "Beyond" CD
2008 Irrumatorium And Melek-Tha "Irrumatorium And Melek-Tha" CDR
2008 Juno Reactor "Gods & Monsters" CD
2008 kETvECTOR "The Infinite Regress" 2xCD
2008 Klinik "Projects" 2xCD
2008 KMFDM "Brimborium" CD
2008 KMFDM "Extra - Volume 1" 2xCD
2008 KMFDM "Extra - Volume 3" 2xCD
2008 L'Ame Immortelle "Best Of Indie Years" CD
2008 L'Ame Immortelle "Durch Fremde Hand" CD+CDEP
2008 L'Ame Immortelle "Namenlos" 2xCD
2008 La Magra "Schwarze Boten" CD
2008 Laibach "Laibachkunstderfuge BWV 1080" CD
2008 Lambwool "...And The Angel Is Gone" CD
2008 Leæther Strip "Civil Disobedience" 3xCD
2008 Leæther Strip "When Blood Runs Dark" AAC
2008 Lujhboia "Sendero De Panico" MP3
2008 Lull "Like A Slow River" CD
2008 Massiv In Mensch "Meanwhile Back In The Jungle" CD
2008 Meat Beat Manifesto "Autoimmune" CD
2008 Meat Beat Manifesto "Guns N Lovers" AAC
2008 Melek-Tha "Genesis Of The Apocalypse" 2xCDR
2008 Melek-Tha "Hamtaahk Urfakt & Woel" CDR
2008 Melek-Tha / Dapnom "Omnium Finis Imminent" 2xCD
2008 Melek-Tha / Posthuman Tantra "Alien Emperor Eternal" 4xCDR
2008 Melek-Tha / Xa-Mul "Alone In The Darkness" 2xCDR
2008 Melek-Tha And Kenji Siratori "Die Trommeln Der Zerstorung" 2xCDR
2008 Mind Necrosis Factor "Morphogenesis" CD
2008 Ministry And Co-Conspirators "Cover Up" CD
2008 Miss Construction "Kunstprodukt" CD
2008 Moctan "Come Closer" CD
2008 Mulphia "Bleeding" CD
2008 Muslimgauze "Nadir Of Purdah" CD
2008 Muslimgauze "Wish Of The Flayed" MP3
2008 Nachtmahr "Feuer Frei!" CD
2008 Nachtmahr "Katharsis" CDEP
2008 Nachtmahr "Katharsis // Feuer Frei!" CD5
2008 Nadja / Netherworld "Magma To Ice" CD
2008 Nautic Depths "North Passage" CDR
2008 Nebula-H "rH" 2xCD
2008 Nec Plus Ultra "Pobeda" MP3
2008 Negative Format "Gradients" CD
2008 Neuroticfish "A Greater Good - History 1998-2008" CD
2008 Nine Inch Nails "Ghosts I-IV" 2xCD
2008 Nine Inch Nails "The Slip" MP3
2008 Ninth Desert "Zenigraphy" MP3
2008 Nordschlacht "Silence, Beauty And Cruelty" CD
2008 Nordvargr "Interstellar" CD
2008 Sara Noxx "XX-Ray" 3xCD
2008 Nurse With Wound "The Bacteria Magnet" 12"
2008 Nurse With Wound "Two Shaves And A Shine Remix Project" CD
2008 Nurzery [Rhymes] "Thorns" CD
2008 Object "The Ethane Asylum" CD
2008 Olhon "Underwater Passage" CD
2008 Oöphoi "An Aerial View" CD
2008 Orange Sector "Untertage E.P." CDEP
2008 Oren Ambarchi and Z'EV "Spirit Transform Me" CD
2008 Out Out "Breathing Again E.P." CDEP
2008 David Parsons "Surya" CD
2008 Patenbrigade: Wolff "Demokratischer Sektor" CD
2008 Jeff Pearce "Rainshadow Sky" CD
2008 Penjaga Insaf & Vestigial "Of Earth And Of Fire" EP
2008 Permafrost "Cold Vision I" CDR
2008 Carlos Peron "Talks To The Nations (Club EP)" CD5
2008 Phelios "Dimension Zero" 2xCD
2008 PreEmptive Strike 0.1 "Extinction Reprogrammed" CD
2008 Puissance "Mother Of Disease" CD
2008 Punch Inc. "Fightclub" CD
2008 Raison D'etre "The Luminous Experience (Live In Enschede 2008)" CD
2008 Rapoon "Obscure Objects Of Desire" CD
2008 ReAdjust "Metamorphose" CDR
2008 Red Cell "Lead Or Follow" CD+CDR
2008 Retractor "The False Memory" CD
2008 Reutoff "Tanz Der Kleinen Schweinen" CDR
2008 Robert Rich & Ian Boddy "React" CD
2008 Steve Roach "A Deeper Silence" CD
2008 Steve Roach "Arc Of Passion" 2xCD
2008 Steve Roach "Empetus (2-CD Collector's Edition)" 2xCD
2008 Rotersand "I Cry" CDEP
2008 Run Level Zero "Arctic Noise" CD
2008 Runes Order "1988-2022" CD
2008 SAM "Destruction Unit" CD
2008 Bruno Sanfilippo & Mathias Grassow "Ambessence Piano & Drones" CD
2008 Sara Noxx Featuring Project Pitchfork "Earth Song" CD5
2008 Scorn "Super Mantis Part 1" 12"
2008 Seabound "Come Forward - Live In Berlin" CD
2008 Snog "City" CDEP
2008 Soman "Re:Up" CDEP
2008 Soman "Sound Pressure 2.0" CD
2008 Standeg "Rushing Pictures" MP3
2008 State Of The Union "Evol Love Industry" CD
2008 Stereomotion "Apocalypse:Forever" CD
2008 Stray "Abuse By Proxy" 2xCD
2008 Synapscape "Archive.One" MP3
2008 [syndika:zero] "The Example" CD
2008 The Synthetic Dream Foundation "Behind The Gates Of Horn And Ivory" CD
2008 TenHornedBeast / Marzuraan "The Law Of The Needle / Into Countless Battles" CD
2008 Testube "Covert" MP3
2008 Ure Thrall "Comes Apart!" CDR
2008 Ure Thrall "The Bone Tree Soundtracks Volume 3: Origin" CDR
2008 Ure Thrall "The Great Zoviet-French Kiss Off" CDR
2008 Asmus Tietchens "Eta-Menge" CD
2008 Asmus Tietchens "Teils Teils" LP
2008 Totakeke "eLekatota: The Other Side Of The Tracks" CD
2008 Troum "Darve Sh / Ajin" CD
2008 Tzolk'in "Haab'" CD
2008 UnterART "Memento" CD
2008 Various "Rupal Records Capture And Tension" CD
2008 Various "Rupal Records: The Remix Assault Volume 1" CDR
2008 Various "The Best Of Rupal Records" CDR
2008 Various Artists "Funkfeuer 4 > Rauschgau" CS
2008 Vromb "Le Pêcheur De Noyés" CD
2008 Wavefall "Heartstarter" CD
2008 Klaus Wiese "Seed" CD
2008 Worms Of The Earth "The Angels Of Prostitution" CD
2008 :wumpscut: "Dwarf Craving" 4xCD
2008 :wumpscut: "Schaedlingsbox" 2xCD
2008 Wynardtage "The Forgotten Sins 2002-2005" CD
2008 Wynardtage "The Grey Line" CD
2008 X-Fusion "Vast Abysm" 2xCD
2008 Xabec "Feuerstern" 7"
2008 Xabec "Transformed" CD
2008 Xotox "Hyperactive: The Best Of" CD
2008 Xotox "In Den Zehn Morgen" 2xCD
2008 XP8 "The Art Of Revenge" CD
2008 Y-Luk-O "Sin(n)" CD
2008 Yage "The Woodlands Of Old" MP3
2008 Yendri "Dreams Of An Undead Girl" CD
2008 Это Не Билось "Ибо Нет Земли" MP3
2009 Apoptygma Berzerk "Apollo (Live On Your TV)" CD5
2009 Captive Six "Noizemaker" CDR
2009 Cyclotimia "TimeBank" CD
2009 Deutsch Nepal "The Silent Container (A)" 3xCD
2009 The Division "Mantras" CD
2009 Inade "The Incarnation Of The Solar Architects" 2xCD
2009 Larva "The Hated" CD
2009 New Risen Throne "Crossing The Withered Regions" CD
2009 P·A·L "After-Hour Sounds" MP3
2009 Robert Rich "Live Archive Volume 1 - Ici Et Maintenant: Live In Paris, May 12 1989" 2xCD
2009 Robert Rich "Live Archive Volume 2 - Due Acque: Live In Umbria Italy, April 1 2000" CD
2009 Seabound "When Black Beats Blue [Rarities]" CD
2009 Stereomotion "Sehn:Sucht" CD
2009 Wulgata "Ressurection Of Those Days… A Third Book Has Been Writen" CD
2010 Vomito Negro "Skull & Bones" 2xCD
2010 The Winterhouse "Sanctuary" CDR
2012 Mystified "Music For Transit" CDR